Sugar Baby University (2024) – Have You Tried It Yet?

If you are a college student who was been thinking of pursuing the sugar baby lifestyle for some time now, you have probably heard about the “Sugar baby University” program.

The pioneer of sugar dating, the What’s your price website is a platform that made sugaring popular in the first place and has been connecting sugar babies with their sugar daddies for more than a decade now.

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Just a few years ago, the creators of What’s your price have found the solution to all of your student debt that requires zero work.

Here you will learn:

How a Sugar Baby University help you pay off your student loans
What should you know before enrolling in this program
Is it dangerous to be a sugar baby
And much more

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What Is A Sugar Baby University?

If you have heard about Sugar Baby University in the past, you were probably thinking “What is a sugar baby school”  and “Do people really go there?”.

However, the SBU program is something completely different and actually very useful to everyone who wants to get rid of their student debt and engage in sugar dating at the same time.

“Sugar Baby University” is a program established by the creator of What’s your price, Brandon Wade,  and it allows you to create a free sugar baby profile on this platform by connecting it to your student email.

This program guarantees you find a successful and rich sugar daddy with whom you will engage in a sugar relationship and earn enough money to pay off all your student loans.

The “Sugar Baby University” campaign has been trending for some time now and it is encouraging college students, both male, and female, to start their sugar lifestyle and graduate without any student debt.

Traditional ways to get financial aid can’t help all the college students, so they usually have to find a part-time job they will do throughout their whole studies in order to earn some money.

Unfortunately, they usually don’t earn enough money to even cover their living expenses, not to mention the student debt that will be waiting for them in the future.

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Kimberly de la Cruz, the spokesperson of What’s your price said that the aim of this program was to help students in North America find great financial benefits and valuable relationships that will help them leave the university without having thousands of dollars in their student loan debt.

What’s your price has put in an effort and made a sugar daddy website for college students that explains everything about this program in detail but also provides you with information like how many people from different universities are engaging in this type of lifestyle right now.

With the total student debt in America being more than 1.8 trillion dollars, more and more students decide to engage in this type of lifestyle.

More than 10 million What’s your price users are student members, with 8 million of them being female sugar babies, and the other ones being male sugar babies that want to meet gay daddies.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
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University students make 40% of the What’s your price users and they usually find their sugar daddies or sugar mommas 5 days after creating a good sugar baby profile on this network.

With Coronavirus hitting the whole world last year, we have seen a rise in the number of college students who decided to engage in mutually beneficial relationships in order to cover their financial needs.

The sugar industry is one of the rare industries that has seen a rise in the number of users in the past year, and it seems like it will continue to grow exponentially in the future.

In What Type Of Arrangement Do College Students Engage?

Depending on their financial needs, college students engage in different types of arrangements that will help them cover their rent or tuition fees, from long-term relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder) to hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

Some of them are very open about their financial troubles and do not hide the fact that they are pursuing sugaring just because of that, so they know how to ask a sugar daddy for money.

So, what types of sugar baby/sugar daddy arrangements are most popular among college sugar babies?

1. Pay my tuition sugar daddy

This is the most common type of sugar arrangement both among male and female sugar babies.

You are looking for a sugar daddy to pay for college, and in exchange for that, you are providing him with anything he wants.

There are plenty of extremely rich men and women who want to find a young partner for themselves and are willing to pay for their tuition fees in exchange for their companionship.

My experience has shown me that older men are the ones who offer this type of arrangement most often, but there are also many successful younger sugar daddies who often look for college sugar babes who can be a great fit for their company in the future. 

I always suggest being very open about your position, knowing how to talk to a potential sugar daddy, and how it looks like being a sugar baby in college because my sugar baby experiences have shown me that they usually have a lot of tolerance and appreciation for those who pursue sugaring to pay for their education.

However, this doesn’t mean you will be having sex for tuition, and you probably already know from the sugar baby tips for beginners that it is not sugar daddy sex work.

You will provide your sugar daddy with a real girlfriend-like experience, companionship, and emotional support.

Some of the men offering this type of arrangement actually seek platonic relationships and will be very glad to mentor you to success.

2. Companionship arrangement

This is the type of arrangement that is not extremely popular but is still something every successful man seeks.

Rich men pay for sugar babies’ companionship at different events, social gatherings, and sometimes even vacations.

In a platonic arrangement like this, you will be called from time to time to accompany your sugar daddy on some events, and you will probably get paid per meeting.

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However, if you are very valuable to your sugar daddy and he wants to make sure you will be available at all times, he may decide to provide you with a sugar baby monthly allowance too.

3. Live in sugar baby

A live-in sugar baby is the type of arrangement I didn’t see among college students that much, but it has become very popular during the last year.

Many sugar babies were left out of their college campuses once the pandemic hit and they didn’t have a place to stay at.

Once they engaged in sugar dating, they were able to find generous wealthy men who were willing to pay for their rent or even give them one of their apartments to live in them.

Even though most of them pay for the sugar babies’ rent and living expenses, some of them who have several houses or apartments give those living spaces to their sugar babies in exchange for some form of a relationship.

What Is The Best Sugar Baby University?

The research has shown that there are sugar babies engaging in this type of lifestyle in almost all universities in North America.

However, there are a few universities that have hundreds of sugar babies who may look like regular students to their peers but actually engage in sugaring in order to cover their student loan debt.

Almost 3000 students from Arizona State University are a part of the “Sugar Daddy University” program and 1500 students from Indiana University.

University of Central Florida, New York University, and the University of Wisconsin also have more than 1000 active sugar babies on their campuses, and the number of students engaging in this lifestyle is very high in many community colleges too.

Even though sugar baby relationships are the most popular in the USA, we have seen a rise in the number of sugar babies in Canada too, with more than 250 students from the University of Toronto engaging in this type of lifestyle.

It is easy to find a sugar daddy on dating sites for college students, since it is becoming very popular on the European continent too, with more and more boys and girls from the UK and Ireland becoming a part of this program.

The research has shown that most of the users of this program are Asian American students who tend to struggle the most with covering their tuition fees and rent.

Is It Dangerous To Be A Sugar Baby?

Before they actually step into this industry, many college students want to know how to stay safe when sugaring and what they should do in order to protect themselves. 

Following the tips on being a sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship rules will help you stay safe out there.

What’s your price is a pretty safe site, and the SBU program is given special attention to, so there is no reason to be afraid of scamming sugar daddies on this dating site.

Sugar Baby University ([year]) - Have You Tried It Yet? 8

However, young women and men want to know whether they can find themselves in dangerous situations when meeting with their potential sugar daddies and sugar mommas.

These sugar dating websites can’t really guarantee a sugar baby’s safety or that a sugar daddy won’t put you in a dangerous situation and they usually can’t do anything about things that happen in real life.

While most of the college girls need money, they also want to make sure they will be 100% safe when they meet a sugar daddy so they always have a friend watching out for them.

Almost all of the sugar daddy girls say they don’t feel safe when sugaring, but claim that they never had any unpleasant situations with their sugar daddies.

The fear is common for all the men and women in this industry, especially because some people perceive them as sex workers which they clearly are not.

However, I believe that once you get into sugaring and spend some time in that industry, the fear will go away and you will be able to perceive it as a regular day job.

Unfortunately, many college sugar babies say they struggle with their mental health since they have entered the industry.

Not being able to tell their friends and family what they are actually doing, financial struggles, university and a bad portrayal of sugar babies on social media is something that has a lot of effect on them and makes them seek therapy.

How Much Do Sugar Babies Make A Year?

College sugar babies can earn even more money than regular sugar babies.

Rich men have a lot of compassion for women in university or elevated college and they want to make their education a bit easier.

Sugar Baby University ([year]) - Have You Tried It Yet? 9

What is a good allowance for a sugar baby depends on what sugar babies do, so you should make sure you form an average allowance that works for you.

What is the average sugar baby allowance?

The research has shown that sugar babies earn anywhere between 2000 and 4000 dollars a month, but most of them engage in long-term relationships with rich men who both provide them with a monthly allowance and pay their student loans.

In case you are studying in a big city like New York or Los Angeles, I recommend you to demand an allowance of 4000 dollars a month because those are one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Sugar babies also get a lot of expensive gifts like shoes, bags, and jewelry, and their sugar daddies often take them on vacations, so they get a lot of benefits out of these relationships.

If you think your allowance is not big enough and you don’t need all of the things your sugar daddy is buying for you, you can always resell them and earn some extra money.

Where To Find A Sugar Baby?

The easiest way to become a college sugar baby and for rich men to find you is through a profile on What’s your price.

Sugar Baby University ([year]) - Have You Tried It Yet? 10

This is the only college sugar babies website for now and it is proven to be the best sugar dating website in general.

It has millions of active sugar daddies and claims that you will be able to find your partner just a few days after signing up.

What are the top three things that sugar babies need if they want to catch for themselves, valuable sugar daddies, via this website?

They have to be honest about their financial struggles in university, prove themselves as hard-working students who find education a priority, and have some goodwill to engage in relationships like this.

A sugar baby seeking sugar daddy will always try her best to create a unique profile with an outstanding sugar baby name and engage in interesting conversations with her sugar daddy who can help her sort her life out and make student debt a problem from the past.

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