Sugar Daddy Rules 2024 – 16 Rules to Rule Them All!

You are thinking about becoming a sugar daddy or even a gay sugar daddy? But, at the same time, you don’t know how to start with this type of relationship?

I have been sugar dating for years now and I can tell you that I am having a wonderful time.

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Sugar dating is easy to find if you know what you are doing and always use the sugar dating tips.

But if you are new to the game, you may feel as if you need clear sugar daddy rules to guide you.

Luckily, I’ve put a list of a few golden rules of being a sugar daddy that you have to keep in mind if you want to become a successful sugar daddy.

Some of them are:

Be aware of negative effects
Know how to act
Understand what you want
And more

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What Are the Advantages of Sugar Dating?

Sugar dating can make all your desires fulfilled.

A sugar baby knows that her sugar daddy will be happy only if his wishes are fulfilled and she will do everything to make your wildest dreams come true.

Moreover, there is so much choice and it is easy to find the right person for your needs.

You can pull out of the arrangement whenever you want and you don’t have any specific obligations that you would otherwise have in long-term relationships (like Tinder or eHarmony).

All this process of no-string relationship (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), is also less time consuming because you do not have to nurture a relationship and you can focus on your career and your business.

Dating younger women also makes you more attractive and makes other people turn their heads, talking about your lifestyle and the luxury that you have.

But you will also feel younger, have more energy, and boost your confidence.

I mean, imagine having sex with wonderful, young women regularly without chances of rejection.

In fact, sugar dating can change your habits and turn them into healthy ones.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
"Best for Discreet Sugar Dating"
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16 Sugar Daddy Rules

Rule no. 1 – Be Aware of Negative Effects

So, what are the negative effects of sugar daddy relationships?

I won’t lie to you and tell you that this type of lifestyle doesn’t have any cons.

One of the biggest disadvantages of being a sugar daddy is the expense that you have.

These girls expect you to take them out for dinner, buy them clothes or jewelry, take them on vacations.

Among other sugar baby expectations from sugar daddies is sponsorship of their education or provision of better work opportunities.

Sugar relationships may also not be approved in some sections of social life.

Even though contemporary society is far more open now, you may find some verdicts from other people.

Rule no. 2 – Mind the Age

So, what is the average age for a sugar baby?

Although there is no age limit to become a sugar baby, many sugar babies fall into a similar age gap and possess a specific list of qualities.

Sugar Daddy Rules [year] - 16 Rules to Rule Them All! 8

The average age for a sugar baby is between 18 and 25 years.

These sugar babies are too young to have a stable source of income and spend the money they make through sugar dating on rent, tuition, books, and paying off student loans.

Rule no. 3 – Know How to Act

How should a sugar daddy act?

One of the Sugar Dating FAQs I get the most is whether is a sugar baby is the same as an escort.

This is the common misconception many people have, but your sugar baby doesn’t have to have sex with you if you don’t want that- you can have a platonic arrangement.

You as a perfect sugar daddy can mentor your sugar baby and give her guidelines in exchange for dinner or a nice meetup.

The first sugar daddy relationship rule is to give a weekly or monthly allowance based on the current sugar baby rates in return for her companionship.

Depending on your location, you can find women who will sleep with you every week for $1000-2000 per month.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford that much, because you can always pay your sugar baby to go for dinner with you.

In return, sugar baby needs to go with you where you need her, take care of you and your needs, and keep you happy and satisfied.

You on the other hand should, except for paying allowance, treat the person with respect and take her on dates just like she is your girlfriend or a chick on the side.

Here are some sugar daddy relationship rules for dating that you should follow if you want to become a successful sugar daddy.

Rule no. 4 – Be Honest with Yourself

To be honest to yourself is a number one dating rule I can give you before you start with sugar dating.

To jump into such an arrangement, you need to have a clear mindset about sugaring and why you want to engage yourself in it.

First of all, ask yourself why you want to be a sugar daddy and if you are ready to jump into the game.

Sugaring is not for everyone and you have to understand what sugar daddies want from a relationship like this.

Understand that this may come as a casual fun and sexual affair to live out your sexual desires.

These women only want convenience and logic, without an emotional connection, so if you are looking for romance, it is better if you consider other options.

Set your expectations properly, understand that this is only a fun fling, and don’t look for affections in these types of deals.

Rule no. 5 – Understand Sugar Babies and Their Needs

Many blogs have been written by those who want to share their different sugar baby experiences with sugar dating there.

They are writing about what to look for in a real sugar daddy and this can be a valuable resource for you to start with.  

Sugar Daddy Rules [year] - 16 Rules to Rule Them All! 9

Most of them do sugar dating because they want to be spoiled, privileged, or given money.

These chicks want somebody to help them with finances, to treat them with respect, or just because they want older men to guide them.

They are looking for a mutually beneficial relationship with successful and wealthy men to share their time with.

Rule no. 6 – Do your Research

Don’t be lazy and do your research before you meet anyone.

If you don’t know what SA, the scammers, salt dating, the PuAS, PnDs mean, you are not ready to jump into the bowl.

There are many forums and sugar daddy websites about sugar dating on the Internet, so sign up and join the conversation before you set up your first arrangement.

Moreover, forums and websites can be a valuable source of advice to see what does a sugar daddy expects from his sugar baby.

Rule no. 7 – Understand What You Want

Asking yourself what do sugar daddies want is the first step on your way to successful sugar dates.  

Think about what is the relationship that you desire with your SB and what do you expect from her.

You have to be clear about what your sugar baby must-do for you and how she should look like.

Then decide what you want to offer her and how do you want to treat her.

Keep your needs and requirements clear because you will be able to avoid any hassle during your sugar daddy dating.

Rule no. 8 – Know Where to Look

There are many sugar dating sites where you can start your lookout.

Some of them are:

●     Ashley Madison

●     EmilyDates

●     Sugar Daddy Meet

●     Whats Your Price

●     Millionairematch

Many of these dating websites have matchmaking algorithms that will help you to find your perfect date.

Sugar Daddy Rules [year] - 16 Rules to Rule Them All! 10

When you find your perfect sugar baby, you can choose between online dating or regular dating, depending on what suits you better.

Rule no. 9 – Be Confident

When you’re just starting, sugaring can be very confusing.

I know, I went through that too.

Things can get pretty awkward, especially if you are meeting with someone for the first time.

But, make sure you’re confident and make sure you do as many sugar daddy dates as possible.

Relax and have as much fun as you can and don’t think too much about whether you are doing it right or wrong.

Everything will be fine if you relax and enjoy the moment.

After all, these women all love a dominant man with confidence who they can look up to.

Rule no. 10 – Discuss Relationship with Your SB

The key to a successful sb/sd relationship is to set clear sugar daddy and sugar baby rules.

Clearly communicate over what constitutes an arrangement, where are the boundaries, and what makes you uncomfortable.

Always talk to your sugar baby about all issues that matter, be honest, and do tell her if you have any special wishes or preferences.

Make sure she knows what consent is and that she can withdraw from it at any time, without repercussions.

This includes while in the throes of passion too.

Rule no. 11 – Be aware of Scammers

There are plenty of people who are in the bowl only because of money and will do anything to take advantage of you.

Scammers pretend to be beautiful women and they have a fake profile without many clear pictures on it.

Of course, in some cases, this is due to the protection and privacy, but if the person asks for sensitive information like your bank account information, be sure that you are dealing with a sugar baby scam.

Also, for many, sugar life is controversial and many people go and try to use your lifestyle to blackmail you.

If you care about your privacy, then you want to avoid scams or blackmails.

That is why I recommend you to use these safety measures:

  • Keep your data protected
  • Avoid public pictures
  • Get another phone number or email address

Rule no. 12 – Be Careful

A sugar baby is not your girlfriend and you do not need to call her every day like you would in a regular relationship.

But still, you need to take care of your sugar baby and show some respect to her.

Play fair with your sugar baby and do not treat her like she is your conquest.

The worst thing that you can do is to be an average hustler and use the bowl stupidly.

Remember that these women are not sex objects to manipulate and control.

If your sugar baby is not comfortable with something, or simply doesn’t want to do something, don’t pressure her.

Pay your woman a fair wage for her services and don’t expect extra attention just because you are nice to her.

Also, stop preventing her from seeing other people, because after all you are allowed to see other women too.

Rule no. 13 – Keep Your Sexual Health in Mind

Younger people have a larger sex drive that older people might find hard to keep up with.

That is why you should keep this in mind.

Sugar Daddy Rules [year] - 16 Rules to Rule Them All! 11

Check your testosterone levels, blood pressure, and go on a doctors’ exam to check your heart.

These are the most common problems that men face that can lead them to erectile dysfunction.

Rule no. 14 – Be Transparent and Honest

This may sound like an old cliche but it is true.

Being honest with your sugar baby is one of the most important sugar dating tips I can give you.

 Your sugar baby needs to trust you so make sure that you stick to your plans, show up on time, and communicate with her.

Lying is a hurtful experience for everybody and your relationship won’t be the same if you lie.

Keep an honest relationship with your sugar baby and don’t cover up the deeds you do.

As I said, this is a mutually beneficial relationship between the two of you and you can expect your sugar lady to uphold her side, only if you hold yourself to account.

Rule no. 15 – Be Prepared for Criticism

Criticism can be one of the negative effects of the sugar daddy relationship on your life.

Before you step into sugar dating, you should know that society did not develop enough to accept this concept.

Not everyone, including your family, will accept the sugar daddy relationship and it is on you to decide how you will handle things while you are at it.

Rule no. 16 – Pay Her a Good Allowance

An allowance is a gift that you make to your sugar baby for the investment of her time and effort into your relationship.

This can include cash, material gifts, or some other financial incentives.

Sugar babies do not have rates, so you have to agree upon the allowance with your SB.

The sugar baby allowances are ranging from $1000 to $5000 per month with the average being around $3000 per month.

Sugar Daddy Rules [year] - 16 Rules to Rule Them All! 12

But there are no strict sugar daddy rules about what is a good allowance for a sugar baby.

Every sugar relationship is different and it is up to you and your sugar baby to decide what works for both of you since there is no strict rule on how much should a sugar daddy pay.

Also, it is important to discuss whether you should pay a sugar baby allowance per visit, weekly, or monthly.

I am advising you, as an older and successful man, to be a gentleman and meet her needs.

This also means respecting your arrangement and paying her as agreed.

Some additional sugar daddy dating tips

  • Update your sugar daddy profile headlines so it speaks for you
  • Never share any of your personal information
  • Do not talk ugly about your wife, ex-wife or partner
  • Prepare for the first date!
  • Make a first step (you are expected to)
  • Don’t give up

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