How To Improve Your Sugar Daddy Experience (2024)

Hi there, welcome to our exclusive guide on how to improve your sugar daddy experience!

How To Improve Your Sugar Daddy Experience ([year]) 4

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Follow these steps that many experienced sugar daddies swear by, including me.

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Are you just getting into the sugar daddy lifestyle but not satisfied with your experiences so far?

Many men encounter this problem at the beginning of their sugar daddy life, but don’t worry, you can significantly upgrade your sugar daddy experience with just a few simple steps.

Finding a sugar baby is very easy, as you probably already know, but establishing a quality arrangement that can completely satisfy you can be quite tricky sometimes.

Let’s now get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

1. Use dating sites to your advantage

We believe you have started your sugar daddy lifestyle on sugar dating websites like What’s your price and you probably had many sugar babies reach out to you in just a couple of days.

However, the fact that many women are reaching out to you doesn’t always mean every single one of them is the right choice for you.

These sites for sugar daddy dating are full of young women looking for arrangements, but not all of them have the same requests and wishes.

As a potential sugar daddy, you must always keep in mind that this is a transactional type of relationship with sugar daddy and sugar baby rules.

How To Improve Your Sugar Daddy Experience ([year]) 5

Some young women prefer to meet sugar daddies online who will provide them with financial support.

They’re mostly looking for sugar daddies with pretty simple wishes and desires, and probably wouldn’t be interested in any kind of a more adventurous sugar daddy relationship.

In case you want more from this relationship than the occasional vanilla sex here and there, you may need to dig a bit deeper through What’s your price to find your perfect sugar baby.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
"Best for Discreet Sugar Dating"
"Best for Sugar Mommas"
"Best for Cheating Sugar Dating"
"Our Sugar Daddy/Baby Quiz"

We always suggest stating clearly your desires and wishes on your online profile on these dating sites.

This enables girls who are not interested in certain things to just skip on to the other sugar daddy without wasting anyone’s time.

Don’t forget that this is not regular sex work, so that kind of stuff shouldn’t be the only thing in your description.

Sugar dating sites nowadays have many different filters and options that allow you to search for women of a specific age, height, and requests, saving you the time you would spend messaging and explaining your wishes to some sugar baby.

You can find a non-smoker, non-drinker, a sugar baby with a college degree, for long-term relationships (like Tinder or eHarmony), hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), and many more things very easily.

Tinder is also a platform we would suggest using when sugaring because women on there tend to more adventurous and easier to start a relationship with.

However, never pursue potential sugar babies over other social media websites or apps.

We’ve come across many men who used to do this and gained a pretty bad reputation, so make sure you stay active only on sugar dating sites (like sugar daddy meet, what’s your price,, etc.) and some dating apps.

2. Splurge on a first date

A good first date can set you up with an amazing sugar relationship, so always make sure your first date is pleasurable to both of you.

When you go on sugar babies’ websites, you’ll find lots of sexy-looking babies looking for a sugar daddy and you don’t want to disappoint them and ruin your chance of being the one.

So, we would suggest taking your sugar baby to a more fancy and expensive restaurant or a bar, just to show you that you will be able to take care of her and provide her with everything she wants.

Once your sugar baby starts feeling good in your company and is sure you will be able to give her the benefits of a sugar daddy arrangement, she may want to introduce you to her sugar baby rules.

Well, this shouldn’t be a problem since the dealbreakers will be specified in the sugar baby profile you saw before connecting with her.

Either way, be sure that she’s not looking for a platonic sugar daddy before proceeding to this next tip.

Once that’s settled, we also recommend spending some money on a nice hotel room because it will set a more comfortable and enjoyable tone for the night you’ll spend together.

All the girls that are on What’s your price not only look for financial benefits, but they also look for a nice and respectful man who can provide them with great experiences and some emotional support too.

Spending some more money the first time you meet a sugar baby can take you to many places in the future since she will certainly try to give you the best experience ever.

Men looking for sugar babies often don’t realize how important the first impression is and don’t put too much effort into it, which can affect their sugar relationship in the future.

3. Establish a connection with your sugar baby

Establishing a connection with your woman is crucial for a sugar baby and sugar daddy too.

While many people focus too much on how to get a sugar baby, how to attract a sugar daddy, or how to use sugar daddy apps to their advantage, remember that being kind and sincere is important in sugar relationships as much as it is in traditional dating.

What do sugar babies want?

All sugar babies want to have a special sugar daddy connection so they can be sure their arrangement will continue and their sugar daddies will continue to spoil them.

Yes, they always want some kind of financial support either as a monthly allowance or on pay per meet, but they also want to feel attractive and wanted by their sugar daddy, and believe they’re very valuable to them.

My sugar daddy experience has shown me that the kinder you are to your sugar baby, the more open she will be to you and your relationship will be way more exciting.

Is the sugar daddy experience worth it?

You’ve heard some tips that we’re 100% sure will be very helpful in your sugar daddy future, even If you don’t really believe in it right now.

But, most of you will now ask yourself – is the sugar daddy experience really worth it?

In case you’re a single man looking for some fun, we’re sure that the sugar daddy experience will bring you many good things.

It is not for no reason that so many men around the world are deciding to pursue this kind of lifestyle nowadays. 

Beneficial relationships with no strings attached, many beautiful women, amazing night-outs, and great company are just some of the things that make men pursue this type of life.

In case you have enough money left at the end of the month, we believe the sugar daddy lifestyle is even better for you than traditional dating, especially if you’re not ready for a committed relationship and want to avoid the drama that comes with it.

So many young girls pursue the role of a sugar baby these days and every girl wants a sugar daddy no sex, but who will cherish them.

We discovered that younger women also prefer this kind of non-traditional dating because they know they can’t expect too much from ordinary men.

This is real proof that many valuable and high-quality women become sugar babies to find a smart gentleman that will suit them.

It looks like real-life relationships have been very hard to build during the past years, which became the reason why so many men and women opt for pursuing this kind of lifestyle.

Sugar babies are always interested in learning about how to get a sugar daddy that will meet their needs or how to get money from a sugar daddy.

How popular is sugar dating?

The sugaring lifestyle has become very popular both among men and women during the past decade.

Many people are very open about their What’s your price experiences and there are many different communities on all types of social media that discuss the sugaring lifestyle in general.

Millennial girls have become really curious about sugar baby life during the pandemic, entering the industry to make ends meet and earn themselves some money.

There are so many Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit threads that will tell you just about anything you need to know about the sugar dating industry.

  • How to start the sugar baby life?
  • Where to find a sugar daddy?
  • How much does the average sugar daddy pay?
  • Are all sugar daddies 50-year-old?
  • Can you become a successful sugar baby in a small city?

These are just some of the questions you can see popping up on social media, and you can be sure to find the right answers to them with just a simple Google search.

Just like you have found my article.

The sugar dating industry has been getting even bigger and bigger during the last year, with sugar dating websites seeing a rise in the number of members.

There is also one very interesting fact, and that is the fact that many women are deciding to pursue the sugar daddy lifestyle by becoming sugar mamas.

Now even young men can find themselves a woman who will spoil them and finance them via these dating services.

This has changed the traditional sugar baby meaning and refined how to be a sugar baby since we’re no longer talking about sexy young women alone.

There is also a What’s your price for guys who are looking for their sugar mamas, making their experience way faster and easier.

Expert tips on improving your sugar daddy experience

Reading about the sugar daddy lifestyle on the internet is a logical first step for anyone entering the sugar dating industry.

But there are often incorrect information and exaggerations that don’t have much to do with the sugar daddy experience.

We would always recommend talking with some of your guy friends who pursue this kind of lifestyle, in case you have them in your surroundings.

These men will provide you with much useful information and potentially connect you with a sugar baby in your area without the use of any dating websites or apps.

They also tend to know where you can approach them in real life, and maybe can set you up on a first date with a friend of their beloved sugar baby.

This is, in fact, how I started my sugar daddy lifestyle.

All of my friends were already into it even though it wasn’t that mainstream and popular 10 years ago.

Hearing about all the benefits and positive experiences of theirs, I decided to become a sugar daddy too.

My best friend arranged a first date with a lovely young woman for me, and now, a decade later – I’m still in it.

We also always encourage young men to at least try it for a year or two if they aren’t in a committed relationship.

It is indeed a valuable experience that will broaden your horizons and allow you to meet many wonderful and smart young women, but also great successful men who pursue this lifestyle too.

We’re confident that you’ll be surprised by how many interesting and amazing people you can meet in this industry, and we believe that every sugar date will bring you a new experience even if you decide to never meet again.

Some young guys that decided to give it a try also told me that this lifestyle suits them more than the regular partying and hookup culture that is associated with people of their age.

But, there is someone that understands this industry way better and further than us and that is actually a man who created it in the first place.

While it may sound too exaggerated to say someone created the sugar dating industry, we believe that Brandon Wade is much more than that since he allowed people around the world to try this new type of dating for the first time.

Brandon Wade is a man who created What’s Your Price and many other sugar dating websites like Miss Travel, which made him the pioneer of sugar dating websites.

Realizing the needs of both men and women who were seeking beneficial relationships but didn’t know how to engage in them with someone from their surroundings, he decided to create a platform that will match people who can fulfill each other’s needs.

He is a person that enabled us to have a sugar daddy and sugar baby experience, always working on his platforms and launching new ones that can satisfy everyone’s desires.

All you had to do to start with your sugar daddy lifestyle both 10 years ago and today are to create an online dating profile, find a good profile picture and schedule a meet-up with the sugar baby of your dreams.

Many men around the world praise Brandon Wade for his business moves, and we’re sure that many girls who are college students do that too.

Many of these girls were trying to connect with wealthy men who can finance their lifestyle even before websites like What’s your price appeared.

Unfortunately, the arrangements made over sketchy dating websites and social media were far less safe and could often lead to tragic consequences.

Since the What’s your price and websites similar to it appeared, we see a spike in the number of girls using them, but we also have far less regular sex work or prostitution in our society.

How To Improve Your Sugar Daddy Experience ([year]) 6

This type of mutually beneficial relationship nowadays is attractive even to men and women who can find an adequate partner in real life, but rather choose to gain a new experience and try new things that many people don’t have the courage for.

Brandon Wade has also released books on the sugar dating topic that will give you a brief look into the sugar dating world and answer any questions you have probably had about it.

There are also sugar daddy interviews, chapters that discuss how a sugar baby relationship works, how much money you should save to be your sugar daddy money, how much do sugar daddies pay in some countries.

There are also interviews with women who have been pursuing the sugar baby lifestyle for years, but also psychologists specialized in this matter who answer things like what is the motivation and how did you get into sugaring and how will sugar dating affect women and their future.

My favorite one so far is his book called “Seeking Arrangement: The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships” which we believe is the best choice for every sugar daddy who is just starting in this industry.

The book is available on Amazon and if you are really curious about sugar dating I would always recommend buying his other books – What’s Your Price?: The Online Dating Auction and Connecting with the ‘IN’ Crowd: How to Network, Hang Out, and Play with Millionaires Online.

Connecting with the ‘IN’ Crowd is especially useful for all men and women who pursue this type of lifestyle to showcase their wealth or earn them.

This book will give you a great explanation of how many very popular influencers today started as sugar babies when they were just 18-year-old, getting their first credit cards and a loft in New York from their sugar daddy, not from the money earned via their Instagram profile or wealthy parents or grandparents.

All three of these books offer not only great insight into the sugar dating industry but also amazing tips that are very helpful both to very experienced men like me and also to complete sugar daddy beginners.

These sugar daddy tips come from both successful sugar daddies and sugar babies, but also psychologists, sociologists and creators, and editors of sugar dating websites like Brandon Wade and his colleagues.

In case you were not sure If the sugar daddy lifestyle is the right choice for you, we recommend reading these books and listening to Brandon speak on this subject.

We gave you plenty of advice that we believe is crucial for a good start in the sugaring world that we’re sure will give you extreme benefits in your sugar daddy life.

Still not sure?

Give yourself some time, research about the sugar daddy experience through many different resources, and decide whether you will give in to this way of living or not.


The methodology used for this article on how to improve your sugar daddy experience was to gather and test various means by which a sugar daddy can get more out of the sugar dating world.

Our approach was to interview both current and past sugar daddies that had a successful stint and review their experiences and combine them with expert opinions to arrive at a logical conclusion.


We do hope you’ve had a filled day on how to improve your sugar daddy experience in the best ways possible.

Don’t forget that amidst the numerous sugar dating websites and apps, there are a lot of sugar baby scams whose profiles look legitimate till they start to ask for money upfront – avoid these at all costs!

If you’re a sugar baby reading this, then you also must’ve gained valuable information on how to get a sugar daddy and make him happy.

Whether you’re a sugar daddy, sugar momma, or sugar baby, we do sincerely believe that one way or another this guide has been helpful to your sugar dating experience.

Do not hesitate to voice your concerns, comments, and questions below.

Good luck and cheers!

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