Who Are Sugar Mamas And How To Find Them (2024)?

The term sugar mama is something you will very often see on sugar dating sites and probably ask yourself – who are these women? Are they sugar babies?

Who Are Sugar Mamas And How To Find Them ([year])? 8

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Sugar momma dating is something that has become very popular during the past few years, but it seems like many people still have no idea who these women really are and what they are looking for.

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Who Are Sugar Mamas

A sugar momma is a term that you have probably come across on social media or sugar dating websites but was not really sure what it should mean and who is it referred to.

There is no strict definition of a sugar momma, just like we don’t have only one definition of sugar daddies, but there are some things that are common for all women who engage in sugar momma dating.

Sugar mamas are usually older women, most often over 40 years old seeking some type of sugar relationship or arrangement with younger men and this is the most simple sugar mommy definition.

Who Are Sugar Mamas

Wealthy women often can’t find men who can satisfy them, whether it be emotionally (like eHarmony or Tinder) and sexually (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), so they engage in sugar dating in order to find a young man who will keep them company and bring some color into their life.

They provide their male sugar babies with a weekly or monthly allowance, just like sugar daddies do with their female sugar babies.

Just like there are plenty of sugar daddies who seek different types of arrangements, we have sugar mamas who engage in this type of lifestyle to find themselves a valuable man who will support them, but there are also many women looking for boy toys whom they can switch every two to three months.

Having a sugar mama is something none of these guys are ashamed of, because they also need financial support, just like the female sugar babies.

Younger guys don’t really talk much about their sugar dating lifestyle, but we have seen a large rise in the number of male sugar babies seeking sugar momma during the last 3 years, especially during the last year, when the Covid pandemic hit.

Are their sugar relationships the same as those we see between sugar daddies and their sugar babies and what actually does a real sugar mama expect from her man?

What Is A Sugar Momma Relationship?

Just like all sugar dating arrangements and relationships, sugar momma relationships can differ in many things.

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A sugar mummy is almost always looking for a younger person, but their target age group may vary from one sugar mama to another.

Some sugar mamas are only looking for a fun hookup from time to time, while others seek responsible men who are willing to engage in a relationship with them, in exchange for some kind of financial reimbursement.

You can find sugar mammas who seek only sexual favors and they are not afraid to admit that on the first date, and this is the type of arrangement that works best for most young guys.

Who Are Sugar Mamas And How To Find Them ([year])? 9

Just like female sugar babies, you can decide to engage in just one type of arrangement and stick to that, until you find a sugar momma that wants the same thing.

Most of them have no problem with sleeping with milfs and they find sugar momma sex to be the easiest way to earn money to pay for their rent and student debt.

This way they earn much more money than they would when doing regular jobs like waiter, cook, gardener.

My sugar momma experiences have shown me that both they and the young guys who engage in these relationships are very satisfied with their positions and find sugar momma dating to be a great way for establishing good relationships.

You can also find a sugar momma seeking women, but that is something that is usually present in big cities like New York or Los Angeles.

What Is The Difference Between A Cougar And A Sugar Momma?

The sugar momma meaning is often mistaken for cougar women, which are two complete opposites.

A cougar is a female person, usually between ages 35 to 50 who enjoys relationships with much younger men.

Cougar dating won’t provide you with any type of financial support and it is pursued by guys who love older women, not because they look for money.

On the other side, we have sugar mamas who are rich and successful women who offer financial support in exchange for companionship or sexual favors from younger guys.

You can see that financial reimbursement is the key difference between these two women, but in general, both of them are very similar and have identical love interests.

Most cougars don’t look for a real relationship or a companion, but rather for short-term sexual adventures. 

It is also way easier to find yourself a cougar since all you need to know is to target her cougar kinks and seduce her a bit.

That is also the reason why you need a completely different approach with sugar mamas.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Sugar Momma?

You need a sugar mama but don’t know the right way to approach her and start the conversation?

Young guys are accustomed to getting all the girls they want with just a few simple sentences, but with sugar mamas you have to be more careful and gentle, otherwise, they will choose another guy to be their sugar baby.

When using these sugar momma finders and different dating sites, it is easy to start the conversation first, but most guys don’t know how to act and don’t know what are the right words that would make her interested in them.

Who Are Sugar Mamas And How To Find Them ([year])? 10

I always suggest approaching your sugar mama with a compliment, because every woman’s ego will be boosted when they hear they are hot and beautiful.

Since all of the sugar mamas are women that are not young and hot 20-year-olds, they very often need reassurance about their looks and they want to know young guys still want them.

Once you have established good communication, you can talk about her life, her interests and you have to show her you are really interested in her.

If she sees that you really care about her and are willing to continue and agree on some type of arrangement, she will be clear about that and tell you after a day or two of texting.

The moment she gives you her real phone number or reaches out to you via WhatsApp is usually the moment you can be sure she wants to engage in a sugar arrangement with you.

What Are The Benefits Of Sugar Momma Dating?

There are many women over 35 who can’t seem to find the right partner for themselves or are only pursued by older men they don’t feel attracted to.

That is the reason why they choose to join the sugar mamma club and find a young and attractive man that will satisfy all of their needs and wishes.

Being a sugar mama is easy for all women who have enough spare money at the end of each month and are actually willing to spend that money on a man’s company, and no clothes or makeup.

What does sugar mama mean can depend on one woman to another, because not all of them seek the same type of sugar relationships?

Who Are Sugar Mamas And How To Find Them ([year])? 11

Some of them opt for platonic arrangements only, while others seek men who will provide them both with emotional support and sexual satisfaction.

They seek millennial sugar babies looking for a sugar mama and provide them with gifts of some type of financial support in exchange for a sugar relationship or sexual favors.

This is a win-win situation for both sides since these women have their needs satisfied while many young males earn a lot of money which they can use to pay their rent and tuition.

What Is It Like To Have A Sugar Momma?

Well, if you know how traditional sugar relationships between a sugar daddy and his sugar baby work, you can be sure that your sugar momma relationship will be identical.

Even though some men might not feel comfortable with an older woman providing them with gifts and money, my experience has shown me that men who engage in this type of relationship usually don’t have a problem with that.

Some of them were even actual gold diggers, looking for wealthy women they can seduce and live with, or even marry in the future.

Just like in a traditional sugar relationship, you define your desired weekly or monthly allowance and look for sugar mamas who can provide you with that.

There are many guys who pursue this lifestyle not because they need money to cover their living expenses or tuition, but because they seek valuable gifts these women very often get them.

Expensive shoes and shirts, watches, and different tech gadgets are just some things your sugar momma will provide you with if she finds your relationship important.

Best sugar mommas for many guys are those who provide you with both money and gifts, and those men who treat their sugar mamas with a lot of care and kindness will usually get both of them and they will treat them like real-life boyfriends.

What Are The Best Sugar Momma Dating Sites?

A sugar baby looking for sugar momma usually is not familiar with sugar momma dating sites that will connect them with these women, because there are not many sugar momma sites made specifically for these sugar relationships.

There are many free sugar momma websites where you find hundreds of sugar mommas, you just have to know how to use the search engine and filters.

1. SeekingArrangement

Who Are Sugar Mamas And How To Find Them ([year])? 12

Even though it is the best dating service for sugar daddies and female sugar babies, there are also hundreds of sugar mamas looking for their sugar babies on the SeekingArrangement app.

When signing up, on this website, all you have to do is identify yourself as a male sugar baby so the dating service can modify your home page and show you only sugar mamas, and not other, female sugar babies.

Most sugar mamas choose this online dating service because it is easiest to navigate and has millions of users, so you can be 100% sure you will be able to find your sugar mama in just a few days.

2. Tinder

Who Are Sugar Mamas And How To Find Them ([year])? 13

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps for traditional dating, but during the last year, we have seen many sugar mommas joining too.

If you were asking “How to find sugar mommas near me?”  then Tinder is probably the best option for that. 

You will find potential sugar mamas in your city or area so you don’t have to bother traveling to another city or state.

3. OK Cupid

Who Are Sugar Mamas And How To Find Them ([year])? 14

OKCupid is one of the most popular dating apps among sugar mamas because it has many different features and filters that allow you to set your age preferences and look for men or women of certain age groups.

Once you sign up, I recommend setting your preferences for women between the ages of 35 and 50 and starting the search for your sugar mum.

There are many cougars on this dating app too, so you will have to spend some time talking to women to realize who is a sugar mummy and who just wants sex from you, without providing you with any type of financial support.

All of these are free sugar momma websites and apps that will allow you to find your perfect match in just a few days.

What is the best site to find a sugar momma can depend a lot on your location, so in case you are living in a big city like New York or Chicago, you can use What’s your price, but for other, smaller cities, I recommend apps like Tinder and OkCupid.

Knowing how to find a sugar momma on Craigslist would also not be a bad idea.

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