Sugar Daddy Horror Stories (2024) – What to Keep in Mind

Are you interested in becoming a successful sugar daddy with a steaming hot sugar baby by your side?

Do you think they’re all sugar and spice and everything nice?

Sugar Daddy Horror Stories ([year]) - What to Keep in Mind 4

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Do you think sugar dating is all fun and only fun and nothing more but fun?

Come on, you’re a smart man – think twice!

Do you really think there are no open or hidden dangers lurking?


Are you scared yet?

Lucky you, you got me – a sugar daddy of experience to tell you all about the nasty sugar daddy horror stories and how to protect yourself from all sorts of wacky sugar babies out there (trust me – bi*ches be crazy!).

I’ll tell you all about:

How to protect yourself physically
How to protect yourself financially
How to protect yourself emotionally
And much more

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A Short Horror Story

Anthony, a married sugar daddy woke up one morning, just a few days after they opened up the restaurants again. He kissed his wife goodbye before leaving for work, but the only thing he could think about was meeting his latest sugar babe later that night.

The pandemic kept them apart condemned to making video and phone calls and messaging through social media (yes, they met through What’s your price).

And, how eager he was to just hug her from behind and…you know what!

After a long day at work, Anthony took a quick shower in the office and went straight to the place they agreed upon. They had a nice dinner and decided to share some intimacy in a hotel room (of course, the nearest hotel they could find).

But, things got heated in the restaurant parking lot already.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
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Eventually, they got to the hotel, had fun and each went their way.

Over a week or so later, Anthony felt a headache followed by a slight fever. He suspected it was the coronavirus and as he was getting ready to go to the nearest covid hospital, he got a rather disturbing phone call.

Sugar Daddy Horror Stories ([year]) - What to Keep in Mind 5

His wife contracted fever, terrible headache included, coughing all the time. She had been rushed to a hospital and the diagnosis was coronavirus.

Her condition was getting worse by the minute and as Anthony was fearing for her life and by extension the life of their five-year-old, he got a message from his sugar baby.

She knew she had covid-19, but she was presenting mild symptoms only. Still, she needed the money – you know, it’s difficult for us college students these days, she said – so she decided to meet him anyway.

How the hell did he not suspect her coughing and touching her forehead every now and then?!

Sugar Daddies and Sugar Dating – How to Protect Yourself in the Process

When we talk about sugaring or sugar dating, the first Sugar Dating FAQ that pops to your head, having in mind the nature of dating, is what are the risks of sugar dating, whether you’re looking for a serious relationship (like Tinder or eHarmony) or casual hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).?

Still, everybody is considering the risks for the nice sugar ladies.

You will see the headings in Cosmo or equivalent such as “How to spot a fake sugar daddy“, “is being a sugar baby illegal”, “is it dangerous to be a sugar baby”, “Is being a sugar baby safe?” or “have you heard of these sugar baby horror stories?

But, my sugar daddies – let me ask you this!

Sugar Daddy Horror Stories ([year]) - What to Keep in Mind 6

In your sugar dating career, have you ever felt genuinely concerned for your physical, emotional, and/or financial well-being?

You have, haven’t you?

What about sugar daddy horror stories? Hmm, how about we discuss that for a change?

Sugar daddies stories and sugar baby stories are mostly the stories of success, but there are still those cringe-worthy cases such as the case of our poor Anthony.

So, Anthony of the present and the future – heed my counsel and ALWAYS, without exception, take necessary precautions to protect yourself primarily physically and financially, from your sugar babe.

Of course, emotional protection is also a must.

Now, let me break it down for you!

1. How to Protect Yourself Physically

Well, if you like to be hurt physically (you little devil!), then skip this chapter 😀

Joking, of course!

That’s not the kind of physical protection I am talking about. 

To make it easier for you, let me try it like this.

A. Meeting Your Sugar Baby

I know this may sound crazy to you, but have you ever thought about the background of these girls?

Can you be 100% sure they aren’t married and the husband might do you some harm?

Are you sure she’s not a jailbird fishing for her next victim (I’ve gone too far with this one. But, have I, though)?

She could be pregnant already and tell you it’s yours (I know at least ten different ways how this can ruin your life).

OK, now; the point of all of this was not to get you so intimidated that you let go of sugar dating for good.


The point was to tell you all the risks you can come across when meeting your new sugar baby for the first time.

If this is your first date in public, like a dinner or something, make sure that you go to such places where there is a lot of people.

I’m not crazy for saying this – I know a guy who knows a guy (all of us sugar daddies) who has put a knife under his throat as soon as he left from his date. 

They agreed to meet in a motel away from the city crowd, and the sugar babe actually brought her boyfriend who tried to rob this guy.

So, for the first couple of meetings, always make sure that you go to crowded places where you can easily seek shelter if need be.

I know I sound paranoid, but it can’t hurt.

You don’t want to keep police officers busier than they already are.

B. Get a confidante

OK, you’ll say now that you hate chit-chat or small talk and stuff.

But, I bet you have a buddy or two that you share all your adventures with.

For the first couple of dates, tell this guy where you are going and where he can find you.

You never know.

By the way, he can be an excellent excuse to leave if the sugar baby is not what you expected her to be.

Even if you are an older man, i.e., an older sugar daddy, who is interested in young women, make sure to tell someone where they can find you if need be.

You don’t have to say you’re going with your sugar baby, but, give at least some details on your location.

For example, you decided to go away for the weekend or the holidays with your young sugar baby. Tell your doorman you’ll be spending New Year’s Eve in New York staying at this or that hotel.

Again, can’t hurt.

C. And, what about sex?

Typically, when somebody says sugar dating, we all think that sex must be included in the package.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

Still, when sex is included, there are so many things to pay attention to.

Not just where and when, how often, and in which position.


A more pressing matter is to deal with all sorts of issues that sex is linked to.

Yes, it’s a sexually transmitted disease I am talking about.

For the sugar babies out there reading this – sorry, girls, I don’t mean to offend or generalize.

I know you are not sex workers, but still, you have to understand us.

We need to protect ourselves from you as you should protect yourselves from us.

Now, boys (old and young), I’ve heard about a couple of bad sugar daddy stories, experiences, and their dating horror.

Just as an example, there was a guy who picked up the entire flora and fauna from a sugar babe and the worst thing is he gave it to his fiancee.

No need to tell you the fuss she made.

And, with reason, I must admit.

You can’t stick it wherever you want without consequences.

Hence, be smart. Use protection.

I don’t need to tell you about the options here, you’re all grown up.

You know what you need and where to get it.

Besides, know that the smart, the real sugar baby brings her own.

They don’t trust us either, lol.

This kind of protection is crucial for another reason – unwanted pregnancy.

I know you think “it can’t happen to me”, but trust me, it can happen to anyone.

And, more often than you know.

Why would you risk impregnating a sugar babe you met through Tinder when you can just use a condom instead?

Whaa? The feeling ain’t the same?


But, do you really want to risk it?

It can bring a whole bunch of unnecessary complications.

She might want to keep it, and you can’t help but want to participate.

But, just if you could explain it to the wife (cause, she’ll find out sooner or later)!

Even without the wife, why would you raise a child with someone with whom you had sex for money and why would she raise a child with someone who just wanted to get sex for money?

A match made in heaven, indeed!

You can request her to terminate, but do you really want to be an ass?

Or, do I need to tell you – her body, her decision.

Again, heed the counsel of the wiser and spare yourself the unnecessary troubles.

2. Sugar Daddies – How to Protect Yourself Financially

Financial protection is an important notion to consider when you are in the sugar dating business.

I know that over time if you are in a long-term arrangement with your sb, you gain confidence enough to give her the credit cards so she can manage and go on a shopping spree any time she likes.

However, if you are still not in that phase, you need to be careful to keep safe all your financial and personal data.

Passwords, pins, and all sorts of codes should be kept safe.

Sugar daddy dating is quite risky this way.

I know that TV shows present it as if it’s all nice and easy, perfectly safe for the sugar daddies, but I disagree here.

Most of the time, these TV shows are right indeed, but you never know.

The conclusion I drew from all the sugar daddy personal stories I’ve heard is that when you are in a sugaring hookup, you should never reveal your true income.

Although, some of the sugar daddy websites will require this input. In this case, approximate.

Never give the right number, but instead, give a range.

The requirement from the dating websites shall be satisfied and you’ll get some safety at least.

You never know who’s lurking out there.

Maybe the hot babe you are messaging is actually a couch potato waiting for you to give him the card details so he can rob you.

Again, I am not paranoid – I’m just giving you the basics of all the horror stories I’ve heard.

When a girl decides to become a sugar baby, probably the idea in her head is to get you to give her a limitless credit card so she can purchase whatever she wants.

I am not saying it’s wrong, but should you decide to do it, put a limit.

It’s your money, after all!

3. Sugar Daddies – How to Protect Yourself When Dating Online

Hmm, this is a topic I could write about all day long.

I will try to give you the short version though, but still an all-inclusive one.

Sugar dating online is different from real-life dating since it carries all sorts of different risks.

Online sugar daddy scam format is a thing and only the naive ones believe in ideals.

When you take a look at the girly TV shows and magazines when they cover the sugar dating relationships with the focus on safety, they all raise the same question – how do you know if a sugar daddy is scamming you?

Yes, believe me, they are all dealing with sugar baby safety, and how to tell if a sugar daddy is real?

As if we had the time for that!

We, sugar daddies of the world, just want to have fun.

Young sugar babies or older sugar babies, we all have our preferences, but we do not like to be scammed by either of these.

When it comes to sugar online dating, What’s your price is definitely a dating site you should check out. It is certainly one of the most popular ones.

Some say Tinder, too, but not for this purpose, no.

Now, when we take a look at What’s your price reviews, they are mostly success stories.

However, the truth from What’s your price experiences is that it’s not all black and white.

I must admit this one happened to me.

Long story short, we met online. She is a lawyer, she is gorgeous, she is from India.

We texted each other for quite some time and I get so hooked I almost agreed to send her the money to book the plane ticket.

At the last minute I asked for a video call and she started making excuses.

Turns out She was a He (an IT expert) who was waiting for my payment to try to access my bank account.

I dodged a bullet there!

In my defense, it was only my first year in the sugar dating world, and yet to understand the sugar daddy and sugar baby rules.

As for you guys, mine and the What’s your price experiences of others have taught me to always make sure to hide the actual income.

Give a range to the site instead of the real figures.

Make your profile and data private. Show your details only to the sugar babes you want to.

Never discuss your income/wealth with your online-only sugar baby. Or, at all.

Before you finally meet for the first time or go on a first date, you should do your own research. You can do this by always asking more questions, asking for photos, etc.

Moreover, always make a video chat before meeting.


Video chat a lot before you go on a date.

Video chats can tell you a lot.

Also, when browsing for hot sugar babes, go for the ones with verified profiles and a bunch of photos and followers.

Profiles with only a few followers are probably fake profiles.

4. Sugar Daddies – How to Protect Yourself Emotionally

Well, you didn’t expect this one, did you?

If they call it sex work, why in the world should you protect yourself emotionally?

Well, we are men of flesh and blood, and things sometimes easily get mixed up.

The main postulate of sugar dating is that sugar daddy and sugar baby enter a business relationship where one gets something and the other gives something in return or a platonic arrangement.

It’s not about just sex and money, sometimes there are other things involved, such as mentoring that is most popular with college students.

Accordingly, a sugar daddy should get more attached to the latest gadget purchased via Amazon than to the sugar baby.

But, hey!

The force of habit is strange.

Especially if you are in a long-lasting arrangement with your sugar baby, it can quite mess up with your head.

Moreover, if you have some pressing issues at home, your sugar baby is your escape and you can’t but form a specific bond with her.

She comes as a much-needed relief and you start having feelings.

And, the worst thing is – you might think the feelings are mutual.

I am sorry for having to burst your bubble – but they are not.

Remember, you are paying her for services.

Paying, I say.

It’s business, there’s no place for feelings here.

So, to protect yourself from such emotional risks, sever all the ties with your sugar babe before you end up disappointed that she doesn’t share the feelings.

You don’t need to put yourself in such a situation where you are fantasizing about spending days together and she’s getting ready to go home to someone else.

Final Word

That would be all, folks!

You read about multiple real-life horror stories scenarios and how to protect yourself from these.

In any case, choose your next sugar baby wisely!

And, if you wonder – Anthony’s wife spent a week hooked up on the ventilator, but eventually got better.

Anthony laid off sugaring for a couple of months and then found a new sugar baby.

And, no, my name is not Anthony! 😉

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