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What a good sugar baby profile needs to have
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How to set up your sugar baby profile

Lucky for you, we’re here to help you create the perfect sugar baby profile and find your dream sugar daddy in a matter of just a few days.

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    Once you decide to join the world of sugar dating and find your perfect sugar daddy, you will need to make your own sugar baby profile on some of the sugar daddy dating sites.

    “What should I put in my sugar baby bio” is one of the commonest questions we found many sugar babies struggle with, and unfortunately, there are not many useful pieces of advice on the internet regarding this topic.

    For starters, your heading and the description of your profile is something that your potential sugar daddy will see first, and in case they are interesting enough, they will for sure approach you.

    So no matter the type of sugar daddy relationship you’re looking for, endeavor to stick with the following etiquettes on being a sugar baby.

    1. Know what a good sugar baby profile needs to have

    Creating an interesting sugar baby profile is the key to attracting sugar daddies or a sugar daddy for gay men on sugar baby apps and sugar dating sites like What’s your price or SugarDaddyMeet.

    During our research, we discovered many newbie sugar babies don’t realize that a good dating profile and attractive pictures can determine your future sugar baby profile’s success.

    A lot of sugar daddy sites like these have thousands of sugar babies, sugar daddies, sugar mommas, and gay sugar daddies and it can be pretty hard to stand out unless you really work on your profile and make it 100% unique.

    If you want online-only sugar baby jobs, your profile must attract the best to you.

    So, how should a What’s your price profile look like to attract the attention of potential sugar daddies for long-term relationships (like on Tinder or eHarmony) and hookups (like on BeNaughty or Ashley Madison)?

    These are some of the things best sugar baby profiles have:

    • Unique and cool name
    • High-quality profile pictures
    • A catchy and provocative heading
    • An interesting and thorough description

    2. Come up with a good profile headline

    Most sugar babies who have been using these sugar baby websites don’t really understand the importance of an interesting and catchy headline.

    When your sugar daddy is scrolling through his home page, looking for a young and beautiful woman he will approach, he doesn’t want to see hundreds of “I want a sugar daddy” headlines – he already knows that.

    He wants to find a woman that is standing out from the crowd, so your sugar baby profile headline should be intriguing and interesting enough to make him go to your profile page.

    Make sure your headline is not something like “Seeking a rich man” or “Sugar baby looking for her sugar daddy”  and avoid using emojis.

    You should always leave him wanting for more of who you are, so come up with a headline that will exude some mysterious and seductive energy.

    These are some of the sugar daddy profile headlines you could use:

    • Whenever however wherever!
    • I’m interested in what makes you tick.
    • Your wallet should be as thick as me.

    Once you come up with your own sugar baby attention grabber example, switch it.

    Always research the online dating profile examples on the dating website you’re using and make sure you don’t use the same headline many girls are already using.

    There are also many simple and basic headlines that you should avoid at all costs:

    • Hi, Hello
    • I need/want a sugar daddy
    • Looking for my sugar daddy
    • Message me

    3. Mind what you write in my sugar baby bio

    The place for your bio or the description box is something like your “About me” page which you will use to present yourself in the best way possible, but also describe the traits your perfect match or sugar daddy should have.

    A good headline is something that will attract a potential sugar daddy to visit your profile, but your sugar baby about me description is something that will decide whether he will approach you or not.

    We suggest you should never go for “what makes you a good sugar baby description” since you don’t have to prove to anyone that you are sugar baby material.

    A sugar baby profile description includes two sections- your “about me” one used to present yourself and the “What I am looking for” section which you will use to describe your perfect partner and explain how the best sugar daddy looks like for you.

    Make sure you don’t sound boring or too casual when writing these two sections because most sugar daddies don’t want a girl next door, but rather a young, exciting, and adventurous woman. 

    Remember that sugar dating is a mutually beneficial relationship, and you’ll need to make your potential sugar daddy know you’re worth your monthly allowance.

    Depending on the interest your sugar baby description will spark, your rich sugar daddy will decide whether he will ask you out on a  first date or not.

    So, what makes a good sugar baby bio?

    The biggest struggle for most SBs, especially newbies to sugaring, is how to create an “about me” page that will present them in a great way but remains alluring and interesting to men.

    A sugar baby’s about me section should never be just one or two sentences because that will make you look both uninterested and boring to sugar daddies and being an online-only sugar baby.

    Never use that basic What’s your price “about me” sugar baby profile sample because it reveals nothing about you, and a sugar daddy will probably just scroll by your profile.

    Setup your sugar baby profile this way

    What to put in bio as a sugar baby to make it look realistic?

    There are some things you should always include in your personal description for a sugar baby to make your profile look credible.

    • Your sugar baby name
    • Age
    • Your occupation or what kind of university you are attending
    • Personality traits
    • Hobbies
    • Your strengths
    • Why did you join this website
    • What makes you the perfect sugar baby

    There are many different types of sugar daddy scams on sugar bowl sites, and these men want to make sure they are always protected, especially older men.

    It is not precisely defined what your sugar baby bio should say but you have to make sure it is captivating to potential sugar daddies.

    List all of your good sides and things you can provide your sugar daddy with, then come up with a fun and creative way to present them in your about me section.

    Never share your horror sugar baby experiences or mention things you won’t be able to offer because it can put you in an uncomfortable situation when you meet your sugar daddy in person.

    You can mention your hobbies, interests, some things you are educated about because it will help you attract sugar daddies with the same interests, and they will probably be more appreciative to someone who can understand them.

    Include some of your good personality traits and always mention that you are trustworthy, unprejudiced, discreet.

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    Make sure you always sound polite, elegant, and polished because you don’t want anyone to get a bad first impression once they check out your profile.

    Never use words like stupid, dumb, idiot, etc. because you will come off as rude and unmannered.

    A sugar dating tip we warn every single girl in the sugaring industry about is – never mention money or your average sugar baby allowance in your description.

    Sugar daddies know that they should be providing their sugar babies with some type of financial support so you don’t have to accent your need for money on your “about me” page.

    This can also make you look like a scammer, a major sugar baby safety advice is to avoid mentioning money in your description by any means.

    When profile writing, never include any of your personal or contact information like your full (real) name, links to your social media profiles, or your phone number.

    We strongly advise against it because this can put you in dangerous situations and damage your future sugar relationships.

    Some of the sugar daddy dating sites remove this type of information the moment they see them, but in some cases, it can be too late.

    Your sugar baby dating success depends a lot on your profile, so you should make sure you create a successful sugar baby profile that will attract hundreds of potential sugar daddies.

    There are many bad sugar baby profile examples on the internet so make sure you take them with a pinch of salt before you decide to follow any of those sugar dating tips.

    Before including any of these things in your description, it is very important to upload photos of high quality that will prove to these men that you’re a real sugar baby looking for her partner.

    Now that you are familiar with good sugar baby about me examples and know-how to create the perfect description box, it is time to learn how to fill out the “What I am looking for” section.

    This is the place where you will describe your perfect sugar daddy, list all the things you expect to get from your man but in a way that is not too aggressive, since you don’t want your sugar daddy to feel like he’s used only for his money.

    Demand respect and kindness, list a few more personality traits he should have and you’re done.

    Just like in your sugar baby description examples, you should never mention how much money or property he should have because you can come off as rude. 

    Sugar Baby Profile ([year]) - Amazing Tips, Tricks, & More! 1

    This is also pretty irrelevant on dating sites like What’s your price and SugarDaddyMeet because men who pursue the role of a sugar daddy via them are usually pretty wealthy.

    In case you are starting your sugar baby experience via Tinder or a similar dating app, you can mention that you desire a rich man, to push off salt and Splenda daddies.

    Ensure you update your knowledge on the signs of a salt daddy.

    Here are some sugar baby bio examples you should follow to create a good sugar baby profile:

    About me

    I’m Leya, from New York. I’m a full-time college student studying psychology. I have a lot of free time that I love spending with new and interesting people. I may be shy at first but as you get to know me, you’ll see that I love to travel, dance, and am generally a very positive person. I believe loyalty is my best personality trait, but also the fact that I have no prejudices about anyone. I love trying out new things and visiting new places. In case you believe I am the right woman for you, try messaging me and finding whether we are a good match or not.

    My name is Kylie and I am 27 years old. I work as an interior designer and love having creative conversations with different people. Reading, writing, and running are some things that are always a part of my routine. I seek someone who matches my personality, is funny but also can lead serious conversations at the same time. Respect is the most important thing for me and you should always keep that in mind.

    What I’m looking for

    Your age is something I don’t care about, the only thing that really matters to me is that you are kind and generous. The man I choose should have a great sense of humor, be very easy going and like trying out different things. A respectful gentleman who is knowledgeable about many topics is someone I will admire and try to make happy at all times. 

    Looking for someone who knows what they want, and knows how to get it. I seek open-minded people willing to engage in interesting experiences. He should be genuine and kind-hearted as well, with honest intentions. A good advantage would be someone who enjoys art! Art is what I do for a living so I would be very happy if I found someone who can lead conversations about it with me.  I love trying out new food and I want to meet someone who will enjoy it just as much! I desire someone who is not afraid to express their needs because I will always make sure to satisfy all of your desires.


    In researching for this guide on How to Make the Perfect Sugar Baby Profile and Attract Sugar Daddy of Your Dreams, Onlineforlove conducted a study of several sugar baby profiles on What’s your price before concluding on the best way to create a sugar baby profile.

    Our approach and selection of these top profiles were based on factors like overall completeness of profile, the uniqueness of the profile heading, and the rarity of the profile name.

    Final Word

    These are just some of the very good What’s your price profile examples, but we believe you can find many more on websites like Letstalksugar or sugar dating forums and communities on the internet.

    What do sugar babies look like, how they act, what sugar babies do, and what they like are just some of the things a sugar daddy can conclude from your online dating profile, so you should always make sure you try your best to create an amusing one that will leave men intrigued and make them approach you immediately.

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