Questions to Ask Women Over Text (2024)

Text messages or some form of them are usually the most common way you would talk to the girl you like nowadays, and that’s why you need to have your pick-up lines in check.

More importantly, you need to ask the right questions and know when it’s time for personal questions, when for fun questions, and when for deep questions.

I’m here to help with all of that!

This is what I have in stock for you in Questions to Ask Women Over Text:

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What kinds of questions will make for a great conversation with a girl
Examples of some great questions to ask on a date
Answers to FAQs about texts, flirting, and social media

Let’s go and make you a fantastic conversationalist!

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What Questions to Ask Women Over Text

Whenever you look for advice on how to make a date go as smoothly as possible, it’s always advised that you should ask lots of questions, but sometimes, it can be difficult to come up with the right ones and to ask them in the right moment.

There are lots of interesting questions to be asked, but you can’t always ask random questions and just see where that leads you; things have to be a bit more fine-tuned.

And, you have to ask the right kinds of questions to have the conversation going.

Sometimes, it’s okay to have your best friend do a follow-up on what you should ask before you do, but you probably won’t have that available at all times.

Questions to Ask Women Over Text

Of course, you can always fall back on sending a meme or two when you don’t know what to ask, but you shouldn’t only count on that; you should be able to lead an interesting conversation that’s fun and lighthearted, even when you’re talking via texts.

I have a few types of questions that you should always have in the back of your mind when talking to a girl you really like, and besides, in texts, you can also use these tips when you ask that girl out on the first date.

So, let’s get into the best questions to ask girls over text:

Attention-Grabbing Questions

When you’re online dating, you’ll want to make sure that you are the one person that’s standing out in your inbox, and that’s the reason why the questions you ask have to grab her attention.

They have to make her curious about you, and she will be more likely to truly engage in a conversation with you.

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But, let’s start off with what you absolutely shouldn’t be doing and what would be best to avoid at all costs.

Firstly, never, ever, just jump in with a “hey” or “what’s up.”

There are probably already a number of guys who asked the same thing and who she most likely just ghosted since these questions are so common, yet they usually don’t lead anywhere.

Another kind of question that is going to grab her attention for all the wrong reasons is the one relating to her looks.

Yes, telling someone they are beautiful can be a great thing, but if that’s how you open the conversation, she won’t have much to go off of, meaning that the interaction will end before it really even started.

The questions that you should be asking are questions that are unique and that are about her, so she will want to answer them.

The more specific and unique your question is, the bigger the chances are that you will get a reply and not only that but that you will pique her interest.

Questions about her favorite movie, or maybe some funny questions in general, will get you way further than a “hey” ever could’ve, so keep that in mind.

Emotional Questions

When I say emotional questions, what I mean by that are questions that will make her have an emotional response.

Being emotional with each other is how we as humans bond and connect, so having these emotion-filled talks could really get you far.

The best way to have emotional conversations is to ask questions about something that she is very passionate about.

If you know what her dream job is, then as her about that and share opinions and support with her.

If she, for example, stated in her bio that she loves animals very much, you could and should ask her about that and listen to what she has to say.

In-text conversations, it’s hard to feel as if you’re soul mates or something of the sort, but that emotional build-up can do wonders.

And remember, it’s not at all an embarrassing thing for guys to have emotional questions and to generally be in touch with that side of themselves.

It’s actually very attractive to girls and a turn-on, so not only will you have a great talk, but some big bonus points, too.

Questions She Wants To Answer

This kind of relates to my last point, but it’s important that the questions you ask have something to do with her and her interests, so she will want to talk about them with you.

If she has already mentioned some of her interests, she will probably want to talk more about them.

The fact that you remembered what those are will also be a huge plus for you.

If you just want to start the conversation, then starting out with some of her interests can be a great thing to do.

Questions She Wants To Answer

She maybe has stated something about what she likes in her bio, or if you follow each other on social media, you might have seen her posting about different things that interest her.

Maybe something about her bucket list, a celebrity crush, or even her favorite food could be a great point to talk about.

Random questions can be fun to answer, but even when you ask something randomly, it still should be relevant to her and the overall conversation that you might’ve had so far.

Your questions should be open-ended, so you will be giving her a chance to talk a lot and widen the subject, making everything just more fun.

You should encourage storytelling with your questions and keep in mind that what you ask should be things that have the potential to hold a conversation a bit longer.

That being said, avoid yes or no questions that don’t hold much potential for a deeper, longer conversation.

If you ask something like that, she will answer you, and that will be all of it, meaning that the chances of her staying interested are going to be low.

Being bombarded by yes or no questions can not only get quite boring quite fast, but it can also feel like an interrogation, and there’s nothing fun about that.

Also, a fun conversation is a conversation that she will be way more willing to come back to, so while romantic questions have their time and place, prioritizing humor will actually get you very far.

She will want to keep coming back and replying to a guy that made her laugh.

Including Yourself In The Questions

Common interests are what bring people closer, so if you notice that she likes something that you like as well, use that as a fantastic conversation starter.

Also, you can mention some of your interests, and ask her about where she stands with them, what her opinions on the matter are, and maybe whether she would like to do that thing with you.

Maybe you have the same favorite place, and not only could that be a fun excuse to ask her out, but it can also be a great point of conversation.

You can ask her when was the last time she was there, and what was it like, and similar things.

While asking questions is fun, it’s also good to talk a bit about yourself.

Not too much, obviously, but talking about yourself can be a great way to ask some additional questions.

When you talk about something that you did, be sure to ask her about her opinions and further the story from there.

Sharing experiences brings people closer, and there’s no doubt that she will love doing that with you.

Questions To Further The Conversation

When you ask questions, you have to consider where you are going with them and what purpose they have in your overall interaction.

You should always aim to ask things that will help you meet her better and help you two bond.

Just asking random things that aren’t really connected to one another and are being chaotically fired at her will seem pointless, and fast enough, the whole conversation will start to feel that way.

Questions To Further The Conversation

If you feel a theme that you’ve started has been dying down, try and come up with follow-up questions that will maybe relate to another aspect of it or that will give you more insight into her opinions.

Of course, if you’ve said everything that could be said about a subject, then don’t try to further it at all costs, making the chat feel bland and forced.

But, as long as you see that there is room for more talking, you should keep going for it.

Be Genuinely Interested

The most important factor when it comes to coming up with questions and when and how you ask them is to be truly interested in the girl.

If you really are interested in her and you want to know more about her, it will come to you naturally, and the conversation will feel genuine and honest once you talk to someone whose life truly interests you.

Also, make sure that you ask her about things that interest you, don’t just ask something only to say that you did.

Ask about aspects of her life and details about her that are important to you.

When coming up with questions to ask and stories to talk about, getting too stuck on the details is probably a bad habit that you should avoid, as it can just increase your nerves and make the conversation feel less genuine.

It’s more important that the general vibe is good and that the conversation keeps going than it is to have precisely good questions.

Start with some general flirty questions and see where that leads you, and go with the flow; those are great text starters when you’re texting a girl, and then just incorporate all of the above into every conversation that you have; everything will go very smoothly.

List Of Questions For Conversation Starters

If you find yourself stuck when texting girls, then you might need some examples of things to talk about over text or what are attractive questions to ask a girl, and I’m here to help with that.

So, read this list, and from it, you can come up with ideas on what to talk about with girls, as well as some new text topics:

  1. What is your idea for a perfect guy?
  2. What superpower would you like and why?
  3. What 3 wishes would you ask from a Genie?
  4. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done?
  5. If you’re an animal, which one would you be and why?
  6. What’s the cheesiest message you’ve gotten on a dating app?
  7. What 3 fictional characters are you the most like?
  8. What could you stay up all night talking about?
  9. What would you write a book about?
  10. What would be your last meal on earth?
  11. What shows are you watching?
  12. What is your secret hidden talent?
  13. What would you do for fun all day long?
  14. What kind of YouTube videos do you watch?
  15. What are your relationship dealbreakers?
  16. What is your idea of a perfect first date?

Even if these specific questions are not something that you want to ask, you can see what the general vibe is and how they have a lot of the previous advice integrated into them, so I’m sure that it will be of much help for you to come up with your own ones.


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