How does a sugar daddy relationship work? Or, how do sugar daddy relationships work?

It is perfectly normal to wonder/ask any of these for a prospective sugar daddy.

It is also just fine to be thinking about becoming a sugar daddy and not being sure what is a sugar daddy relationship or what is gay sugar daddy dating and what does a sugar daddy do?

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Today is your lucky day!

Cause, I am a man of experience that is willing to share with you:

All the tips and tricks on becoming and being a sugar daddy
How sugaring in real life looks like
And much more

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    Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Dating – Generalities

    You’ve most certainly come across terms such as a sugar relationship, sugar dating, or beneficial relationships, but I believe you might still have some doubts as I did when I just started it all.

    So, let us first check the…

    1. Terms

    The first term I would like to deal with is a sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are typically older men with money (married or not) who are interested in paying younger women for their company/services.

    This can be done through an actual fee or expensive gifts given frequently.

    Note that a guy who buys a girl perfume just for her birthday is not a sugar daddy!

    Accordingly, sugar babies are these young women or younger women who provide services to the rich older men for the monthly allowance they agree upon.

    Speaking of…

    2. Allowance

    I know both of you, primarily sugar daddies and then the sugar babies reading this too will ask the same question – what is a typical sugar baby allowance?

    I know babies might also be curious about what is the average sugar daddy income, but, honestly, as long as he’s paying what he promised/you asked for, why do you even care?

    Ah, you want more? Learn the best methods on how to get a sugar daddy to give you money.

    Back on track, anyways!

    Sugar Daddy Relationships ([year]) - All You Need to Know 1

    That is the allowance.

    A sugar baby needs to know if he is a sugar daddy willing to send money that she needs, and this should be discussed at the very beginning.

    Even before the first date. There mustn’t be any words left unsaid or any doubts uncleared.

    You are both consenting adults and you’re making a business arrangement of sorts. Negotiate and come to an understanding.

    Talk to each other openly and see what you’re both expecting.

    Know that sugar babies often ask themselves, do all sugar daddies want sex?, and believe it or not, this question may affect the allowance you discuss.

    The sugar baby monthly allowance you agree upon shall most certainly depend on what kind of services you are expecting the sugar baby to give and the frequency of your dates.

    The payment methods and the time are also topics for discussion.

    However, heed the counsel of the wise – pay upfront. You do not want your sugar baby to be edgy thinking whether she’ll get what she bargained for.

    So, if I were to describe what sugar daddy relationships are like, this would be the simplest way to put it.

    A rich guy pays a younger woman for sexual or any other service.

    Don’t be fooled, though.

    Sugaring is quite popular among young people in general, so young sugar daddies are also quite regular.

    Besides, there are also young boys looking for sugar mommas to provide them with the needed financial assistance and financial support.

    3. Duration

    When I just entered the beneficial relationships world, I remember my dilemma was how long do sugar daddy relationships last.

    I can only say my worries were all for naught!

    Last year I ended an sd/sb relationship after years since it was no longer interesting.

    And, this is exactly how a long a sugardaddy relationship should last – for as long as it is interesting to both sides, it doesn’t matter if it was emotional (like eHarmony or Tinder) or hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

    Nothing longer than that.

    4. Benefits

    For you as a sugar daddy, the most important question is what are the benefits of sugar daddy relationships.

    Sugar Daddy Relationships ([year]) - All You Need to Know 2

    You will draw your own conclusions from the guide, but let me just point out the most important ones.

    • Your sugar babe is always there for you.
    • No fuss, no drama. No excuses.
    • You always have a hot girl by your side.
    • You share only as much of your life as you want to.
    • No pressure from friends or family.
    • No strings attached.

    5. Other

    This sort of romantic relationship can lead to all sorts of sugar daddy problems that might come along the way.

    I know you might be concerned about STDs, pregnancy, fraud, etc. This is not just sugar daddy psychology, this is human psychology.

    It’s human nature to try to protect oneself.

    Still, know that the sugar babes out there also wonder how to date a sugar daddy without being hurt, primarily physically, since obviously, they will be dating complete strangers.

    Here, you both need to be cautious and adventurous at the same time – the risk is on both sides.

    If you were to ask what are other types of relationships like a sugar daddy, but without the risks, I’m afraid I can’t help you much.

    Sociological Aspects of Sugaring

    Let me ask you something – how common are sugar daddy relationships?

    Any ideas?

    Look closely around you when you’re in a fancy restaurant in New York or Los Angeles the next time you’re traveling for business.

    Believe me, you will see a bunch of obviously rich as stink older men with hot young women by their side. And, trust me, you’ll figure out easily they’re not the daughters.

    I’ve been this guy and I know what I’m saying!

    Though, I won’t deny you can find middle-aged sugar babies too if that floats your boat.

    Now, the purpose of this introduction was to tell you those sugaring relationships are more common than you think.

    But, if you were to ask the prude ones, they would tell you that the sociological perspective of sugaring is such that is completely immoral and unacceptable.

    Some might even equate sugar dating with sex work and are even calling it sugar prostitution. 

    However, as one of the rich men who’s done it, I’d say both myself and my sugar babies have done nothing that we hadn’t previously discussed and consented to.

    So, if you ask me are sugar babies legal? – here’s a straightforward YES for you!

    I know it’s not traditional dating, but It’s also quite the opposite of prostitution!

    Still, it’s not all so black and white as Maren Scull confirmed through her sociological studies. 

    Accordingly, we must accept that sugaring happens in real life and is a modern form of dating.

    Finally, I can’t stress enough that sugar babies are not sex workers and you should never treat them as such!

    Sugar babies need to know where to find a sugar daddy that will treat them right always.

    Sugar daddy – Sugar baby Dating Options

    I know that a proper sugar dating guide should tell you which arrangement to choose once you decide to become a sugar daddy.

    So, guess what?

    That’s exactly what I’m going to tell you now!

    What is the desired arrangement for a sugar daddy or sugar daddy for guys is quite a valid question.

    To even begin answering it, you need to know that having a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship can be in two ways.

    Online and offline.

    The first one is like dipping your toes just a bit to see if the water is warm and the second one is going all in.

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    You choose what works best for you.

    In any case, let’s go briefly through all of these options.

    a) Sugaring as Online Dating

    If you opt for online dating, I can tell you that the social media platforms for this kind of dating are ever-growing so you can always come across a new one to give a chance to.

    Dating sites are an endless source of hot sugar babes, young, middle-aged, mature, college students – whatever that you opt for.

    Sugar Daddy Relationships ([year]) - All You Need to Know 3

    Maybe the most popular of these sugar daddy dating sites is What’s your price.

    It is a sugar daddy/sugar baby website that straightforwardly matches daddies and babies in an establishment that they both find appealing.

    Of course, if and when you decide to go offline, you can do so.

    With online dating, just pay additional attention to potentially fake profiles and scams that might be quite dangerous.

    b) Sugar Dating in Real Life

    Here you have a variety of options and depending on your sugar daddy relationship rules, you can opt for any that works best for you at a given time.

    Note that the sugar babes out there are also wondering what sugar daddies want, so be open when you make the sugar baby-sugar daddy connection and tell the baby what you’re expecting.

    Now, let me ask you this.

    Do you wanna be an old sugar daddy or a strictly platonic sugar daddy?

    Is your sugar daddy kink to have a mature sugar baby or to have a barely legal one (steer clear of minors, dude, seriously!)?

    Are you a submissive sugar daddy or a dominant sugar daddy?

    Sugar Daddy Relationships ([year]) - All You Need to Know 4

    Or, is sugar baby-sugar daddy companionship the only thing that you’re interested in?

    As you can see, the answer to the question of what do sugar daddies want completely depends on the sugar daddy in question.

    Let’s do it like this!

    Sugaring in Real Life

    1. Mentoring Arrangement

    Yup, it’s not all about sex.

    This is where a girl spends time with sugar daddy so he can teach her something. This is an arrangement preferred by college students needing financial support.

    With such an arrangement, a girl with a sugar daddy by her side is about to become successful at the job she’s training for so she can later be an independent woman.

    2. Friendship/Companionship

    This one is self-explanatory and is obviously the perfect choice for those daddies who googled sugar daddy companionship only.

    Sex can be involved, but it ain’t a prerequisite.

    3. Travelling Arrangement

    Try this one by all means.

    Your sugar daddy sex in this arrangement will be unforgettable.

    In practice, this means you go traveling with your babe. The traveling can be for pure pleasure or you can take your sugar babe on a business trip and spend with her your free hours.

    4. Sexual Arrangement

    You call her, you have sex, you pay, (or swap the last two), she fixes her makeup, then she gets an uber and goes home.

    As simple as that.

    5. Findom Arrangement

    You let your baby be in charge of all of your transactional activities and you practically put her in charge of your cards and money.

    6. Christian Grey

    You have money, you are kinky as hell, you pay the sugar babe so you can inflict her physical pain.

    The least of my favorites, tbh; however, if BDSM is your thing – have a go!

    And, with this, we’ve exhausted the sugar dating options.

    These are main categories, at least, and it’s true you might come across some sub-varieties.

    Final Random Thoughts

    Before I officially wrap up my little guide, I will just share with you some sugar daddy and sugar baby rules on what to do and what not to do in a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship.

    Sugar Daddy Relationships ([year]) - All You Need to Know 5
    • Be honest. If you have a wife and family, tell your sugar baby about this. Of course, be honest with everything else.
    • Be open about your expectations. If you’re into BDSM and you want to spank her with whatever is at hand, tell her so.
    • Pay cash. It’s easier.
    • Pay. Seriously, pay!
    • Be a responsible adult. In every possible aspect.
    • Use protection.
    • Don’t give her STDs.
    • Don’t let her give you STDs.
    • Don’t get her pregnant. If you do, be responsible and discuss the options. 
    • Protect yourself from potential fraud. Do some backup check.
    • Don’t introduce her to your co-workers or friends (why would you?).
    • Don’t meet her friends (why would you?).
    • Don’t introduce her to your wife no matter how an open marriage you are in.
    • Don’t date minors, no matter how grown-up they might seem.

    If anything else comes to my mind, I’ll let you know!

    Final Word

    There you have it, sugar daddies and sugar daddies to become!

    Help yourself to this sugar baby guide and get thee a sugar baby to keep you warm at night.

    I know these tips and tricks helped me, so why wouldn’t they help you too?

    You can thank me later by sharing your experience in the comments!


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