Sugar Momma on Craigslist in 2024 – How To Find One Easily

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Sugar Momma on Craigslist in [year] - How To Find One Easily 2

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How can I use Craigslist for sugar mama dating?

Finding a sugar momma is quite more demanding and time-consuming than finding a sugar daddy, so we find a male sugar baby seeking a sugar momma reaching out to different sugar momma apps, websites, and techniques to find their sugar momma.

One of the platforms you would probably never think of using for sugar dating is definitely Craigslist, which has become very popular and efficient during the past few years.

When looking for sugar momma dating sites most people would choose traditional sugar dating platforms like What’s your price or SugarDaddyMeet site which have millions of active users and have proved to be the best ones for establishing beneficial relationships.

Sugar Momma on Craigslist

However, during the last year, we have seen people using websites that have nothing to do with sugar dating to meet their sugar daddies and sugar mamas.

Craigslist is a USA website made strictly for advertisements of all kinds and a place where you can find everything from picture frames, lamps, sofas, jobs to housing offers.

It has plenty of classified categories so it is pretty easy to use if you are looking to buy or sell something, however, many people have started using this website for sugar dating.

Whether or not we think it’s the right place is not important, the fact is that it gets the job done for the sb/sd relationship.

With sugar daddy sites being too hard to navigate for many newbie sugar babies, they have decided to start publishing sugar baby ads on Craigslist, hoping they can meet sugar daddies online from their surroundings.

Craigslist allows you to publish ads about whatever you want and filter it so only people living in your city or area can see it.

Even though only a few people were using Craigslist in this way during the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in the number of ads classified under “adult gigs” during the last year, offering different types of relationships and arrangements for both men and women.

This has turned out to be a great option during the Covid pandemic since neither sugar babies nor sugar daddies could travel from one city to another.

They decided to find a partner in their area and stick to sugar dating in a place they know and has reasonable restrictions.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
"Best for Discreet Sugar Dating"
"Best for Sugar Mommas"
"Best for Cheating Sugar Dating"
"Our Sugar Daddy/Baby Quiz"

Finding a Sugar Momma on Craigslist online ads

Becoming a Craigslist sugar baby is very easy because all you have to do is create a sugar baby ad that you will publish on this website or simply search for sugar momma ads that already exist on this platform.

There is a category called “adult gigs” which is unofficially made for sugar dating and dating in general.

Both men and women classify their ads under this category to find younger men or women that would engage in some type of relationship with them, long-term (like Tinder or eHarmony) or hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

There are no sugar momma classifieds, so you can also try searching for your rich sugar momma by typing the terms related to it into the search box.

Make sure your ad is very clear and concise because you want people, potential sugar mamas to know you are a sugar baby and that you are open to sugar dating only.

This should help you get rid of women trying to trick you into cougar dating or a random hookup.

How long it will take you to find sugar momma can depend a lot on your city or area and how popular sugar dating there is in general, but also on the content of your ad.

Just stating “looking for sugar mommas near me” as an ad heading may scare off potential sugar mommies.

If you sound bored or desperate, not many sugar mamas will reach out to you, they will skip pages until they find someone who seems to be a lot more interesting.

While Craigslist turned out to be a great way for meeting a sugar mommy for many young men, it was also a complete waste of time for many others.

If you don’t think that setting up your sugar baby Craigslist ad is a good idea, we recommend you first start reaching out to older women whose ads you see on it, and see what they are looking for and how they approach sugar dating on this website.

A sugar mama Craigslist ad is usually very simple and the women are clear about what type of sugar relationship or arrangement they are seeking.

In case you have a lot of success this way, and find your sugar mummy without even setting up your own account, great for you.

However, when seeking craigslist sugar mommas, you should be careful because not all the ads under this category are from sugar daddies or sugar mamas.

There are also many cougars looking for cub craigslist ads who will respond to basically any younger man on this website, wanting to have sex with him.

Before you ignore all the other sugar mama options you have, make sure this woman is ready to be your sugar mama and is not only a cougar.

How to be a sugar baby for a sugar daddy on Craigslist?

Now that you have found about this option, we believe this is something that many of you are asking yourselves.

Being a female sugar baby looking for someone who will engage in sugar daddy dating is the same as looking for a sugar mama on Craiglist.

All of the sugar daddy sugar baby rules and tips you should follow are the same, but we always recommend female sugar babies take more care about their safety and the personal information they give out to strangers on the internet because more scamming sugar daddies will target them than male sugar babies.

How to find a sugar daddy on Craigslist is also pretty much the same, the only thing you should do is use “sugar daddy”  as the key term you are looking for.

Many girls were asking how to find a lesbian sugar momma on Craigslist, but this is pretty hard to find on traditional sugar dating websites too, so in case you’re looking for this type of relationship, rather try sugar momma websites like What’s your price.

Would we recommend Craigslist sugar momma dating to everyone?

Even though we know many people have had a lot of success using Craigslist for sugar mama dating, we still believe this should be your last option, and when we say last, we mean you should use it only if nothing else works out.

Sugar momma apps are where to find a sugar momma!

There are way more sugar mammas on the traditional sugar dating apps and websites like Sudy and What’s your price, and they are also way safer than meeting random people from Craigslist.

Craigslist is not made for finding the best sugar mommas in your city but rather for selling and buying things, and putting these types of ads can even cause you much trouble if someone finds out about your real identity or it goes under investigation.

During the past few years there were several police investigations about adult services ads on Craigslist, so unless you really failed at finding a sugar mummy on other websites, don’t use it.

There are so many other dating apps for both iPhone and Android devices that were made for millennials and are very easy to use, having millions of active users which give you better chances for success.

Craiglist also can’t offer you any type of safety because once you start a conversation with a potential sugar mummy, the website has nothing to do with it and everything is up to you two.

Tips for being a sugar baby on Craigslist

If you’ve decided to set up your own sugar baby ad on Craigslist, there are a few things you should do and follow if you want sugar mamas to start reaching out to you.

Your sugar baby profile here is the same as on other sugar dating websites, so make sure you give the most out of yourself to create an ad that will stand out and attract plenty of rich sugar mommas – this is how to get a sugar momma.

1. Use a fake identity

Just like on all online dating platforms, you should use fake sugar baby profile names when you decide to become a sugar baby and create a role for yourself.

Also, use a fake Gmail address and make sure your Craigslist profile is not connected to any of your social media profiles.

We strongly advise you don’t reveal too much about yourself and never give out any of your personal information like real phone number, bank account information, or social security number because you don’t want to be a victim of any scams.

2. Do not send pics

Since Craigslist is a website millions of people use daily, you should not add your personal photos to your ad.

You will probably be targeting potential sugar mamas in your surroundings, and all the ads that are filtered for one city or neighborhood can eventually pop out even to people who are not looking for adult gigs.

Once you establish good communication and are pretty sure that you two will engage in a sugar relationship, and then you can send your pictures.

3. Carefully inspect her messages

When pursuing the sugar baby lifestyle, you should always be very cautious, especially when sugar mummy dating.

There are not many rich sugar mummies out there on dating services, which is something scammers use to find more victims.

If she is responding with one or two words and something about her overall questions and answers looks fishy to you, always listen to your intuition and pursue someone else.

In case you were texting over the phone, we also recommend blocking both her phone and Whatsapp number, to make sure she can’t reach you anymore.

You can get scammed for money, someone can use your personal information for illegal activities, and the worst option – once you schedule the first date you can become a victim of crime.


We studied a number of Craigslist ads by both sugar mamas and sugar babies and were able to conclude on the best way to find a sugar momma on Craiglist.

Our approach was to search for “adult gigs” on Craigslist and analyze the ads in this section to ascertain how successful sugar dating on Craigslist is as compared with traditional sugar dating sites.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve come to the end of this wonderful guide, we do hope that it was worth your while and that you’ve learned the ins of how to get that sugar mama of your choice without needing an arrangement finder.

We do believe that Craigslist can be good for meeting sugaring partners (daddies, mommies, babies) near you, but this should only be after all else.

From our experience, the best results are obtained from niche sites whether for traditional dating or for sugaring.

In the end, we do believe that where you meet your sugar momma isn’t as important as the relationship you share, so don’t hesitate to try out Craigslist if you’ve had no or bad luck with other sugar dating platforms.

Below are some of the top Sugar Dating FAQs we thought could throw more light on Craigslist sugar dating as a whole.

Feel free to leave any further questions in the comments section below, and we’ll make sure to answer them.

Good luck with your sugar hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

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