One Night Stand Websites: The Best 8 Hookup Sites in 2024

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best One Night Stand Websites

One Night Stand Websites: The Best 8 Hookup Sites in [year] 5
Ashley Madison
  • 5+ Mil users monthly looking for hookups
  • Fantastic and descrete phone app
One Night Stand Websites: The Best 8 Hookup Sites in [year] 6
Be Naughty
  • Large user base (52% women, and 48% men)
  • Safety as top priority
One Night Stand Websites: The Best 8 Hookup Sites in [year] 7
Adult Friend Finder
  • Quick sign-up w/ many free features
  • Specifically tailored for NSA hookups
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Illustration of couple in bed demonstrating the 8 best one-night stand dating sites.

Hey guys and gals, welcome to our top selections of the best one-night stand hookup sites.

By the end of this article, you will know exactly:

Which one-night stand site is the best option for you.
The cost of premium service & quality of matches of these sites.
Features that are unique to each site.
How popular and effective these sites are.

Since time is of the essence, let’s get right into the best hookup sites of 2024.

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We believe you’re eager to know what the best websites to get laid are.

So here are the top one-night stand sites for instant hookups based on the overall ease it is to find someone for one-night stand dating.

Woman walking away from bed after spending a night with a guy who is sleeping.

The 8 best overall one-night stand websites in 2024

Whereas not all the best one-night stand dating sites have over 50 million visits a month, flexible payments, unique features, and easy site layout make them a great choice.


Ashley Madison front page with brunette looking directly Into the camera with "take me" eyes.

Talking about NSA hookups, what if you’re married (whether in an open relationship or not) or single and desire a fun night out?

Well, here comes the site for you – Ashley Madison!

Ashley Madison makes it to the top of the list of best hookup sites for 2 primary reasons.

1. It has the largest population of real people looking for hookups than any other dating site.

Far fewer people just looking to simply flirt on chat and then ghost you.

2. It has the greatest hookup success rate by far than any other dating site.

A survey of over 136,000 people using dating sites for one-night stands found Ashley Madison had a success rate of 89% versus the next hightest success rate of 47%.

Check out the complete results below:

One Night Stand Websites: The Best 8 Hookup Sites in [year] 8

Money Saving Tip: Sign up on the website (not the app) using this link and get the best pricing. You’re welcome!

Many people using the casual sex dating site are married or in a relationship and only looking for a fun night away from commitment.

Believe us, nobody using this website is looking for anything serious!

This is what makes it the perfect hookup site whether you are in a relationship or single.

You’d be surprised how quickly pulling off a one-night-stand is on Ashley Madison!

Hooking up is the name of the game, and no strings attached is the way to play.

The age range we found on Ashley Madison is expansive so you can find any age you desire.

And although many active users are married, this does not mean they’re looking for other married individuals.

One of the pros is you’ll have plenty of people to connect with. This is because the site has approximately 5 million unique visitors monthly.

One of the cons is, for any of the useful features, users need to pay for the premium subscription.

There is, however, a week-free trial for those seeking free dating sites. This allows access to most of the premium features and might even land you a free one-night stand during this time.

Another thing that caught my eye was how easy it was to create a profile and be up and running.

But before you register your profile, we strongly advise having at least one profile picture that sets you up for success, and a quick bio about what you are looking for and you should be off to hook up with singles and married.

Other things we liked were the layout and design of the website. The user interface is intuitive and there are lots of users, which increases match success rate. They also have a fantastic android and iPhone mobile app for all users.

Some things we didn’t like about Ashley Madison is it doesn’t have automatic matching features like most other hookup apps.

They also had a breach in security not so long ago similar to Adultfriendfinder. To fix this, they have invested in improving their internet security to ensure this will never happen to their system again!

The pricing on Ashley’s services is different than on the typical online dating sites.

They have three packages that come with “credits”.

For example, these credits can be used to begin conversations, send gifts and begin instant messaging with other users in the space.

The Elite package costs $249 and comes with 1000 credits or approximately $.25 per credit.

The classic package costs $149 and comes with 500 credits or $0.30 per credit.

The basic option costs $49, and you get 100 credits or $0.49 per credit.

Overall, Ashley Madison will serve you right if you’re in an open relationship or married and looking for affairs.

Money Saving Tip: Sign up on the website (not the app) using this link and get the best pricing. You’re welcome!

Also, check out these super funny (and currently banned) commercials from Ashley Madison:

Ashley Madison Banned Commercials


Benaughty homepage showing blonde, blue eyed girl posing seductively

Benaughty comes #2 on our list of the top hookup sites online.

It has a very large user base of adults who are single looking for one-night stands online.

However, contrary to our expectations, the website has 52% female users and 48% male users.

This came as a surprise, as we had expected more men looking for a one-night stand opportunity compared to women.

And for the guys, this is one of the most significant selling points for Benaughty… knowing the desires of females seeking pleasure and gratification are stronger than yours!

Apart from that, it boasts a large user base of around 13 million per month.

One of the coolest features found is the ability to mass text/message users on the platform. It’s almost like having your own chat rooms.

You can do this every 12 hours, and it works very well with receiving messages promptly, as you don’t have to message people one by one.

Benaughty has fully functioning applications for Android and iOS users, which makes the ability to talk, and eventually, meet up with members on the site much easier.

One thing that didn’t impress was the algorithm for finding compatible matches – sometimes the suggestions were just plain bad.

Later we found out it was due to the write-up on my profile. This made us believe that the bio information helps the algorithm with making better matches. So it is advisable to do better with your profile, make it majestic .

The hookup website caters to a wide variety of individuals and groups ranging from single people, married people in open relationships, people looking for cyber fun, and many other casual activities.

It also caters to a number of users from the transgender, other gender identities & LGBTQ+ community. This makes it a great site for everyone with all sexual orientations.

When compared with traditional dating sites like, Benaughty is by far the fastest hookup app for getting laid.

Another good thing about Benaughty is that it takes safety very seriously. When I signed up, I could choose how to interact on the website and how people could interact with me. I could even limit my profile access so only verified members could see me.

There was also an option to report suspicious activity which flags suspicious users and prevent them from viewing user profiles.

With all these cool features comes a common downside – to message users, you need to pay for a subscription.

Currently, the prices are $24.99 for the one-month subscription, $16.99 per month for the three-month subscription, or $11.99 per month for the six-month subscription.

Overall, we think Benaughty is a go-to site for anyone seeking an NSA hookup.

Check out Benaughty here

Check out the official Benaughty commercial here: - Cut to the chase dating


AdultfriendFinder home page with light coloured haired girl with her finger seductively in her mouth.

From one adult hookup site to the next, Adultfriendfinder makes it on our list!

One of the other popular platforms people go to for a simple one-night stand and casual dating.

The website boasts one of the largest swinger communities online. With that level of “kinky”, you might find other activities like threesomes and more!

Adultfriendfinder is attractive due to its huge user base of approximately 25,000,000 visits per month (approximately double that of Benaughty).

But when compared with Benaughty, it’s not quite as easy to find matches for that one-night-stand experience.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not hard to be on Adultfriendfinder, it just involves a little more effort than Benaughty.

AdultFriendFinder is mostly popular in the United States with 54%, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom.

Unlike the awesome male to female ratio of Benaughty, Adultfriendfinder has a less surprising 65% male users base against  35% females. 

Sorry guys, but this time the girls get the edge, so you have to put up really cool profile pics of yourself to be chosen.

As you may know, Adultfriendfinder was hacked in 2016 which jeopardized millions of personal information of their users.

As at the time of writing this review, we believe Adultfriendfinder is now perfectly safe since they have invested millions in revamping their security and website systems.

Adultfriendfinder uses your profiling  to find matches based on what type of one-night-stand you are looking for.

It achieves this by going over your likes, dislikes, fetishes, and kinks to try to find the most compatible matches for you.

You have all of the typical characteristics of other popular dating websites such as direct messaging, also flirting with as many people as you want, sending virtual gifts, and search and filter features.

The sign-up process only takes approximately 30 seconds.

One of the biggest reasons we found AdultFriendFinder attractive among adult hookup sites is that we could use a lot of their features without paying a penny!

It’s definitely one of the rare adult dating sites that allows messaging users without the need to pay.

There are, however, many benefits to being a paying subscriber, and overall, it is worth the price.

Currently, the prices for AdultfriendFinder are $32.39 per month for the month-by-month subscription, $21.58 per month for the three-month subscription, and $14.56 per month for the 12-month subscription.

Overall, the features are solidly developed and work very well.

Check out adult friend finder right here.

Check out the official Adult friend finder video here:

Adult FriendFinder TV Sport - Bus Stop

4. showing a couple holding hands in love while walking on the beach during sunset

As we reached the halfway mark, we present a well-known player in the pool of dating –

We believe our readers are surprised to see get a mention for quick flings and swingers.

The fact is, has one of the largest user bases compared to any of the best online dating sites.

Having a large user base is one of the biggest criteria for any dating platform, whether it is niche dating or not.

For those not sure how to find sex partners or score those late-night hookups, a site like this gives you options.

The fact is, you need to put on your profile what you’re looking for. Then use the search and filter features to find people looking for everything you are.

With this in mind, there are plenty of types who are down for one-night stands or casual encounters. To find these “daters” who are down for a quick fling, use your search and filter features.

This is what gives its popularity and why it’s the best dating place there is.

The combination between a humongous user base and the ability to search and filter for people that have similar likes and dislikes.

By using the advanced search options, you can find real people looking for long-term relationships and people willing to try out long-distance relationships even if they are thousands of miles apart.

This also makes perfect for people looking to find the love of their life all the way to the other end of the spectrum for people wanting to find the perfect affair for an hour or so!

On this online dating site, you’ll find senior dating, cougar dating, couples dating, discreet dating, etc.

One thing we didn’t like was not being able to enjoy the features of the site without paying a premium.

You can currently get for as low as $12.99 a month for their longer subscription length of 12 months.

Their six-month membership will cost $12.74 per month and their shortest subscription of three months will cost $14.99 per month.

Check out here

Here is a funny musical that they put out:

5. Tinder

tinder logo

If or any of the sites that made the first half of our list is an expensive choice, then Tinder might just be one of the places for you!

Tinder has become one of the most popular apps for hookups and casual dating.

However, we discovered that sometimes finding a hookup isn’t as easy as might be expected.

Another observation, is that high match rates don’t necessarily mean quality matches. Meaning you miss out on dates and hookups using this swiping app.

But with over 50 million users worldwide and almost 8 million from the U.S., you can’t possibly go wrong.

To succeed on tinder, we advise completing your profile details and post photos that will attract matches.

The ratio of women to men users is almost 50:50, with a little more men. The average age is 24-30 and over half of users are singles.

Men, like me, mostly use the app for casual dating and chatting, and women are there to meet new people.

Even though the interests between male and female users differ, the company is responsible for over 30 billion matches and out of these, over 10% lead to marriage.

The sign-up process is simple and takes five minutes.

Registration is possible via Facebook, but you can do it via email address or phone number too!

After signing up, I had to upload a few pictures, write a bio, and answer Tinder’s questionnaires.

Completing the questionnaire isn’t mandatory, but it could help with increasing the match rate.

A complete profile increases your chance of meeting local girls looking for sex.

It will interest you to know this is a shallow app with some power, and one swipe is reason enough to determine a match. In fact, a great profile picture and well-worded bio increases a match!

Every twelve hours, a hundred profiles are presented and all you have to do is swipe right or left.

Tinder will only show people that live in your area, making it a very useful local one-night-stand app. This is great because you know that your next fling isn’t far away.

However, this also has a downside – you could quickly run out of new people to like.

Apart from running out of new people, another downside to location-based apps like Tinder is, if you don’t live in a major city, your chances are quite slim of finding a man or woman to play “ball” with.

Though there’s a feature (passport) that can help you change your location at will and find people not close to your physical location, it comes at a premium.

Swipe right is similar to like and if the person liked you back, you got a match! This feature is what made Tinder popular and, until this day, it’s the best way to show interest in each other.

My experience during the first few days was awesome! My new profile was boosted and appeared at the top of the queue, and I gained the most matches and likes in the first week.

Unfortunately, keeping a high match rate isn’t as easy because visibility decreases significantly over time. This lowers your chances of finding the next hookup and story to share with your friends.

That said, initiating contact is quite easy on Tinder – it is a free hookup website.

When you match with someone, you can exchange an unlimited number of messages for free.

If you aren’t pleased with your match, there is an “unmatch” feature as well.

When it comes to premium memberships, you can purchase Tinder Gold or Plus. This gives you access to more features that will help land local singles in no time.

The price is determined by ways of duration and age.

If you are younger than 28, the subscription is cheaper.

A yearly subscription for Tinder Gold is $6.92 per month and Tinder Plus is $4.58.

For payments, you can use a credit card, direct card, or do it via phone.

As you can see, it is one of the cheapest dating apps and these subscriptions unlock numerous features such as Boost, Top Picks, more Super likes, and Rewind, which will all increase match rates.

6. Grindr

Grindr logo

Now let’s look at a site quite similar to Tinder but reserved only for gay visitors.

If you are a part of the LGBT community and looking for a good app for hookups, you should check out Grindr.

The dating website is available in countries around the world and has over 27 million users.

Almost 7 million users are from the U.S., and the UK has a little over 1 million people on this app.

The average age group is mid-twenties and early thirties. 

This was also the first dating app for homosexuals and one of the most popular in this community.

The majority of users, male and female alike, are mostly looking to meet someone new and find their next spot for a fling.

Only a minority chat or find a serious relationship.

So, finding hookups shouldn’t be a problem with this app. That’s because Grindr users are quite active – on average, an hour each day is used looking at profiles!

Thanks to its great search engines, you can easily find gay, bi and trans in your area.

We found this site helpful for finding gay one-night-stands too! And as one of the free naughty dating sites, creating an account is simple and takes just a few minutes. To become a member, enter your email address to sign up or do it via Facebook.

Unfortunately, one downside we couldn’t ignore is there’s no verification process, but once you upload a profile picture, you will have to wait for the approval (I guess this will suffice).

Besides, the profile picture and other personal information are necessary, as well as location.

Grindr also added a health section for which they were first attacked. Filling out this section is optional and it doesn’t have to be displayed to other accounts or users.

Linking to social media is also available and highly recommended. The more detailed your profile is, the more chances you have of getting a match.

Choosing a tribe is another way to upgrade your profile. This feature allows you to show your sexual preference and improve the match rate.

Twelve different categories are available and free profiles get to pick one.

The app works similarly to Tinder.

You can scroll through different profiles and only people from your area are displayed.

When you click on a profile, you can choose one of three options:

  • send a message,
  • show location, or
  • send pictures.

Sending messages is free for all users and there is no limitation on how many messages you can send.

You can also search inbox by favorite messages and unread.

Another Grindr feature is Tap.

When someone shows interest in you, you can tap on their profile and choose Hot, Friend, or Looking.

One downside however is when it comes to subscriptions – they are a bit pricier.

You can choose between Grindr Xtra and Xtra Lite.

Xtra Lite is a slightly cheaper option.

Lite membership only lasts one month and costs $9.99, while a yearly membership for Grindr Xtra costs $47.88.

There are also three and six-month subscriptions.

Payments are only accepted via phone.

Even though subscriptions are pricier, they are unlocking many incredible features.

You can get push-up notifications, see whether someone is online, gain access to more profiles, block users or add them to the favorites list.

7. (aka POF) showing a couple sitting back to back smiling at each other.

After looking at 6 of the best apps for sex and hookups, it is only proper to add a couple of totally free sites, too.

Plenty of fish is a fantastic website for someone who wants to dip their toes into online dating.

The site also has a huge user base although there are a lot of fake profiles, bots, or scammers trying to scam on this website.

You can figure out fake profiles yourself while chatting.

It is in the messages that you notice the red flags.

Knowing the keywords can actually keep you safe from the bad guys.

It is one of the very few websites that you are allowed to freely message other members on the website without having to pay.

Although there is a premium version, most of the essential features are available in the free version.

The most important of these is being able to message.

Although pulling off a one-night stand on plenty of fish is possible, you might be spending a lot more time trying to do so compared to the sites above.

To reduce the stress of trying to find a partner, use our incredible guide that helps you create a profile on dating websites.

Plenty of fish has a ton of search and filter features so that you can find people that are looking for the same quick hookups.

Our biggest concern and drawback with plenty of fish is overall security.

There is no ID verification, and all you need to do to sign up is use a valid e-mail address.

This website is known to have tons of fake profiles and lots of advertisements that can get in the way of pure user experience.

So, overall, while POF is a great site for testing the waters and hooking up for free, you should always beware of the dangers inherent in the online dating community as well.

8. logo and brand colors

Now to the last but not least – OkCupid!

First, OkCupid is a clone of plenty of fish.

We know both sites have been around for a long time, and they both have a similar feel to them.

OkCupid has a humongous user base as well, and the most prominent features for finding quick hookups or one-night stands are their search and filter features.

You will be able to find plenty of people looking for the same thing; you will notice that the quality of the men and women is not as high as on sites like Benaughty or

It is, however, hard to turn down the price of free.

Free is my favorite price for anything.

But with all the things that come free, you pay the price in the end.

While seeking women and men for that best one-night-stand, never forget the dating tips outlined on the site – they come in handy.

One thing we didn’t like about OkCupid just like with POF was that the security is not up to par with the paid dating websites we mentioned above.

Also, you will most certainly run into plenty of people looking to get paid for a hookup or trying to get money out of you some other way.

Be on the watch out for those kinds of people by learning how they operate and stay away from when you see the warning signs.


Onlineforlove registered on approximately 20 different websites that all claim to be the best hookup websites and narrowed down the selection to the top-eight that made our list.

The approach we used was to give ratings for the most important criteria for the online dating websites we reviewed.

Our evaluation was based on the following factors: 

  • the quantity (number of users),
  • the quality of the users (attractiveness),
  • the unique features of each site,
  • how easily a one-night stand can be pulled off, and
  • the overall time it will take to meet these people in real life.

Conclusion on the best one night stand sites

Conclusion on the best one night stand sites

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the overall best hookup and one-night stand websites for 2024.

Which one will you end up choosing?

In my experience, the site that was the easiest to pull from and having some of the most attractive members was

Also, Adultfriendfinder (AFF) is a fantastic option and flaunts a user base that is almost twice the size of Benaughty.

But if you’re married or it piques your interest to be with somebody who is, Ashley Madison is a fantastic website that you can find easy hookups on.

Zoosk and are simply fantastic dating websites no matter what you are looking for.

So if in the future you are looking for something more than just a one-night fling, these two websites will serve whatever dating niche you might be interested in.

Overall, we believe these are two of the best dating websites around.

You can easily download the dating apps on the google play store and then go ahead to customize your profile on the online dating site of your choice to begin to meet new people interested in a one-night stand.

Though it didn’t make our list, we found that people also successfully use Craigslist for one-night-stands.

Do you guys have any experience with the websites we mentioned above?

Are there others that worked well for you?

Please leave a comment down below, and we can get an interesting conversation started about personal experiences, questions, or concerns related to these dating sites.

Now stop wasting time, sign up to one of these sites so that tonight can turn into something a little bit more interesting. 😉

Finally, to increase your chances of success on these dating sites, make use of these fantastic guides that are specifically created to put you through creating the online dating profile that will get you the one-night-stand in just one night.

Check out this site .

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5 thoughts on “One Night Stand Websites: The Best 8 Hookup Sites in 2024”

  1. I tried both POF and OkCupid and was dissatisfied with both.
    POF banned my account twice without notice or explanation. During registration and clicking next it would go into a circle mode and stay there for more than 12 hours, when I clicked out and logged in again they told me I had violated some unknown standard and my account was banned.
    OkCupid says that messaging is free. Every time I went to check the messages, up pops a page to purchase the right to answer the messages, these are not free.
    Both sites in my opinion are fraudulent and should be removed or at least not promoted.

    • I there Larry, It is quite unfortunate you had such experience with POF and OkCupid. You can check out AM,, Tinder and the rest dating website for a better experience.

  2. I was looking for a website that would be able to give a precise accounting of some of these so called “Hook Up” sites. The first one you had was very interesting and I was actually feeling like visiting it, that was until I saw your 2nd choice for a good Hook Up site, Adult Friend Finder, grant you this site was a good one 15 years ago when I was on it. The site actually did what it advertised, but when I joined it again, I was bombarded my fact profiles. After 30 mins after joining I was requesting a refund. It is apparent that you did not do what you say you do cause if you did this AFF would be on your Never Visit List. So for me the rest of your suggestions hold no water. And really I’m finding this out with most of these so called “Review” sites.

    • Hi Gene,
      Thanks for your feedback, kindly note that the information you read was correct at the time of publication, considering that change is constant.

    • Hi Gene,
      Thanks for your feedback, kindly note that the information you read was correct at the time of publication, considering that change is constant.


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