Secret Benefits Review 2023 – Great Meeting Website or Scam?

Secret Benefits Review 2023 – Great Meeting Website or Scam?

Ever wonder how you can get into an exclusive dating website with style and quality worthy of a true gentleman and lady alike?

If so, get seated and prepare to be amazed because we are going to go in-depth about one of the most popular and successful meeting websites on the internet with a great slice of fun to back it up!

In today’s review, we’ll consider:

The effectiveness of Secret Benefits s a dating platform
The pros and cons of using the site
The cost of premium membership
How easy the site is to use and navigate
… and much more!

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Allow me to introduce you to Secret Benefits!

Secret Benefits Review

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Secret Benefits Review in Video Form

Secret Benefits Review [Sugar Dating Haven?]

Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

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The best part of this complex yet fascinating dating website that has much to offer lies in the quality and pre-determined crowd it wishes to address.

Here is a short preview:


  • Effectiveness-  4/5
  • Features- 3.5/5
  • Ease of use- 4/5
  • Price –4/5


  • Fantastic design accompanied by a great interface
  • A wide spectrum of potential choices to pick from
  • Good profile security and registration policy
  • Sugar babies get to reap the benefits free of charge
  • No ads to worry about
  • One of the top leading websites that leads the sugar dating trend
  • A great breath of fresh air with consistent success
  • The website has excellent response rates among members


  • Free membership for sugar daddies won’t do much in the long run
  • Lack of a mobile app
  • Automatic  renewal of your membership is the norm
  • The service is available only in English
  • It lacks the option of one on one streaming through video

Who is it for/Demographic make-up

Let’s get down to the point from the start: this is a very different dating platform compared to the more popular choices.

The main goal of this website is setting up a lot of deals and connections with sugar daddies who will supplement sugar babies with some sort of benefits that would be repaid through companionship and/or commitment of some sort.

Like other “sugar daddy” dating sites, Secret Benefits is not your everyday hookup site (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

It has an expansive list of both sugar daddies and sugar babies of various ages for many years, during which it established itself as a trustworthy option for connoisseurs and beginners on the dating scene alike.

What really shines through the entire experience is the formal feel of the service- you are indeed engaging with people dedicated to fulfilling their end goal on the website- there is actual transparency on this platform!

With over 2 million visitors each month from the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, and Canada, you can wholeheartedly be assured that the overall chances of scoring a good time during your stay on the website are a lot higher compared to the many alternatives.

It is centred around providing matches mainly for high-status people who wish to construct a relationship, conduct dates, or just have a nice time with people that they fancy.

This means that the female population tends to be on the younger scale (usually within the ranges of  20-25) while the male counterpart scale encompasses both younger and older clients (mainly men in their 40’s and even 30’s as a consequence of sugar dating becoming more mainstream).

An unspoken rule is that “being upper middle class to rich” is a highly desired trait, which has led the user base to specify requirements- even if you don’t have to prove you are reasonably wealthy during the registration process, you will probably be confronted with this later on during your use.

The gender ratio is very stable, offering a 50-50 ratio.

This is a huge benefit that many dating sites try but fail to achieve which leaves ample room for connecting with like-minded people and forming lasting relationships.

Effectiveness of Secret Benefits

The first question on everybody’s mind is probably going to be: does it work?

Let’s take a look at a couple of recent review’s:

Secret Benefits Review [year] - Great Meeting Website or Scam? 7

As you can see, it is both a growing and successful choice for long-term relationships as well as short ones.

Secret Benefits Review [year] - Great Meeting Website or Scam? 8

The large majority of reviews that you can find are positive and serve to showcase the amazing opportunities that can be found here.

Now, the first moment you do log in you will be pleasantly surprised by the modern aesthetic of the service.

It encompasses smooth elements and easy navigation which saves you the trouble of having to spend time trying to understand its many features that are intuitively put forth.

The underlying message that is present throughout the user experience lies in the unique streamlined, no-muss, no-fuss method of delivering excellence, every step of the way.

Sugar babies are given the freedom to socialize and contact their desired sugar daddies without any hindrance regarding costs or any other kind of constrain.

Don’t think that the sugar daddy population has no benefits of their own- it is common for men to be totally honest and upfront with what they want out of a relationship and they are encouraged to be transparent while looking for the ideal partner.

Still, you should be aware that, unlike the usual informal mannerism present in most other dating websites, there is a more mature tone of the conversation that takes place on SecretBenefits.

1. How does it work for your target group?

From the moment you sign up to your first sent message, you are given high chances of receiving an honest response every step of the way.

The basic idea revolves around the sugar daddy spending some money on a sugar baby that can provide a great time in return for the investment.

As searching for new potential candidates for a nice time, the process itself presents wide filters that can help you discern what kind of person you are looking for:

Secret Benefits Review [year] - Great Meeting Website or Scam? 9

The search functionality covers the following facultative criteria:

  • Distance
  • Age
  • Body Type
  • Height
  • Gender
  • Hair Color
  • Piercings
  • Tattoos
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Ethnicity

You are given total freedom that does not involve any games or beating around the bush- everyone knows why they came to the website and what they can expect.

All of the profiles are searchable and the information provided will give you a clear picture of what kind of person you might be getting in contact with.

Another great feature is the Public and Private albums.

-Public albums are for everyone’s eyes as whoever searches your profile will come across every picture you upload in that particular album.

– Private albums are more like a premium for a select few- whoever wishes to view this gallery will need express permission from the owner.

When you finally stumble upon a profile that fits your requirements, you can click on the heart button to add them to your list of favorites.

After searching and locating a few of your select favorites, you can go ahead to the “Match” section which will allow you to see all the profiles you have viewed, which profiles have looked at your own, and your favorites.

These features serve the function of allowing you to see who is potentially interested in you and your current selection pool.

2. How do I make contact?

SecretBenefits has put much of its effort to make communication seamless and as fast as possible between its user base while still respecting the intrinsic roles that are assigned to each particular member.

Men can join and surf free of charge while contacting a woman, gaining access to a Sugar Baby’s album, or surfing anonymously, which has to be paid with the digital currency(credits).

Women, as they usually hold the position of “Sugar Baby”,  don’t have to pay for the services the website offers.

All of this serves to highlight the desired course of action which is supposed to allow men to “unlock” conversations with female members and connect (this requires credits beforehand, so consideration before engaging with the desired member is encouraged indirectly).

Putting a price for sending messages for sugar daddies while keeping it free for sugar babies also ensures that people who can afford the service get to be the exclusive users of the website while still staying true to its purpose to provide stellar quality service.

The diversity of sugar daddies and sugar babies is huge and messaging is the main way of the initial communication, yet it is has proven to be an excellent method for pursuing a longer-lasting relationship (like eHarmony) if you and your potential partner wish to bring the relationship to the next level.

3. Chances of success

We have pointed out quite a few perks that picking this service brings and arguably does better than a large number of similar websites but there is more!

The support staff and development team work around the clock to deliver stellar service and they originate from many different places around the world, which brings in new ideas and insight to create a truly unique experience in the world of online dating.

The venue ensures that all the user profiles are verified while taking an active role in ensuring the authenticity of the user base.

The insistence on being perfectly honest goes a long way; you can rest assured that both sides of a potential relationship are expected to be mature and level-headed about what they want.

Even at the profile selection phase, certain requirements pose a barrier for potential scammers and frauds by requiring its users to verify themselves with features such as filling out their public and private albums, as well as mobile phone verification.

 The initial security features usually deter all but the most persistent unwanted elements, yet even in the case of confirmed fraud, support teams are always standing by to subsequently remove their account.

Everything that the website has taken in favor of ensuring a legitimate and authentic community has yielded positive effects, so rest assured that the people you are contacting are most likely who they say they are.

Key Features

Stumbling upon such a great dating website sure is a treat, isn’t it?

And here we come at the most interesting part- the key features of what SecretBenefits has to offer.

The site tries to keep a minimalistic functionality without overloading the user base with unnecessary features to get down to the main event- meeting up.

This insistence on security and straightforwardness goes a long way in making this option a truly competent player on online sugar dating.

Let’s take a look.

1. Search

This one is a no-brainer.

Searching for new potential candidates for dating is a big part of SecretBenefits, so much so that half of your activities on this platform will consist of picking out the ideal choice.

No algorithm will decide what kind of person might fit your bill so everything hinges on your personal choice throughout the experience.

Searching encompasses a wide range of attributes such as:

  • Location
  • Distance
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Body Type

You will be able to see if the account you are looking at has been verified, new, updated, or online.

You can access the desired member’s profile by clicking on one of their photos, you can save it for later by adding them to your favorites or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can send them a message immediately by spending  10 credits.

2. Matching

Contrary to what you might intuitively think, this is not a feature that will get you in touch with a stranger or someone you have viewed beforehand.

The reason this is not a stereotypical matching option is that members are expected to find their own “catch” and message them if they feel it is worth it (it also costs 10 credits so you best be spending your cash on someone you find rather than with a result from a randomized search).

This section serves the purpose of allowing you to view your options and if you are someone else’s option, which means that it is divided into two separate parts:

  • Admirers-  This list covers all of the members who have added you to the list of their personal favorites or have simply viewed it.
  • Favorites – This list allows you to neatly see everyone you have favorited yourself or have looked up at some point.

This section also has the option for you to request access to a member’s private gallery.

Another great addition is the option of requesting to be sent new matches (new members who are near your location) which is a neat option, especially when being near the location of your potential partner is mandatory.

3. Messages

This is the main communication hub where all the chats and messages are stored.

It is fragmented into three parts:

  • Inbox- All the messages sent to you
  • Sent- Messages that you have sent to someone, including those who didn’t get replied to
  • Archived- For those special moments you wish to cherish in a special place

Before getting the option to chat with someone new, you will have to pay a credit fee to “unlock” messaging as an option for each new member, which is usually 10 credits (for sugar daddies exclusively).

You can also send images to other users.

4. Access

This can be seen as an extended feature of the secret album option.

In this section you can manage everything related to private albums, be they your own (if someone wishes to access your private gallery) or someone else’s (this means you can view every album that was authorized for your eyes only).

We can separate all of these functions in the following order:

  • My Access
  • This includes every accepted request of access
  • As most of these features have a fee you will have to cash out, this service costs you  10 credits
  • Pending
  • This will include all the requests made from other members who wish to access what your private gallery has to offer
  • Approved
  • Everyone you ever approved to view your secret album will be shown here
  • Declined
  • If for any reason whatsoever you don’t wish to grant access for someone to view your gallery, this is where they will be stored
  • If you ever change your mind, unchecking the checkmark button will immediately grant them access to your personal private album


Clean, modern, and up to date, the speed and quality SecretBenefits offers presents a fine line between efficiency and security.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for us!

1. Becoming a Member

The initial registration process places extreme importance on letting in real people (we all know how common it is to stumble upon fake user profiles on social media, let alone dating sites).

Secret Benefits Review [year] - Great Meeting Website or Scam? 10

After the first introductory page, you click on your gender and be taken to the next step of the sign-up process.

You will be taken to a page that will ask you several questions that will determine both some basic information about yourself and your intentions:

  • Gender
  • Username, Email, Password, Age, Location, Ethnicity
  • The profile picture which will be associated with your account at first-glance
  • The question “What do you hope to find here” will be detailed through a text box which will show members who are looking at your profile what exactly you wish to find on this platform
  • A tagline which serves the purpose of “enticing” potentially interested members
  • A description of what you could offer in case you enter in a relationship with someone to your liking on this website
  • Filling out both the public and secret album section

There is a certain number of relationship types you can choose from (Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender) and relationship statuses (Widowed, Single, Separated, or Divorced).

It is also possible to discern your intentions to not only date but for searching for friendly companionship or maybe something else entirely (another + for the inherent flexibility of the platform).

Additional information (mainly concerning your lifestyle, relationship status,  body type, and income) can be implemented if you so desire in the personal information section of your profile.

All of the information you upload is moderated and your privacy is actively protected, so there is no need to worry that your information will be leaked nor compromised.

Photo verification software and control provide additional insurance that the people you communicate with are authentic.

2. Site Navigation

When it comes to providing its members with truly unique experiences that are easy to come by, SecretBenefits takes the cake.

The layout encompasses clear options that won’t be leaving you in the dark regarding anything on the platform.

Secret Benefits Review [year] - Great Meeting Website or Scam? 11

Checking out someone’s profile allows you to see some basic information, request access to the private album, start a chat or see if the member has passed the verification process.

As the general concept behind this site stresses practicality and usability for even those who aren’t tech-savvy, you won’t be having trouble navigating at any phase during your use.

3. SecretBenefits app

While there is a lot of good about SecretBenefits, there are a few downsides.

There is currently no mobile app available.

It might become available soon (as this was put forth by the SecretBenefits staff) but for now, we will have to make do with the browser version of the service.


When it comes to pricing, the functionality that is available to you depends on whether you are a free or paid user.

You can surf through most of the public profiles and look around, but that is about it.

The digital currency (credits) allows you to enjoy the entire experience that SecretBenefits has to offer and arrange dates by being able to unlock conversations and engage with potential sugar babies (if you are a sugar baby yourself, you have the full functionality open to you for free!).

Secret Benefits Review [year] - Great Meeting Website or Scam? 12

The prices are displayed in USD, and can be summed up as follows:

  • For $59.00 you get 100 credits
  • For $169.00 you receive 500 credits
  • You can buy 1,000 credits at the price of $289,00

As long as you have credits on your account, you will receive a privileged status whenever you are contacting customer support and your account will get a boost during search results.

Conclusion and Overall Rating

Overall rating- 4/5

We came to the end folks!

SecretBenefits markets itself as a pioneer when it comes to the sugar dating scene and, you guessed it, it delivers on that promise with flying colors!

It is both secure, safe, and fun to use!

With all the features it sports, it remains both intuitively designed and great for both veterans and newbies on the sugar dating scene.

It has proven itself to be a valuable tool for people who wish to engage in this kind of dating trend and live up to the expectations in such a way that it really can present itself as a high-class platform for dating.


There is always something left to be addressed, even when we come to the end of the review.

Let’s take a look at what sparks the largest number of generalized inquiries regarding services of this type.


Here we will cover all the general information regarding a short preview of the company’s history and useful information for every newcomer.


Always useful to know, this section will give short pointers towards giving useful info about account regulation, creation, and security.


The basic functionality of the website in one place.


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