Life of A Sugar Baby in 2024 – Everything You Need to Know!

Young women are very interested in pursuing the sugar baby lifestyle, but they often don’t know how the life of a sugar baby really looks like and don’t have any reliable sources to find that out from.

What does a sugar baby do, what are her habits, how much does she make and how long do her relationships last?

Life of A Sugar Baby in [year] - Everything You Need to Know! 6

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This is something newbie sugar babies usually don’t know and need some time in order to figure out themselves, which can be pretty exhausting and time-consuming.

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What is really like to be a sugar baby
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How much do sugar babies make?
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What’s It Like Being A Sugar Baby?

Some women on social media portray the role of a sugar baby as something unattainable and highly glamorous, but sugaring is nothing like that.

While being a sugar baby has many benefits, especially for young women who pursue this type of lifestyle, a sugar baby relationship is quite demanding and should be considered as a real job, since for most women it is their only source of income.

Every former sugar baby will tell you that this is the industry in which you constantly have to invest in yourself, educate yourself about different topics, and learn many social skills to enhance your performance.

Life of A Sugar Baby in [year] - Everything You Need to Know! 7

My sugar daddy experience has shown me that even though many of them seek a sexual relationship (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), they also want their sugar baby to be an educated and well-mannered young woman who can accompany them everywhere (like Tinder or eHarmony), which you will certainly define on your first date.

A sugar relationship is always transactional, which means that men will provide you with financial support, expensive gifts, or experiences, while you will be making all of their wishes and desires come true.

You have to be aware that seducing a sugar daddy that is interested in you for the long term, you should invest in both your appearance and education, especially If he is a very successful man.

Sugar babies are women who tend to get along well with basically anyone and women who are loved by very much everyone.

Exquisite social skills, being polite and refined, and understanding the sugar baby rules are a must for every girl who wants to become a successful sugar baby, so in case you don’t see yourself in this description, I suggest reconsidering the sugar baby life.

If you decide to become a sugar baby you have to know that you will probably be required to travel with your sugar daddy, accompany him to different dinners and gatherings, spend holidays like Christmas or Easter with him.

A professional sugar baby usually has no day off, especially if she is in an exclusive relationship with only one sugar daddy.

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'Best for Sugar Daddies"
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However, everyone’s sugar baby experience is different and it depends very much on the sugar baby requirements your potential sugar daddy has and the things you are willing to provide him with.

How Do You Find A Sugar Daddy?

Finding a sugar daddy is very easy, especially for beautiful young women who are entering this industry.

Sugar babies usually seek relationships with older men who are financially stable enough to give them a monthly allowance.

So, where to meet your first sugar daddy?

I always recommend using sugar dating websites like What’s your price, which has been around for more than a decade, still successfully connecting sugar babies with their sugar daddies all over the world.

It is a great place to connect if you want a strictly online sugar daddy.

This is the easiest and fastest way to arrange a meet-up with your potential sugar daddy.

Meeting a sugar daddy in person is pretty hard unless you live in a big city like New York, and it can potentially be a bit more dangerous than meeting one online.

Life of A Sugar Baby in [year] - Everything You Need to Know! 8

Sugar dating sites like What’s your price is the best and safest place for younger women to meet valuable men who will provide them with a life full of luxuries and pure joy.

In case you have some sugar baby friends, I recommend connecting with them and asking them to set you up on a date with someone.

I always suggest having friends who are sugar babies too since they can provide you with much valuable advice, help you understand sugar dating language, and connect you with rich and successful men who can potentially become your sugar daddies.

Some women on social media will recommend you to use Tinder for meeting sugar daddies, but every person that is experienced in this industry will tell you to avoid dating apps like this at all costs.

Most of the men on Tinder and apps similar to it don’t know the difference between sugar babies and sex workers, and some of them don’t even realize that sugar daddies provide their women with financial support and different experiences.

There are also many scammers on these dating apps, so I always recommend staying away from them since I am sure you can easily meet high-quality men on some of the dating sites specialized for sugar dating.

How Much Do Sugar Babies Make?

How much you will be earning as a sugar baby depends only on you and your sugar daddy, so, learn how to get a sugar daddy to give you money.

Every single sugar relationship is different than the other because all sugar babies and sugar daddies have different requirements and expectations.

When forming the amount of your required, a perfect sugar baby should always consider what type of experience she is providing her sugar daddy with, the average amount of money she will need each month to live comfortably, and how big the expenses of living in her place.

Sugar babies who live in Arizona tend to require monthly allowances way lower than those of sugar babies living in New York City, which is completely logical when you realize how big the price difference between these two states is.

Life of A Sugar Baby in [year] - Everything You Need to Know! 9

How much you will be earning per month also depends on the financial status of your sugar daddy.

While most of the men on these websites are very rich and have a lot of disposable income at the end of each month that they can comfortably spend on you, there are also some less rich men or even some stingy men on there.

However, you can choose between dozen of men and I always recommend choosing a sugar daddy who is not only very generous to you but also treats you with kindness and respect.

I believe you should know that women who engage in exclusive sugar relationships are those who earn the most money since this is the type of relationship that is almost identical to traditional dating.

Being an exclusive sugar baby means that you will be in a relationship with only one sugar daddy for a longer period of time, and this is the type of relationship that usually ends up with a marriage.

It is mostly an arrangement pursued by very successful but busy men who don’t have enough time to establish a good relationship with other women from their surroundings, so they decide to find their dream woman in a sugar baby.

There are many different types of arrangements and something that may be working for your friend, might not be the best fit for you, so I recommend exploring different kinds of sugar relationships to find out what is the best one for you.

Many true-life sugar babies will have the chance to meet women who have a regular day job and this is their second stream of income.

What are the most common jobs for sugar babies?

Well, in my experience, most sugar babies are accountants, managers, journalists, or even influencers.

You will be surprised when you realize how many successful women do sugar dating on the side and how much the men they have met in this industry have helped them on their career paths.

But then, you can also opt for online-only relationships for money or sugar baby without meeting to avoid sugar daddy horror stories that touch the heart.

How Long Do Sugar Baby Relationships Last?

This is also something that depends on your sugar daddy and the type of your arrangement.

Some sugar relationships last just a few weeks, while some of them can last for years.

Most of the sugar daddies will be honest with you from the beginning and tell you whether they want this to be a long-term arrangement or some sort of platonic arrangement situation.

Often men want to test you for some time in order to realize whether they can be in your company for a longer period of time or not, which is probably the best way to start a serious committed sugar relationship.

Your first date should be reserved for meeting your potential sugar daddy, noting what to look for in a sugar daddy, and discussing the future of your relationship and details of the arrangement.

My sugar daddy story is pretty simple since I always opted for long-term exclusive relationships, which brought me nothing but joy and happiness and I would always recommend engaging in a long relationship If you find that you fit each other well.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Sugar Baby?

I believe there are many different benefits for all women who engage in this industry, especially those who come from lower social classes.

Most of the men who pursue the sugar dating lifestyle are very rich and successful, which means they can not only provide you with valuable and exquisite experiences and gifts but can also help you climb the social ladder and establish yourself in society.

Life of A Sugar Baby in [year] - Everything You Need to Know! 10

Many sugar daddies offer mentoring on different subjects to their sugar babies, helping them start off their careers and connecting them with their friends.

You will be getting a monthly allowance that is probably way higher than the average salary you would be earning on a real 9-5 job and meeting many amazing people who can become your friends and help you a lot in the future.

Common Misconceptions about Sugar Babies

1. Sugar babies are sex workers

This is probably the most common misconception about sugar babies that is very present on social media and real-life in general.

Are sugar babies paid prostitutes? or is being a sugar baby illegal?

Absolutely not, because they don’t engage in sex work but in actual dating, with both sexual and emotional components included.

Your sugar daddy relationship includes going out on dinners, visits to the museums, vacations, celebrations, and social gatherings, which is something that is never a part of sex work.

Sugar daddies do pay you for your services, but they actually pay you to provide them with a real girlfriend experience, not a basic sugar daddy sex arrangement.

A first-time sugar baby might even give up on this lifestyle just because someone has convinced her that this is sex work, but trust me, it is nothing like it.

The best proof for this is the fact that sugar dating is not illegal, while prostitution is.

2. You cannot have a sugar arrangement that does not include sex

Sugar daddy sex is something that is pretty normal and common in sugar relationships, so it can be quite tough to find a man that eventually won’t look for this type of satisfaction.

While platonic sugar relationships that don’t include sex are not that frequent in the industry, there are still many men who don’t require any kind of sexual experience from you.

In some sugar daddy arrangements, you should learn how to be a sugar baby without sex?

Well, you can look for men who desire platonic relationships only, but also try to negotiate with a potential sugar daddy and offer to provide them with some other experiences that are also satisfying to them.

A typical sugar daddy relationship arrangement usually includes sexual intercourse, but it can depend on one sugar daddy to another.

However, there is no way any sugar daddy will make you hook up in a hotel room on the first date because that is something that is never done in this industry.

3. There are not enough sugar daddies

This is something that has never been true, especially from the last year and the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We have seen a rise in the number of both sugar daddies and sugar babies on dating sites during the past year since men were getting lonelier and women were left without their 9-5 jobs and financial funds.

There are even more sugar daddies than there are sugar babies on these dating sites, so if you’re worried you will not be able to find the right man for you, don’t hesitate and join these platforms.

I’m 100% sure you will manage to find a sugar daddy on the best sugar daddy websites within just a few days.

4. Sugar dating websites are dangerous

This is also something many women who are approaching the industry are very scared of, but If you use sites like What’s your price or SugarDaddyMeet, I believe you will stay safe and learn how to recognize a fake sugar daddy.

Scammers are everywhere, not just on these websites, so wherever you are searching for your sugar daddy I recommend avoiding using your real name.

Your profile pictures should also be different from those you have on your other social media accounts and you should never post your real home address.

It is important to know how to write a sugar baby profile that will portray you in a positive light to prevent ending up with scammers.

A scammer is recognized very easily, especially by an experienced sugar baby and the easiest way to identify him is through messaging.

If the conversations start easily but then turn into an aggressive questionnaire like “How did you get into sugaring, who are you actually, give me your social security number” I believe most of you avoid a man like this.

Never give out any of your personal nor bank account information on these websites, and you can be pretty sure you won’t get scammed.

5. All sugar daddies are older rich men

Every man can become a sugar daddy if he has enough money left in his bank account at the end of each month.

This is not a lifestyle reserved only for extremely old and rich men, but rather something every single middle-class man can pursue,

There are much more millennials in this industry nowadays than there are old men.

Older sugar babies are a thing too, so you can see many women in their 40s or 50s pursuing this type of lifestyle.

So, Is It Okay To Be A Sugar Baby?

Now that you know what horrors a sugar baby faces and what sugar babies can do about it, I believe you would have managed to build a very realistic picture of this kind of lifestyle.

Some of you will tell yourself “I want to be a sugar baby” as soon as they finish reading all of this, while some of you may ask yourself “Can I be a sugar baby really?”.

This is the type of lifestyle that is not for everyone and I always recommend deeply researching the industry using the sugar baby etiquette guide before you decide to become a sugar baby.

If you find it immoral or humiliating, just skip it and find another job because you certainly won’t be feeling well in this industry.

Whatever your choice is, make sure you understand the basic tips of being a sugar baby, stay happy and safe!

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