Best Blasian Dating Sites (2023) – Find True Blasian Love

People of mixed Asian and African descent usually need some time to find a perfect partner who will understand them and be completely fine with their descent.

Whether you are looking for a relationship or a friendship as a Blasian, the process might take some time, but lucky for you, here are plenty of dating sites that connect Blasian people and help them establish valuable connections with people similar to them.

We are going to judge the Blasian Dating Sites according to:

The pros and cons of each website
The profile quality
What kind of search features do they offer
Pricing, and much more
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Blasian Love Forever

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Blasian Love Forever - AMBW: Asian Men & Black Women Dating - Home |  Facebook


  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Making contact with people – 5/5
  • Profile quality – 5/5
  • Overall quality of the platform – 5/5


  • Option for senior dating
  • Thousands of active users each day


  • Only for Asian men & black women

Demographic Makeup

Blasian Love Forever is one of the first Blasian dating websites that appeared on the market and it has successfully been connecting Asian men with Black women for more than a decade now.

The demographic makeup of this website is the same as stated because this is Asian men & black women dating website only and people of other races are not welcome on it.

You can find Asian men and Black women of all ages and social statuses, and BLF also offers the option of senior dating which attracts thousands of people over 45 years old.

More than 90% of its users are living in the USA, so we can say that it is a USA-based website and people outside of it probably won’t have too much success.

Ease of use (mobile and desktop version)

Blasian Love forever has its own website but also a dating app that is available for both Android and iOs devices.

On you will come across many features that allow you to upgrade your profile and add more photos, videos and send messages to anyone and it will also be a lot easier to update your profile through it.

Best Blasian Dating Sites (2023) - Find True Blasian Love 8

Even though the website looks a bit outdated and fishy, everything is working perfectly and their design has not changed since the first day it was created.

On the other hand, their BLF app is available to everyone with a smartphone but its quality is pretty questionable.

Users have reported that it crashes down constantly and that it looks even worse than the website which makes it completely unattractive to potential users.

The app claims you will be receiving daily matches with potential partners but that is something that rarely happens, and it seems like the app won’t be providing you with any type of notifications at all.

However, the app has no ads so that is one advantage to it.

Their whole interface is very slow and I would recommend the website over the app.


Blasian couples can use this platform free of any charge and they will be able to both send messages and reply to them this way.

There is an option of purchasing a premium account but it will only allow you to hide your profile from the homepage and get more filters when searching for partners, which is not necessary for anyone.

Your free profile is completely fine and most users stick to it and succeed in finding a great partner.


Can I change my username?

Unfortunately, once you have created your profile you will not be allowed to change your username in the future.

Can I pay for a version without ads?

The website will always have plenty of pop-up ads and you can’t really do anything about it, even if you pay for a membership.

However, the BLF dating app is completely free and you won’t be seeing any ads while using it.

Overall rating

Blasian Love Forever is one of the first interracial dating websites to ever exist and it still has thousands of active users, even though there are many new dating platforms.

Their website might look a bit too old and be full of ads, but their platform seems to be working perfectly and users are overall pretty satisfied with it.

On the other hand, their dating app is of pretty poor quality, so I recommend avoiding it and sticking to the website.

It may be gathering only Asian men and Black women, but this is certainly the best option for them and you can be sure all the people who are looking for this type of relationship, serious (like eHarmony or Tinder) or hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), are already on here.

For that reason, I would give it a 5 out of 5 and sincerely recommend it to anyone who is looking for this type of relationship.

Elite Singles

EliteSingles Dating: Elite Singles Account Sign Up 2019 |  - YouTube


  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Making contact with sugar mamas – 5/5
  • Profile quality – 5/5
  • Overall quality of the platform – 5/5


  • Interracial matchmaking
  • Millions of users


  • Paid membership

Demographic Makeup

Even though Elite Singles was created as a sugar dating site, in the meantime it got so popular and evolved so much that people started using it for traditional dating too.

Elite Singles decide to create the interracial feature a few years ago and help people of different races find each other and engage in meaningful relationships.

It may have more than a million active users at the moment, but only 15% of them engage in interracial dating and almost all of them are living in the USA.

Women make up 70% of users of the interracial dating platform, but it seems like they still manage to find their partner successfully.

People on this platform usually belong to higher social classes, so you can be sure everyone you meet on here is pretty wealthy.

Ease of use (mobile and desktop version)

Elite Singles has both a website and an app that is unfortunately available only for Android devices at the moment.

Both of them seem to be working perfectly, and while signing up, you will have to leave your basic information, but also state your workplace or education.

The main purpose of this platform is to connect people from higher social classes with each other, so you will have to prove you belong to this class in some way.

Profiles are of very high quality on this website and you will be able as much information and photos as you want.

Best Blasian Dating Sites (2023) - Find True Blasian Love 9

All the profiles go through a verification process, so please never try to present yourself as something or someone you are not because your application might get declined.

The app is a bit outdated but it works great, and we can expect a very good update by the end of the year, so i would say that is a good option too.

However, the website is also mobile-friendly so you can use it through your smartphone too.


This is one of the most expensive dating websites, and that probably has the most to do with the fact it was supposed to be a sugar dating platform only.

There are a few membership options, so you can choose between the premium classic membership, premium light one, and also premium comfort one.

The premium classic membership is around 60 dollars per month, the light membership is 55 dollars per month, while the comfort membership is only 45 dollars per month.

All 3 of these options are pretty similar, so you can opt for the cheapest one because you certainly won’t miss out on anything.


What does the green circle mean on Elite Singles?

The green circle next to someone’s profile picture means that they were active on Elite Singles in the last 24 hours.

Overall rating

Elite Singles is one of the best dating platforms that exist nowadays, and if you have enough money, I would always suggest you spend it on this.

All of its members are verified people belonging to the higher social classes and you can be sure you are 100% safe while using it.

You will be able to choose the “Asian for Black dating” option and find your true love in a very short period of time.

It is certainly one of the best dating platforms on the internet, and if you have enough spare money, I suggest investing in membership on this platform because it is a straight-A!

Best Blasian Dating Sites (2023) - Find True Blasian Love 10


  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Making contact with people – 5/5
  • Profile quality – 3/5
  • Overall quality of the platform – 4/5


  • Millions of active users
  • Special feature for interracial dating


  • It takes some time to find a partner

Demographic Makeup is a very popular traditional dating site and it has been successfully connecting people for almost two decades now.

It has more than 1.5 million users located mostly in the USA and Canada, and all of them are looking for a romantic partner who will fulfill their life.

This platform has plenty of features, and it has a special community for Blasian dating, divorced people, and gays and lesbians, which makes it the perfect match for you.

Almost 70% of users of this niche are Asian, and you can access the Asian Black dating site once you register and choose your preferences.

Only people who choose their niche can access the part of the website reserved for interracial dating.

Ease of use (mobile and desktop version) has both a desktop version and its own app and it seems like both of these seem to be working without any problems.

The part of the platform made for interracial dating is a bit outdated in comparison to the rest of the website, but it doesn’t mean it’s not efficient.

Best Blasian Dating Sites (2023) - Find True Blasian Love 11

However, on the interracial part of the platform, you will find both people looking for Black couples and Asian Singles, so you will have to spend some time looking for your perfect match.

The quality of the profiles is not amazing, but it does the job and you will certainly be able to express yourself and clarify what is it that you are looking for.

It is extremely easy to use and I would recommend it to all the people who don’t really have experience with this kind of platform because it will solve all of your dilemmas quickly.

Cost offers a lot of filters and filters for free, especially for people who engage in the interracial niche and choose BWAM relationships.

With a free profile, you will have access to pretty much all the features you need, like sending and replying to messages.

However, if you want to upgrade your profile and make it look more attractive, or maybe hide it from people’s homepages, you will have to invest in a monthly membership.

The standard plan will cost you 18 dollars per month, while there is also a premium plan that is around 25 dollars per month.

The premium plan will help you promote your profile all the time, but that is something that is not very important when niche dating because there are not millions of users looking for BWAM relationships.


How do I engage in interracial dating on

When signing up, you will have to leave your information like name and surname, but also choose your dating preferences.

You will see plenty of options, but you should choose interracial dating, and once you get into this part of the platform, you will be able to choose BWAM dating.

Overall rating is a dating platform you will rarely hear about on social media and dating forums, but it really has great options for everyone, no matter what your preferences are.

The website and the app work perfectly, and people manage to find their soulmates within just a few days.

Blasian dating has its own special part of the platform so the whole process will be a lot easier for you.

However, the website might be a bit outdated and there are plenty of things that could be added to it, so I would give it a solid 4 out of 5.

Interracial Cupid

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Best Blasian Dating Sites (2023) - Find True Blasian Love 12


  • Signing up -4 /5
  • Making contact with people – 4/5
  • Profile quality – 4/5
  • Overall quality of the platform – 4/5


  • Men and women of all races can use it
  • Live chat


  • A small number of users

Demographic Makeup

Interracial Cupid created a few years ago with a mission to connect people of all races and help them find true love.

Even though it doesn’t have a large number of users like Blasian Love Forever and similar websites, it has over 20 thousand active users that are very loyal to the platform.

Almost 60% of its users are male, but it is still a pretty great platform and you will for sure be able to find like-minded people willing to engage in a romantic relationship with you.

Over 70% of its users are black, and there is also 10% of Asian users.

People on this platform come from different social classes, so there is really no definition of who uses it and who avoids it.

All of its users are from the USA, so it is a pretty much useless website in case you are not living here.

This is not strictly a Black and Asian dating site, but most of its users fit this description so it’s a great place to start connecting with interesting people.

Ease of use (mobile and desktop version)

Interracial Cupid both has a dating site and a dating app, and both of them are working great.

The sign-up process is pretty easy on both of them and you will be required to leave your basic information like name, surname, race, and add some personal preferences you have.

Best Blasian Dating Sites (2023) - Find True Blasian Love 13

Once you have filled out your profile, you will start getting matches based on the information you left and your location, and users claim that this matchmaking feature works great.

You can also join the chatroom which has hundreds of active users in every single moment and start the search for your soulmate this way.

Interracial Cupid works in the same way as other online dating platforms so you should definitely give it a try.


Interracial Cupid allows you to use the app with a completely free profile, but you will be faced with some limitations in this experience.

Users who don’t pay a membership can only reach out to paid members and read their messages, and they won’t be able to communicate with other free users at all.

Even though this is pretty lame business politics, it still doesn’t have to stop you from using this platform because you will be perfectly fine with a free account too.

They have two types of memberships – a gold and a platinum one.

The gold one will cost you around 25 dollars per month, while the platinum is around 30 dollars per month.

There is not much difference between these two memberships so in case you really want to spend money, you can choose the gold one too because you won’t miss out on anything.

Their app is available for both Android and iOs devices and it works the same way as the website.


How do I see which members are online?

In order to see who is online, you will have to click the “N Members Online” link and open the whole list of users who are online at the moment.

Can I hide my photos?

You can choose whether your profile photos will stay private or every user of the website will have access to them.

In case you want to hide it, click on your profile photo, click “Edit photo” and in the drop-down menu choose the “Hide” option.

Overall rating

Interracial Cupid is a great platform even though it is not strictly an AMBW dating site and it can connect you to people of the races too.

Their website and app seem to be working pretty well, and even though it doesn’t have an enormous number of users, it still works pretty great and has helped many people find their partners.

You can also use it with a free profile and still be very successful on it, which is a great advantage in comparison to other interracial love platforms.

I would give it a 4 out of 5 just because there are some slight disadvantages and bad business politics, but overall, it is a great platform for interracial couples.

Color Dating App

Color Dating - Home | Facebook


  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Making contact with people – 5/5
  • Profile quality – 5/5
  • Overall quality of the platform – 5/5


  • Over 3 million users
  • Many amazing filters


  • Has problems with identifying your location

Demographic Makeup

The name “Color Dating App” might sound a bit offensive at first sight, but this is a dating app for people of all ethnicities that has managed to gather more than 3 million users in a very short period of time.

It allows you to meet Blasian women and men, connect with members of your preferred ethnicity and establish valuable relationships with them.

Most of its users are from the USA, but you will certainly be able to arrange meet-ups with interesting people even if you are not living in New York.

The number of men and women on this platform is almost equal, so I believe this also won’t make any kind of problem for you.

Ease of use (mobile and desktop version)

Color Dating App is really following all the latest trends in technology and its interface and software design are amazing.

The whole app is very easy to use and it doesn’t differ much from Tinder and similar dating apps.

Best Blasian Dating Sites (2023) - Find True Blasian Love 14

It has plenty of interesting features that allow you to choose people based on race, age, and general life interests.

You can also find the swipe-up option and just ignore those people whose accounts you don’t find to be appealing to you.

Plenty of Black singles and Asian guys use it so this is really a great option for all of you who want to engage in Blasian dating.

The quality of profiles on this platform is also great and allows you to describe yourself in the best way possible, but also to upload a lot of pictures.

You can also create your own video profile which is a great option for extroverts and people who love presenting themselves in this way.


The platform is completely free of charge and you can get in contact with basically anyone without purchasing any type of membership.

However, you can purchase a VIP account and get some additional features like the option to hide your profile from other users, but it really isn’t necessary.


Is this only a BMAW dating app?

No, Color Dating App gathers people of all races and it allows you to choose people by your own preference.

You don’t even have to use these filters and you can just scroll through profiles and choose people that look the most interesting to you.

Overall rating

Color Dating App is a quite good app that has been designed by the latest technology standards and it offers plenty of different features and filters.

It is completely free for use and it will certainly allow you to connect with hundreds of people in your surroundings.

You can find people of all ages and races on here, explore their regular but also video profiles and establish both romantic and platonic relationships.

In my opinion, this is one of the best interracial Asian dating sites, but it is also suitable for people of all other races and preferences.

For that reason, I give it a straight 5 and I encourage all of you to try it out.

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