eHarmony Black Dating in 2024 | Find Singles Looking for Love

Are you a single African-American man or woman seeking love? And, you are not finding it in your typical environment (office, neighborhood)?

What if I told you online dating is your salvation? Nah, you’ll say; been there, tried that! But, are you 100% sure you’ve exhausted all of the options? That is, are you sure you’ve tried the right stuff?

Read on to find out what would be one of the best dating websites helping black people to find love. And, I believe you can already guess which dating platform it is.

Exactly, it is eHarmony!

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Find out:

Is eHarmony black dating any good?
What is eHarmony
How to fill out the questionnaire
And much more

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eHarmony in a Nutshell

If we are talking about online dating sites with tradition, then eHarmony is most certainly one of them.

It works on the match’s compatibility and lets you find an adequate partner faster than you’d find it in real life.

The initial sign-up may not be as fast as you’d like, but hey, good things take time.

Anyways, it’s faster than hiring a black dating agency, tbh!

The site records the high activity of users (approximately 16,000,000 visits per week) and has a substantial base.

German TV company buys US dating site eHarmony | News | DW | 30.10.2018

To be more precise, we’re talking “merely“ 27M users across the USA and a user base of a total of 35M from all over the world.

So, let’s say you are a single African American woman and you want to meet African American singles, obviously among these 35M there must be at least 10 to match your criteria.

And this matching criteria is exactly what eHarmony relies on.

The site has an impeccable matching algorithm that helps you find a perfect match in a blink.

Speaking of a perfect match, that can be either for serious relationships or hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), but mostly for serious relationships.

And, another reason we love it is that it has nothing to do with the swiping principle as found in Tinder, let’s say.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

But, still, how does this any of this relate to you black women and men searching for dates?

Well, like this!

Black Dating Through eHarmony

I know all of you have reached that point in your life where you wonder about the best afro dating sites and the best dating sites for black men.

Whether you want to date within the black community or outside of it, eHarmony is definitely among the best options for online dating for black singles.

If you still don’t know how to get black eHarmony, well you don’t.

You get normal eHarmony.


Mind the Registration

Do you remember how I said registration takes only 10 minutes or so?

I am aware you are not thrilled by this.


While it is true you can register with merely your Facebook account or e-mail address, take my (experienced user) word for it – this will get you nowhere.

If you want some serious matchmaking to join in the game, you have to give a little to get something big in return.

So, assuming you are a young black woman in search of dating sites for African American professionals and you’ve tried your luck with MeetBlackSingles com,, MyBlackPartner, OkCupid, and/or Elite Singles and free Black, but never found what you were looking for.

Maybe it was you, maybe it was the sites and the lengthy registration process.

Now, this tedious process is there for a reason.

Here’s the thing.

Once you provide your basic details in the registration step, such as your name and age, heed my counsel and proceed to the questionnaire that comes right after.

The Questionnaire – How and Why?

I know, I know – you hate it!

You want to proceed to a black singles dating site right away.

But filling out this compatibility quiz of sorts will have a significant impact on your online dating experience with black people (will get to that).

Whether you want to give a shot to a free membership, or you are going directly for the premium membership, don’t skip the quiz.

And, note that it’s not always true that only the premium members and premium users can find a match.

eHarmony Review 2022: Find out about Feature-Packed Free Dating Services  with Real Profiles

Anyway, don’t expect this quiz to pose questions such as what would be your favorite food.


You will be faced with a question such as what would your friends say about you, things you do in your free time, etc.

These questions are phrased that you have to lay your soul naked so the new matches know straight away who you are and recognize your value.

So, it is here that you can stress the importance of black dating for you whether you are a member of the black community or not.

The Final Step – Matchmaking

If it is not quite so clear still, let me help you out.

The answers you give in the questionnaire will help the compatibility matching system find compatible partners for you.

In a way, this questionnaire is a personality test that determines your personality profile based on which the potential matches are quickly and easily filtered.

So, let’s say you are merely interested in long-term relationships with black single men, you will have the option to say that in the questionnaire.

Or, you can say whether you don’t mind having partners with kids, or if you have kids of your own and that your prospective match needs to be aware of that.

Next, you can clearly define whether you are open to other races and ethnicity and the site algorithm will work from that.

Accordingly, based on the right and detailed input from your side, the algorithm will eliminate any people that don’t fit this criterion even if they have matching interests in some other areas.

This is why eHarmony is great – it weeds out everything not worthy of your attention.

Ok, let me rephrase that – it eliminates everything you say you don’t want.

To be more precise – you’re a black woman looking for a black man and you can’t stand video games.

eharmony: Best Online Dating Sites

If there is a white male user out there that shares the same loathing and other similarities with you, eHarmony won’t list him under your potential matches cause he ain’t black.

In this way, eHarmony quickly turns into a black-only dating site from a simple dating service available to everyone.

As simple as that.


I know dating nowadays is not easy.

Your real-life black dating scene seems highly bland. You only get such suggestions that you’d never cast an eye on, let alone spend the rest of your life with.

Anyways, you’d gladly find a place where successful black people meet each other and establish such bonds where they can have a meaningful connection.

Accordingly, this article purports to display eHarmony as one of the best dating sites for black people looking for serious involvement.

It only takes for you to register, define your preferences as interested in black men or black women, fill in some extra details about your personality, likes, and dislikes and the site will do the rest.

Being one of the best black dating sites, you will have your match made in no time – the stats show a new match is made every 14 minutes, so you probably won’t wait for long.

Take it from my experience – me and my darling fall under the success stories from eharmony.

So sign up for free today and leave the singles club for good!


As we have gone through the basics of how eHarmony works for black people, I am sure you still have some doubts.

Along with black British women dating, the questions below were the ones most commonly asked about eHarmony and the way it works as a site where black women can meet professional black men and vice versa.

Here we go!

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