Online Only Relationships (2024) – How To Find One?

Girls that are entering the sugar dating industry are often willing to engage in all different types of arrangements, but they would always prefer to have an online-only sugar relationship and a sugar daddy they don’t ever have to meet.

However, finding a relationship like this on online dating platforms can be quite tricky and you have to be extremely careful to not become a part of some scam.

I’ll tell you all about:

How to get paid to be an online girlfriend
Where can I find a relationship like this?
Are online relationships healthy
And much more

These are just some of the questions your sugar dating expert has all the answers to.

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Do Online Only Relationships Exist?

Newbie sugar babies need to spend some time in the sugar industry or learn from the sugar baby tips for beginners before they start feeling comfortable with potential sugar daddies and that is completely fine.

Most of the girls who are new to sugar dating and dating sites like SeekingArrangement want to try and find online relationships with sugar daddies who don’t require offline meetings but will still provide them with a solid income.

Online Only Relationships ([year]) - How To Find One? 8

This is something that has been circulating throughout social media for some time now, and even though there are men seeking relationships like this, their number is very small when compared to the number of traditional sugar daddies on these dating websites.

However, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find a relationship like this, it just means you will have to put some more effort to find a sugar daddy willing to engage in a platonic arrangement under these conditions.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy That Only Wants to Talk?

You will have to spend some time searching for online-only sugar daddies on different sugar dating platforms, but you will certainly find one who doesn’t have any other sugar daddy relationship expectations or requirements from you.

There are many sugar daddies looking for online relationships on traditional sugar dating sites, but there are also plenty of dating services made specifically for online-only relationships, allowing you to text and call your sugar daddy without revealing any of your personal information.

All you have to do is create a profile, use any of our sugar baby profile examples and start searching for your perfect sugar daddy profile.

Online-only relationships can still be mutually beneficial relationship examples, especially for lonely older men looking for someone whom they will enjoy talking to.

Since the Covid pandemic hit the whole world, we have seen many men and women pursuing different types of online relationships, because the restrictions weren’t allowing them to meet in real life.

Coronavirus also left many sugar babies without their income, so they had to find some kind of alternative to the traditional sb/sd relationship that will still bring them some money.

Even though there are many sugar daddies online searching for a relationship, you should know that once everything starts getting back to normal, he will for sure require to meet you in real life.

So, if you were asking yourself “Can I get paid to chat online with men?” the answer is – Yes, but you should know how to safely be a sugar baby online.

Where Can I Find A Relationship Like This?

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

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Even if you are sure you don’t want to engage in any type of sugar daddy agreements or relationships, long-term (like eHarmony or Tinder) or hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), you can still find a man that will want a simple online-only relationship.

There are plenty of men that don’t use these dating services to meet beautiful women they will date in real life, but rather find women who are willing to listen to them on a daily basis and provide them with support in hard moments.

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Since the Covid pandemic hit the whole world, more and more men are trying to find a pleasant company on online dating sites and a lot of girls are pursuing this type of job in order to support themselves financially.

We also have many men who were enjoying their sugar daddy lifestyle during the last few years now feeling empty and unsatisfied because they can’t meet up with beautiful women in real life, so they pursue online only relationships for money in order to find a sugar baby they could potentially date once the pandemic is over and we are allowed to travel throughout the country.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy Online?

Finding an online sugar daddy is way easier than finding a valuable sugar daddy for a real-life sugar relationship.

There are many advantages to online sugar daddies, like the fact that if you see that he is cheap or disrespectful towards you, you can cut him off in a matter of seconds, which is something you would never be able to do in real life.

You also save so much time, because you can see whether he will be a good match for you or not after just a few messages.

Online Only Relationships ([year]) - How To Find One? 9

The moment you end one online sugar daddy relationship, you are able to start the search for a new one, and you will probably already have several different sugar daddies messaging you and offering you an arrangement.

Nowadays we have many different dating sites for sugar babies that allow you to chat and flirt with men on the internet and earn money for that.

It is the same as getting a regular sugar daddy and there are so many great dating services that will help you find beneficial online relationships.

How Can I Make Money Talking To Guys Online?

Now that you know that online-only relationships are a thing and there are many lonely men who are willing to pay you for chatting, it is time to find out how you can actually make money talking to guys online.

There are many different dating apps and websites that are not made strictly for sugar dating where you can find many rich men willing to pay you just for talking to them.

But then, you should know what to say to a sugar daddy and how to get a sugar daddy to give you money

So, where can you get paid to talk to guys online?

1. Phrendly

Online Only Relationships ([year]) - How To Find One? 10

Phrendly is a chatting platform that has been very successful during the past few years and was able to bring more than 1000 dollars per month to a lot of its users.

If you are a young woman that doesn’t feel comfortable enough to enter the sugar dating industry or pursue the role of a webcam girl at the moment, then this is a great option for you.

It is a reliable platform that helps girls make money online and is very strict about its rules.

You will engage in flirty and fun conversations with people you won’t ever have to meet in real life.

On Phrendly you can choose whether you want to just text other men or make phone calls with them.

If someone is interested in you he will send you a virtual drink that has an actual monetary value that will be paid to you.

In case you are interested in them too, you can accept the drink and continue the conversation.

Phone calls are paid much better than simple messages, so I always recommend choosing this option since it will bring you much more money in a shorter period of time.

While you will have to leave your phone number when setting up your Phrendly account, this information will stay completely private and none of the people you connect with through this website won’t be able to see any of your personal info.

You can choose on which dates in the month you want your Phrendly money transferred to your bank account and continue texting and talking when you want and how much you want.

This is a great option for all shy girls and college students looking for sugar daddies to give them money but don’t have the courage to pursue regular sugar dating and arrange meet-ups with men they don’t know.

2. Chat Recruit

Online Only Relationships ([year]) - How To Find One? 11

Chat Recruit is also one of the very popular online get paid to date websites that connect you to rich lonely men.

You choose who much and when you will be working, so how much money you will be earning depends solely on you.

This website allows you to chat with strangers through messages, phone calls, or webcams, so you can choose the option that suits you best.

It is a very good choice for all girls who are struggling with money because you can earn up to 2 dollars per minute.

Girls who do webcam earn the most money and have many loyal sugar daddies that provide them with a regular and stable income, so in case you feel comfortable with that and believe you can attract more sugar daddies this way, I always recommend choosing this option.

The money you earn will be sent to your credit card, but you can also opt to get gift cards for Amazon or similar online retailers.

This dating service has millions of active users so I believe you will be able to find a man for an online relationship in a matter of just a few days, whether you are just texting or sending videos to your sugar daddies.

3. Dream Lover

Online Only Relationships ([year]) - How To Find One? 12

Dream Lover is another dating service that allows you to earn money through messaging rich men, but it may not be the best choice for the girls who are pursuing this type of dating for the first time.

This online dating site encourages both men and women to share their pictures, so in case you don’t feel comfortable with that, you might just avoid it.

In case you have enough courage and confidence for that, I always recommend choosing Dream Lover because it will bring you the most money out of all these websites.

4. My Girl Fund

Online Only Relationships ([year]) - How To Find One? 13

My Girl Fund is identical to the dating services we have mentioned, but it has one great advantage, and that is the fact that you will be prohibited to reveal any of your personal information.

The information you leave when signing up is the one that you will be prohibited from using when messaging or talking to your sugar daddies.

You will talk to lonely guys for money and earn somewhere between a dollar or two for every minute of chatting.

It is very safe and has a lot of active users so I believe that finding a sugar daddy will be easy for most girls.

5. Tinder

Online Only Relationships ([year]) - How To Find One? 14

Tinder is one of the dating apps that was made for traditional dating, but during the last year, we have seen more and more potential sugar daddies joining it.

While many real sugar daddies desire legit real sugar relationships, there are also plenty of lonely men looking for girls who they can talk to every day, without ever having to go on a first date with them.

Even though these relationships are not long-term, you can earn a great amount of money for a short time without having to leave your house.

How to get men to send you money can be a bit tricky with Tinder, since there are many salt daddies who will try using you, talking to you, and then disappearing, without ever paying you a single dollar.

My advice is to never start any type of flirty conversations before he transfers you at least 10 dollars, so you can make sure he is not a scammer.

Unfortunately, a lot of people were victims of different sugar daddy scam formats on this dating app, so you always have to be extremely careful with your potential sugar daddy.

Never give out your bank account info or accept wire transfers, but rather choose to receive your sugar daddy money through PayPal or CashApp.

Be careful and don’t post pics you use on your other social media accounts because you don’t want these men to find you in real life.

Also, it’s advisable to use sugar baby nicknames when setting up your profile.

6. Only Fans

I am pretty sure that every single human being who has the internet has heard of Only Fans and knows how much people are able to earn through that.

This is not the type of apps where you get paid to message guys or get paid to talk to lonely men.

Only Fans is actually an app where you create an interesting profile which you can use to earn money whether that be through sending your pictures, sending flirty texts, or posting provocative videos.

On this platform, you have complete freedom to choose what you will do and post in order to earn money, and you decide how much these people will be paying for your content.

We have seen many sugar baby influencers and webcam girls using this platform, and it has proven to be one of the best apps for earning money, no matter what your content is.

Whether you decide to engage in texting and video calls with men or you decide to post pictures of yourself, there will for sure be hundreds of men paying for your content.

My sugar baby experience has shown that this is the best way for all sugar babies to earn some money during the pandemic, since it requires much less time and effort than regular sugar relationships, but will probably bring you much more money.

However, in some states, like New York, you will have to pay tax for the money you receive through Only Fans, while in Florida you are completely free of any taxes or contracts.

Find your brand and niche, target one group of man and start a successful Only Fans account.

Are Online Relationships Healthy?

Well, it depends a lot on how you actually perceive these online relationships.

Most girls looking for sugar daddies on these online dating services only have money on their minds and they don’t really form any kind of valuable connections to their sugar daddies.

Sugar babies perceive these relationships like any other job and they don’t invest in them emotionally, they just find out what do sugar daddies want and give it to them.

On the other side, plenty of sugar daddies, especially those who insist on platonic sugar daddy no meeting or sugar daddy no sex arrangements, can form a very close connection to their sugar babies and insist on getting your phone number so they can reach you through text messages or WhatsApp at all times.

This is the reason why you should always set boundaries and never reveal your real identity or personal information to men on these websites.

Some of them can’t realize that you are not completely honest in your communication and that you do not really mean all that you say.

They can have unrealistic expectations and insist on meeting you in real life, so in case you think your sugar daddy is showing this type of behavior and you are not feeling safe talking to him anymore, you should block him or ignore his messages.

You get paid to flirt with them, not to be their real-life girlfriend, so unless you have established a very good and beneficial relationship, you should never share your real identity and any information with men you meet on these dating platforms.

How Are Sugar Babies Compensated?

Just like the traditional sugar babies, girls who engage in online-only relationships can choose in which form they want to get paid and through which banking app they want to receive their money.

If you get money from men you talk to directly, then you should make sure you protect your privacy at all costs and never give out any personal information. 

Never reveal your real identity and do not give out your bank account info to strangers on the internet, no matter how well you think you know your sugar daddy.

Websites where men give you money for talking and chatting like Chat Recruiter or Phrendly, are very safe and your sugar daddy will never see the information of a person he is sending money to, he will just see the information of the company you are providing your services through.

On certain dates in the month, the company will transfer all the money you have earned to your bank account.

If you don’t have much trust in these sugar dating services, I always recommend listing your PayPal or CashApp account as ones you will be receiving your money through.

You should also know that you won’t have to pay any kind of fees and that no one will interrogate you because of the money you earn through these websites.

Those dating services are registered companies and you are basically their employee, so you don’t have to fear you will have any legal problems, which is not really the case with traditional real life sugar dating.

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