5 Best Catholic Dating Sites in 2023 – Meet Your Religious Half

5 Best Catholic Dating Sites

The online dating world can be a wonderful place, but it can also leave you with numerous questions.

While you can be certain that people you meet will share your faith, what does that exactly mean?

The church’s fundament views on basic aspects of life such as love, dating, and marriage are utterly different than those of society in general. Most of us, however, were raised in a culture that has shaped our views on the ideas of what each of these segments of life should be.

Dating can be part of God’s plan for you, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Motivated by the idea to help the faithful ones find their soulmate, we came up with this convenient list of best Catholic dating sites.

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Best Catholic Dating Sites in Video Form

5 Best Catholic Dating Sites [Meet Your Religious Half]

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The Best 5 Catholic Dating Sites

The best 5 Catholic Dating Sites

Below is my list of the top 5 Catholic dating sites. I rank these on specific ranking factors such as price, registration, how easy it is to make contact, profile quality and more. This will help you decide which of these is the best Catholic dating site for you.

1. Catholic Match

Catholic Match


  • Registration 5/5
  • Making Contact 5/5
  • Profile Quality 5/5
  • Overall Score 5/5


Being one of the largest dating platforms created to meet the demands of Catholics, this site is approved by numerous Catholic leaders who have found their soulmate.

The site was founded in 1999, inspired by the idea to find a dedicated community which would help singles overcome all the obstacles while looking for the other half. Having more than 1,500,000 accounts from singles all over the globe, this is one of the most favorite choices among Catholics looking for a partner.

The community consists of numerous members who appreciate the same values and have the same lifestyles. Thanks to numerous useful features and the dedicated and supportive team, finding the other half doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

Though creating a profile may take a while, still, the result is a very well-packed account which offers plenty of useful data about the potential match. The profile includes temperament results as well as the answers to 7 faith questions.

One can become a member for free, and this is indeed a great way to discover how the site works and what does it have to offer. On the other hand, paid membership unlocks a solid spectrum of practical options which can undoubtedly increase the chances for you to find the ideal partner.


  • Large base of active members
  • Variety of special features
  • Well-equipped and detailed FAQ section
  • Plenty of success stories can be read on site
  • Chatroom available
  • Very detailed and informative questions
  • Profile photos visible to all members at no cost


  • No apps for mobile platforms
  • Member is given an automatic username

Who is it best for

Who is Catholic Match best for

This platform is an ideal choice for those looking for a serious and dedicated relationship. Having in mind that the site is specialized and tailored to meet the demands of Catholic singles, it’s a must-visit place for those who are eager to find the partner to spend the rest of the life with him/her.


1.    Is there a forum on this website?

Of course, and it is very active. As far as the team behind the site claims, there are more than 2000 posts daily.

2.    How do Interview Questions work?

You can use this convenient option as icebreakers before you even begin communication with another user.

You can provide a questionnaire with up to 20 various question examples, which are customizable, and wait for others to share their beliefs about you.

This is an excellent way to find out if someone has got you wrong and in a lot of occasions that can be deal-breaking.

The final answers of this questionnaire will be sent to you in your message box! Fun, isn’t it?

3.    Is it possible to block a member?

Yes, but it is necessary to contact customer support before you can do so. In your message, you need to list the following: the user’s name, profile ID, and why you want to block that person.


You can get in touch with the team directly on their website using several options. One is to send an e-mail or create a help ticket, and they will do their best to provide you the answer as soon as possible. The third option is to as other members.

 Address:211 East Grandview Avenue, Zelienople, PA 16063, United States

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

 E-Mail: [email protected]

2. Catholic Singles  

Catholic Singles


  • Registration 5/5
  • Making Contact 5/5
  • Profile Quality 5/5
  • Overall Score 5/5


The platform came into being back in 1997, which makes it a “senior” among dedicated platforms for Catholic singles. What characterizes this site is the feeling of belonging to a fellowship and community.

Inspiring members to look for more than just judge people by their picture, they allow members to focus on what they are doing on the site.

They put plenty of efforts to arrange an environment that assists members to find meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

Among other features, there’s a unique compatibility test which enhances the chances for you to find the one that suits you. The test consists of two parts which can be completed in roughly 10 minutes.

As the website is deeply based on the Teachings of the Church, besides the excellent opportunity to find your soulmate, you will be able to find out more about what the church teaches.

The team hopes to help clarify some of the most common relationship questions individuals face daily.

Similar to the previous one, the account can be opened for free but a certain collection of extra features is available only if you opt for a paid membership.

One of the key options you unlock with a paid subscription is full access to messaging services, which can help you get to know better the one that caught your attention.


  • Solid base of members
  • Simple and quick registration process
  • Exclusive Compatibility test available
  • Convenient features to start a conversation (sending icebreakers, for example)
  • Blog and Success Stories sections on site
  • Apps for Android and iPhone


  • Full messaging services available to members with paid subscription only

Who is it best for

Who is Catholic Singles best for

This site aims to bring together individuals who are interested in meeting other faithful individuals. Be it dating, friendship, or just a group of individuals who share your faith, be sure that you will find the like-minded one on this growing platform.


1.    How does compatibility test work?

There are two steps to follow. Firstly, you will be answering a bunch of questions to show your personality and check how you two actually look like a team.

It’s like a personality test, so take it seriously as it may affect your chances of success.

In the second part, you will be answering questions regarding your expectations in the other half. Basically, the things you look for in your potential match. From there, the engine identifies and matches those that should be a great match together.

2.    What are Polls and how do they work?

Being features unique to this platform, they help you discover other users and their interests, they let you know who is currently active on the platform, help you identify someone’s personality, and serve as a simple way to initiate a conversation.

3.    Are full messaging services available to all members?

Unfortunately not, those can use only those who are on fully-paid subscription.


There is a contact form on their site, where you can submit your request. If the reply doesn’t arrive within 48h, you should check your email program settings and add the address [email protected] to your contacts or safe list.

Address: CatholicSingles.com, Inc.

 5802 Blackshire Path

 Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

3. Catholic People Meet

Catholic People Meet


  • Registration 4.5/5
  • Making Contact 4/5
  • Profile Quality 5/5
  • Overall Score 4.5/5


If meeting like-minded individuals is important to you, this site is just the place for you. Being a platform where online match-making is simple for the faithful, the team is focused on bringing together singles seeking a connection with other Catholic singles.

Sharing beliefs are an important ground for any relationship.

Whether you are looking for friendship, or love and romance leading to marriage, enjoy pleasant relationships with the ideal match from this dedicated platform.

Knowing that not all people are comfortable with using the internet to find the other half, the website is equipped not only with guidelines for simpler navigation but with safety tips as well. Wanting to make the quest for the soulmate as a pleasurable activity as possible, they pay special attention to the protection of users.

You have the option to create a profile for free, which is a perfect chance to get to know how this site works and browse the base for a while. Of course, paid membership unlocks extra features which will increase the chances to find the partner who suits your preferences. 


  • Browse members by state
  • Detailed profiles with plenty of useful information
  • App for mobile available
  • Page equipped with safety tips, guidelines and success stories
  • Variety of features available
  • Well-packed FAQ section
  • Message starter ideas- a special option which enables one person get to know potential match a bit closer based on personalized questions


  • Subscriptions automatically renewed until canceled

Who is it best for

Who is Catholic people Meet best for

This professionally-equipped and devoted site is created to help individuals find each other, believes that Creating Relationships. Connecting Lives is the reason they exist.

Therefore, the platform is an ideal choice for all those who are looking for a dear friend or a romantic relationship. Since the site hosts a variety of practical features and plenty of explanations, all it takes is to have faith and the ideal match will appear.


1.    What are the special services available on the platform?

Highlighted Profile highlights your account in bright yellow, while Highlighted Messages marks all the messages you send in bright yellow, including Flirt messages.

There’s one more, Message Read Confirmation, which allows you to see when another user has read an email message you have sent. Have in mind that if you want to add bonus features, you must have a fully-paid account.

2.    What is Echo?

This represents an alert and it happens when two members have shown mutual interest in each other.

3.    How to like pics and leave comments?

If some user caught your attention, let him/her know by clicking the thumbs-up symbol, or Like This Photo on the user’s photo page. Once you’ve liked someone’s photo, you can type a comment and tell them why you liked it. Do know that you must be active, and paid user to like and comment on pics.


There’s a contact form directly on the site, this is the link https://peoplemedia.custhelp.com/app/ask/theme/catholicpeoplemeetv6/src/www.catholicpeoplemeet.com_v3_help_iframehelper/pmsite/30

4. Ave Maria Singles

Ave Maria Singles


  • Registration 5/5
  • Making Contact 5/5
  • Profile Quality 4.9/5
  • Overall Score 4.9/5


Speaking of themselves as a shelter for single Catholics, they are aware that finding the right person who also absolutely believes of what the Church teaches and desires to live it is not an easy journey to take.

Motivated by the idea to make this quest as less stressful as possible, the site started operating in 1998 when web-based dating was still only secular. Their main idea was to use the online experience to get offline as soon as possible.

Valuing both privacy and time, the site is structured conveniently so that each user can chat freely with any other user without ever revealing the full name or primary email address.

Also, users can browse through other members’ accounts without worrying about anyone else knowing about it.

The site is packed with several quite innovative features, created with the purpose to boost chances of matching two singles. Some of them are Drop your hanky (exclusively for ladies), Make an exception, One-on-one live chat, and several others.

Having in mind that numerous dating platforms can be used for free, the biggest drawback about this one is that it doesn’t offer that option. Too bad, as members appreciate the opportunity to check out the site without having to pay immediately.


  • One-time fee
  • Collection of useful and unique to the site features 
  • Success Stories shared by the members who found their love using this site
  • Solid level of protection on site
  • Allows premium members to upload an unlimited number of pics
  • Saved Search- you can do a quick search based on parameters you have already set


  • Poorly equipped FAQ page
  • Exclusively paid subscription, no browsing for free

Who is it best for

Who is Ave Maria Singles best for

Since the team behind the platform does not believe in hanging out on the Internet for long periods, this site is an excellent choice for those who truly know what they want. 

Web-based dating is an open-ended experience with no direction, but only when you meet for real that partner, does the dating process truly begin.

Seeing each other in person is a crucial part of using this platform, which once again confirms that this is a fine choice for those looking for serious and devoted relationship.


1.    What does “Active” status mean?

This represents a member who is utilizing the site actively, or to be precise- frequently.

However, if one is not sure that he/she will be able to fulfill this, there’s an option “Active, but using the site passively”.

This is an excellent possibility if you only want to receive contacts and will log in once you receive a message, or if you know you will be on vacation for a while but still want to get contacts during that time.

2.    Do I have to reply to all the messages I receive?

Yes. All users must reply to those who contact them in some way. It is the right thing to do. All users are adults and can handle rejection. There’s no excuse for not providing any reply.

3.    What is the difference between “Block” and “Not interested”?

“NOT INTERESTED” button sends a very brief but kind message that you thank the other user for writing but clarifies that you are not interested in continuing communication.

The “BLOCK” button prevents another user from contacting you in any way. This option aims to keep away individuals who will not take “no” for an answer and will try to keep on contacting you again.


If you want to get in touch with the team, there’s a form to fill and submit directly on their site or to call them. The team will do its best to answer all requests within 24 hours. Keep in mind that customer assistance is not available on weekends, and during public holidays there may be additional delays.

Phone: (937) 598-9267

5. Catholic Mates 

Catholic Mates


  • Registration 5/5
  • Making Contact 5/5
  • Profile Quality 5/5
  • Overall Score 5/5


Hoping to help individuals find the perfect match or life-long partner, this simple yet well-equipped site is a fine choice for those looking for a like-minded individual.

Pointing out that most dating sites usually charge you too much and offer too little, this platform aims

This platform will give you just what you want, provided that you know what you want. To make your quest even more convenient, there’s the option to browse members by categories, which include gender or type.

You can even browse by feature, which will take you to either message board, chatroom or forum.

Though not as visually appealing like numerous others, this one has a huge advantage- availability in many international languages, which means that you can look for your love all over the globe. With simple and free registration, you can enjoy exploring the site and its basic features.


  • Quick and simple registration procedure
  • Site available in numerous languages
  • Well-packed FAQ section
  • Can be accessed on mobile phone
  • Extra features for paid members


  • You can send messages only if you have a full subscription
  • The design of the site looks a bit outdated

Who is it best for

Since the platform features numerous languages, it is a nice option for those looking for their love outside the boundaries of their state. The structure of the site covers all the needs and preferences, striving to help both those who are looking for someone to exchange thoughts with those looking for true and devoted love.

Who is Catholic Mates best for


1.    Is it possible to retrieve archived messages?

Of course. Those messages are located in your All Messages folder in your mailbox. If you want to move a message back to your inbox from the All Messages folder, click the box in front of that message in your All Messages folder and then click Move Back to Inbox.

2.    What is Rapid Match?

It is a free feature that displays members in your area. If you are interested, click “Like.” If not, click “Pass.” Clicking “Like” will send a notification to the user letting them know you have expressed interest. Your profile is included in the free Rapid Match system so you may receive notifications from users who are interested in you.

3.    How does messaging work?

You can send messages to any user on the platform if you have a full subscription. To send a message, you must simply click the “Send message to..” button placed directly below a user’s main picture on the left of your screen.


The following link https://www.catholicmates.com/Contact leads you to the form available on the site. If you have any questions, feel free to submit.

USA Company:

Dating Media Group

6919 W. Broward Blvd. #270

Plantation, FL 33317, USA

International Company:

ODS Online Dating Systems LTD

Dimokratias 31, 2nd Floor, Office 201

8028 Paphos, CYPRUS

Final Thoughts on Best Catholic Dating Sites

Final thoughts on Catholic Dating Sites

Nowadays, it’s so hard to find likeminded good Christian in the sea of ignorance, dishonesty, and unbelievers. Catholic online dating sites are somewhat one of those rare places to meet good and trusty people.

When you know that you can interact only with “God’s men and women”, the heavy burden is dopped and you can enjoy finding your other half with whom you’ll share all the blissful moments of your life.

Besides these specialized platforms, eHarmony and match.com are also trustworthy ones, with a fine spectrum of services and a huge membership base, all looking for true love.

What else to say but, have faith and be patient. Being on any of those dedicated best Catholic dating sites is already a halfway to success, and when God decides that the right moment and above all the right person has come, you will know it!

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