Sugar Daddy Books You Need To Read (2024)

When starting out their sugar lifestyle, both sugar babies and sugar daddies look for different resources that can help them on this unique journey, and books about sugar dating are certainly one of the best things for that.

Sugar Daddy Books You Need To Read ([year]) 8

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Even though sugar dating is quite a controversial topic in our society, there are still plenty of people who are very open about this lifestyle and love sharing their experiences with other people.

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Some of the things the best books about sugar dating will reveal to you:

What are the things you need to know about sugar dating
Which techniques are needed for instant success
What are the secrets of the most successful sugar babies and sugar daddies
And more

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6 Best Sugar Daddy Books

1. “How To Be A Sugar Daddy” By William Richardson

Sugar Daddy Books You Need To Read ([year]) 9

“How to be a Sugar daddy” was released almost a decade ago when sugar dating wasn’t even that popular and platforms like What’s your name were used by a really small number of people.

This book was a best seller on Amazon a few times and it is definitely one of the most popular books about sugaring in general.

Giving a deep insight into who a sugar daddy is, the way he acts, approaches, and treats women, it is a very simple yet useful book to all people who are complete beginners to sugar dating.

Being released a long time ago, this book tells us about many things in the sugar industry that are well known to anyone with an internet connection nowadays, but it doesn’t mean that advice you can find in it is not useful, especially to complete newbies to the industry.

On the other side, if you have already spent some time sugaring and have experience with this lifestyle, you probably won’t find anything that is interesting or new in it.

However, I believe it should be one of the first things every potential sugar baby or sugar daddy should read before they engage in a sugar arrangement because it will give them a bigger picture of the industry in general.

2. “The Sugar Daddy Formula” by Taylor B. Jones

Sugar Daddy Books You Need To Read ([year]) 10

“The Sugar Daddy Formula” was released around the same time as a book by William Richardson and its aim was to reach female sugar babies in the first place.

Taylor B. Jones claims that she will help you find the man of your dreams and establish a high-quality long-term relationship with him in which you will reap all the benefits.

She goes into details of sugar dating and explains that in order to find a valuable man, a slim and hot body is not enough – you have to know certain skills in order to attract a man and make him go crazy for you.

One of the best things about this book is the fact that it provides you with a step-by-step guide to seducing and keeping a sugar daddy for yourself, which is something you won’t find in too many places.

The guide will introduce you to things that are needed in order to create an amusing and attractive sugar profile, help you develop your personal sugar baby sign, and choose the best type of arrangement, but also help you make your own “sugar daddy plan” that will help you get a man that you want.

Taylor really put the effort into this book and she even made two thorough case studies about sugar dating and things men look for in potential sugar babies.

She is very generous when it comes to advice and it seems like she managed to successfully cover all the questions you might have about the role of a sugar baby and sugar relationships in general.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
"Best for Discreet Sugar Dating"
"Best for Sugar Mommas"
"Best for Cheating Sugar Dating"
"Our Sugar Daddy/Baby Quiz"

In my opinion, this is a very good read even for women who don’t strive to become sugar babies but rather want to have more success in traditional dating (like Tinder or eHarmony) and avoid insignificant connections and hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

This is the perfect book for girls who want to become sugar babies but don’t know what is the right way to do it, also for women who have been pursuing this lifestyle for some time now and want to upgrade their overall presence and attitude.

It provides you with many beneficial and relevant pieces of advice and explains everything in detail, so there is no way you can go wrong with it.

Even though it’s mostly aimed at sugar babies, I believe it can be a great source for sugar daddies too and that it will help them understand the mind of women who pursue this type of lifestyle and their wishes much better.

3. “Ho Tactics: How To Mindfuck A Man Into Spending, Spoiling and Sponsoring” by G. L. Lambert

Sugar Daddy Books You Need To Read ([year]) 11

“Ho Tactics” is definitely one of the most controversial books that have seen the light of the day during the previous decade.

This is a book that started many debates even before people actually read it because its title is more than scandalous, and it caused many controversies in the year 2014 when it was released.

In modern society, there is a phrase that says “Hoes always stay winning” and that is something this book is trying to emphasize and present to all of its readers.

It reveals the inner world of dominant females who use the art of seduction to provide themselves with a life full of abundance and luxuries.

Lambert does a deep dive into this topic and teaches you how to gain power over members of the opposite sex, no matter how innocent, shy, or inexperienced you are.

Not only it will give you a real confidence boost, but it will also help you realize that real-life relationships are nothing like those you have read about in romance novels and that you need to find a way to control and manipulate men if you want to stay winning in this field of your life.

It debunks the myth of dominant sugar daddies and makes you realize that in most cases, powerful women are the ones who have the last word in these relationships.

This book is not aimed only at sugar babies, it is a valuable guide for all women who don’t want to settle for cheap and fishy men anymore and want to find someone who will love them and cherish them.

It offers a deep insight into men’s psychology and helps you realize their perspective of relationships and the reasons why they rarely commit to any woman.

Once you finish reading this book you will certainly feel like a completely new woman and will have many new skills and talents that will allow you to manipulate men into spoiling you and offering you real princess-like life.

4. “The Art Of Seduction” by Robert Greene

Sugar Daddy Books You Need To Read ([year]) 12

We can clearly say that without any doubt, “The Art of Seduction” is definitely one of the most popular and important books that were released during the 2000s.

Even though it came out more than 20 years ago, it seems like this book by Robert Greene started gaining the popularity and clout it deserves only during the past few years, and it became really popular not only in the sugar dating industry but also in the self-help niches.

Robert Greene does an amazing job using characters from history and literature to present you with seductive and powerful techniques that will help you become an object of desire for everyone, and help you trick them into doing whatever you want.

This book is a synthesis of many learning from psychology and philosophy, but also verified tactics and behavior of some of the greatest seducers of all times like Cleopatra and Josephine Bonaparte.

It also presents you with 24 different types of seducers like the Siren, the Rake, the Ideal Lover, the Coquette, and the Charmer.

Not only it offers you an insight into people’s wishes and desires, and the motives that make them seek certain people and relationships, it also gives you advice on how to seduce and manipulate people of many different characters and personalities.

Greene believes that seduction is the ultimate form of power and that it makes people forgive you for all the manipulation and bad things you may have done because they perceive you as someone who brings them immense pleasure.

The whole book is filled with many cultural references and it takes a dive into the lives of some of the most famous people that have ever walked the earth, revealing to you all of their techniques and methods that brought them great success.

While some people think it is a very immoral and dangerous book that allows basically anyone to play with people’s minds, all of the things you will read in it were revealed by psychologists and philosophers many, many years ago.

It is not like all of those books on sugaring and the lives of sugar babies, but rather a very valuable selection of psychological theories supported by historical evidence.

This is a must-read for every single person out there, especially for all the young women who are very often the object of manipulation in both traditional and sugar relationships.

“Art of Seduction” has been featured in popular newspapers like the New York Times and it should be a part of anyone’s book club or book collection because the things you will learn from it can be applied to every single area of your life.

5. “Sugar Daddy” by Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Books You Need To Read ([year]) 13

Lisa Kleypas is known for her historical romance books, and even though this one is set into the modern-day and describes the struggles of modern women, it is still a very amusing book and it gives a great description of sugar relationships and what they may evolve into.

Liberty Jones”s boyfriend Hardy leaves the town to pursue his dreams and she is left with a younger sister to raise.

Very soon, she finds herself being crazily attracted to an older man who happens to be a billionaire tycoon, or a Sugar Daddy, how some may call him.

This story will make you completely invested in Liberty’s life journey, and you will want to follow her as she continues to reveal the secrets from her family’s past that are closely connected to her sugar daddy.

Before you start reading, you should know that is completely a fiction book, but that it still does a great job of describing the sugar bowl and the reasons why many men and women choose to pursue the sugar lifestyle.

Her loyal readers claim that it is as amusing as her famous historical novels, and although it didn’t receive too much attention when it was a new book on the market, it is one of her best-rated books and still sells in hundreds of issues every year.

It is not only a sugar book but also a great read for everyone that loves amusing and unusual stories, so you should read it slowly, enjoying every single sentence and chapter.

“Sugar Daddy” can be bought in many bookstores and on Amazon, but you can also download it on your Kindle device.

6. “Sugar Daddy Diaries: When A Fantasy Became An Obsession” By Helen Croydon

Sugar Daddy Books You Need To Read ([year]) 14

We are continuing with the sugar babies books and our next recommendation is this great work by Helen Croydon.

What she thought will be just a few fancy dates, turned into a luxurious life full of elegant designer clothes, adventurous trips throughout the whole world, and a lifestyle she just couldn’t let go of.

This sugar baby book is based on a real-life story of a young woman from New York who decided to ditch the city girl lifestyle in order to become a member of high society, and she didn’t even do it on purpose.

The main hero of the book questions modern relationships and examines the way money and power affect our relations with other people.

She shows us the world of sugar dating from her own perspective and deeply explains the way she actually got into this industry and the reasons why she continued to do sugaring, without revealing any of these things even to her best friend.

Books on sugar dating usually do not take into consideration that many women do not pursue sugaring just because they need money, some of them just find this type of lifestyle to fit them so well that nothing else seems to be satisfying enough.

Helen does a great job of providing you an insight into the mind of a sugar baby and what she is thinking about in many different situations while giving brief descriptions of many events that occur in the life of a regular sugar baby.

Sex scenes are also one of the things that are very briefly described in the book, just as many uncomfortable situations like fights and the shock of her close people finding out what she actually does for a living.

This is also Helen’s first book that brought her instant success, helping her become one of the best-selling authors of the modern age.

While she never confirmed it, the rumors say this is actually her life story because there are even more sugaring stories on her WordPress platform.

We can’t say for sure whether it is true or not, but we highly suggest this confession of a real-life sugar baby and recommend adding it to your Amazon wishlist or Kindle edition.

All of the books we have mentioned are great pieces about the sugar industry and dating in general which will allow you to gain a deep insight into the minds of people in these relationships and the techniques they use in order to become successful in it.

You can choose the one that seems to be the most appealing to you, or even read all of these books and gain enormous knowledge that will definitely help you gain much success while sugaring.

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