Types of Sugar Daddies in 2024 – How To Cognize Them Easily

You have decided to start off your sugar baby life, but you’re not really sure what types of sugar daddies and sugar relationships are out there?

This is something both sugar babies and sugar daddies encounter at the beginning of their sugar dating lifestyle, thinking that there is only one typical sugar relationship.

Types of Sugar Daddies in [year] - How To Cognize Them Easily 7

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Trust me, there are plenty of different sugar daddies and types of arrangements, which allow each sugar baby to choose the type of sugaring that suits them the most.

Here we will cover:

What types of sugar daddies exist
Are there sugar daddies who only want sex?
And much more

Your sugar dating insider is here to take you through the magic world of sugar dating and present you with all kinds of sugar daddy relationships.

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What Is A Sugar Daddy Arrangement?

A common question for all newbies to sugar dating is what actually is a sugar daddy or sugar baby agreement and how do you know which one is the best fit for you?

The sugar dating industry is very big and has tens of thousands of both men and women engaging in it daily.

For some, this is the way to earn a living, while for others this is the source of fun and enjoyment in their life.

Sugar daddy arrangement is the term used to refer to transactional and beneficial relationships that are the core of sugar dating.

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Sugar daddy arrangements differ from one sugar relationship to another and they depend on the sugar baby expectations a man has, and the financial needs of his sugar baby.

The most important thing you need to know is that every sugar baby has the opportunity to define the nature of their future relationship on the first date by clearly stating the sugar daddy and sugar baby rules.

In case you realize this man cannot provide you with what you’re looking for or that you’re not a good sugar baby choice for him, I recommend calling it quits right after the first date because you don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

There are dozens of different sugar daddy arrangement examples and I will try to tell you everything about them and present you with those that are the most frequent in the sugar dating industry.

What Types Of Sugar Daddies Are Present In The Sugar Dating World?

During the last few years, sugar daddy dating has become extremely popular and has gone viral on the internet and social media.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
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Those are the reasons why more and more people are deciding to pursue the sugar dating lifestyle and what made the sugar relationship an interesting research topic.

A Ph.D. sociologist Maren Scull has decided to make sugar dating the main topic of her study which was published in Sociological Perspectives, the official publication of Sociological Association.

In this study, Maren has identified 7 different types of sugar daddy arrangements that differ in many things like sexual intercourse, ways of financial support, and types of companionship.

Sugar prostitution is the first type in which there is only sexual intercourse present, with no other emotional components, making it similar to regular sex work.

Compensated dating is the sugar daddy arrangement that is the most popular in countries like China and Japan. It refers to relationships in which a sugar baby gets money or gifts in exchange for keeping their sugar daddy company on a coffee or dinner date.

Sugar dating is the type of arrangement that is the most common, and I would refer to it as the traditional sugar daddy arrangement (like Tinder or eHarmony).

This is the type of arrangement in which a sugar baby becomes a big part of her sugar daddy life, providing him with a real girlfriend-like experience, establishing a relationship identical to traditional ones.

Compensated companionship is similar to traditional dating but it most often does not include any kind of sexual activity.

Sugar friendships are one of the rarest types of arrangements when the two people consider each other very close friends, and it rarely includes sex.

Sugar friendships with benefits are just like the previous one, but with an addition of sexual intercourse (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison). 

It is more likely to finish off as the last type of arrangement she identifies – and that is pragmatic love.

Pragmatic love refers to relationships that people approach, hoping they will find their significant other and a person they will form a valuable relationship with.

People who pursue sugar dating in order to find themselves a relationship like this usually end up happily married, which proves to us that sugar dating is nothing like sex work and that relationships formed in this industry are almost always very sincere and valuable to both sides.

Even though these sugar baby arrangement types were defined by a sociologist who has never engaged in sugar dating herself, they are almost 100% true and can be used to explain most of the relationships in this world.

However, these types of relationships are usually known by different names like traditional sugar relationships, exclusive or platonic relationships, meetup arrangements, and many more, which I will be explaining thoroughly throughout this article.

1. Traditional Sugar Daddies

Traditional sugar relationships are those that are most frequent in the sugaring world and that have both emotional and sexual components included.

The sugar baby arrangement description that would suit this one the best in providing a sugar daddy with a girlfriend-like experience, providing him with emotional affection, security, understanding, and sexual satisfaction at the same time.

Many successful young men decide to pursue this type of relationship since they don’t have enough time to engage in traditional dating and find a woman that would understand them.

Sugar babies are the best option for them to have all their needs satisfied because they know these women will always have enough patience for them and will not be bothered with the fact that they work too much.

Women who engage in this type of relationship often have only one sugar daddy, but it is usually not required of them to be loyal, so they can still do some sugaring on the side.

When websites like SeekingArrangement first appeared, this was usually the only type of sugar arrangement you could come across since men who were getting on these dating websites were seeking high-quality women with whom they love spending time.

Types of Sugar Daddies in [year] - How To Cognize Them Easily 9

However, nowadays we have dozens of different types of arrangements because the market has grown so much and because of the fact that these websites have thousands of daily active users.

So, what are the different types of sugar daddies who don’t look seek traditional sugar arrangements?

There are many different arrangements and I can assure you that each one of them has enough people who love pursuing them.

2. Meetup Arrangement (Pay-Per-Meet Sugar Daddies)

A meetup arrangement is one of the arrangements most of the newbie sugar babies start their careers with.

This type of arrangement means that you will be paid per meet, which means that you will not be engaging in any kind of long-term relationship with your sugar daddy.

From reading sugar daddy blogs, you’ll discover rich sugar daddies often use this type of arrangement when they need companionship for some social gatherings, vacations, or business events.

Types of Sugar Daddies in [year] - How To Cognize Them Easily 10

Most of them can not bother to beg younger women from their surroundings to join them so they opt for beautiful sugar babies who will serve them as arm candy.

It is also the type of arrangement that does not require any kind of sexual activities, because that certainly wouldn’t be sugar dating but rather sex work.

That is something you should always keep in mind in case your Pay-per-meet sugar daddy insists on having sex with you.

When you pursue this type of dating you can meet with as many men as you want, and this is something a lot of traditional sugar babies do in case they want to make some more money on the side.

3. Exclusive Sugar Daddies 

Exclusive sugar relationships are those relationships that are most similar to traditional dating since they require you to stay loyal to your sugar daddy with whom you will be in a long-term relationship.

Sugar daddies who require exclusivity also know that they have to give you a much higher monthly allowance than regular sugar daddies.

This is the type of dating usually pursued by men who are looking for a potential wife.

You can be sure that all of your living expenses will be covered and that you will be getting expensive gifts here and there since these men want to do everything they can in order to spoil you.

Whether your potential sugar daddy is looking for a girl for an exclusive relationship or not is something you can easily realize when messaging.

Men who have this kind of agreement on their mind are usually honest from the start and will not be scared to move on to another woman in case they see you are not the right choice for them.

These types of relationships have the highest chances of ending up with a marriage, which makes it similar to that pragmatic love type Maren Schull has defined.

4. Platonic Sugar Daddies

I have come across people on social media claiming that non-sexual sugar daddy relationships are a myth and that this is something you will never find on sugar dating sites.

Hate to break it to them, but platonic relationships like that can be found on websites like SeekingArrangement, even though they are not that frequent, and yes, you can have a sugar daddy without sex.

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Arrangements Are The Future Of Dating and  Everyone's Happy

Platonic relationships are similar to conventional relationships, except for the fact that they don’t include having sex or engaging in any kind of sexual activity.

My experience has shown me that this is the type of relationship many older men look for since they tend to be very lonely and sometimes just need a person they can talk with.

Young women who approach sugar dating usually believe that sex is the main component of every sugar relationship, but trust me, men like this can be found, especially if you use dating sites specialized for sugar dating.

I have come across many millionaires, even billionaire sugar daddies looking for a simple platonic relationship just because they were feeling lonely and isolated and did not have much trust in people around them.

Platonic relationships are also something that can be offered to you as a way of mentoring.

A lot of older successful men love having beautiful women as their company, but many of them will use that occasion in order to educate them about different topics and industries.

I have met many rich daddies who were bankers, investors, or realtors who had sugar babies they were mentoring.

Who can give you more knowledge than an expert in his industry, a man who has made millions by doing it?

In case you are a girl that is looking for a sugar daddy willing to send money, knowledge, or even a potential job offer, I recommend pursuing this type of relationship because it can be a great way to kickstart your career.

Be aware that sugar relationships of this kind can sometimes become sugar relationships with benefits, in case you both start having feelings for each other and find that you really love spending time together.

My sugar daddy experience has shown me that many girls would fall for their platonic sugar daddies once they have realized how careful and gentle they are, and in case they offer to pay their student loans or invest more in them, they would always become their exclusive sugar babies.

5. Live In Arrangement 

Whenever I see people discussing different types of sugar daddy arrangements I easily realize that they tend to forget about one of the very common types of agreement that I have seen many people in my surroundings engaging in.

That is for sure the concept of a live-in sugar baby that is barely ever mentioned both on social media and sugar dating forums and in different articles and research that focus on sugar dating.

While the role of a live-in sugar baby is very similar to that of a sugar baby who is in an exclusive relationship, not many women like to engage in this type of arrangement, especially if they have just met someone for the first time.

What differentiates this type of agreement from for example a traditional or exclusive sugar baby is the fact that it doesn’t end up with marriage in most cases, since many men offering you this type of lifestyle are already married.

However, this is the type of lifestyle in which you will have all of your living expenses covered; you will not have to worry about paying rent or any kind of bills since everything will be taken care of by your sugar daddy.

In case you are not pursuing a sugar baby lifestyle to secure yourself a wealthy husband, I believe this is a great arrangement that will have both of you satisfied if you know how to get money from a sugar daddy.

6. Splenda Daddies

One of the terms that have become really popular on social media during the past few years is Splenda daddy.

This is a man who strives to become a real or perfect sugar daddy but does not really have the funds for it.

Splenda daddies have less disposable income and can provide their sugar babies with only a few hundred dollars a month.

They were named Splenda daddies by the artificial sweetener called Splenda since they certainly look and behave like sugar daddies but just cannot provide you with that extra sweetness, which in this case is money.

While it isn’t the best option financially, in case you really lack the money at the moment, but still have enough free time, I recommend finding yourself a Splenda daddy.

With Splenda daddies arrangements are a lot more open and you do not really have to invest that much time in this relationship, which allows you space to find yourself another Splenda or sugar daddy on the side.

Are There Sugar Daddies Who Only Want Sex?

Sugar arrangements cannot be sexual arrangements only, since that is rather some type of sex work.

Yes, there is a variety of sugar arrangements and many types of sugar babies and sugar daddies, but none of the real sugar relationships is based only on sex.

The point of sugar relationships is establishing a beneficial relationship that will have both sides satisfied and be very similar to traditional dating.

Sugar dating sites are places for you to meet your potential husband or a great friend, not the place where you look for easy money.

Being a sugar baby is nothing like being a sex worker since here you have to work on yourself, your appearance, and your education in order to become a high-quality woman who will be loved by everyone.

It is about implementing social skills which allow you to be graceful and polite in all kinds of situations, allowing you to climb the social ladder.

There is a common misconception that young women enter the sugar dating industry only to make a living, but I find that most sugar babies I have met engaged in this type of lifestyle in order to become a member of high society and meet very rich men who will help them in their career.

Having a sugar daddy is similar to having a boyfriend, and just like every conventional relationship is different, so are all types of mutually beneficial arrangements.

Some may include sexual activities, while some may not – it is all up to the wishes and preferences of a sugar baby and a sugar daddy.

How Much Do Sugar Daddies Pay? (Each Type Breakdown)

Now that you are familiar with different types of arrangements, I believe you are very curious about how much all of these sugar daddies are usually willing to spend on your company and services and how to ask a sugar daddy for money.

All of these sugar daddy arrangement examples differ in many things – are there gifts and vacations included or not, will you engage in some type of sexual activities or not, and whether you will be exclusive with your sugar daddy or not.

Depending on the nature of your arrangement, every sugar daddy will offer you different amounts of money, negotiate the amount, and whether you will have a weekly or monthly allowance.

In case it looks like the best financial option for you, you may even engage in arrangements where you will be paid per meeting.

In Pay-per-meet arrangements, you will get somewhere between 100 and 300 dollars per meeting, but in case your sugar daddy wants you to accompany him on an event of a bigger scale, you could even earn more than 500 dollars.

Types of Sugar Daddies in [year] - How To Cognize Them Easily 11

Most of the sugar daddies prefer providing you with a monthly allowance since this is the easiest way to agree on the amount of money you will get and they won’t need to send you money every single week.

Sugar babies who pursue exclusive sugar daddy relationships are the ones that will be earning the most money since this requires complete loyalty to their partner, which means they can not do any sugar dating on the side.

Sugar daddies who require you to be 100% loyal to them understand this very well and are always open to spoiling their sugar babies and providing them with a big monthly allowance.

My sugar daddy experience has shown me that exclusive sugar babies in the USA earn more than 5000 dollars a month, and this is just the amount of money they get to spend on themselves.

Their sugar daddies give them separate amounts of money to cover their living expenses and home bills.

Being a live-in sugar baby will also earn you a great amount of money since this is the type of arrangement similar to the exclusive one.

Live in sugar babies live in apartments or houses their sugar daddies rent for them, without having to pay any type of rent or bills.

In case they are living in a very big house, they usually have a housekeeper too.

They also have a monthly allowance that usually brings them more than 4000 dollars a month, but depending on the wealth of sugar daddy, it can be even 7000 or 8000 dollars.

In case you are starting a great sugar daddy relationship with a millionaire or a billionaire, you can be sure that he will provide you with a big monthly allowance even if your relationship is traditional or platonic.

Some platonic relationships can bring you much more money than traditional or exclusive ones since men who pursue them are very often lonely multimillionaires, willing to pay thousands of dollars for a pleasant company.

Depending on the area and the city you are living in, your allowance will differ, so sugar babies in New York usually don’t earn less than 5500 dollars a month, while sugar babies in Cleveland earn somewhere between 2500 and 3500 dollars.

Splenda daddies are men who can offer you much less money than regular sugar daddies, but how big your allowance is will depend on the area you are living in.

Being a Splenda baby can earn you more than 3000 dollars a month in Florida, but being a Splenda baby in Cleveland will bring you somewhere around 1000 dollars.

Be aware that sugar babies who decide to have sex with sugar daddies will almost always have a bigger allowance than those who do not, so in case you are not interested in having any kind of sexual intercourse, you will probably earn 1000 dollars less than sugar babies who do.

What Is A Sugar Daddy Usually Looking For?

What a sugar daddy will be looking for can vary from one man to another, but that is the reason why we have so many different types of arrangements.

What is a sugar baby arrangement and how it will look will depend on your agreement, which will probably be discussed on the first date?

First dates are usually used to discuss all the details, expectations, and sugar daddy sugar baby rules that will be crucial to the success of your relationship.

Some men look for girls who will be pleasant company, while others look for potential wives and require complete loyalty.

Sugar daddies will always be very honest and tell you all of their sugar daddy terms everything upfront, making sure to not waste anyone’s time.

Before you engage in any sugar relationship or sugar dating in general, make sure to first ask yourself – How to seduce a sugar daddy? or What should I look for in a sugar daddy?

Make your requirements list and don’t settle for men who cannot satisfy your financial and emotional needs.

Sugar daddy girls need to be confident and very direct to their potential partners because If you didn’t want all of your needs to be satisfied, you wouldn’t be pursuing this type of lifestyle in the first place.

In case you don’t want sugar daddy sex (platonic relationship), be straight from the beginning.

Setting up boundaries on the first date is the best thing both you and your sugar daddy can do since it will set the right tone for your relationship, or make you give up on it If you realize you don’t fit each other.

What Type Of Sugar Daddy Arrangement Is The Best For Newbies?

All the newbie sugar babies usually get into sugaring with many misconceptions they have heard or seen on the internet, TV shows, or social media.

The sugar bowl lifestyle is almost always misinterpreted by people who have not been a part of this industry, giving away a bad impression about sugar babies and sugar dating in general.

Almost no one will tell you that many sugar mommas are actually sugar daddies but for younger men, because this is not really popular by people on social media.

No one will tell you how you should approach SeekingArrangement and similar dating sites because they have probably never used them the right way.

Types of Sugar Daddies in [year] - How To Cognize Them Easily 12

How should your profile pic look, what should be your sugar baby about me description, how you can spot a scammer on dating sites – these are all the things you can find out only from active or former sugar babies, and I always recommend taking things you hear on social media with a pinch of salt, since it is not necessarily true.

There is no right sugar daddy arrangement for newbies since each sugar baby prefers one of these arrangements and it is her absolute right to engage only in one of them.

Before you start off your sugar baby life, always do thorough research, find out everything you can about different types of arrangements and decide which one will suit you and your needs the best.

Approach the sugar lifestyle carefully, do not fall for the sugar daddy scam format, and make sure you are always safe and that you are not doing anything out of your comfort zone.

Never allow your sugar daddy or gay sugar daddy to cross boundaries you have set on the first date and always stay true to yourself.

I hope this article will be a great reference for you in the future and that it will help you to make the right decision.

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