Sugar Daddy Memes (2024) – Are There Any Good Ones?

Memes are life!

You and I both know that everything can be made into a meme.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 22

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Now, apply this to sugar dating.

Ha-haa, lol (already)!

Obviously, we are facing a vast pool of funny memes and pics describing the intricate business and pleasure relationship between sugar daddies and sugar babies, it doesn’t matter if it’s a search for love (like eHarmony or Tinder) or just casual hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

Besides the hilarious memes you’ll come across there is also a variety of dank memes out there that should not be totally disregarded.

I know I’ve recently seen a meme of Melania Trump staring disappointingly at Donald J. Trump who was making grimaces that were described as the exact moment she realized it’s not worth the money!

Hilarious AF!

(See, a sugar baby turned into a first lady of the USA (although, former)!)

In this article you will find out:

Sugar dating in memes
Sugar daddy sexy memes
Famous sugar babes memes
And much more

Now, let’s see what other funny quotes and funny sugar daddy memes there are besides Melania sugar daddy memes.

(We’ll see more of Melania), don’t worry!

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Sugar Dating in Memes

You can’t go online without stumbling upon picture memes of all kinds.

Now, if you are naturally predisposed so, you will immediately go for “sugar daddy meme funny” or sugar memes in general just to get a good laugh.

As a hint, 9gag, someecards, even wattpad or snapchat and tiktok are excellent options to find some of the best anime and sugar daddy and sugar baby memes.

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Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 23

If you were to ask me, are wholesome memes accepted, they are cute, I must admit. However, I’d steer clear of these.

They have no business here and the reason is simple.

They are not nearly as funny and hilarious as gifs and funny galleries you’ll find on Imgur, Tumblr, ifunny, or even on sugar dating gifts you can buy on Etsy, like t-shirts or wallets and stickers for your suitcases or laptops.

Memes are random, it is known.

Honestly, I like it most when I find random memes or funny pictures about anything.

Still, to help you guys out and make this as entertaining and hilarious and possible, let me do it this way.

The Innocent Sugar Daddy Memes

Or, the memes you can use when you are just contemplating becoming a sugar babe.

Now, my lady readers, admit it – at least once in a lifetime, you pondered over becoming a sugar baby at least for a brief period of time.

Just to pay the rent couple of months upfront, pay off your student loan, or afford a new car cause the old one is a damned piece of junk ripe for a scrapyard.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 24

I know you pictured yourself next to an older man thinking “why the hell not?”

You wanted to go on a summer vacation with your BFFs, but you got no money?

This is the time when you can send your girlfriends an innocent meme displaying Kim Kardashian lying in bed staring (at the ceiling, I suppose) and seemingly contemplating something, with a google search bar added with the question “how to find a sugar daddy” or “how to get a sugar daddy to give you money” already typed out.

It perfectly sums up the situation of how to get a sugar daddy willing to send money.

Of course, these innocent memes go far beyond our lovely Kim.

For example, there is also crying Paris Hilton (I hope you remember her (is she alive, by the way?)) sitting in a car, described as “going to work to be my own sugar daddy”!

Amen, sister! Amen!

Next, a perfect, fairly innocent sugar daddy meme you can send your college BFFs is the meme of a very, very young girl sitting in a much older man’s lap. The text merely says “These student loans and the rent won’t pay by themselves”.

In this area, I would also like to draw your attention to those rather popular memes like showing girls thinking sugar dating – yes or no but then realizing they are not cut out for it or they don’t have the guts.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 25

Of course, we would all like to have a steaming hot sugar daddy – something in the streak of Gianluca Vacchi, but let’s be realistic.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 26

I ain’t saying it’s impossible, but the chances aren’t as high as you think.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 27

That’s why it’s quite normal to be ambiguous about it.

Ahhh, the duality of human beings – we heart it!

In any case, girls, be honest – you’ve all wanted a sugar daddy until you think about him asking for sugar.

Some of you have even gone that far as to put on an ad or an application joke for the new sugar daddies to apply.

This is how the sugar daddy application form joke came to be.

Namely, you sort of make a “real” application form to be filled out by the prospective future daddies and then submitted for your viewing and consideration.

Of course, those babies with vivid imagination made those forms so appealing that moneyed men find it hard to pass.

Whichever the case, the application form for being a sugar daddy can be a source of so much fun!

Maybe, put on one now and see what happens.

You never know!

You might get a sugar daddy (can’t hurt, I tell ya).

Sugar Memes – When You’re In It Already

These are definitely the best sugar dating memes there are!

The variety is so great that it encompasses the overall sugar dating experience – from dates to payment or god forbid, getting pregnant by your sugar daddy.

Not to mention the memes showing your hidden desire for your sd to just drop dead suddenly leaving you all of his fortunes.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 28

Highly unlikely, though; but one has to fantasize!

Here – I’ve seen them all.

I don’t even know which ones to share with you first!!!

I just remember that when I saw a meme of crying Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) with an inscription “when you’re too tired to go to work, too broke to quit, and too old to get a sugar daddy” I was like, lol, hilarious AF!

Poor Alice!

The memes to search through are endless.

There is no chance in hell that at any given time you can’t find a meme to describe the current situation with your sweet sugar daddy.

Or, should I call him candy guardian? lol

Anyways, once you are an established sugar baby with a sugar daddy or two that pay for your requirements, you can’t resist sending memes to your girlfriends after every date with your glucose guardian.

Here are just some of the instances (subcategories) of memes you can share.

Choosing a Sugar Daddy

Yeah, we all know the struggle.

You like them beefy and muscular with a little grey in the hair. However, they are usually flabby and as old as Methuselah.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 29

Or, they are so freaking rude and obnoxious, but giving more than you asked for (seriously, poor Melania)! 

In this category, you have countless memes to rely on to swamp your friends with late at night.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 30

But, be prepared to get the same amount of memes in return!

How Things are Going with SD

Yeah, I know you wanna brag to your girlfriends about the latest purchase or paycheck you got from your daddy.

You want to tell them all – if he’s rich as stink as he promised to be (or even more than that), is he well-endowed, does he need sexual aids in the form of a pill, if he has a kink, et cetera, et cetera.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 31

Practically, this is where you will stumble upon a whole bunch of memes that you can share till everybody grows tired.

Sugar Daddy Asking for Sugar

Or, the time to collect. With interest.

Out of all the stickers, photos, or memes one can find related to sugar dating, these are definitely the most hilarious ones.

I swear, I could google search sugar daddy funny memesfunny or sugar dating funny memesstupid and watch these abominations till my eyeballs start bleeding.

Cause, most of these memes and jokes are based on dark humor and political non-correctness – and let me be totally blatant (and, politically non-correct (I refuse to say “politically incorrect”)) here – that’s the kind of humor we adore!

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 32

Now, do you guys remember the scene from the movie Alien where the monster is an inch away from officer Ripley (portrayed by Sigourney Weaver), her face distorted in horror and disgust?

You do?

Now, add this caption to the image – When sugar daddy comes to collect that sweet sugar.


Now, tell me, do you still wanna be a sugar baby? 

Just joking, of course, you do!

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 33

You don’t want to get evicted from this nice place you’ve just found.

Sugar Daddy Sex Memes

I will be perfectly honest here and say – these vary from gross to even more gross!

We know that your first thought of sex does not include doing it with a man twice your age. But, as a sugar babe by choice, you are aware you have to do it.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 34

So, memes for this situation are truly ruthless (sorry, daddies, but, it’s weird sometimes).

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 35

I remember being grossed out a couple of times by these memes, but, I’d rather show than tell.

When he Pays (Finally)

Money, money, money, must be funny in the rich man’s world is what you gonna be singing when your SD pays for your esteemed company and services.

Accordingly, if you were to google sd funnyfunny memes, the memes and jokes about SDs paying would definitely be on top.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 36

Cause, him paying and you enjoying the is the point of it all, right?

Getting Pregnant by your SD

Before I share with you all sorts of nasty memes about giving birth to your sd’s child (should YOU decide to do so), let me just tell you this.

Make as best an effort as you can to avoid this – you do not need such a complication in your life.

Raise a baby with a man who will be there for you and who understands that a child’s life is so much more than the little money he sends to the baby’s mum each month (presuming that he would).

Now, this subcategory of memes is ideal to be sent to you – a sugar baby – by your gang.

Whether your girlfriends are sugar babes too or not, they will make fun of you and your sugar daddy choices.

That’s what friends are for!

Good friends help you up when you trip and fall – the best ones laugh first and then make fun of it for the rest of your lives.

Accordingly, your girlfriends will bomb you with memes of wrinkled babies with grey hair with captions saying “when you get pregnant by your sd”.

I remember when I saw one such meme for the first time, I was like “what sort of a perverted mind made this monstrosity, wtf!” and then, of course, I burst into laughter.

Cause, it’s hilarious AF!

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 37

So, get ready for your dm to be swamped with such memes.

Candy Memes

I refuse to believe that you are an established sugar baby or sugar daddy and that you don’t know all the terms and definitions?

Come on!

Language is a magnificent tool – use it!

As other people have and have accordingly come up with so many synonyms for a sugar daddy.

Candy daddy, glucose guardian, fructose father, polysaccharide parent.

However, there is a candy (lollipop) called Sugar Daddy so it made a perfect basis for the sugar daddy candy meme.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 38

The candy is used abundantly for these memes and I am sure you’ve seen some already.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 39

Famous Sugar Babes Memes

Ok, we all know that sugar baby and sugar daddy relationships are a thing and not just among the common people.

Some see a sugar relationship in the most unusual instances. I will just give you a hint – royals (you know which ones).

However, let’s not go into international sugar babies in politics; we have our own to deal with.

But, first…

Lana Del Rey

Trust me, this ain’t random.

First of all, we all know who Lizzy Grant, AKA Lana Del Rey is.

You know her songs and whenever someone says the word summertime, you can’t but quietly pronounce sadness.

So, yeah. That’s LDR I am talking about.

Now, I’m not saying she is a professional sugar baby.

But, have you heard her songs?

I mean,

You rich and I’m wishin’ um; you could be my mister, yum; Delicious to the maximum; Chew you up like bubble gum.


He has a white corvette, like I want it…

He’s bleeding from his brain and his wallet…

You can be the boss daddy, you can be the boss, taste like a keg party back on the sauce, I like you a lot, I like you a lot, don’t let it stop…

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 40
Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 41

So, Lana Del Rey’s songs are an inspiration to sugar babes out there, and accordingly Lana herself and what she does make good sugar dating-related memes.

Melania Trump

Yeah, she might just as well be the ultimate sugar babe.

She’s got the looks, career (of sorts), and a sugar daddy husband.

See, girls?

You can even marry your sugar daddy.

Hell, you can even become a first lady of the USA.

Although, both Melania and I would strongly advise against it.

This is why Melania is the ultimately disappointing sugar baby meme.

Sugar Daddy Memes ([year]) - Are There Any Good Ones? 42

Just look at her face every time she is next to DJT.

What is that if not disappointment?

Site, FunSubstance, FunnyFoto, FanFiction,, Memebase, quotesfunny

And, of course, Google (images)!

Got you all confused, didn’t I?

The point of this one is to tell you where you can find all sorts of hilarious sugar dating memes.

So, the funsubstance, fanfiction,, site, funnyfoto, quotesfunny and/or memebase are excellent sites to browse through for the latest sugar dating memes.

For the best memes browsing experience, you should create an account and log in so you have access to all kinds of hilarious content.

Moreover, if you are a creative person, you can even make your own content, such as writing stories or creating memes for other members to enjoy.

Anyways, if you want to remain a silent observer, after you log in, just search their database and you’ll dig out pure gold.

So many sugar baby-sugar daddy memes will be at your disposal that you’ll simply want to share them all with someone.

Final Word

Yeah, sometimes our lives seem like one hilarious meme where you are frozen in time and you’re just waiting for a caption to be added.

Accordingly, the life of sugar babies in a relationship with sugar daddies is sometimes so neatly summed up by all sorts of memes.

Regardless of what kind of a situation they find themselves in, there’s always a meme to describe it.

Whether simply and naively hilarious or completely lacking political correctness, a timely meme will always cheer you up.

Although they are mostly random, here I tried to group them depending on the context that you – a sugar baby – find yourself in.

Moreover, in the end, you have a rather brief overview of where to find more of these comic reliefs to help you through the day!

Help yourself and share one with your BFF right now!

Till next time,

Truly yours

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