Where To Find The Richest Sugar Daddies (2024)

All young women who engage in sugar dating seek some type of financial support, but many of them see this as an opportunity to find a rich and successful man for themselves.

Where To Find The Richest Sugar Daddies ([year]) 8

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It is no secret that men who pursue sugar dating are very wealthy and have a lot of money to spend on sugar babies, but it is not that easy to find multimillionaire sugar daddies, especially on traditional sugar dating sites.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

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Want to find the richest sugar daddies who will be able to make all of your dreams come true but don’t know where to find them?

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What are the best millionaire dating sites
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Where To Find Rich Sugar Daddies?

Sugar dating websites like SeekingArrangement, SugarDaddyForMe, millionaire mate, and SugarDaddyMeet site have proven to be platforms with the most active users, but during the past few years, experienced sugar babies have been wanting more than most of the men on these websites can offer.

Even though these are the largest sugar daddy websites, they have become a place for many sugar daddies who don’t really understand the concept of a sugar baby and a sugar relationship, and that is something women who have years of experience in this industry can’t tolerate.

Where To Find The Richest Sugar Daddies ([year]) 9

Sugar babies have no patience for cheap men and they are turning to other dating apps and platforms in search of where to find a sugar daddy.

Nowadays we have online dating platforms specialized in millionaire dating, and there are so many sugar babies leaving SeekingArrangement in order to find the perfect sugar daddy on these websites.

So, what are the best sugar daddy dating sites that will connect you with millionaires for long-term relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder) or hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison)?

Best Millionaire Dating Sites

Beautiful women want to be sure they are dealing with wealthy men and not wasting time on those who can’t afford to even take her out for a dinner.

Men on these websites don’t have fake sugar daddy names and don’t use sugar daddy phone numbers to hide their real identities.

They are real, wealthy men looking for successful women who can accompany them on their life journey.

These matchmaker websites were made in order to connect high-quality women with rich men and help them establish mutually beneficial relationships.

1. Elite Singles

Where To Find The Richest Sugar Daddies ([year]) 10

Elite singles is probably one of the best dating apps available to us in general.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
"Best for Discreet Sugar Dating"
"Best for Sugar Mommas"
"Best for Cheating Sugar Dating"
"Our Sugar Daddy/Baby Quiz"

It actually offers you a real elite match, and that means you need to go through different personality tests that will determine who is your perfect match and connect you with him.

While the website does not require all the users to be millionaires, it does require you to be career-focused and to have a higher education.

Even though people on this website don’t need to prove they are rich enough, 99% of men using it are very rich and have a lot of money to spend on sugar baby dating.

This is the best option for all sugar babies who have been in the industry for some time and now want to take their lifestyle to another level by connecting with men who are as successful and ambitious as them.

Its membership is also way cheaper than those on regular dating services, so 3 months on this app will cost you just 55 dollars, but you can also get a year-long membership that is only 30 dollars.

2. RichMeetBeautiful

Where To Find The Richest Sugar Daddies ([year]) 11

This is a website that will help you find a sugar daddy who is attractive and earns six figures very easily.

While it is made for successful male millionaires, it is not very sugar baby friendly so you should not be introducing yourself as one.

It is not focused on online sugar daddy arrangements but rather valuable relationships that will be 

You shouldn’t follow those sugar baby profile examples you can find on the internet when setting up a profile on this website, but rather try describing yourself as you would to any other man you meet.

Its aim is to connect verified millionaires with high-quality women of the same financial status, but it is mostly a place for finding upper-class experienced sugar babies and these men know that.

When joining this sugar daddy app you will need to fill out a questionnaire about your personal preferences and it will show you people that would be an ideal match for you.

You don’t have to choose sugar baby nicknames but join this network with your real name and surname.

The biggest disadvantage is the fact that it requires a premium membership to send messages, but if you pay it upfront for 12 months, it will cost you only 60 dollars.

3. EstablishedMen

Where To Find The Richest Sugar Daddies ([year]) 12

This is probably the best place to find a sugar daddy who has millions in his bank account and is living very close to you, maybe in your area or city.

The website is very minimalistic and all of the new profiles go through thorough research before they are accepted or removed.

You can see sugar daddy profile examples on this website where men are completely transparent about their financial status, company, and properties.

Younger women love it because it is completely free for all the women joining it, and it is a great choice for many college students looking for rich older men.

4. MillionaireMatch

Where To Find The Richest Sugar Daddies ([year]) 13

MillionaireMatch is the oldest website focusing on sugar daddy relationships with extremely rich men and it was founded in 2001.

They claim that they don’t promote sugar dating, but rather an elite millionaire match of people from the richest countries in the world.

However, if their software and staff believe you are not part of an upper-class and you can’t really be a good fit for rich people, your profile will probably be deleted or you won’t be allowed to sign up.

It has a very large community and allows you to delete all of your conversations with a person in case you believe they can harm your privacy, or you just don’t find them to be a good match for you anymore.

5. MissTravel

MissTravel is one of the best places for female sugar babies who seek adventures and new relationships with successful men who are able to take them to exotic destinations.

Single women who don’t even pursue sugar dating in general love to use this website in order to visit places they usually couldn’t afford.

There are also many sugar mommas offering travel arrangements for male sugar babies.

Unfortunately, since the Covid pandemic hit the whole world the platform hasn’t really been active since no one can travel, but once the world recovers I believe it will be just as popular and successful as it was in the past.

How Do You Know If Someone Is A Sugar Daddy?

You have seen that most of these websites don’t allow women to declare themselves as sugar babies, but in general, all of the men using them know what they came there for and know that you are looking for some type of financial support.

All of the men using these sugar daddy apps and websites are sugar daddies and they are way more generous than most men you will meet on SeekingArrangement or SugarDaddyMeet.

They have plenty of money and can easily spend thousands of dollars on women whose presence they enjoy.

However, they don’t like to be called sugar daddies and labeled in any kind of way, because they are looking for a real girlfriend-like experience with young women who understand their lifestyle and are willing to treat them with kindness and patience.

It is very important for all of them that you have compatible personalities and that you can establish great communication, so they will always make a decision whether they will continue this relationship or not after the first date.

There are some sugar baby rules you should follow when going on a first date with a rich and successful man you meet on these sugar daddy websites.

Present yourself in the best light possible, be elegant, polished, and well-mannered if you want to keep him. 

Never complain and never gossip about other people because that is the kind of behavior that will push quality men off you.

You should be educated about different topics and able to lead meaningful and interesting conversations, but also know a few things about the files they are working in.

Exquisite social skills are also a must because once you get into a relationship with a millionaire, you will need to accompany him to different social events and gatherings and make a good impression on people from his social setting.

Always look and smell good and think twice before you speak because you don’t want to disappoint him.

What Is A Good Allowance For A Sugar Baby In Relationships Like This?

How much money do sugar babies make is a question every sugar baby asks before she enters the industry.

Those who engage in relationships with millionaires, especially those who meet millionaires via those websites and apps we have mentioned before usually don’t have a set sugar baby monthly allowance.

These are the best sugar daddy apps for a reason, and the reason is very simple – these men are looking for real-life girlfriends, not sugar babies they will call from time to time.

How much should a sugar daddy pay is something you don’t have to think about when pursuing sugaring via these websites.

Where To Find The Richest Sugar Daddies ([year]) 14

They will take you on a few dates to see whether you are a good fit for them or not, if you know how to treat a sugar daddy right and in case they believe you might be the real match, they will engage in a relationship with you.

Once you become a millionaire’s girlfriend, you will be living with him, visiting all the social gatherings with him, and acting like a real girlfriend.

Millionaire matchmaker websites are actually full of men seeking a valuable relationship with a woman that values them and their time and they won’t be discussing any types of arrangements or agreements with you.

Once you start dating, you don’t need to choose the best sugar baby names in order to keep him interested or do some crazy things to keep him with you.

If a wealthy man has chosen to be graced by your presence at all times, your relationships will be successful as long as both of you have enough patience and compassion for each other.

You won’t have a sugar baby allowance but your partner will be providing you with everything you need, from spa treatments to clothes, shoes, and bags.

You won’t have to use sugar daddy apps that send money or special sugar daddy numbers to keep yourself protected because these men are not part of the sugar daddy scams and before they join these websites they go through various tests to prove their identity and financial abilities.

My sugar daddy experience has shown me that most millionaire sugar daddies live in New York and Los Angeles, specifically Hollywood and they almost always require their partners to live with them, just a month or two after they start dating.

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