How Does Bumble Location Work in 2024 | Location Safety Guide

Everyone who is using the Bumble app already knows that location on Bumble is very important in finding more matches and upgrading Bumble dating.

How Does Bumble Location Work in [year] | Location Safety Guide 2

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As soon as you find out how Bumble location works you will be able to get more matches for relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder) or hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), and start using Bumble recommended features properly.

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This brief guide can help you to understand:

How does Bumble Location work
How to use all advantages that the Bumble location offers
Is Bumble’s location accurate
Can you change location on Bumble, and much more

Let’s see how to use Bumble location, and how it works.

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What Is the Main Difference Between Location on Bumble and Location on Any Other Location-Based App?

Most online dating apps that are based on location algorithms like Tinder is, always run the location in the background even when that app is shouted down or members are offline. 

However, the Bumble location works differently. Once you exit the Bumble profile, the app will remember your last location when you were online.

Bumble | Remote Europe

Let’s give an example. 

Imagine that you were using the app for the last time when you were having lunch with your friend in a fancy New York restaurant on the Upper East Side.

After lunch, you went to Brooklyn to meet an old friend. Considering that you hadn’t seen for a long time, you didn’t use the Bumble app. 

Your last location that Bumble remembered was from that fancy restaurant. 

This track is leading us to our next section that will help you to understand better how Bumble location works.

How Does Bumble Work With Location?

It isn’t necessary to mention that if you want to find out how Bumble location works, the first thing that you have to do is to open and arrange your Bumble profile.

Once you start using the Bumble app, here’s how its location works.

As a Bumble user, the location information will be visible on your profile, right under your profile picture. The location that will be shown is the name of the city from where you are using the Bumble app at the moment. 

Other Bumble users can see your distance and your current location. 

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However, they can never see if you are offline or online. 

The Bumble app uses your GPS location or WiFi information from your iOS or Android device. It means that Bumble uses your exact location depending on where you are at the moment.

How Long Does Bumble Show Your Location?

When you arrange your location settings on your Bumble profile, it is possible not to allow Bumble to use your location after a while. 

Although it would be great to keep your privacy, Bumble is an online dating app that is based on finding matches thanks to your current location. 

In that way, Bumble assures more right matches in no time. So, not using the Bumble location services won’t be the best idea. 

But, if you are smart enough to use this Bumble advantage, you have to know how long Bumble shows your location. 

Under your profile picture, there is a reported location that shows the city you are from. Each time when the location changes, Bumble will use your GPS data and your new location will be set on your profile for the next seven days. 

However, that new location won’t be shown as your exact location, and it will be marked as a location during the travel mode.

Is Bumble’s Location Accurate?

Bumble location accuracy is the question that is usually out of order to discuss because the Bumble app location is pretty much accurate. 

We can say that Bumble shows your current location with much certainty. 

How accurate is Bumble location?

The Bumble location is very accurate when a Bumble user often checks the profile, or it is often online. 

The Bumble app will use your current location to find new matches who are nearby, in your area. The Bumble location is one of the main steps in finding potential and perfect matches. But, it is not the only one.

It is very important to mention that the Bumble location sometimes can be wrong. 

When is Bumble location wrong? There are a few reasons for that. 

One of the reasons is not being online at the moment when you are changing your location. The only location that will be visible is the last location when you were online. 

The second reason is when the Bumble app cannot show the exact location you are because the app isn’t recognizing the distance from one town to another. It usually happens when you are close to a border, or in that town’s neighborhood. 

Mistakes happen, and it is not Bumble’s fault. 

Bumble - Bumble Web: The Bumble Experience, Without Your Phone!

To try to avoid this misunderstanding, you can refresh your Bumble location from time to time. And, if it still doesn’t show the exact location, the location system can’t simply recognize the area you are currently in.

How Does Bumble Location Update Work?

Bumble will update location only when a Bumble user is online. So, just in case when you open Bumble, Bumble changes location. 

Otherwise, Bumble won’t update your current location. Instead, it will show the last city name you were in. 

How does Bumble update location without opening the app?

Theoretically, there are no Bumble location settings that can arrange Bumble to change location. So, how does Bumble change location?

Bumble changes location when users are online and when they are using the app at that moment. 

Although, this is how Bumble works, there are a few situations in which Bumble can change your current location. 

The first one is when someone wants to swipe right on your profile, which means the user wants to match you, and that the user likes your profile. 

The second one is when someone sends you a message and wants to have a conversation with you. 

In these situations, Bumble set location is possible, and Bumble will automatically update your location.

Can You Change Location on Bumble?

Bumble is one of the special location-based apps that work with location permissions. It is very useful to upgrade your Bumble dating using your location to find more new matches. 

But, it is possible to turn off the Bumble location, and still have interactions with other Bumble members. 

However, there is a catch. You can have interactions just with those members with whom you have already been matched. 

Considering that you are smart enough to use all Bumble location advantages, it is good to know that you can change your location. 

How to change location on Bumble?

If you want to have more new matches wherever you are, there are several options that you can use to change location on Bumble. 

Your location can be changed by using the Travel Mode feature, your GPS data, or a VPN service.

It is also possible to change location on Bumble by using some trick apps like iPhone location spoofer programs. 

Thanks to these special programs, you can change as many different locations as you want. 

How to change current location on Bumble?

It is possible to change your current location on Bumble if you use the Travel Mode feature, and it can be easily done with manual settings. The Travel Mode feature is available for Bumble boost or Bumble Premium packages, and with Bumble coins as well. 

Once you activate your Travel Mode feature, your profile will be visible for members from different locations, and different distance range.

What is the Bumble Travel Mode feature?

The Bumble Travel Mode feature is one of Bumble’s most used features. Using the Travel Mode allows you to change your current location for seven days when you are on the move. 

This feature can also help you to find more new matches when you are visiting different locations. 

Each member that is using this feature at the moment will be marked as a Travel Mode user, and it will be visible for everyone who is swiping the profile. 

Unfortunately, this feature has some extra charges, and it can be paid with Bumble coins. 

If you want to activate the Travel Mode feature, follow these simple steps, and start using it immediately. 

  • Go to your Bumble profile, and look for the gear icon.
  • Go to Settings
  • Look for the Location Settings
  • Choose Travel To
  • Select the city

Does Bumble Track Your Location?

Bumble can track your location only when you are active enough on it. It means that it is not enough just to open the app, but it is very important to swipe right, check notifications, use Snapchat, send or read messages. 

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Passivity doesn’t bring location tracking which is one of many differences between Bumble and many other location-based online dating apps.

How does Bumble track your location?

Bumble location tracking is unique compared to other online dating apps based on location services. 

The best example would be a comparison between Bumble and Tinder. 

Both apps are based on geolocation, and it is necessary to declare your location during the signing-up process. 

Tinder is an app that continues tracking your location even when you aren’t online. It is possible to change locations on the move. 

On the other side, Bumble won’t track your location on the move. Bumble tracks your location when there are visible and justified actions on the app. 

These actions are swiping, making interactions with other members by having a private chatting with other members, or opening the notification toolbar. 

In the lack of these actions, Bumble cannot track your location.

Can you turn of Geolocation on Bumble?

It has been already mentioned several times, but Bumble’s algorithm is based on geolocation. Geolocation helps to find more matches, and if it is possible to find perfect matches who are the closest to your area. 

However, it is possible to have no location on Bumble if you block your location. It means that you can block the access towards your location, but you have to be prepared that, then, many of Bumble’s features will be restricted. 

Restricted features bring fewer new matches. 

Does Bumble hide location then? Not necessarily. It doesn’t simply show your profile to the matches that are closest to you, and your location isn’t marked on your profile. 

Does Bumble Have a Distance Setting?

Bumble recently upgraded distance settings. It expanded the location tracking from 100 kilometers to a whole country. It means that you can find more matches, not just in your area, but much wider. 

This option can be great for those who often use the Travel Mode feature even before they are on the move. 

If you want to activate it, you can easily do it. Just look for the App Settings, and select the 

NationWide option. 

Sometimes Bumble shows location but not distance, and vice versa. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the user was recently active on the app. It can just show the last location the user was logged in. 


We hope that this brief article will help you to understand better how the Bumble location works. 

You don’t have to worry about Bumble location stalking because Bumble pays attention to users’ safety. Your location won’t be used for violent purposes.

If you still have some doubts about how Bumble location works, check out our FAQ section, and be free to ask more questions as well.  


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