Becoming A Sugar Daddy 101 [The Definitive Guide For 2024]

I know you wouldn’t be here right now If you didn’t tell yourself  “I want to be a sugar daddy”.

You want to pursue this life but are completely clueless about what is a sugar daddy? 

Becoming A Sugar Daddy 101 [The Definitive Guide For [year]] 6

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No problem, because becoming a successful sugar daddy is not as hard as it may seem. 

In this, 101 Guide to Becoming a Sugar Daddy, we will analyze:

Who is a sugar daddy
How sugar dating works
How to become a sugar daddy
And much more

I am a well-renowned sugar daddy expert with years of experience in this industry and I will be glad to introduce you to all the valuable secrets of the sugar dating world.

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Who is a Sugar Daddy?

You may have already been asking who is the type of person that should be a sugar daddy?

The answer is very simple – just about anyone can become a sugar daddy, no matter their age, social status, or general wealth.

A sugar daddy is a man confident in himself and his abilities, he is a man that has character and always gets what he wants.

Don’t trust those catchy articles on the internet, you don’t need any superior traits or extreme wealth in order to be a sugar daddy.

Most of the sugar daddies I have had the opportunity to meet were not crazy rich men, just regular men, looking for a woman to enjoy their life with.

You may also think – how much money do you need to be a sugar daddy?

Don’t be deluded by an unreal media picture that every man in the sugar industry is an extremely rich old sugar daddy.

A sugar daddy age can be anywhere from 20 to 80.

You don’t have to be a millionaire or a billionaire in order to find a sugar baby you will spend a great time with.

Middle and upper-middle-class men pursue sugar dating very often nowadays, proving that you don’t need to spend an abnormal amount of money in order to become a sugar daddy.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
"Best for Discreet Sugar Dating"
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The only thing you need to have when you are stepping your foot into the sugar dating world is confidence and patience because finding a woman that will suit you well can take some time.

So, how do you become a sugar daddy?

Throughout the rest of this article, I will bust many more myths that surround the sugaring world and provide you with valuable information that will enhance your performance in the sugar daddy dating world.

What Is The Sugar Daddy Lifestyle?

The sugar daddy lifestyle is often portrayed as something unachievable to regular men, something that is reserved only for obnoxiously rich older men.

This is a way of living where you pursue beautiful young women offering them financial support, in exchange for partnership (like Tinder or eHarmony) and most often sexual intercourse (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

What do sugar daddies want actually??  

Men who pursue this lifestyle often despise traditional dating and are in search of a more exciting and beneficial type of relationship.

However, there are many taken men who still engage in sugar dating because they want some specific needs fulfilled or an attractive company from time to time. 

What Is Sugar Dating And How Does It Work

Those that have no experience in this sphere most often have no clue of what sugar daddy relationship is and how does it work. 

A sugar relationship is a transactional relationship between a man and a woman that are commonly referred to as a sugar baby and sugar daddy.

Becoming A Sugar Daddy 101 [The Definitive Guide For [year]] 7

I believe the term mutually beneficial relationship is the right way to explain a sugar relationship. 

The main reason both of the sides decided to become a part of the sugaring world is the need to establish a beneficial relationship, which will please the needs of both sides.

What does a sugar daddy expect?

The benefits of the relationship depend on one person to another.

Women who engage in sugar baby life most often seek financial support, and to achieve that, they will choose sugar daddies whose needs they are sure they can successfully fulfill.

While many men pursue the sugar daddy lifestyle in order to satisfy their sexual desires, there are also many more men who engage in it in order to find a nonsexual sugar baby with whom they will share experiences, with no strings attached. 

Whatever your motives in pursuing this kind of lifestyle are, be sure that you will be able to find a woman that will be a perfect match for you, just like you will be for her.

Right now you ask yourself, what do sugar babies do?

One of the biggest myths is that all the men on sugar dating apps are looking for sexual fulfillment only.

While the sexual component is very important and is almost always a part of a sugar relationship, it is not the only thing people are seeking in this world.

I have met many men who used sugar dating sites as a way to reach women with interests similar to theirs, with whom they will share pleasurable vacations and experiences.

Sugar babies can provide you with emotional support, become your close friends and someone who will share many experiences with you.

Not every sugar relationship is focused on sex.

Young guys who are focused on their work often don’t have enough time to maintain a healthy relationship with a woman from their circle, so they reach out to dating apps in order to find women they will spend their precious free time with.

There are more young sugar daddies on these platforms than ever.

You can look at these relationships like some kind of a friend with benefits situation. 

A sugar relationship is beneficial to both sides- a man will have his dreams and needs satisfied, while a young woman will get valuable experiences and financial support at the same time.

What Do I Need To Provide My Sugar Baby With?

This is the most common question all men ask themselves when they pursue sugar dating for the first time. 

So, how much does a sugar daddy cost per month? or how much do sugar daddies pay?.

Your expenses will depend on your sugar baby, her needs, and her demands.

All sugar babies will be very clear at the beginning and explain what they expect from a relationship with you.

That’s why you need to be very honest from the start and tell this woman if you won’t be able to meet her demands and provide her with the financial support she desires.

It is not true that many women on these dating apps have unrealistic expectations.

Becoming A Sugar Daddy 101 [The Definitive Guide For [year]] 8

Yes, there are many girls who want to bag themselves a millionaire match via sugar dating apps, but there is also a large number of sugar babies who only want their living expenses covered and some gifts from time to time.

This is something you will be 100% sure of once you get into the sugar dating world.

So, how does being a sugar daddy work?

It would be illogical to tell you that you won’t have to provide your sugar baby with anything.

Keep in mind that this is always a transactional relationship that will be beneficial to both sides.

So what should you be offering in order to get yourself a sugar baby?

  1. Money – most of the women on sugar dating sites seek financial support and look for men who could provide them with an average sugar baby allowance and steady income
  2. Gifts – Instead of money, you could be giving some valuable gifts to your sugar baby from time to time – think of bags, shoes, jewelry
  3. Experiences – a lot of sugar babies would love to get some exciting experiences once they get comfortable with you, think of fancy dinners, art exhibitions, etc.
  4. Vacations – once you and your sugar baby have formed a relationship full of trust, they will probably expect to go on a vacation once or twice a year with you

These are some of the things sugar babies will most often seek from you.

Depending on your budget, you can decide what you will be able to provide your girl with.

You can see that being a sugar daddy is suitable for any man who has some spare money in his bank account.

If you have a few hundred dollars left at the end of each month, you will be more than successful at sugaring and will probably have a dozen girls reaching out to you. 

Most of the girls won’t be requiring insanely expensive designer bags or thousands of dollars a month from you.

The thing I will tell to anyone who is becoming a sugar daddy or opting for gay daddy dating for the first time is to always be honest from the very beginning.

In case you rarely go on vacations or can’t afford to take her with you, it probably won’t be a problem for her as long as you are transparent about things you can provide her with.

If you are on a first date with a woman whose future expectations you know you can’t fulfill, you should tell her upfront.

Be careful, my experience has shown me that there are also many women who pursue this type of lifestyle for greedy reasons only.

Many influencers you see on social media pursue sugar dating in order to get expensive gifts and designer stuff.

They may also ask you to take pictures of them in different places you visit or even ask you to pose in romantic pictures with them.

Of course, they won’t require you to show your face but be aware that many women on these dating sites seek men that will roleplay their boyfriends on social media.

In case you realize a woman that has contacted you is this type of person, stay away from her and rather try finding a sugar baby who will be willing to share different experiences with you and probably needs financial support more than some wannabe influencer. 

You wouldn’t like being in a relationship based on lies when you’re not sugaring, so don’t do that to women you meet in this industry either.

How Do I Become Sugar Daddy Material?

Men often doubt their abilities to become sugar daddies.

This can be a consequence of the previous bad experiences of women, unrealistic expectations other men have set, or a general lack of confidence in themselves.

Read this carefully – every man is sugar daddy material.

You just have to reassure yourself from within that you have everything you need to become a real sugar daddy many women will want to spend their time with.

Becoming A Sugar Daddy 101 [The Definitive Guide For [year]] 9

Sugar daddy material is a term popularized by mainstream media and social media, probably constructed by someone who doesn’t even have experience in the sugaring world.

An often misconception about sugar daddies that is present on social media can make many men give up on pursuing this lifestyle because they think they are not enough.

Trust me, If you have some spare money and are able to gift a woman with something from time to time, you are sugar daddy material.

Is Sugar Dating Sex Work?

Sugar dating is neither regular sex work nor prostitution.

Sugar relationships are always based on arrangements between a sugar baby and her sugar daddy and have some characteristics of both traditional dating and escorting. 

This type of relationship almost always includes sex, but it also includes many non-sexual and emotional components.

Depending on the arrangement, sugar relationships can include different types of experiences, emotional support, and companionship.

There are also no obstacles to sugar dating from a legal standpoint, which is not the case with common sex work.

Do sugar daddies make you pay a fee?

The answer is no, you won’t have to pay any special fees, just the regular PayPal or Venmo ones when you’re transferring money to your sugar baby.

How To Protect Yourself While Sugar Dating?

Very often you will come across different pieces of sugar baby safety advice for women who pursue the role of sugar babies and many tips on how to protect themselves in these relationships.

What I have never come across is the same pieces of advice for men who engage in the role of sugar daddy.

This industry can be dangerous for both men and women if they don’t protect themselves in the right way.

Sugar babies are always cautious in these relationships and that’s what I would suggest to sugar daddies too.

Here I will present you with some tips I believe will be very valuable for every sugar daddy, no matter how experienced they are.

These are very common sugar daddy problems so I suggest following my advice to save yourself from bad experiences. 

1. Never reveal your personal information on sugar dating websites

You never know who is using these websites and under which name, so make sure you never reveal too much personal information on your profile.

Someone may try to use your information for ungenerous deeds or try to compromise you in some way.

You can also decide to be a strictly online sugar daddy.

Once you gain trust and meet your sugar baby for the first time in person, you can reveal more about yourself.

2. Meet up places you don’t visit often

 I believe everyone in the world of sugar dating seeks privacy and doesn’t want their relationship to be exposed to people that know them in real life.

To make sure this won’t happen, always meet in places you don’t visit often, or even better, choose a place that will be reserved only for the meetings with your sugar baby.

This will make both you and your sugar baby feel safe and protected.

3. Don’t give off your real phone number

I would recommend not giving out your real phone number to a sugar baby unless you have gained serious trust in her.

Some men have encountered really obsessive sugar babies who couldn’t stop calling and messaging them all the time which can cause you some uncomfortable situations.

Is Being a Sugar Daddy Still A Thing?

I have come across many internet articles that claim sugar dating is left in the late 2000s.

With the surge of a variety of different dating apps (eg. Tinder, Baboo), some people claim traditional sugar dating websites are losing their relevance and popularity.

While it is true that there are many dating apps that are way more popular than What’s your price or some other sugar websites, sugar dating is still a thing and it has become even more popular during the last year.

With the unexpected pandemic that seriously affected the whole world and the global economy in general, many women were left without any source of income.

This is when things started to change and the moment when sugar dating websites and apps noticed a large number of both men and women joining.

Those women that were fired off their regular jobs turned to sugar dating in order to make ends meet.

There have never been more women in the sugar industry than right now, and it has never been easier to find a sugar baby who’s demands you could meet.

Since we are still in the middle of the pandemic, your sugar baby will probably want only money and some gifts here and there.

There are almost no possibilities to travel anywhere, dine out or even visit museums, so you can be sure your sugar baby won’t have any irrational requests.

If you are considering pursuing the sugar daddy lifestyle, I believe it has never been this easy to enter the sugar industry and find a suitable younger woman in a short period of time. 

What I am also pretty sure of is that there will still be many younger women on these websites in the next years since we will be affected by this pandemic for a long time.

What Should A Sugar Daddy Look For In A Sugar Baby?

The key to a successful sb/sd relationship is finding the right young woman for you, just like in traditional dating.

You should always look for a woman who is a pleasant company and who can satisfy your needs, whatever they are.

In case you seek more than just sexual intercourse, I would recommend finding an older sugar baby.

1. How old are sugar babies?

When you’re using dating sites you can filter the search for women of preferred age.

In case you like older sugar babies, you can find that too, not all women on there are in their 20s.

2. How old is too old to be a sugar baby?

Trust me, there are no boundaries when it comes to age. 

The sugar baby age can extremely vary, I have come across women in their fifties pursuing this lifestyle too.

If she can fulfill your needs, the age doesn’t matter.

You would be surprised how many sugar daddies for older women there are!

Where Can A Sugar Daddy Meet His Sugar Baby?

You have probably been asking yourself where can a sugar daddy meet young women?

Starting off a sugar daddy lifestyle can be quite a challenge If you are not familiar with different methods and platforms for meeting sugar babies.

In my experience, using different online dating platforms is the best way to start off your sugar daddy life.

By creating your profile on some of the internet sugar dating websites you will get a general image of what sugar dating is like, what most women look for in their sugar daddies, and how you can create an attractive image of yourself that will make women choose you as their sugar daddy.

Dating sites (eg. What’s your price) are definitely the best way to enter the sugar dating world and they will help you form an adequate picture of the sugaring world even before you start meeting potential sugar babies.

Once you fill your sugar daddy application you will receive all sugar daddy information and become connected to women on the website.

Becoming A Sugar Daddy 101 [The Definitive Guide For [year]] 10

Only sugar daddy requirements are to be respectful and not engage in illegal activities over these websites.

Digital dating platforms are especially useful for everyone that lives in smaller cities where it can be pretty hard for both sides to find a sugar partner.

It is easy to find a sugar baby in New York, but try finding one in a desert in the middle of Arizona.

You can also explore these platforms inside and out and research other sugar daddy profiles.

This can give you a better picture of traits and services one sugar daddy should have to impress a young woman that is searching for one on this platform.

In conclusion, I would always recommend using verified online dating sites to pursue your sugar daddy lifestyle.

Not only it is the fastest way to find a sugar baby, but it is also the safest option in the sugaring world for both men and women using it.

So, Who Is A Perfect Sugar Daddy?

I believe you could already create the picture of a perfect sugar daddy in your head, but you won’t mind me repeating some of the key points and traits again.

A perfect sugar daddy is a man who:

  • is confident in himself and his character
  • respects women and their boundaries
  • has some spare cash to spend on his sugar baby
  • treats women with respect
  • respects the arrangement and doesn’t ask for more than he can provide

Being a sugar daddy is easy and achievable for most of the men on this planet.

All it takes is some confidence to make the first step and dive into the glorious world of sugar dating.

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