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You want to become a sugar daddy, but you don’t know what type of sugar baby would be the best for you?

Luckily, there is an experienced man who can give you the answer and help you with this issue a.k.a. me.

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Even though I don’t have this kind of problem, I realized that there are a lot of people who do and, as a good man as I am, I decided to help you out.

In this text I will explain to you:

What are sugar babies and sugar daddies
Types of sugar babies
Allowance and age of sugar babies
And much more

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What are Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies?

First of all, let’s start with some basics: What is a sugar baby exactly and what does it mean to be a sugar baby?

Sugar babies are females with whom you develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

The sd/sb relationship meaning is basically providing financial support to her (by paying her or fulfilling her desires) and she, in return, provides various kinds of services to you (from simple messaging or company to sexual services).

Types of Sugar Babies [year] – Best Sugar Babies for You 9

Now it would be logical to explain what are sugar daddies.

Well, sugar daddies are usually, but not necessarily, older men who deluge sugar babies with gifts and money in return for already mentioned services.

Another question that I often hear and that I finally can respond to is: is being a sugar baby illegal?

The answer is no, it’s completely legal.

Subsequently, many people ask on various forums and sites: “As sugar daddies what do you look for in sugar babies?”

This totally depends on your preference and desires. At the end of the day, we’re all different.

Types of Sugar Babies

Within this topic, we will also cover types of sugar baby arrangements.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
"Best for Discreet Sugar Dating"
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In terms of age, I have already told you that sugar babies can be either young women or sugar mommas.

However, in terms of the sd/sb relationship, there are various types of sugar babies, and based on my sugar baby experiences I created a list of the most common ones.

Now, I will mention several types of sbsd relationships and some sugar baby arrangement descriptions, and from them, you will be able to recognize different types of sugar babes.

1. Classic Sugar Babies

Firstly, there is a classic sugar baby type which includes the traditional sugar daddy sugar baby relationship and which is the most common type of sugar baby.

With this type of sugar baby, you know what you can expect and what you have to give in return.

Additionally, with this type of sugar baby, you can probably get some sort of sd-sb relationship which is very close to the regular dating relationship.

Types of Sugar Babies [year] – Best Sugar Babies for You 10

You can take her to business events, drinks, holidays, or wherever you want and if she can get a lot of benefits from you, and if you fulfill any wish she has, the sex will also be on the table.

At the end of the day, the arrangement between you should be mutually beneficial, so if she gets anything she wants, you can expect the same from her.

But you have to be cautious, this type of sugar babe doesn’t want to feel like a prostitute.

She doesn’t want you to pay her for sex. Instead, you have to buy her gifts, treat her with respect, and make her feel nice and appreciated.

2. Sugar Prostitutes

The classic type was a good introduction for another type of sugar babes and those are sugar prostitutes.

This sd sb type of relationship is quite transactional, typical sex work.

Types of Sugar Babies [year] – Best Sugar Babies for You 11

So if you ever wanted to know, what to say to a sugar daddy and what do sugar babies do for sugar daddies, with this type you get sexual favors in exchange for money, a gift card, or some other type of present.

3. Compensated Dating Sugar Babies

As to the third type of sugar baby, I would mention so-called compensated dating sugar babies.

These sugar babies will accompany you to various events, to lunch or dinner, to any kind of event where you want to show off a young and good-looking girlfriend, which can get you respect and a better reputation.

Nevertheless, with most members of this type, you can count on neither sexual favors (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) nor some romantic relationship (like Tinder or eHarmony).

Types of Sugar Babies [year] – Best Sugar Babies for You 12

Your sd sb type of relationship will be strictly business.

Of course, if your relationship is like this, it won’t be necessary to spend as much money on sugar baby as with the traditional type, but how much sugar daddies pay a month, a week or a day will depend only on your previous sd arrangement.

4. Compensated Companionship Sugar Babies

One similar type to the previous one is compensated companionship sugar babies.

In terms of relationships and arrangements, this type is almost the same as the previous one, but there is one big difference.

With this type, you can expect bonding and a much better personal relationship.

Again, you usually can’t expect sex, but there is an option of developing a really nice romantic relationship with messaging and all different things that go with it, except for sex.

However, I have to tell you that with each mentioned type you can get sex if you make that kind of arrangement.

I’m only saying that some types are more interested in sex than the other ones.

5. Sugar Baby Friend

Here we have a sugar baby arrangement example that is purely platonic and there we have a sugar baby friend type.

Now I suppose you are wondering what do sugar babies do for sugar daddies within this type?

Well, with sugar baby friends you can develop a nice and friendly sb/sd relationship.

She will go to the cinema, or the theatre or some games with you and also hang out with you at your home, but the sex is completely out of the table with this type of sugar baby arrangement.

6. Sugar Baby Friend with Sexual Benefits

This is a certain subtype within the friend type of sugar babes: friendly type, but with sexual benefits.

As you can probably assume, the relationship is completely the same as the previous one, so everything remains the same, with the difference that with this type you can expect to develop some sort of sexual interaction.

7. Pragmatic Sugar Babies

This is the last type of sugar baby that I will mention here.

What you can expect with this particular type is a regular and normal relationship, where you pay the bills, buy food and gifts for your sugar babe, or in this case practically a girlfriend.

What makes this relationship a sugar daddy relationship is a fact that your sugar babe or girlfriend wouldn’t have been in a relationship with you if you weren’t well off.

So, these sugar babies will behave as your regular girlfriend, with sex and everything else, and your task will be, let’s say it that way, “to support a family”.

Where and how to find a Sugar Baby?

After covering the basics, you are probably wondering where you can find a sugar baby.

The best ways to find one are sugar baby websites or sugar daddy apps.

Of course, there is an option of finding a sugar baby without using dating sites, for example finding some college students on some college campuses or sugar baby schools or via social media, but that is a much more difficult task.

Therefore, in my opinion, you should stick to sugar daddy dating sites, where it is always recommended to use a premium membership option.

Types of Sugar Babies [year] – Best Sugar Babies for You 13

For example, What’s your price or Misstravel are some of the best sugar daddy websites.

When it comes to apps Sugardaddymeet is one of the best apps for this purpose, available on both Android and IOS.

An important thing to know concerning sugar baby dating sites is that the relationship between you and your sugar babe is, at least at the beginning, no strings attached.

Nevertheless, after finding a sugar baby on a dating sugar baby website or by using the app, your job is not completely done, since the first date is very important and you will have to leave a very good impression.

Sugar daddy doesn’t usually give money to the sugar baby on the first date, but normally gives her some gifts.

The usual term for the first date is “meet and greet”.

Furthermore, some sugar babies like to get to know you first by online dating only and the meeting itself would come later, so you should be prepared for that as well.

This online dating would include messaging or, at some point, perhaps video calls.

Now, if you want to move the conversation of the website, there are various apps for chatting out there, but I would recommend that you two get each other’s phone number (of course after gaining some trust and after making sure that you are not a victim of scamming).

Things to be Aware of

At this point, we get to the one essential thing that you have to remember about sugaring.

First and foremost, there are a lot of scammers out there, people who pretend to be sugar babies and that will get various kinds of goods from you and then basically vanish.

Therefore, keep your eyes wide open and watch out for scams.

It would be good if you, in the beginning, use some sugar baby nicknames on dating websites or apps, in order to protect your privacy, just in case you are a victim of fraud.

So, it is important to become sure that your sugar baby is really what she says she is and that your sd/sb arrangement is a real thing.

Relationships, Agreements and Misconceptions

Now, you would probably ask what is a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship and ask about some sugar daddy arrangement examples.

Well, the relationship is controlled by a set of sugar daddy relationship rules agreed on, and which concern the amount of money you will pay to her as well as her obligations towards you.

We’ll come to sugar daddy arrangement examples and sugar daddy arrangement types when we start talking about types of sugar babies.

I’m pretty sure you would also like to know what are the most common misconceptions about sugar dating.

Well, primarily, there is an ingrained prejudice that you have to be from New York or Los Angeles or some other mega-popular city to become a sugar daddy.

I’ve got to tell you that is total nonsense.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you can create a good mutually beneficial relationship.

Some people claim that not all sugar daddies have to be rich sugar daddies.

Unfortunately, my rich experience tells me that you have to be well off if you want to become a sugar daddy.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to be filthy rich, it also depends on your sd sb arrangements, but you must be wealthy.

Another common misconception is that sugar daddies are always older men.

Another mistake. Younger men can also become sugar daddies if they want, there are no restrictions in terms of age, but usually, sugar daddies are, in fact, older men.

One more misconception concerning age is that all sugar babies have to be young women. Well, not necessarily.

There are also older sugar babies (35-50yo), so-called sugar mamas found on sugar momma dating sites.

Allowance and Age of Sugar Babies

This brings us to another frequent question: what is a good allowance for a sugar baby?

Or how much do sugar daddies pay a month?

From my experience, the average allowance for a sugar baby is around $3000 per month, but this amount of money varies between $1000 and $5000.

However, there are so-called PPM (“pay per meet”) relationships, where a sugar daddy pays a certain amount of money per date.

Now some will ask what is the going rate for a sugar baby.

Although that would depend on your sugar baby arrangement description, some average amount is between $500 and $700.

Types of Sugar Babies [year] – Best Sugar Babies for You 14

And one more question that future sugar daddies ask is exactly what is the average age for sugar babies.

Well, it depends, but the approximate average age of sugar babies is between 18 and 25 years old.

After I equipped you with everything you have to know about sugaring in general, we can move to the main point of this entire text.

Final Word

If you have ever wondered what is a sugar baby, after learning all this, you’ll probably conclude that it’s not that bad since the sb sd lifestyle normally is very extravagant and sugar babies themselves usually live a very expensive life.

In conclusion, I have to say that I hope that my experience will be helpful to you and I wish you good luck in finding a perfect sugar babe.

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