5 Best Disabled Dating Sites for 2023 – Find the one for you!

Best Dating Sites for Disabled

Whether you’ve met someone with a disability or not, it is known that they don’t have it easy in life. All the struggles, weird looks, and general difficulties can make people look at the bright side of life and find love.

However, it is not easy to find love, especially not if you have some disability. Therefore, we are here to help you with that.

We are going to list some of the best dating sites for disabled people and prove to you that even if you think no one would want to date you if you have some disability, you would be wrong to think that and not to try at all.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

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Best Dating Sites for Disabled for 2023

Below is my list of the top 5 disabled dating sites. I rank these on specific ranking factors such as price, registration, how easy it is to make contact, profile quality and more. This will help you decide which of these is the appropriate disabled dating site for you.

1. Disabled Mate

Disabled Mate


  • Signing up – 10/10
  • Making Contact – 9.5/10
  • Profile Quality – 10/10
  • Overall Quality – 9.8/10


When you load the front page of Disabled Mate, it is a simply stunning picture to see. Great coloring, great background, easy to use interface.

You can find out anything you need and see where to go for more information, which is important because it can save you some time of pointless browsing for a tiny bit of information.

As for the design, it is perfect. There are no lags, bugs and slow loading. Everything works perfectly, which is also the case with the rest of the website. Cheerful coloring can be seen on every page, which only makes the experience better.

When it comes to the available features on the website, we can say that Disabled Mate is no different than any other dating site for disabled from these modern days.

There are just enough features to make your experience perfect, no more, no less.

After all, you came here to meet someone, not to play around on the website.

You can create your profile for free, add some information, along with some photos and videos, just to make things more interesting. Apart from that, you have the option to browse through the member list or conduct a filtered search.

If you like someone, feel free to message them and break the ice, or simply send a flirt. You never know when someone will answer back.

Along with that, there is a chat feature, which allows all members to chat with each other, talk about different topics and that way helping them to find people with whom they could feel comfortable. You never know when or where you could meet someone special.

Same as on many other dating sites, there is an option to have a free or paid membership. Free membership is simply for people who want to check out the website and try its features, to see if they like it. Some features are locked for free users.

So, to unlock those additional features, you would need to become a premium member. As such, you can see who visited your profile, thus helping you to reach out to more people.

As for the membership base, we can just say that these people are amazing. They don’t feel ashamed of themselves and their disabilities.

They openly talk about them and live their lives to the full extent whenever they can. And people who join the website, but do not have any disability are also very nice, which only makes the dating experience better.



  • Ability to post and view pictures and videos, letting you to meet other people and to let them meet you.
  • Chat system, allowing people to socialize and talk about different things, thus making it easier to find your perfect match.
  • It is fully supported on mobile phones, allowing you to search for a perfect match anytime, anywhere.
  • Ability to send flirts, likes and private messages.
  • Very easy to use, with a beautiful design.


  • The number of people is somewhat small, but it is growing every day.


1.      What can I do as a free member?

Free membership allows you to create a profile, add photos, search for your perfect match based on your location and the ability to send and receive flirts.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

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2.      Can people without disabilities join the website?

Yes, we cannot quite control if people have disabilities or not. However, we do conduct proper control and make sure no one is insulted and if they get insulted, we remove troublemakers.


For all of the questions, here is a contact form that you can use and have all of your questions answered in no time: https://disabledmate.com/contact

2. Dating Handicapped

Dating Handicapped


  • Signing up – 9/10
  • Making Contact – 10/10
  • Profile Quality – 10/10
  • Overall Quality – 9.7/10


Dating Handicapped is a relatively new website, but it is already one of the best dating websites for disabled because it is very simple to use, making it a perfect choice for people who would rather focus on talking to other members and meeting new people than to navigate complicated websites in search for several simple features.

As for its design, Dating Handicapped looks very simple and it doesn’t care too much about its looks. However, as we had said, it is very simple to use it, so it was probably a trade-off between visual appeal and simplicity.

Apart from that, the website is very responsive, works perfectly without any lag and loading time is very fast.

Since it is almost brand new, Dating Handicapped doesn’t have too many fancy features. Instead, it focuses more on basic ones, allowing people to meet each other. However, since the website is growing, there will surely be more features added in the future.

As for now, you can create a profile, post photos, and videos, search for perfect matches based on different criteria, such as your location or interests, as well as some more advanced criteria, like education, job, marital status, interests, etc.

There is someone for everyone, you just need to be patient.

You can be a free user or premium one, depending on your wishes. Free membership is usually for people who just want to do a trial run on the website since it has some restrictions.

Free users cannot use chat rooms, send or get any messages and add people to their favorites. They can only search members based on location, add photos and send or get flirts.

When it comes to the membership base, there are two types of members. First, are people with disabilities and the second is the people without any disability, but people who want to meet a person with a certain disability.

Yes, you may think that there are some crazy people here, who are into people with special needs, but it’s usually not like that.

Those people simply know someone or had a family member with a disability, so they just know how life can be hard on people like that.

As for gender equality, there are slightly more women than men on Dating Handicapped. There are people of all ages, from young people to adults and seniors. Most of them are from the United States.



  • Compatible with most mobile phones, allowing you to find your perfect match from any location.
  • You can upload photos and videos, fully customizing your profile that way.
  • Ability to send flirts and use group chat rooms to meet people faster and talk about things you like.
  • Very easy to register and navigate the website.


  • Some features are locked behind the paywall, so you should consider getting paid membership to increase your chances of meeting someone special.


1.      Is it possible to block people who are annoying and rude?

Yes, you can use the ‘Block’ option located just below the person’s profile picture.

When you do that, make sure to either Report Spam or Report Abuse, to let us know what that person did, so we could take the proper action towards their profile.


If you happen to have any questions for these lovely people, you can contact them through the contact form on their website that you can find here: https://www.datinghandicapped.com/contact

3. Disabled Singles Dating

Disabled Singles Dating


  • Signing up – 9.5/10
  • Making Contact – 9/10
  • Profile Quality – 10/10
  • Overall Quality – 9.5/10


Disabled Singles Dating is one of the brand new disabled dating sites, so you can expect a lot of improvements in the future, especially with its design.

Right now, it doesn’t look anything fancy and such, but that is not the most important thing for a dating website anyway.

However, it makes up with its great performance and already nice membership base, which are the most important things to be fair.

As for the design itself, we’ve mentioned that it could look better. It is neither nice nor ugly. It simply doesn’t have any special appeal. However, it makes up bad looks with its simplicity, since it is very easy to be used.

The home page could look a bit clunky, but when you register and become a member, you will be able to navigate through the website with ease. Everything else works perfectly, without bugs and long loading times.

When it comes to the available features, Disabled Singles Dating offers nothing special, just everything you need to meet someone who could matter to you.

You can communicate with people by using email, private messages, and chat features. Another very neat and common feature is the ability to send small flirts, which could be used as an ice breaker.

A bit distinctive feature of Disabled Singles Dating is the Little Black Book, which is a list of people in whom you are interested. For you to add them to that list, you need to get their approval, though.

As with most of the other disabled dating websites, there is an option to be free or paid members. Free members have access to some basic options, but they are locked from using most other features.

It is generally just for the people who want to check out the website and its features before fully committing themselves by getting a paid membership.

There aren’t that many people on Disabled Singles Dating since it is an almost a brand new website. However, those who are there are very nice people, with whom it is a pleasure to talk to.

Most members are from the United States, but you can find some from Europe as well.



  • Very simple to use, navigate and search other members, making it easy to find your perfect match.
  • Mobile version, which is completely stable and has all the important features.
  • Ability to join chat rooms, flirt and send personal messages.
  • Members are very nice, making it enjoyable to be on the website.


  • Design is kind of lackluster, but since the website is new, it will probably improve.


1.      What do I get with Free Membership?

As a free member, you can make a profile, add pictures, browse other people’s profiles and receive instant messages from other members.


Although everything is pretty clear and transparent on this website, you might have some unusual questions for the owners and admins. If that happens, here is the form that you can use to contact them: https://www.disabledsinglesdating.com/contact

4. Disabled Matchmaking

Disabled Matchmaking


  • Signing up – 9/10
  • Making Contact – 9/10
  • Profile Quality – 9/10
  • Overall Quality – 9/10


With its grey-like coloring, Disabled Matchmaking is not quite the prettiest website, it certainly does what it’s supposed to do, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

The process of registering is quite simple, takes only a couple of steps to do it. You can select what you are looking for in a perfect match, what are your traits and you are done and ready to begin your search on the website.

Despite not looking so good, Disabled Matchmaking works very well, without any problems. There are no long loading times, lags or any other bugs that are common for a large number of online dating websites.

Apart from that, it is very easy to navigate the website and find everything you need to start browsing online members.

As for other features, Disabled Matchmaking offers everything you would need to contact a person you like. You can send flirts as an ice breaker or simply send personal messages.

Apart from that, there is a whole forums section for people to discuss various topics. Last, but not least, there are group chat rooms, in which people can talk about anything.

Since chats are based on topics, it makes it easier for people with the same interests to meet each other and perhaps continue the conversation in private message.

One very important thing to note is that the privacy of the members is crucial to admins, so you won’t have to worry about any leaks of your personal information.

There are thousands of people with different disabilities on the website, all brought with one goal, to have fun and meet someone special. Members are very nice to hang out with.

Somehow, it’s the personality trait of people with disabilities to be full of life and to want more, so you will never be bored around them.

Disabled or not, love never dies


  • Ability to send flirts and instant messages to people, as well as to receive them.
  • It has a fully functional mobile version, with all the necessary features.
  • There are different live chat rooms, making it easier for people to start a conversation and meet each other.
  • There is a complete forums section, dedicated to different topics.
  • It is very simple to register and navigate the website.


  • The design could be a bit better, especially coloring.


1.      Are there any fake profiles on Disabled Matchmaking?

As on any other online dating website, there are probably some fake profiles. However, admins are regularly checking the profiles and make sure fake profiles are removed.

2.      Is it possible to add people to favorites or a list of likes?

Yes, you can click on the ‘Like’ button under the profile picture of the member you want to add to the list. That way, the members you like will be added to your ‘Like list’.


For all the questions that we haven’t answered so far, you can contact Disabled Matchmaking through the contact form that you can find on this link: https://www.disabledmatchmaking.com/contact

5. Match.com




Even though it is not a dating website specifically build for people with disabilities, Match.com has been online since 1995 and since that it has accumulated a large number of members, including people with disabilities as well.

It is probably the most popular online dating service in the world, with over 15 million active members, from all over the world.

One interesting thing Match.com offers is a guarantee that you will find someone in 6 months. If that doesn’t happen, you will be compensated for the next six months, which is one more reason to try this website.

As for the available feature, you can message different people, like their photos or send them winks to let them know you like them.

It has a perfect match system that is capable of finding the right match for everyone. However, there is a catch.

You have to complete a very detailed questionnaire, which takes around 20-30 minutes to complete. There you have to give as much information about your personality as possible, for the matchmaking system to work.

There are different sections of your profile, interest and such. Apart from that, there is a section where you need to write something about yourself in your own words.

As a free member, you can get 7 matches per day, which you can skip or like. If you are a paid member, you also get the ability to see other people’s views, ratings, winks, and personal messages.

There are many different features, such as the discovery section, boost sessions, match events, reverse match, mutual match and happy hours, which all can help you find your special person.

Apart from that, there are three monthly subscription packages if you decide it is worth the time and money to invest in Match.com.

You can pick three, six and twelve months packages, with the prices of $27.99/mo for 3 months, $23.99/mo for 6 months and $20.99/mo for 12 months.

As for gender diversity, 51% of the members are females. There are over 7 million subscribers and over 15 million active users, which makes Match.com one of the biggest online dating services in the world.



  • Enormous membership base, with all kinds of people, including a large number of people with disabilities.
  • You get daily matches, depending on your search criteria, making it possible for you to select people with disabilities as one of your criteria.
  • You can use search tools to look for a match without a matchmaking system.
  • Different options to show people you like them, such as winks, likes, and favorites.
  • Six-month guarantee that you will meet your perfect match.
  • Customer support is available either by email or live chat from Monday to Friday.


  • Free members cannot read or send messages or take a look at who has viewed their profiles.
  • Very long and time-consuming questionnaire to fill.
  • Only paid members to have access to privacy mode.


1.      Is it possible to find people with disabilities on Match.com

Match.com has a very extensive membership base, which includes people with disabilities as well. You can completely customize your search criteria and complete our extensive questionnaire, to maximize your chances of getting the type of people you would want.


And for all of your questions, of course, you can contact the support and have everything cleared out. Here is the form: https://www.match.com/help/ContactUs.aspx

Sign up to Match.com here.

Tips & Tricks


Now that we had talked about some of the best dating sites for disabled, we’ll focus on some general tips that could help you meet your perfect match.

  1. Persistence is key – online dating can be hard since there are a lot of fake profiles and people who are just mean and who like to waste time by making fun of other people on these websites. However, you have to be persistent, because some are true to their words, and you never know when you can stumble on such people.
  2. Chat and have fun doing it – even though the goal here is to find a special person for yourself, try to be opened for something less than a relationship as well. You can meet very nice people and make friends if you open yourself.
  3. Use filters – to find the right kind of person for you, make sure that you use filters when browsing member’s profiles.
  4. Stay cool – no one likes pushy people, so don’t be one. Stay cool in conversations, have fun and don’t be afraid to break the ice if you get a chance to do it.
  5. Ask for video chats – every online dating service has some number of fake profiles. To make sure you are not being hoaxed, feel free to invite people to video chat after you’ve met them.
  6. State what you want – people join online dating websites for different reasons. Some want to have fun, some want a relationship. Make sure to be opened about it, so you don’t waste other people’s time and nerves, as well as your own.

Final Word

That was everything champs! Make sure you go out there and start hanging out with people with disabilities, whether you have some disability or not, because they are probably the best type of people to hang out, being so full of life and the will to fight their disabilities, so they wouldn’t control their lives.

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