Sugar Daddy Stories to Get You Inspired 2024

Are you interested in becoming a Sugar Daddy in no time, but you don’t know where to start? Have you tried almost everything, but things just go wrong?

Well, luckily for you, my future sugar daddies, now you have me to help you to become a successful and unique sugar daddy, and it will be much easier than you’ve ever thought.

Sugar Daddy Stories to Get You Inspired [year] 2

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I decided to write this brief compilation of sugar daddy stories that will instantly get you a one-way ticket to a sugar daddy paradise city. Here you will find:

My sugar daddy story
Why did I even start Sugar Dating at all?
What Is the difference between a Sugar Baby, a Gold Digger, and a Sex work?
And much more

As an experienced and successful sugar daddy, I will lead you through all the basic steps that will land you among sugar babies worldwide. 

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My Sugar Daddy Story

My sugar daddy’s very first personal experience dated several years ago when I was at the begging of my sugar daddy’s journey.

I was sitting in a bar with one of my best friends, and drinking the best Negroni in New York.

We were talking about our happily divorced marriages, and I was struggling to find a beautiful and honest girl with no strings attached.  

My buddy mentioned that he had been using a few sugar daddies’ websites and he had always been surrounded by pretty, young babies who understood his necessities and hidden desires with monetary compensation. 

And I was just, like, wait for a second.  Those types of relationships don’t really exist right, or do they? 

Why I Even Started Sugar Dating at All?

I dated girls and divorced women who had been seeking financial support or a new marriage to make their yesterday’s mistakes right. 

I needed something new, the excitement that could make me feel young again, and I was definitely looking for a kind of a relationship where I would be the main leader, the alpha male. The man I’ve always wanted to be. 

Students joining 'sugar baby' program to pay school tuition | Washington  Examiner

At the end of the day, I thought, why not?

Life is too short, and let’s ride it wealthy, babies!

What Is Sugar Dating Exactly?

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
"Best for Discreet Sugar Dating"
"Best for Sugar Mommas"
"Best for Cheating Sugar Dating"
"Our Sugar Daddy/Baby Quiz"

Before I give you the first sugar daddy tips, you have to know what sugar dating really is. 

Sugar dating is a special relationship between young women and rich older men. 

That relationship is usually based on your mutual benefits.

You, as a wealthy and older man, are looking for a sexy, young baby who gets money for her different kinds of services. 

Those services are based on sex (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), mutual trust, mutual companion, it can be emotional relationships (like Tinder or eHarmony), and much more. 

You two are those who are arranging the sugar daddy sugar baby rules, and the way you are going to play your sugar games. 

There is no pressure, and there are no commitments.

You can stop your sugar dating whenever it is the most convenient for you. 

The thing that I must underline is the fact that sugar dating isn’t prostitution, and it doesn’t have anything in common with sex work.

It is a beneficial relationship, and what is the most important, it is a legal relationship that is very popular in many countries.

Sugar Dating History

Sugar dating is most spread in Western countries which sugar dating history has been dating since 1908.

The very first sugar dating couple was from the States, and they were the first couple who started that type of sugar relationship.

One interesting example of sugar dating is one of the most famous movies that women really like, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The movie dates from 1961, and it represents the best example of a sugar baby definition

Holly Golightly is a sophisticated, educated, young, beautiful woman that frequents high society clubs to find a sugar daddy.

She has good manners, expensive clothes, and she is a pleasant company for older, rich men who are single, or not, divorced or widowers.

Plus, she is an honest girl who wants to make a large amount of money in no time by helping sugar daddies in different ways.

Since then, sugar relationships have been very popular in Western countries. 

The recently made statistic shows that the number of sugar daddies and sugar babies has been seriously increased during the Covid pandemic.

Over 100 thousand sugar babies monthly spend their time on Google, searching how to find a sugar daddy fast?.

The same statistic shows that 10% of women per hour were sugar babies in their previous lives, going back through the time they were millennials.

What Is the Difference Between a Sugar Baby, a Gold Digger, and a Sex Work?

Sugar babes want to make some extra money, and that extra money they use to lead a better life, to pay student loans, or to simply enjoy the benefits of being a sugar baby.

Sugar babies always approach you with honesty, and they don’t expect to be the one and only. 

Sugar babies are from 19 to 35 years old. They are often college students and they treat wealthy men in a special way that everyone likes.

They are well-educated college students with whom you can have amazing moments, a normal relationship with no further expectations, and are all almost like girls next door. 

They have good manners, they look great, and they are smart. And the best thing is that you don’t have to marry them.

You can both spend some time together, and you can always break up your relationship anytime you want. 

You don’t have to pretend you are someone you’ll never be.

You can give your real name, address, and car keys.

You can spend full-time with your sugar baby, or you can arrange the time you want to spend with her. 

And the last, but not less important thing is that it is a legal relationship that mustn’t be forced, and it isn’t just about great sex. 

My Sugar Daddy Experience

How I started to use social media to become a sugar daddy?

The very first steps are always the most difficult ones. 

That first step is choosing the best dating site for sugar daddies. 

There are several online dating sites that you can use if you want to become a premium sugar daddy.

What is the best sugar daddy dating site?

I personally started with Tinder. Tinder is one of the meeting places of leaders worldwide, and there is a wide range of members that you can find. 

After creating my honest and detailed Tinder profile, soon I started to meet up with many girls, and they all were looking for different kinds of relationships. 

Some were ready to become an online sugar babies.

How to sign up for Tinder from Android, iOS or web: Step-by-step guide -  Information News

Some of them had already become experienced sugar babies, and some were looking for a casual hookup or a serious relationship. 

Quickly, I figured out that Tinder wasn’t my number one choice.

So, I decided to dig deeper. 

I started using What’s your price and this sugar daddy website thoroughly blew my mind.

The What’s your price online dating site is the best sugar daddy website because it offers exactly what sugar daddies and sugar babies are looking for. 

When I opened my sugar daddy’s account on this site, messages started coming one by one in a short time. 

Sugar babies sent the same questions: ”When can we meet ASAP?”

I was pleasantly surprised, and the next day, I started my sugar daddy dating. Successfully!

On the What’s your price website, there are many different profiles of sugar babies

Every single girl on What’s your price looks very attractive, beautiful, polite, and not too demanding.

Plus, a lot of these young women are highly educated, they’ve graduated from one of the best universities, and they all know what they can expect to date a sugar daddy. 

I’ve met many other sugar daddies, and I’ve heard many sugar daddy testimonials. 

When you enter the online daddy world, you will hear, see, and learn everything.

That’s why it is crucial to follow the next steps if you are looking forward to having a real-life experience like mine is. 

Or, you just want to prolong the sugar daddy history and add your story to other sugar daddy real stories. 

How I created my perfect sugar daddy profile?

If you want to start dating the best sugar babies, and if you want to start making the history of your sugar daddy success stories, your profile has to be perfect. 

It has to be a profile that screams: “I’m the best sugar daddy for you, and you know it!”

Let’s talk about your profile picture first.

Your profile picture has to be flawless. Pure perfection. You should look serious, but casual, at the same time. 

Make an effort to get the best profile photo.

Sit in front of the fireplace even it is summer.

Sit on your Chesterfield sofa, and hold the glass of your finest scotch in your hand.

Accentuate details. 

Dress your expensive suit, and shamelessly show your Rolex that will sparkle the room.

Light up some candles, place them around you, and show your romantic side, too. 

After posting your best picture, it’s time to write a detailed description of your profile.

This is the second crucial step you have to make on dating apps. 

Write a detailed description, and add everything that can assure you to get as many sugar babies messages as you can.

Your profile description is also your assurance that millennial girls are in the right place, and that your profile isn’t just a fake one. 

Sugar Dating From Sugar Daddies Perspective

Many people keep asking me did I regret the time I have spent being a sugar daddy and why I became a sugar daddy at all.

SD/SB relationship - What is it about? | Sugar Player

Why should I regret it? Honestly, what is about a sugar date not to like?

Things that a sugar date offers to sugar daddies worldwide are:

  • Completely freedom
  • Effectiveness – everyone gets what they like
  • Safety –  it is a legal date, and there are some rules you have to respect
  • Honesty – both sides are honest and they define their relationship. They are playing by arranged rules
  • A sugar date is a perfect date for those men who like controlling everything
  • A sugar daddy never seeks a sugar baby. Sugar babies are those who come to him first.

Sugar Dating From the Sugar Babies Perspective

Things that a sugar date offers to sugar babies worldwide:

  • Make some extra money
  • An honest relationship based on mutual benefits
  • Sugar babies never seek a serious relationship
  • Daily or monthly allowance 
  • Extra excitement when sugar babies get bored of dating regular dudes

Guide Tips for Sugar Dating

How to find a sugar baby?

Accept your friend’s recommendation, the best way to find a sugar baby is using social media or sugar daddy/sugar baby websites and apps. 

I will leave you the list of the top five online dating sites for sugar daddies that are safe to use. 

Top five sugar daddy online dating sites:

1. What’s your price

2. SugarDaddyMeet

3. SecretBenefits

4. Ashley Madison

5. Emily Dates

Sugar dating relationship rules that you have to respect

There are a few rules you have to follow if you want to become one of the most popular sugar daddies.

1. Sugar daddy culture

Sugar dating is much more than just great sex and hidden desires. You have to educate yourself more about the sugar dating culture.

Read, learn and dig as many sugar daddy dating guides as you can. 

Find out more about daddy relationships, and find out also how to avoid sugar daddy horror stories

Make your bad experiences into your best experiences, and get the point from them. 

2. Never contact a sugar baby first

If you make a flawless sugar daddy profile, following the tips I’ve already given you, babies will come to you immediately. 

Your inbox will be full of different offers for different kinds of arrangements

3. You don’t own me

Always remember that sugar babies aren’t your propriety, you don’t own them. 

4. Make your sugar baby happy, all the time.

It goes without saying – happy sugar baby means happy sugar daddy.

5. Be a gentleman, not a jerk.

Just because you are paying for something, doesn’t mean you own a person. Don’t be a jerk!

6. Clear-deal with mutual benefits arrangements

Define things properly and honestly. Decide what your budget will be.

Be clear with your sexual expectations and desires. Being a sugar daddy requires you to have a goal.

It will make you more handsome. In the end, find out her desires, the things she wants and expects. 

Tips for Your First Date Based on Real Sugar Daddy Experiences

1. First date must be prepared in advance

Find out some interesting things about your sugar baby from her profile, and prepare well for your first date.

Give her a compliment that isn’t related to her online profile, or physical appearance.

Play smart and foxy.

Always be a gentleman 

Order the most expensive drink to welcome her while she is entering a restaurant, and take her out to a place where everyone knows you.

She will trust you when she sees how many people you know, and that everyone likes you. 

2. Talk with your sugar baby 

Everyone likes casual chatting and flirting. It will show her that you are not interested in her just because she looks like a girl from the cover.

You will intrigue her with your cool guy attitude. 

3. Open–minded and honest

Always be open and honest, and demand the same thing from her.

4. Set up some boundaries

Discover her boundaries, and if you like them, don’t break them.

You have to respect women’s boundaries. Some things don’t have a price. 

5. Protect your body

Take care of your sexual health and keep away from warnings.

Final Word

I hope that these sugar daddy personal stories helped you to figure out how to become a sugar daddy, and how to be successful in sugar dating

I tried to make a short guide for all of you who want to learn some basic steps in sugar dating, and I hope you liked it.

If you want to learn more about sugar dating, go to the section below and find out more about sugaring. 


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