5 Best Sites Like Backpage for 2024 – Backpage Alternatives

Best Sites Like Backpage

Finding people for a serious relationship, as well as for simple hookups is not an easy job. However, nowadays there are a lot of online dating websites that offer this kind of services. Backpage was one of them, so today we are going to present some of the best sites like Backpage, in order to help you hook up.

Without any further due, let’s begin!

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Best Sites Like Backpage

5 Best Sites Like Backpage

Below is a list of the best backpage alternatives to choose from. I will be comparing them based on sign-up factors, making contact with their users, profile quality, price as well as the overall quality of the site so that you can discover which one is right for you.

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1. Be Naughty

Be Naughty



Another popular Backpage replacement site is Be Naughty. It is a fairly simple website with a clear goal: to hook you up with other members.

When it comes to the registration process, it is fairly simple to complete it. All you need to do is pass several short steps and you are ready to meet your match. First, you need to add some details about yourself (age, gender email, and location). Then, you have to add at least one picture that will have to be checked by moderators.

If it is approved, you can start using the website at once, since other parts of detail creation are skippable, meaning they can be added later on.

As for member structure, there are around 500,000 members from the United States, among which 120,000 are active per week, with the number increasing.

If you are a male looking for women to hook up with, this is a great place for you because there are more female than male members on the website. That doesn’t mean ladies can’t find their match though.

There are multiple ways to contact other members and let them know you like them. As in most dating websites, you can use ‘winks’ or likes.

There is also an option to send messages, which is free for all women, as well as a chatroom, where people can chat freely with each other.

Apart from that, there is a game you can play, where you have to select whether the person in the picture is cute or not. It is a good way to browse members and to find some that you like.

If you are male though, you won’t be able to send messages if you are just standard user.

When it comes to the quality of profiles, Be Naughty takes really good care of that. Because of the system which checks pictures you upload, you can be sure that photos are of real people, rather than being a scam.

Standard members can only view profile pictures, while other albums are locked behind the paid subscription.

As for the rest of the profile information, there aren’t much, since most of it is skippable during the registration process. So, unless people take their time and fill in their profiles, you shouldn’t expect to see much on profiles.

Another handy feature Be Naughty offers is the application for your mobile phone. It can be used by people who have Android phones.

Sorry iPhone users, you can just use website version. The app has all the most important features of the website, and in some cases, it is better to use it. For instance when playing cute or not game.

There are three packages of premium membership available. You can get 1-month, 3-month or 6-month subscription.

5 Best Sites Like Backpage for [year] - Backpage Alternatives 6

Premium membership allows you to message people for free if you are a man, to see photo albums, to use information about ‘Looking for’ and several other features, such as sharing your pictures and videos in chat and see where other members are from.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

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Click here to find the latest BeNaughty membership price.


  • Easy sign-up process, without lengthy questionnaires
  • Strict photo policy
  • Strict anti-scammer policy, so you can be sure most members are legit
  • Excellent phone app
  • Free messaging for all women


  • Only women get free messaging
  • There are a lot more women than men


BeNaughty FAQ
1.      Is Be Naughty safe to use?

Due to its strict photo policy and the necessity of verifying your email upon registering on the website, you could say that Be Naughty is perfectly safe to use.

2.      Why several photos I uploaded didn’t stay uploaded?

Some photos either don’t respect our photos policy, which states that certain photos cannot be uploaded and that double uploading of the same photo is not allowed. Only in those two cases, your upload will be rejected.

3.      Why is photo policy so strict?

It is one of the ways to eliminate fake profiles and scammers, making sure that only people who are real attend our website.


If there are still questions that you would like to ask, there is a phone number that you can ring any time, and always pleasant customer support will be more than happy to help: 1800 489 6091.

P. S. It is toll-free.

I suggest you check out Benaughty here.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder



When it comes to the talk about Backpage alternative websites, we simply have to mention Adult Friend Finder. It has over 80 million members worldwide, which makes it one of the biggest websites for dating and hookups in the world.

The main goal of this website is to help you find someone for casual dating, aka the person or people with whom you can hook up from time to time.

That said, in Adult Friend Finder, you can make all types of arrangements, from swinger dates, polygamy, ‘friends with benefits’, monogamy and much more. Because of this, Adult Friend Finder might not be the best website to look for a long-term relationship.

Sign up process is relatively fast and simple. You can basically complete it in just a couple of minutes, meaning that you won’t have to spend a lot of time answering long and tiring questionnaires, like on some other websites.

To complete your registration, you will have to verify your email address after you complete the sign-up process. During that process, you will simply be asked several basic questions about yourself and your preferences.

Then, you can select your gender and what type of people you like. Apart from that, on Adult Friend Finder, you are able to select your personal username, since the website won’t share your real name unless you specify otherwise.

After all that, your registration will be completed and you can start looking for people to hook up with, as well as add your picture.

Adult Friend Finder Description

As for the membership base, there are all kinds of people, who all share one common goal. To find someone to hook up with. Therefore, all Adult Friend Finder members are adults. You can also find adult couples, apart from the individuals.

Gender proportion is not equally divided. Around 80% of members are men, while just 20% are women. However, almost everyone is able to find their perfect match for hook up, despite that information.

There are a lot of active members, who tend to commend and like each other.

However, since there are over 80 million members on the website, you will most likely stumble onto a certain number of fake profiles, which is understandable for the platform of this size.

When it comes to the profile quality, Adult Friend Finder does a very good job. When you visit someone’s profile, you can see a lot about their preferences and possible naughty fantasies.

However, if you want to know more about them, what they do, what kind of people they are, you will have to either ask them personally or wait and see if they will update their personal info section.

When it comes to checking out photos and videos, that feature is free for everyone. However, if you want to check out full profiles, you will have to get premium membership, which we will cover a bit later.

Adult Friend Finder is known to have several good ways of interacting with other members. You can watch other members’ videos, like and comment on them if you find them enjoyable.

Apart from that, there chat rooms, live streams, private messages, emails, magazines and all other features that are common for dating websites.

Along with that, you have the option to ‘keep your hookups journal’, edit it and eventually post it as your personal vlog. Also, you can write short stories, that may or may not be true, but which could increase your chances of hooking up with someone.

As for the premium membership, it is called Gold Membership and you can pay for it on a monthly basis or select two other packages, which are shown in the table.

5 Best Sites Like Backpage for [year] - Backpage Alternatives 7

Gold members have access to all features on the website, meaning that if you are serious about finding someone to hook up with, you should definitely give it a try.

Last, but not the least, there is a phone app called All FriendFinder app, which you can use to access Adult Friend Finder from your mobile phone.

Apart from that, with this application, you are able to access all other Friend Finder platforms and that way increase your chances of finding people to hook up. The application is available for download on both Google Play Store and iOS system.

Click here to find the latest AdultFriendFinder membership prices.

Pros and Cons


Adultfriendfinder Pros and Cons
  • Huge membership base, with over 80 million people
  • A lot of ways to interact with other members
  • A mobile phone app, to help you connect with other Friend Finder platforms
  • Fast sign-up process
  • You can edit your profile for free anytime


  • Gold Membership is a bit pricy
  • You can encounter bots and fakes


1.      Is it possible to find someone for a long-term relationship?

Adult Friend Finder is primarily made for people who are just looking for casual fun. However, it is possible to bond with someone and start a real relationship.

2.      Is Adult Friend Finder free?

Registering and browsing other members’ profiles is free. There are both free and premium membership plans, however. The most important features are available only to Gold Members.


For all questions that you might have for these people, there are a phone number (+1 408 702 1040) and a fax (+1 650 324 9379). But you can also find their address and write a letter, if you are a bit old fashioned.

Make sure to check out adult friend finder here.

3. Friend Finder-X

Friend Finder-X


  • Signing up – 3.5/5
  • Making Contact – 3/5
  • Profile Quality – 4/5
  • Overall Quality – 3.5/5


Friend Finder-X Description

Friend Finder-X has been around for over 20 years. Since then, the website has managed to get more than 90 million active members, making it the website with the largest member base from all Friend Finder Network websites.

It has been made for all types of people, both individuals, and couples. Apart from people trying to find someone to hook up with on Friend Finder-X, there are members who simply want to join some live shows or to watch hot videos from other members.

There are around 100,000 active members every day, most of which are from the United States. However, you can also find a lot of people from the United Kingdom, Asia, and the Middle East.

Majority of members are simply looking for someone to hook up with, so don’t expect to find people for long-term relationships. Also, the majority of members are females.

Another feature that is useful is that Friend Finder-X has professional models, who are there to show their attributes and skills in adult video chats and live streams. In order to have full access to their profiles, you need to join their fan clubs.

The sign-up process is very simple and takes just several minutes to complete. All you need to do is tell several pieces of information about yourself and your preferences, after which you will get activation email and your hunt can begin!

As for making contact, there are several ways to do it, and most of them aren’t free, which really limits your options, making it almost necessary to pay for a subscription in order to use the website.

Free members can just add people to their hotlist, play the game of ‘hot or not’ and comment on other people’s pictures and posts.

When you subscribe, you get full access to all features of the website. Apart from that, if you want o tip live models, you have to buy some Tokens and Points to do it, no matter if you are premium or not.

When it comes to pricing, there are several available options, so take a look at the table for more information.

5 Best Sites Like Backpage for [year] - Backpage Alternatives 8

When it comes to the profile quality of the website’s members, we can say that they are pretty detailed, especially if the person took their time and filled in additional personal information.

Whenever you browse someone’s profile, you will be able to see compatibility chart there, stating how much and in which areas you have compatibility with the person in question. You can send them gifts, called ‘Bings’ and comment with a testimonial on their profile.

Friend Finder-X has one tiny flaw, which is the lack of mobile phone application. Instead of that, it has a mobile dedicated website, which means that you can still access the website on your mobile phone, by using its browser.


  • Enormous members base, with over 90 million active people
  • The easy and quick sign-up process
  • Livestreams of models
  • It has a lot of features


  • Pricey gold membership packages


Friend Finder-X FAQ
1.      Is it possible to get a refund if I don’t use all time as a premium member?

No, there isn’t any refund if you don’t spend your gold members status in time.

2.      Can I temporarily disable my account?

Yes, you can use ‘Hide my profile’ feature, which is located in ‘Close Account’ area of the settings.


If you want to contact the team behind Friend Finder-X, there is a contact form on their website that you can use to ask any question you have.

4. Match




Match Description

Even though Match is not specifically made for finding people for a hookup, with over 15 million active users, you can most certainly find people who just want to have fun, without getting into a serious relationship. Because of that, it is good Backpage substitute.

It was founded in April 1995 and has been functioning ever since. It is shown that Match is responsible for the most marriages, hookups and regular dates in the history of online dating.

The website itself might not look pretty, but it is still very functional. As a guarantee that you will find someone for yourself, website owners decided to give 6 months of membership to people who don’t find their perfect match in the first 6 months of their time on the website.

The sign-up process is relatively simple since you can use Facebook or some other social media platform to login.

However, after the initial registration, you will have to answer a lengthy questionnaire, where you will need to provide your personal information, so the system could match you with someone you like much easier.

If you register via social media, you can skip this process, but it is not recommended since it could help a lot.

As with all other dating websites, Match also offers two types of memberships, standard, and premium. Premium members have access to all features the website has to offer, which helps a lot when it comes to finding your perfect match.

There are different packages for getting the premium membership, so make sure to check out all of them and pick the one that suits you the most.

5 Best Sites Like Backpage for [year] - Backpage Alternatives 9

When it comes to other features Match has to offer, it is no different than most of the others dating websites. You have the ability to send likes/winks, messages and flirts. Also, all members get seven match suggestions per day, making it easier to get someone to hook up with.

If you prefer using your mobile phone to access your dating sites, Match got you covered there as well. It has a very nicely done Match Phone option. It lets you receive messages from Match.com as your SMS message.

The latest Match.com prices are here.


  • A lot of members, over 15 million active members and 7 million active subscribers and the fact that it operates in over 20 countries.
  • Every member gets free match suggestions
  • Nice filtering system, allowing you to customize your search.
  • Six-month guarantee
  • Real-life local Match Events, where it is possible for the members to meet each other
  • Excellent customer support


  • Only premium members can read and send messages
  • Only premium members have access to privacy mode


Match FAQ
1.      Why does it take so long to setup a profile?

Match has very specific algorithm for finding your perfect match. For that purpose, we developed a special questionnaire for our members to fill.

It takes around 20-30 minutes to finish it, but after you do, you basically triple your chances of finding someone who would fit your criteria, and to whom you would also be a perfect match.


For those who are always wandering and want to know a bit more – here is a contact form on the website.

5. Zoosk



  • Signing up – 4.5/5
  • Making Contact – 3.5/5
  • Profile Quality – 3/5
  • Overall Quality – 3.7/5


Zoosk Description

Same as Match, Zoosk is not just for people who would like to just hook up, but rather for all types of dating. Therefore, it is eligible to be on this list because it has over 40 million members in more than 80 countries across the world and it has been in the business for 12 years.

Out of those 40 million members, 20 million are from the United States, with over 1,6 million daily logins. A large number of members are people who are aged between 25 and 34 years, but you can find people of all ages.

Registration on the website takes only several minutes and it can even be easier if you sign up by using your Google or Facebook accounts. You simply need to put basic personal info and register.

Uploading a profile picture is not necessary during the registration process, so it can be skipped. The website itself can detect your location so, you simply need to put any zip code from your country, to be able to locate possible matches.

Once you complete everything regarding registration, you will get the activation email, which you will have to click in order to activate your account.

Apart from that, you have to provide a phone number and validate your account by typing the code sent to that number. And last way of increasing your profile credibility is to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

As for contact options available to members, they are quite limited unless you are a premium member. Free members can only send flirts and browse profiles. You can also send gifts, but you won’t be able to open them until you upgrade your account.

Matchmaking is divided into two different features. Carousel is the type where you get profile suggestions and you either ignore, by pressing X or approve, by pressing the checkmark.

Smart Pick option is there to show you some suggestions, depending on your personal behavior on the website. So, everything you do can affect the outcome.

When it comes to the profile quality, Zoosk is pretty good. Everyone, both free and premium members can read basic info and personal interests on other people’s profiles. Since there is a validation feature, you can see members with that sign and know they are real people, making it easier for you.

And guess what? You can do all of this on your mobile phone as well since Zoosk has its official mobile app, available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

The app has almost everything as the web version, except the ‘Dating insights’ option, since that option is too big and contains a lot of data. It is pretty simple to use and makes looking for hookups even more interesting. One downside is that there are some annoying ads playing.

However, if you upgrade to premium, those ads will disappear.

As usual, you can pay for the premium membership, which would give you access to all features Zoosk has to offer. The pricing is following.

5 Best Sites Like Backpage for [year] - Backpage Alternatives 10


  • Strict validation policy, ensuring there are no fake profiles
  • Huge number of active members, in over 80 countries
  • An excellent mobile app, supported by both Android and iOS
  • Different types of matchmaking
  • Multiple ways to sign up, also by using Facebook and Google accounts


  • Even some basic features are locked behind premium membership


Zoosk FAQ
1.      Why I can’t send messages to other people?

Sending messages to other members is paid feature.

2.      Who can join Zoosk?

Everyone who is older than 18 can create a profile on Zoosk.


If you have more questions that we failed to answer, here is a customer service phone number that you can ring any time: 888-939-6675

Tips & Tricks

Backpage Alternatives Tips and Tricks

There you go, folks! We went over some sites similar to Backpage. How about we also give you some advice on how to act while you are on a dating site. Let’s get to it!

  • Be persistent – joining a dating website will usually not give results immediately. You have to be patient and persistent. Fill in your profile to make it more detailed and increase your chance of getting hooked up with other members.
  • Have fun chatting – most of these websites offer some kind of chat feature. Even if you didn’t find someone for hook up, try to relax and chat with other members. Who knows, you might even make yourself interesting to other members and get hooked up after all.
  • Use filters – in order to maximize your chance to get hooked up with the type of people you like, make sure to use search filters.
  • Stay calm – even though most people who join these websites tend to want the same thing, to have fun, it is never a good idea to be pushy and annoying. Stay calm and play it cool, make them interested in you.
  • Ask for video chats – if you want to make sure you’re talking to a real person, invite them to video chat after some time. There, you can meet each other and be kinky as much as you want.
  • Be straightforward – same as with serious relationships, you should also be straightforward about your wishes when it comes to casual hook up. Let other people know what are your fantasies and preferences.

Final Word

Final word on Best Sites Like Backpage

That was everything we had prepared for you today. We presented the best Backpage alternatives, explained their features and gave you some tips and tricks on how to maximize your chances of hooking up with the right people.

Now get to business! Those hot ladies or gentlemen won’t hook up on their own. Just make sure to remember what you had learned here.

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