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    Hello all and welcome to our expertly crafted eHarmony review 2022!

    This review will have everything you need to know about this online dating site including:

    How user-friendly the site is
    The cost of premium membership
    Unique features that make eharmony stand out
    How to use eharmony successfully
    The popularity and demographics of the site, and more!

    Let’s get started!

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      eHarmony Video Review

      eHarmony REVIEW 👎👍 2022 || IS IT WORTH IT???

      Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

      Incredible eHarmony stats

      eHarmony.com owned by Neil Clark Warren may not have invented the world of online dating, but it certainly revolutionized the way online dating sites operate and seek to match people together.

      eHarmony is by far one of the most in-depth dating services that we found online.

      The site currently boasts of over 4 million users monthly, as many as 33 million men and women from 200 countries and over 12 languages.

      All of these on one amazing dating app that is suitable for Christian dating using eHarmony’s unique 29 Dimensions of Compatibility Matching System.

      What makes eHarmony a standout site for us is its personality test that helps inform better daily match suggestions for you based on a complex matchmaking algorithm.

      Your religious beliefs are respected when having an online dating experience with the eHarmony matching process as it promotes Christian dating services via its Christian mingle platform.

      Another thing that sets eHarmony apart from the rest is the fact that they offer, for your convenience, Dating Apps for the various iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch), and of course the Android platforms.

      These apps include all the significant functionality aspects of the main website, enabling users to register, take the Relationship Questionnaire (eHarmony questions list), send icebreakers and eHarmony mail, see new matches, archive matches, upload photos, update their profile, and much more.

      The subscription for one month is $59.95.

      eHarmony review

      To enjoy the benefits eHarmony offers compatible partners, you should download the dating app, fill up the signup process, and take the compatibility quiz before paying for an eHarmony subscription with your credit card.

      Let’s dive right in so we can see why eHarmony is one of the most popular online dating sites!

      We hope you enjoy our review!


      We gave eHarmony an overall rating of 5 stars out of 5, this is how it ranked for each feature.

      Ease of use – 5/5

      Success rate – 5/5

      Key Features – 5/5

      Pricing – 4.5/5

      eHarmony Pros & Cons

      While eHarmony is seen by many as one of the best online dating sites for finding love and serious relationships, not everything seems to have gone according to plan for them.

      Now, let’s check out some of the pros and cons of the eHarmony dating site:


      • Perfect for heterosexual singles who are looking for a long-term relationship or marriage.
      • eHarmony has a very comprehensive matching model based on 29 key dimensions that can predict a successful relationship and examines ten areas that are fundamental to your happiness and a fulfilling marriage.
      • eHarmony only shows you the members that match your profile – this means no more endless searching (like in Tinder, OkCupid, and the likes).
      • eHarmony has more serious members than most other dating sites (serious members, in this case, means members looking for a long-term relationship and marriage).
      • eHarmony is one of the most trusted online dating sites around, and it has the best success rates.


      • eHarmony.com does not cater to gays.
      • It costs more to use eHarmony.com than any other dating sites
      • Unless they are having a promotion such as a free communication weekend, messaging is limited to premium eHarmony membership only.
      • You are unable to search for potential matches as the system does that for you.
      • It is time-consuming to fill out the in-depth and rigorously defined profile.

      Ease of use/Site Navigation, Layout, and Design  

      eHarmony is very easy to use.

      eHarmony lacks the frills that some other dating sites have.

      Some people might view this negatively; however, it keeps the site simple, easy to use, and easily navigated.

      There will never be a time when using eHarmony makes you feel lost and confused.

      Additionally looking at the site, you will instantly notice it has a modern look and a clean feel.

      As mentioned before eHarmony keeps its design simple and clean, but by no means does that take away from its attractiveness.

      eHarmony is a brilliantly designed site with a layout that makes the site appealing and functional.

      Popularity and Demographics

      Just about everybody has heard about eHarmony, especially given the sheer amount of advertisements that they run regularly during our regular TV programs.

      Very few people can say that they genuinely don’t know what eHarmony is. With a membership size of around 33 million people, eHarmony is undoubtedly very close to the top of the online dating food chain.

      The majority of the site’s members come from the US, Canada, and the U.K.

      As the membership base continues to increase, new users will still benefit from the free trial version when they create a profile and not just any profilebut an appealing one that would get you the right match to enjoy the dating services.

      The age range is between 24-44 (this signifies that most members are those seeking to settle down or start a serious relationship).

      While sites like Tinder and Bumble are titans in the casual dating scene, eHarmony prides herself in more serious encounters.

      eHarmony also offers premium plans to users interested in paid subscriptions with the 12-month membership special offer.

      Considering the pros and cons related to online dating as well as every inferred or real danger of dating online, this site seems to have done well to mitigate any negatives.

      For guys looking for love, eHarmony has proven to be one of the best places to meet women online; the same applies to married men and women looking for some extra love.

      Divorced people dreaming of starting to date again would find this dating website very useful too.

      How much does eHarmony Cost?

      This eHarmony review found that their prices are on the higher end of the online dating market when it comes to its subscription rates; however, it is well worth it.

      The subscription rates are as follows:

      • One month = $59.95USD
      • Three months = $119.85USD
      • Six months = $179.705USD
      • One year = $239.40USD

      The most economical eHarmony price plan is the one-year as that works out to under $20 per month.

      Subscriptions can be made via credit card or Paypal only.

      The only downfall is that this amount must be paid in full.

      However, if you are truly serious about putting in the quality effort that is needed to find and spend time with that special someone, then certainly paying for a one-year membership is going to be worth the initial upfront cost for eHarmony.

      This also works for the site as most of the people who register with eHarmony are in it for long-term relationships and marriages and therefore they tend to stick around longer.

      Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to mention that their unique matching feature is well worth the subscription fee.

      While most casual daters will not find the site helpful, it is worth noting that the complete absence of fake profiles and scams may be one of the top reasons why many join eHarmony.

      is eharmony worth it

      The great success of one of the best online dating services is the matching process which matches anonymously via the eHarmony profiles created by members.

      Click here to find our working tips on how to communicate effectively with a date that is not close by.

      Whether or not you’ve had your first date on the site, or you’re still using the free membership to explore the site features, this next section might convince you to join the ever-expanding pool of paid subscribers.

      eHarmony Success Rates 

      It would be hard to find hard evidence about the success rates of using a particular dating website; however, eHarmony is different.

      Getting compatible matches on the eHarmony dating platform is very easy since it matches based on the information you provided while registering.

      eHarmony puts its figures out there for the world to see.

      eHarmony proudly claims to be responsible for a total of 438 marriages every single day in the US.

      Think about it; this adds up to just over 13,000 marriages each month or almost 160,000 marriages each year or about 4% of all married couples in the United States.

      This makes the eHarmony the place to be if you are looking for marriage-minded singles on the internet.

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      What’s even better is that eHarmony couples are happier than many couples on other dating sites and that eHarmony marriages are less likely to end in divorce (less than 4% of eHarmony marriages end in divorce.

      Our research experts a

      eHarmony Special Features

      eHarmony is a paid dating website, although there is a limited free version for those who wish to test the waters before purchasing a subscription.

      eHarmony’s main feature is its unique matching system that has been developed by its creators.

      Anyone can sign up for a free account; however, free accounts have limited features.

      All eHarmony members (both free and paid) will be able to receive daily matches, set up a Personality Profile, and can view their matches.

      Paid members gain access to other features such as receiving unlimited messages, the ability to see when their matches are logged in, view unlimited photos especially for people that physical appearance matters a lot to check out their profile, and convenient access to the eHarmony mobile applications.

      eHarmony also offers premium members some additional features such as:

      • Secure Call – a private, safe way to talk to your matches one-on-one via the phone without giving out their personal phone number,
      • RelyID – an ID verification service for verified members only,
      • Premium Personality Profile – which is basically an extended version of the normal Personality Profile, and
      • Whatif – a premium feature that suggests matches outside your preference list.

      Most recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a Video date feature that allows members to go on virtual dates has been added to the site.

      We did find this to be very thoughtful and interesting such that it tends to help members meet ‘safely’ online before deciding on whether or not they want to meet and have a date in real life.

      Be rest assured of the safety of your data with eHarmony given the prompt customer support and right reserved provided.


      We registered on the eHarmony website and tested both the mobile and web versions to reach a conclusion.

      Our approach was to analyze and test all the features that make it one of the best dating sites in the world and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5.

      Our evaluation was based on the following factors: price, user-friendliness, navigation and layout, website population, and overall user experience.

      eHarmony Review Conclusion

      The verdict is in, and this eHarmony review can safely state that eHarmony is the one of best, most popular, most trusted online dating sites for straight singles looking for a long-term relationship or marriage.

      After conducting this in-depth review of eHarmony.com and answering several questions (like “is eharmony worth it“? “how much is eharmony“? “is eharmony free“?) in the process, we are confident enough to deliver our final verdict of this site.

      Our rating for eHarmony is:

      eHarmony Review [year] - [Pricing, Features, Success Stories] 1

      We found this site to have the highest marriage success rates, happier couples, and fewer divorce rates.

      Visit eHarmony and meet the life partner of your fantasy.

      If you are merely looking for quick dates or hookups, then you might wish to consider other sites such as DateHookup.com.

      If you are gay or a lesbian, then sadly, eHarmony is not the site for you.

      You can, however, check out other websites such as Match.com to find your perfect match as eHarmony is for heterosexual singles.

      You should also make sure to check out some other reviews such as the Match.com review, Chemistry.com review, and our Zoosk review!

      Also, there are some new head-to-head comparison articles like eHarmony vs match,  eHarmony vs OkCupid, Chemistry vs Harmony, and Zoosk vs OkCupid that are pretty exciting!

      We hope you learned something from our eHarmony breakdown!

      We also suggest that you check out our complete article on our favorite dating websites, the best dating websites for women as well as the best dating websites for men.

      We hope our site will help you find the right dating website for you!

      To help you on the journey to the world of online dating are these well-articulated guides:

      They are available on the homepage for free!

      eHarmony Review FAQs

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