Platonic Sugar Daddies – Get to Know Who They Are in 2024

There are many different types of sugar daddies in the sugar dating industry and every sugar baby can choose a man and the arrangement that suits her best.

Many girls seek platonic arrangements but are often not really sure who platonic sugar daddies are and what are actually their desires.

Platonic Sugar Daddies - Get to Know Who They Are in [year] 4

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If you are just starting out in sugaring and want to learn more about this specific arrangement and how to attract your platonic sugar daddy, then you are in the right place.

I’ll explain to you:

What is a platonic sugar daddy
What is a platonic arrangement
Where to find a platonic sugar daddy
And much more

Your sugar dating expert is here to give you all the sugar dating tips you need to get the most out of a platonic relationship.

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What Is A Platonic Sugar Daddy?

Most girls who get into sugaring seek platonic relationships, but unfortunately, they are not that frequent, especially on sugar dating websites like What’s your price or SugarDaddyMeet.

A platonic sugar daddy is usually an older man, who seeks a completely platonic relationship with a younger woman, which will be beneficial to both of them since it is a sugar daddy no sex relationship.

Sugar babies engaging in this type of relationship will get financial support or gifts in exchange, while these sugar daddies will get emotional support and a shoulder to cry on.

How to define platonic relationships?

Platonic sugar relationships include only emotional components of a romantic relationship (like Tinder or eHarmony), without requiring any type of sexual activity (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

What does a platonic sugar daddy mean?

How to define a daddy who wants only emotional support, and not sex?

Men who pursue platonic relationships usually want to find a woman that will love and appreciate them, not only for their wealth but for their personality.

Being a sugar baby in a platonic relationship is almost the same as engaging in traditional dating.

Your sugar daddy will want to feel loved, cherished, and appreciated which means you will have to treat him just like your regular boyfriend.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

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Platonic SDs want to build deep relationships based on trust and loyalty with a young woman who will be able to keep them company on different events and occasions, and maybe even become someone they will mentor to success.

Even though many newbie sugar babies strive for platonic sugar relationships, they usually don’t realize that relationships like this require you to be more invested in them and create a meaningful relationship with your sugar daddy.

There may be no sexual intercourse included but there are still many things you will have to provide your sugar daddy with, that can for some women be even harder than giving them sexual satisfaction.

Depending on what kind of person you are, this type of sugar relationship may be perfect for you, or a complete disaster.

If you are not the type of person who can listen to others complaining and asking for life advice, then you should choose traditional sugar relationships or PPM.

What Is A Platonic Arrangement Really?

As I have already mentioned, platonic relationships are more like friendships or traditional relationships, but without sex.

Many people in the sugar dating industry think these relationships don’t even exist and that they are a pure myth made by sugar babies who don’t want to admit they are doing some type of sex work, but in reality, there still are many men looking for platonic relationships online.

It is a great option for those interested in online-only sugar baby jobs.

Older men are the ones that most often pursue this type of lifestyle, especially married ones.

Successful men usually don’t have much free time during their life to establish valuable relationships with their family and people from their surroundings, so once they reach older age, they seek someone who they will be able to confide in and who will appreciate them for who they are.

A platonic arrangement most often requires a sugar baby to spend some time every week with her sugar daddy, whether it be on dinner dates or visits to different social events, museums, or galleries.

Her Deadly Sugar Daddy | Lifetime

In case your sugar daddy is very rich or just really likes spending time with you, he will probably offer you to go on vacations with him, which can be a lot of fun and a very exciting experience.

Platonic arrangements can often include mentoring and this is the most common type of arrangement I have seen in my sugar daddy experience.

Successful men find young, educated women who want to establish a career in the field they know very well and offer them help.

This is a great opportunity for all young women who want to build a name for themselves in a field that is not very accessible and your sugar daddy will probably be the best person to help you find valuable connections and experiences.

How Do You Find A Platonic Sugar Daddy?

Most sugar babies think a platonic sugar daddy is a myth and that there are simply no men in the sugar industry who won’t eventually ask for sex.

If you take some time and deeply explore sugar daddy dating sites like What’s your price, you will for sure find some men looking for a platonic sugar baby.

Platonic Sugar Daddies - Get to Know Who They Are in [year] 5

They have not hidden anywhere and they don’t use any kind of special online dating site to find platonic sugar babies.

However, you will have to take some time and explore all of the sugar daddy websites to find a sugar baby online.

They usually mention in their heading or sugar daddy bio that they want a platonic relationship, making it easier for you to identify them.

The thing that my experience has shown me is that the most platonic sugar daddies can actually be found in real life, in your surroundings.

Older, dissatisfied men are everywhere, and in most cases, they are looking for a woman who can make their life a bit better.

Look around when you go out and see how many rich men are actually dining out alone, going to events alone, and find out whether they are looking for someone or not.

Even when these men don’t seek a sugar baby, you can shoot your shot because they certainly won’t resist a young and beautiful woman.

The worst thing that can happen is that you will get rejected, and that’s not the end of the world.

What do you need to do to find yourself having a sugar daddy who wants a platonic relationship and keep him?

If your sugar daddy is desperate enough, all you need is some goodwill and the ability to listen to someone whenever he wants.

Since most of the sugar babies never experience landing themselves a platonic sugar daddy throughout years of experience, I believe most of them want to find out how to get a platonic sugar daddy.

I have already mentioned that the best way for meeting them is in real life, or eventually throughout the best sugar daddy sites.

If you have decided to start the search for your platonic sugar daddy in real life, you have to make sure you visit places rich older, lonely men visit and have your eyes wide open, because you don’t want to miss anything.

Start with going to golf clubs or joining a society where rich men go and hang around there a few times a week in order to realize who always comes alone, and who often brings his significant other.

Once you have identified the men who are always alone and seem like they need some company, it is time to approach them and start a sugar daddy conversation.

Make sure it is spontaneous, over a drink, and start by talking about things you have in common.

Even if you don’t have anything in common, make it up, it doesn’t cost you anything but it will keep him interested.

Once you have gotten a bit closer, you can ask him about his family, whether he has a wife or not and this is the moment where you will realize whether he is open to any kind of arrangement or not.

If he doesn’t start complaining about his life and confiding in you, then he is probably not your sugar daddy.

However, if he starts telling you personal things, confiding about his family relationships, then you have chosen the right one.

Always listen to him carefully and try to be a shoulder to cry on, support him in everything he says.

Make sure you look honest and never go over the top faking your emotions because he is not a fool.

You can also mention situations similar to his that you have maybe found yourself in throughout your life, in order to show him both of you have gone through the same.

The fact is that if he started opening up and telling you everything about himself, he will probably be interested in scheduling another meeting with you.

If he wants to meet you again, you should schedule your first date but tell him upfront that you won’t be able to do anything for free since you are struggling financially.

In case he doesn’t feel comfortable with that, politely apologize and start searching for another one.

But, if he is ok with that, and would love to provide you with financial, in exchange for emotional support, then you have found the perfect sugar daddy.

In case you are looking for your platonic sugar daddy via some of these dating websites, the process will be a lot easier because most of them are open about wanting platonic relationships.

All you need to do then is to make sure your sugar daddy is someone who is nice and caring, and willing to provide you with financial support.

if you are worried about how to be a successful sugar baby with your platonic sugar daddy, having the right information on the average sugar baby allowance, and knowing how to talk to a potential sugar daddy will certainly be helpful.

Where to Find a Platonic Sugar Daddy?

The best place to find old, platonic sugar daddies are social and golf clubs where these men spend most of their time.

Rich men go there a few times a week in order to relax and they will be more open to conversation with someone who looks familiar, so make sure you spend a week or two before pursuing anyone.

If you see your target coming there a few times a week, always without his wife, then you should try approaching him.

Don’t be too offensive if he doesn’t respond to your flirting, he is probably not interested enough and it will bring you more harm than good.

In case the sugar daddy you were interested in didn’t want to pursue any kind of arrangement, don’t feel bad, because if there is another potential sugar daddy in the room, he will probably approach you when he realizes you are still alone.

One place where you should never even try looking for a platonic sugar daddy is social media.

As I have already mentioned, 99% of platonic SDs are older men who usually don’t even have social media and have no idea how to use them.

According to Sugar Daddy Blogs, websites for sugar dating may be useful in this case, but I still always recommend trying to approach your potential sugar daddy in real life, since I believe this is the most successful way.

How to Land a Platonic Sugar Daddy?

So, what do you need in order to make a platonic sugar daddy want you and only you?

How do I get a platonic sugar daddy relationship and keep it?

If you want to build a stable platonic sb/sd relationship, you don’t have to rely on your sex appeal, but rather on your personality.

Platonic sugar daddies are usually lonely men who seek someone who will provide them with acceptance and kindness, and your model-like figure has nothing to do with that.

The first thing you will have to show to your potential platonic sugar daddy is that you are a non-judging person who won’t make him feel guilty or bad whatever happens, but will rather try to understand him. 

Understanding someone is the key to all successful relationships, and the same goes for sugar relationships.

You have to prove you won’t judge him for his mistakes and that you will always be there to offer him another solution that may bring him much more success.

Platonic SDs will call you to meet up whenever they need a shoulder to cry on and whenever something new happens in their lives, so in case you are not that flexible of a person, these relationships may not be the right fit for you.

You should always respond to their calls and messages and make sure you can go out if they really want to be next to you.

Since these men are usually older or more sensitive, I wouldn’t suggest being a platonic sugar baby for women who don’t know to handle people when they are highly emotional or don’t really know how to provide support to someone who is experiencing a hard time.

This type of relationship is way more demanding than regular sugar daddy relationships since it requires you to be present at all times and always find a way to comfort your man and help him handle his emotions.

If you have shown these traits in the first few dates and your sugar daddy started gaining trust in you, then he will be completely open and offer you an arrangement that will fulfill all of your needs and wishes.

Being a good and kind woman who can listen to someone else is the key to becoming a successful platonic sugar baby and it is something you should start working on right now if you want to succeed.

So, it is important to know how to treat a sugar daddy well to get the best from them.

How Much Do Platonic SDs Pay?

My sugar dating experience has shown me that platonic sugar daddies are the ones who offer the biggest sugar baby monthly allowance, always spoiling their sugar babies with expensive gifts.

As I have already mentioned these men are usually way older and very rich, so they don’t mind spending money on a woman who provides them with emotional support and friendship.

Platonic Sugar Daddies - Get to Know Who They Are in [year] 6

Besides a set amount of monthly allowance, you will get jewelry, shoes, and bags, and in case you are very lucky and your sugar daddy appreciates you a lot, he may even be paying for your rent.

In some cases I have seen, he may even decide to take you on vacations around the world and to different social events.

Always maintain a positive sugar daddy relationship since he can help you a lot in the terms of career too, but also help you establish valuable friendships with people from higher social classes.

Even if they don’t offer a monthly allowance that is extremely big, they don’t require exclusivity which means you can still do some sugaring on the side to earn that extra money.

How To Protect Yourself From Scammers?

Most scammers on sugar daddy dating sites nowadays like to present themselves as platonic sugar daddies, since this is the easiest way to get a woman to go on a date.

True sugar daddies will always discuss the arrangement on the first date and if they present themselves as platonic sugar daddies, they will never ask for sex.

In case you are messaging him, or you are already on a date and your “platonic sugar daddy” starts talking about sex, this is a red flag and poses risk to a sugar baby safety.

A true platonic sugar daddy never asks for sex and will probably start confiding to you just a few minutes after you meet, so in case your sugar daddy is nothing like this, run.

The same goes for potential sugar daddies or a gay daddy who start asking for your phone number, home address, or social security number – they are scamming sugar daddies.

Sugar daddy scams like these are often and scammers present themselves as platonic sugar daddies because they know most girls look for them and how hard it is to find them.

If he starts asking about your personal information, demands to send him some money or pics – ignore him or block him, he is not your sugar daddy.

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