Millionaire Mate Review 2024 – Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings

Millionaire datingsugar daddy dating, or wealthy dating.

When wealthy men and young, beautiful women or sugar babies looking to date each other, you have a dating niche that’s exploded over the last few years.

The success of sites like Seeking ArrangementMillionaire Mate, and Millionaire Match proves just how popular this type of online dating site has become.

And today, in particular, we are going to delve into Millionaire Mate to see exactly what it offers as a casual dating experience

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In this in-depth review of the site, we will:

Look into what free membership to the site offers a user
Explore the key features offered to premium members who buy into silver and gold membership
Give an overall rating and conclusion as to whether this is a dating website for you to try out

So let’s jump straight in then.

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Millionaire Mate Review [year] - Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings 10


  • Ease of use – 4/5
  • Effectiveness – 3.5/5
  • Key features – 4/5
  • Pricing – 3.5/5

Pros and Cons


  • Many ways to search for matchups
  • Users can be verified
  • Comprehensive profiles


  • Messaging is not available for regular users
  • Only members can access full profiles
Millionaire Mate Review [year] - Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings 11

Who Is It For/Demographics?

So the first thing to establish in this Millionaire Mate review is the demographics behind the site.

It’s always got to know just who an internet dating site is aimed at and what kind of active member figures it produces.

Most of the people on this site aren’t looking for long-term relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder) rather they are in search of hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

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Millionaire Mate certainly has a vibe of dating sites for rich sugar daddies to it, but that’s not the only kind of people you are going to find here.

Yes, some of the users are sugar mommies looking for their own male sugar babies for sugar mama dating.

Also, the dynamic includes older women looking to date rich men as well as older men looking to date rich women.

As I mentioned in the intro, it also includes a millionaire dating aspect to it as well.

As part of the FriendFinder network, Millionaire Mate has been around for over 20 years.

In fact, it started way back in 1997.

But it is a niche site and while it’s drawing new members all the time, estimates put the total user numbers of Millionaire Mate at around 700 000 active users.

Around 150 000 of those users are based in the United States.

As for a gender ratio breakdown or the most popular age group on the site, well that information wasn’t available despite some intense research. 

Millionaire Mate Review [year] - Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings 12

Ease Of Use

First up, for all of you who love to use dating apps instead of using the desktop version of the site, you are out of luck.

Millionaire Mate, at this point, does not have an app for either Android or IOS handsets.

It is mobile-friendly, however, so you’d still prefer to use your phone, the site is optimized to allow you to do so.

Registering as a user 

The registration process for the site doesn’t throw up any curveballs at all.

You will notice that there are no social media accounts to link to your profile to speed up the process.

Some dating sites allow you to use your Google, MSN, or even your Facebook account as part of the process but that’s not the case here. 

The process starts with just two pieces of information.

  • Your gender and that the gender you’d like to meet
  • Your valid email address 

The second phase of the profile registration process needs the following:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your location (country, state and city)
  • A username
  • A secure password

The third phase includes some profile information, but not all of it. 

Your profile is something you will still need to complete once you gain access to the site.

The information needed here is:

  • Your race
  • Your body type
  • Your sexual orientation
  • Your current marital status
  • A profile headline/introduction
  • An “About Yourself” section

And while it may seem like a fair bit of information, depending on how much time you spend on the “About Yourself” section, you could easily complete this in 5 to 10 minutes. 

A valid email is necessary, however, because to gain access to Millionaire Mate, you will need to click on a link that’s sent by the site to your email address.

Millionaire Mate Review [year] - Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings 13

Navigating the site

My initial impression of Millionaire Mate was that it was a little too busy.

But on navigating my way around, I quickly got used to the design and enjoyed my time on the site.

The color scheme of black and brown give it a unique feel and it certainly doesn’t look like any other dating sites I’ve ever reviewed.

From the moment you hit the site, other users’ profiles are front and center, and that’s the way it should be.

From the homepage, however, you also have quick access to all the crucial information that you will need. 

That includes messages, your profile, the site search engine, and more.

Millionaire Mate has two sets of menus.

The one that you will use the most is found at the top of the screen and includes:

  • House icon (homepage): Click here to return to the homepage
  • Envelope icon (messages): All messages are found here
  • My Stuff: 19 separate menus can be accessed under this main menu. They include your profile, managing photos, account settings, friend network and requests, your hotlist, who has viewed your profile and more. 
  • Search: You will conduct your searches using this menu. You can also see your new matches, users online now, members near your location, VIP members and access the “Hot or Not” roulette-style mini-game. 
  • Live Action: This takes you to several chatrooms found on the site
  • What’s Popular: Here you can few popular photos, videos and members on the site

On the homepage, there’s a bank of secondary menus on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Here you can:

  • Quick access to your profile
  • Update your status
  • Access your messages
  • Access your friend’s list
  • See who has flirted, shortlisted or viewed you
  • Access your testimonials
  • See the profiles you have viewed
  • See who you have hotlisted, flirted with and more

It’s pretty handy to have these shortcuts here and I used them from time to time, so I am sure that you would as well. 

As I mentioned earlier, profiles are front and center on the homepage.

And you can change between the following:

  • Your new matches
  • Who’s online currently
  • Members near your location
  • VIP members
Millionaire Mate Review [year] - Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings 14

Profile quality

Ok, so you’ve looked around the site a little and yes, you’d like to get going on finding some matchups, right?

But before you do, you will need to complete your profile.

That’s because it’s only around a third of the way done at this point. 

This is what you will still have to add:

  • What your ideal person should be like
  • Physical information (height, body type, hair color and length, eye color, race)
  • Personal information (sexual orientation, habits, profession, income, religion, education, children, languages)
  • Questions regarding dating preferences, dreams and goals, personality traits, hobbies and more)
  • Personality type questionnaire

There’s lots of information here that you need to provide but by doing so, you can help Millionaire Mate come up with even better matchups for you.

That’s particularly true of the personality questions because this helps to tell just how compatible you are with other users.

And that can be seen when you view their profiles.

Regarding the quality of potential matchups, well for me they were top-notch.

Within the age range that I stipulated, I had many users to follow up on that were very near my location.

And many of them were stunningly beautiful.

Millionaire Mate Review [year] - Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings 15


Once you’ve completed your profile and looked around the site, seeing what all the different menus do, it’s time to start searching for that sugar baby or sugar daddy.

The awesome thing about Millionaire Mate is there are so many ways that you can go about this. 

And that’s what we are going to look into now. 

Searching for the right matchup

From the moment you get access to the site, you are already presented with matchups.

These are mostly based on your location and once you complete your profile, especially the personality section, they will improve considerably.

So right there, you have the first way that you can look for a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby

Also on the home screen, you can view users that are currently online, those near you, and VIP members.

You can also conduct your own searches which is something that you are probably going to do often.

As a regular user, the site gives you a fair number of filters that you can use in those searches.

For example, you can:

  • Select the gender 
  • Their age range
  • Their location
  • Join date
  • Last login
  • If they are currently online
  • If they have photos on their profile
  • If they have videos
  • If they are highlighted members
  • If they are verified members
  • If their job and income are verified
  • If they have a gold membership
  • If they have a VIP membership

That’s more than useful, especially as most sites give you gender, age range, and location as the only filters for a basic search. 

If you choose to sign up for membership of Millionaire Mate, the advanced search engine becomes available.

This adds another 19 filters.

These are all profile specific and include:

  • Ethnicity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Appearance (body type, height, hair and eye color and more)
  • Do they drink or smoke
  • Marital status
  • If they have/want children
  • Languages
  • Education
  • Religion
  • If they are willing to relocate
  • And more

The advanced search engine allows you to make very specific searches, which is both a blessing and a curse.

But why do I say that?

Well, on a dating website with millions of users, it can really help fine-tune matchups to exactly what you are looking for.

But because Millionaire Mate has around 700 000 users, too many parameters could actually lead to search with little to no returns.

So it’s always important to bear that in mind.

If your searches are proving fruitless, drop some of the lesser important filters and see if the returns bring more potential matchups. 

Also, don’t forget that you can play the “Hot or Not” roulette-style matchup game to look for a potential date as well.

Should you wish to look at country-specific users, click the “Browse” option under the search menu and find the country of your choice. 

What are Cupid Preferences?

Cupid Preferences are another tweak you can make to Millionaire Mate.

These affect the returns the site provides for you as weekly matchups which are mailed to your address.

Other than adjusting the age range and maximum distance from your location, you can also enable addition filters.

These are:

  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marital status

Ultimately, while they give you more control of the matchups you receive, again, don’t select too many to narrow those matchups down too far.

With the smaller user base on Millionaire Mate, it just doesn’t make sense to do that. 

Millionaire Mate Review [year] - Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings 16

Viewing user profiles and making contact

As a free user on the site, there are a few stumbling blocks in your way when it comes to finding that perfect sugar baby or sugar daddy.

They come immediately from the moment that you try to view your first profile.

If you click on a potential matchup, you are taken to the membership sign-up screen.

There is no way to view someone’s full profile if you aren’t an active member of the site.

If you hover over their profile, you will see a mini-view, however.

This tells you:

  • Who they are interested in dating
  • Give you their profile header 

But that’s it. 

Should you want to flirt with them, add them as a friend or message them, you can’t unless you sign up for one of the membership packages offered on the site. 

Millionaire Mate Review [year] - Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings 17

Key Features

Here are some of the key features that you can expect as a member of Millionaire Mate.

1. Messaging

Without messaging, there’s just no way of getting into contact with other users.

The thing is, unlike some other sites, if you message someone, they too need to be a member to reply.

In other words, regular users cannot reply to a member’s message, which is important to bear in mind.

Millionaire Mate does provide ways around this which we will look at later in the review. 

2. View full profiles

With membership, you can finally view the full profile of a potential matchup.

I am not sure why they’ve hidden the ability to do this behind a paywall when most other dating sites don’t.

It’s a necessity though, especially as profiles on the site are packed with information about the user. 

3. Profile boosting

As a member, your profile automatically is boosted. 

That means that if you are what someone else is looking for in terms of a matchup, you will appear at the top of their search returns.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to get yourself noticed and that means that you don’t have to do all the work from your side in finding that sugar daddy or sugar baby

4. First access to new members

All members of Millionaire Mate get to see new members to the site before anyone else. 

This gives you the ability to reach out to them and contact them first.

It’s an advantage that might just land you the perfect catch before anyone else can.

5. Access to large photos

Instead of only seeing thumbnail size pictures of others (you can’t see their full profiles as a regular user), you now have access to their full-sized pictures.

6. Access to other contact details

If a user has other ways to contact them included in their profiles, for example, their MSN ID, then you get access to that and you can now contact them through that medium.

7. Support 24/7

Any issues that you have on the site as a member can be dealt with immediately thanks to 24/7 admin support.

Millionaire Mate Review [year] - Rich Users or Scam? | Ratings 18


As we’ve already found out, if you’d like to get anything out of the site, well you are going to have to become a member.

No membership means no messaging or seeing full profiles.

No messaging means you cannot use this sugar daddy dating site effectively.

It’s plain and simple, really.

Membership does bring with it some key features other than messaging, as we have seen. 

But are the membership prices on par with what is offered.

Well, Millionaire Mate has two different packages: Silver and Gold membership.

Let’s see how these are priced.

Silver membership

  • 1-month membership: $35.95

Gold membership

  • 1-month membership: $44.95

There are no other extended membership options, just month-by-month.

But what’s the difference between Silver and Gold membership

Well, there are only two major differences.

Gold membership allows you to access the photos in an extra-large format as well as get access to other contact details for users.

That’s it.

For me, starting with Silver membership first makes the most sense, just to see how effective the site can be for yourself.

But there is something else available to you as a member.

And that’s the ability to purchase an option for someone who isn’t a member to be able to respond to your messages.

This costs $19.90 per month.

Lastly, the site also allows users to earn points.

For example, if you upload a photo, that’s 20 points (up to 500 maximum).

Add a video and it another 20 points (up to 1 000 maximum).

Get enough points together and you can redeem on the following:

  • Appearing as a featured member (55 points per day)
  • Sending virtual gifts (50 points per gift)
  • Highlight your profile for 30 days (1 100 points)
  • Gold membership for a month ( 4 400 points)

If you’d like to add to your points tally, you can purchase them too.

Conclusion and Overall Rating

And that’s it for our comprehensive look at

It’s a dating service that provides excellent potential for rich men looking for their sugar baby, that’s for sure.

Is it one of the best dating sites out there to meet rich people?

Yes, it’s certainly worth trying out. 

It’s not perfect, however, but if you live in a large city, there’s no doubt that you will find potential matchups near your location.

That said, membership is a necessity on the site.

You just aren’t going to get anywhere without it.

Let’s get to an overall rating then. 

Millionaire Mate gets 3.75 out of 5. 





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