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You are moneyed and you are old. Or, you are moneyed and you are young.

Never mind.

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You got a wife and kids. Or, you ain’t got a wife and kids.

Of, course you want a sugar baby too.

Why wouldn’t you?

Just to feel the juices of youth younger than yours coursing through your veins again.

But, getting a new live in sugar baby would not be near as fun if you hadn’t the adequate sugar baby meme to guffaw at.

Or, if you hadn’t your friends to send you these all the time no matter how old you are.

I know you’ve googled all kinds of text and picture memes related to sugar daddy dating.

I bet that if I browsed through your search history I’d find a sugar daddy meme entry more than once.


Now, to make your life easier, let’s check some of the funniest popular memes depicting sugar dating tips right here right now! Some of them are:

Sugar Baby Dating in Memes
Candy Memes and Synonyms
And lots more fun

Let’s go!

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Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 18

ifunny, Tumblr, fanfiction, amazon, funsubstance, imgur,, wattpad, 9gag, we heart it

No, it’s not the dating sites we are talking about. Still, this definitely has something to do with baby dating.

As you have guessed it probably, these are all the sites you can go to to find all sorts of fresh memes on sugar baby dating.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
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From funny pictures to funny galleries and high-quality gifs or even dank memes on sugar dating, these are all available at a single glance.

Without going into detail about each and every one of them, I will just briefly say that these sites where you can find pics n’ all sort of funny memes (or, should I say, funnyfunny memes) work more or less on the same principle.

For example, you can go to ifunny, sayingimages, Imgur, or Wattpad to browse through the latest memesfunny ((don’t ask me how) I know you miss-typed it so many times).

So, let’s say you are an older man interested in dating young sugar babes but you also want to know what the jokes about it are (hello, curiosity, my old friend!)

Naturally, you will go to these sites immediately.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 19

They will be an excellent source for all kinds of hilarious memes to find and enjoy and share with your pals who also like to try a young babe every now and then.

They are rather easy to use.

You just need to find the search section and type what kind of memes you want to see. For example, sugar baby funny memes, or quotesfunny will do just fine.

Moreover, if you are a creative guy, you can even create your own account and make content for other people to view and enjoy.

Or, you can just make an account to gain access to more memes and funny stuff about sugar baby dating.

Just as a hint, you can also try etsy (amazon, too) to get a funny sticker or a t-shirt with some silly joke or meme for your friend in love with sugar babes, or for yourself.

Why the hell not?

In any case, whether you go to 9gag or the site you will find a whole bunch of sugardaddy #sugarbaby memes that will make your day.

Sugar Baby Dating in Memes

You have to love memes.

I mean, how could you not?

No matter how “serious” a businessman you are, you have got to love them.

They are so random and yet so to the point.

Presuming you are a sugar daddy on the lookout for your next sugar baby for a serious relationship (like Tinder or eHarmony) or hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), I am sure you are swamped by all kinds of memes displaying both the good and the bad sides of sugar baby dating.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 20

As a sugar daddy with years of experience, I know I’ve seen a fair share of sugaring memes.

Based on the intel, I can safely say that my reactions were, and still are, the complete opposite – I’m making an either lol or wtf face expression.

I can’t argue that the majority of these memes focus on displaying a sugar baby in various situations – realistic and non-realistic too and they rarely focus on the sugar daddy’s point of view.

The funniest ones I’ve seen refer to the desire for the SD to just drop dead and leave the fortune to them.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 21

As if.

Still, you got to admit it’s hilarious even though it relies on us simply dying.

Not cool. Not cool at all!

Then, there are also such memes that display sugar babies typically being grossed out by having to have sex with their sugar daddy.

But, what about the memes displaying the feelings and the doubts experienced by sugar daddies when in a sugar relationship?

Let’s check out these step by step!

Looking for a Sugar Baby

Being one myself, I can easily understand why you as a sugar daddy would go for a young sugar baby full of life, especially if you are an older man.

Let’s say you’re single and you want your Valentine’s day drama-free.

Oh, but we all do.

Naturally, the first step in getting a sugar baby is letting girls know you are a sugar daddy.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 22

I mean, you can be as subtle as dm them a Lana del Rey song or send them a meme including Lana del Rey.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 23

Or, you can even message potential sugar babes the lines from Lana’s songs.

Hint: Be My Daddy or You Can Be the Boss are your best choices.

If you wonder why just listen to the songs.

Thank me later!

And, you’re welcome, of course!

Or, you can be completely straightforward. Girls like that.

The final depends on how you like things done.

I know I’ve tried both.

But, this is hilarious.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 24

Enjoying With Sugar Baby

The whole point of having a sugar babe is to have fun with her and enjoy.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 25

This is a rather alluring form of dating since you only get the good stuff. There’s no nagging, no reproaching, no arguing.

Just plain and simple fun!

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 26

You set the boundaries from the start and you’re all good to go.

Most of these memes are aimed at sugar babies and only a minority is targeted at prospective glucose guardians (that’s discrimination I am talking about!).

Still, don’t be surprised if you receive some of the craziest memes from your friends that depict sugar daddies enjoying young babies sitting in their lap or taking a ride in an expensive car.

I’ve managed to dig out some gold, though, and I’ll leave it for your viewing.

Having Sex with Sugar Baby

This can’t be that bad for sugar baby experiences, right?

Well, for you, no, it can’t.

You take a pill (if needed), you have a young thin hottie by your side and you’re good.

One might even think the other side is enjoying it too.

But, as a fructose father myself, I have seen my share of girls being reluctant to give sugar when needed, if you know what I mean.

Luckily, I’ve never seen them making faces while we’re at it or heard my sugar daddy friends experience nothing of the sort.

In any case, there’s a whole lot of memes describing the moment when sugar daddies need to collect the much-wanted sugar.

Of course, it’s not money I am talking about.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 27

Most of these memes are plain gross at first sight (and slightly humiliating to us daddies), but, they still have a hilarious streak in them.

Typically, they describe what sugar babies feel like (being reluctant), but such memes can be applied to us daddies too.

I am sure your friends overwhelm you with jewels such as these every single day ever since you found these new 23-year old college sugar babes to keep you warm at night.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 28

This is their way to warn you that you might have just a bit too high expectations from the intercourse with your sb.

But, still, the memes are hilarious.

Getting Your Sugar Baby Pregnant

First of all, don’t do this, I beg of ya!

I know that fighting the temptation is hard, but, please, pull it out.

Man up!

Even if you seem to like your sugar baby, still don’t do it. Especially not if you both hadn’t agreed to that.

You don’t need the additional burden and weight on your shoulders.

Now, enough with the educational content.

Let’s go to the funny part; that’s why we’re here!

We are all aware that getting your sugar babe pregnant is quite a possibility. 

We’ve all had that scare couple of times.


Sometimes it turns out just fine, sometimes it does not.

It is inevitably a tough and stressful situation and everyone in their right might will do their best to avoid this scenario.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 29

However, being aware of the risks and chances made an ideal ground to display this mishap in memes.

I must say that these may yet be the funniest sugar daddy sugar baby memes you’ll find out there.

The reason is simple – they rely on dark humor (the best one, if my opinion matters!).

Such jokes take a disastrous situation, fit it with a funny comment and make one hell of a meme out of that.

Again, the majority of such memes are aimed at the female (sugar baby) audience, but there are some good ones that appeal to the sugar daddy audience too.

There’s no need to mention that the main premise of these memes is the (often unjust) age difference between sugar daddies and sugar babies.

Typically, this doesn’t have to be the case. The majority of sugar daddies are men in their late forties and early fifties.

Quite vivid, I should say!

Whichever the case, we are not mad at the existence of such memes

On the contrary, we are laughing at these!

Candy Memes and Synonyms

Did you know there is a candy called sugar daddy?

You didn’t?

For shame?

But, hold on for a sec before you google it.

Just use your imagination – what kind of sugar dating memes one could make with this candy?

Yes, all kind! LOL!

This candy (lollipop, ROFLMAO!!!!) makes a perfect basis for various sugar daddy dating memes that you can share among your friends.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 30

The imagination never runs out, so as long as sugar dating exists, there will be memes about sugar dating with the candy involved.

On the other hand, we all know that sugar dating, sugar daddy, and sugar baby are the typical terms to describe a relationship where a rich older man spends time with a young adult girl and pays for her company and/or services.

But, language is a powerful tool one can use to boost and develop creativity and cause a comical effect in various situations.

This is even more true when it comes to sugar dating and memes that we can make regarding this phenomenon.

Just as an example, these are some of the most common variations on the term sugar daddy – candy daddy, fructose father, glucose guardian, polysaccharide parent.

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 31

Not to mention that creativity in devising new ones doesn’t stop there.

Practically, as long as you can find synonyms, the list is non-exhausted.

Final Word

Ahh, memes!

You can not love them – they can be so accurate that it hurts.

Especially when you apply them to sugar dating relationships.

Now, all of you sugar daddies out there, I know you’ve picked up your iPhone or android multiple times, check your contacts or log of a sugar daddy website to call/find a sugar baby, and then you’d just change your mind.

Lemme find some sugar dating memes, you’d say.

As you can see here, there is a whole variety of memes out there depending on the context and the situation that you find yourself in.

I believe some of these will serve you well in future correspondence either with your buddies or your sugar babies.

Not to mention that you now know where to look for the funniest sugar baby dating pics and memes.

Enjoy yourself!

Sugar Baby Meme ([year]) - Get Ready For Some Fun 32

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