Sugar Baby Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind in 2024

Assuming you all know what are some things sugar babies do, you can’t but ask “is it safe to be a sugar baby“? or is being a sugar baby illegal?

This is a question that every normal sugar baby in development has asked herself.

Sugar Baby Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind in [year] 7

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And, multiple times, I must add.

Everyone that has come near sugaring wondered how does it feel to be a sugar baby.

I know the majority of you imagine it as going on constant shopping sprees, but let us pause for a minute here.

Going out with rich younger or older men – unknown men, for that matter – can go both ways.

As someone who’s seen it all, let me share with you some of the scariest horror stories experienced by young women who tried their luck as sugar babes.

The point isn’t to dissuade you from sugar dating, but instead, to make you aware of all the dangers out there and the ways/means to protect yourself as a sugar baby.

Here are some of the sugar baby horror stories you will discover here:

An angel and a devil too
The old pervert
Hit me, baby, one more time
And more

Let’s go!

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An Angel and a Devil Too

Sugar Baby Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind in [year] 8

A girl, I will refer to as J, decided to give a shot to sex work by finding a sugar daddy through sugar dating sites.

She tried What’s your price and Tinder too and eventually found the one she thought would suit her.

They exchanged messages, they used video chat a lot. Hell, they even had their first virtual sex.

J couldn’t wait to meet him in real life and start being his full-time sugar baby.

Eventually, they went on the first date, and she was thrilled that in the time of the pandemic he managed to smuggle them into a fancy restaurant even though everything was closed.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
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The date and the night afterward were perfect (as perfect as a paid date can be). She could see herself using his credit cards for shopping sprees in every corner of New York.

Of course, the perfect night ended with hot sex and she thought to herself how these were the sugar baby experiences no one told her about.

How little did she know!

They went on to see each other regularly over the next couple of months and he was so sweet and kind. 

One could almost say they’re a couple for real, not just sugar daddy and sugar baby.

Soon enough J figured out she was pregnant.

She broke this to her SD who instantly threw a fit.

He immediately said no more financial support for her. He yelled that theirs wasn’t a real relationship and she should have taken better care. 

Not to mention J insisted on using protection but he kept refusing saying it can’t happen to him.

To make matters worse, he told J he was a religious person (WTF?!) and he insisted that she should carry the pregnancy to term and then give the infant for adoption.

J was determined to refuse and she asked him to keep giving her the monthly allowance at least, but he wouldn’t concede to that.

Through some friends, S managed to find out his real name (yeah, dude didn’t even give her the right name!) and then threatened to have a little chat with his wife she didn’t even know about.

Eventually, he told her she can do whatever she wants, but not to count on him for anything.

She got an abortion and moved on with her life as best as she could.

Tough, the one thing J learned from this is to always use protection and to pose this as a prerogative when negotiating the monthly allowance with a potential sugardaddy.

This kept her safe from potential STDs and UTIs, not to mention the horror cases like this one.

The Crazy and the Scary

Sugar Baby Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind in [year] 9

M met her sugar daddy through a mutual friend.

Her story goes like this.

I met my sugardaddy through a mutual friend who was also a sugar baby but had never been in a sugar relationship with this guy.

We exchanged a couple of texts, a few phone calls and we decided to meet up.

It was a simple dinner date where we discussed our arrangement in general and all the transactional details regarding the allowance.

The date was more or less OK; he said he was into younger women so he’s thrilled to have me as his sugar baby.

Somehow, I didn’t take the hint from the comments he’s not thrilled by the idea of dating a sugar baby in the first place.

Anyways, we kept going on dates that were more or less OK but he was always edgy.

Finally, he suggested going away for the weekend – he was feeling suffocated by the city crowd and work and he wanted a nice weekend with someone who helps him forget all those toils.

Typically, I am not pro such hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), but somehow I found myself on the way to a weekend in seclusion, even though we weren’t in a serious relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder).

I told my bestie where I was going promising to tell her all the spicy details when I get back.

He picked me up, we drove off and from the moment we arrived, it was like I was looking at another man.

He started offending me, shouting I was a prostitute, that sex workers deserve no mercy.

He even hit me a couple of times and threatened to do even worse.

I was scared as hell!

Then he opened a bottle of wine he brought, gulped down a bottle almost instantly, kept shouting and humiliating me.

Finally, he passed out and I managed to text my friend to come and get me.

And, I started running down the road as fast as I could!

Unfortunately, I was too afraid to report abuse.

It took me a while to recover from this horror and to start trusting people again.

Especially, to trust sugar daddies.

Moreover, it was a new sugar daddy who told me that the life of a sugar baby has its risks and that we always need to be on alert.

Luckily, my friend knew where I was going so she was able to help me out. From that point, I insisted with the new sugar daddies that we always meet in public. You never know.

Old Pervert

I know that the typical sugar baby or sugar daddy testimonials you hear/read about are mostly sugar baby and sugar daddy success stories.

Sugar Baby Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind in [year] 10

However, some of the sugar baby testimonials aren’t so bright and shiny.

Let’s hear it from our babe K!

Ok, the first thing you need to know about me is that I am busty (like, for real) and middle-aged. I decided to get involved in sugar dating because I was bored out of my mind.

I didn’t need the money (at least, not that much), I didn’t need a male protector, I wasn’t fishing for a serious relationship or anything; a girl just wanted to have fun.

I heard all sorts of things about sugar daddy stories, that is, sugar daddy sex stories, so last year I finally decided to give it shot.

Now, as I am still struggling with my daddy and abandonment issues, I went straight for an older sugar daddy that looked quite fit for his age. 

We met online (fun fact, we were matched on two different dating apps!) and decided to meet for real soon enough.

So, long story short, my sugar daddy experience looks like this.

Our first dates were more or less ok. He said he liked busty girls and he didn’t mind my age. Said it was nice for a change.

He was a nice guy to talk to, various topics were on the table – politics, economics, religion, education system, social media shaping our minds – you name it!

Now, as we got to the sex part, he said he was aware I wasn’t a sex worker but he wished I was more “liberal”.

Later on, I found out he was recording each of our sex encounters merely for his pleasure. 

When I asked him to delete these and said I wanted to end things, he threatened to go online with those videos. I wouldn’t mind very much in general, but for a preschool teacher – you can only imagine the fuss it would make.

And, my kids too!

I tried reasoning with him but he was relentless. Then I sent my muscular husband over (yeah, we’re in sort of an open marriage), and a few punches solved the deal.

Sorry, I had to do it this way, but at the time, I didn’t see any other way.

In any case, I was extra careful every next time with new sugar daddies. I spent more time on video chats, asked a bit more personal questions, and always made sure that we go someplace crowded for the first few dates.

I know this might not be one of the scariest sugar daddy horror stories you’ll find, but for me, it was sure scary as hell.

Never mind their net worth, sugar daddies have their kinks (just like we have) so they might try to make the best of your naivete.

A Sugar Daddy Who Wouldn’t Pay

Sugar babies out there know how difficult it can get sometimes to get paid for her sugar baby work.

Sugar Baby Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind in [year] 11

Scammers and frauds exist in real life, not just online.

Let’s hear a testimonial from another sugar baby success story.

A is a hot hot hot college student who decided to give a shot to sugar dating not just for the money but for the required learning and practice.

Having heard all those What’s your price success stories and sugar daddy stories in general, she decided to try What’s your price herself.

She found a middle-aged good-looking sugar daddy (she liked them with a little grey on the side) and they started their “relationship” soon enough.

She told him right away her reasons for getting involved in sugaring – the high student loan she had to pay off and the extra experience she needs in addition to the official education.

He was seemingly very understanding and offered to help as best as he could. He bragged about his gigantic knowledge and experience, net worth, and other gigantic things.

So, A figured out she must have hit a jackpot!

The first of their encounters were lucrative for A. She learned a lot, she had fun and she was thrilled to get the money they agreed upon.

Yup, the arrangement they made included both the money and the knowledge and experience exchange.

She couldn’t wait for the 3 months to pass so she can collect.

As her excitement was ever-growing, sugar daddy started distancing himself. He missed phone calls, meeting appointments. Then he would call back making excuses.

A felt something serious was going on.

Still, she thought to herself that she can take it for just a couple of weeks more, and then she can move on.

Turns out, her sugar daddy called her one night to say thanks for the service she provided (!!), and wished her all the best.

A was outraged!

She asked for the money he promised and all he said was that he was sorry, but his wife had maxed out all of the credit cards and he was nearly broke.

Yeah, right! As if she would believe him.

He was just a jerk, she thought.

A couple of weeks later, A heard from the girls from campus about guys who use sugar daddy websites to lure college girls for some sex.

She asked around a little bit and found out that was the sugar daddy she was seeing.

Only then did she realize why they would always meet at cheap places (his excuse was his wife would figure him out since she was against him sugaring).

A admitted she was grateful for the knowledge he transferred but she was so pissed about the money.

She was truly struggling with the student loan.

In any case, the next time she paid attention to sugar daddies’ stories shared by her girlfriends and always ran a double check on the daddies she would find online.

Moreover, she would call them by surprise and ask them for the video tour around the house or office, cause this can say a lot.

And, most important of all, she always asked for the money (read cash) upfront!

Better safe than sorry.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

When we talk or read about sugar dating, typically, sugar daddy personal stories are in the focus.

Sugar Baby Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind in [year] 12

Another aspect of the topic is to answer what are the benefits of being a sugar baby.

And, yes!

Everybody will emphasize the benefits.

Barring these, have you ever heard the voice of those people or read about sugar babies, that haven’t had much luck?

Let’s wrap up with S.

S is a hot babe in her late twenties (the best age for being a sugar baby, tbh – not young too much, not old too much), tremendously in love with luxurious life with just a dash of kink and pinch of perversion in her.

She frequented such places where she could easily meet rich either young, middle-aged or older men fit to be her next sugar daddy.

During one such night out, S met a rich is stink guy in his late thirties.

One look across the room and that was it.

There was something in his look she simply couldn’t resist.

Something raw, something wild, I should dare say, something animal-like.

She liked him instantly and by the looks of it, he wasn’t indifferent to her either.

Soon enough he approached and they figured they match quite perfectly.

S was honest from the start saying she was looking for a sugar daddy and he offered to be hers.

They started going on dates regularly.

It was so great that from afar, they seemed more like a real couple, not just sugar daddy and sugar baby.

Soon afterward, S learned her sugar daddy was into BDSM and she liked some of the stuff they did in the bedroom.

S also learned he had other sugar babies too.

As you guess already, she didn’t mind.

Then, one night, as he was using feathers on her, he jokingly suggested she should join his friends on their business trips as an escort.

S said the real sugar baby would never concede to get involved in escorting.

He seemed not to care and insisted.

She was firm enough so he dropped the case at the time.

After that, each of their encounters was more awkward than the one before.

He would become more violent, hitting harder during their sex games, tightening the equipment more than it should be – to cause more pain than pleasure.

When she complained, he would say he was taken by the moment and got carried away.

Then one day, he mentioned escorting again saying it could earn them both some good money and she clearly said no.

He went wild on her. Like a true beast!

She was never scared like that in her life!

She thought she would not survive the night.

Eventually, she passed out and woke up in the morning all bruised and smeared with blood.

He had gone already.

He left a note – “Can’t wait for tonight!”

She mustered up the strength, took something that seemed like a shower, and ran away.

S came home, called her friend, composed herself as best as she could, and went straight to the police.

For the next couple of months, she was living a nightmare.

She received constant threats from his friends, but she pushed through it all.

It took her some time to recover from this; but, her restless nature prompted her to look for a sugar daddy again.

This time she said straight ahead about her mild BDSM preferences and she told him about the previous horrible experience.

He was very understanding, he said it wasn’t her fault (although somewhere deep down she still couldn’t shake the feeling she was, unfortunately), and that he wasn’t into it at all so she’s completely safe in this regard.

After him, she had other sugar daddies too, but S had learned (unfortunately, the hard way) to set the boundaries of what she will and will not tolerate as a sugar baby.

As should you!

By the way, would you believe me if I told you she carried a taser with her to each next date with a sugar daddy?

That’s my girl!

Final Word on Babies Sugaring Horror Stories

As you can see, these are the terrible experiences sugar babies can deal with when they decide to engage in this line of sex work.

I am not saying each and every sugar daddy is a psycho, but you girls need to be aware of the potential dangers.

Learn from these examples, as our girls J, M, K, A, and S have.

Always set clear sugar baby rules from the start and make sure your people always know where to find you.

Here’s to your next sugaring success stories!

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