Best Teen Dating Sites 2023 – Chat, Meet, Date

In this day in age, teenagers start dating (and become sexually active) a lot earlier than, say, 10 years ago.

The dating scene has changed dramatically for all single people with the expansion of online dating, but what about teenagers?

Teenagers are using the internet and have a lot of obligations as well, and with the Covid-19 pandemic, their social lives have suffered a lot.

Internet safety is important, and especially so for impressionable age groups such as teenagers.

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So is there a dating app for those under 18?

Yes. Some teen dating apps are targeted specifically to them, and we will rate the Best Teen Dating Sites based on:

The pros and cons
The key functionalities members can expect for their monthly fee
What search filters can be used to search for matchups
Their overall dating experience

But first, if you find yourself reading this article but are passed your teen years, then consider moving on to our best dating sites for young adults article.

Here is a list of the best and safest ones.

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1. MyLol

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 17


  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Making Contact – 4/5
  • Profile Quality – 3/5
  • Overall Quality – 4/5


  • Targeted specifically to the 13 to 19 age group
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Almost all features are free


  • Only about a quarter of members are girls
  • Age-inappropriate content is present
  • Verification can be skipped

Demographic Makeup

Since it is specifically targeted to teenagers, all of the members are from 13 to 19 years old.

The majority of the membership base actually belongs to the younger population, which is understandable considering that most regular dating apps allow people to sign up if they are over 18 (in some cases 17).

Most of the members are from the USA, but there are also a number of members coming from Canada, the UK, Australia, Russia, and France.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 18

About 75 % of members are male and straight.

There is a bit of inappropriate content for the younger members who are not yet sexually active but it is understandable since there are older teens present on the app as well. (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison). Regardless, the app primarily serves for dating and friendships (like eHarmony or Tinder).

Who is it for

Since the majority of members are male this app is heaven for younger teenage girls since they will have their pick.

The app is classified as a dating app for teenagers but there are actually a lot more teens looking for friendship and the opportunity to chat (i.e. they use the app as another social media platform).

Since the majority of users are from the USA, the American teenagers might actually have the best shot of meeting somebody on the app

Ease of Use

The sign-up process is extremely easy.

Once you install the app on your phone (iOS or Android) you can use your Facebook or Twitter information to sign up or do it via email.

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The sign-up process takes a few moments as you can skip the verification process.

Since most of the features on the app are free, making contact is fairly easy, however, there is a vast number of special features you can use if you pay for them.

Messaging is open to all members and you can send messages to anyone unless they have restricted the messaging options.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 19

You can comment on other users’ photos, write blogs, start forum discussions, and join a MyLOL chat room.

For all of that, your photo will need to be approved.

There is no matching feature so to find someone you might like you will have to use the search tool with a lot of filters to help you find what you are looking for.

The app’s design is modern and fun.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 20


1. What is the MyLOL profile quality?

The profile quality is average since there is a lot you can skip during the verification process.

There is an ‘about me’ section that often remains blank.

However, there are usually links to other social media profiles of the specific users.

2. How can I limit my MyLOL visitors?

There is a gear icon on the top right corner of your profile home page.

Click it and select “Security”. Under “who can see my profile” you can limit the visitors by several categories – for example, age or sex.

3. How do I access “Privileged Only” information?

To unlock “Privileged Only” information on users’ profiles you need to be a premium member.

Overall rating

The overall rating for this teen dating app is 4/5.

The reason for this is the average profile quality and the option to skip verification which entails a question of whether the profiles are actually true.

Otherwise, it is a fun app for teenagers to use and connect, even just for fun and friendship.

2. TeenChat

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 21


  • Signing up – 4/5
  • Making Contact – 5/5
  • Profile Quality – 4/5
  • Overall Quality – 4.3/5


  • The website is completely free to sign up
  • Teenager targeted
  • Only 13-19-year-olds are eligible to use
  • Easy to join


  • Not many active members
  • There is no mobile app available for either iOS or Android
  • No verification required

Demographic Makeup

When it comes to the demographics it is understandable that all of the members are teenagers since this is one of the teen dating websites.

The majority of the members are from the USA (over half of them).

The other half comes from all over the world, especially English-speaking countries.

The gender distribution is fairly equal with a slight advantage in favor of teenage boys.

Since there is no verification process, some of the profiles might be fake so pay attention to that while using the website’s features.

Also, only a minority of users are frequently active.

Who is it for

The first thing that comes to mind is that it is one of the dating sites for teenagers who are located in the USA.

The slight advantage goes to girls as there are more boys in the user database so the girls will easily have their pick while the boys need to try a bit harder.

Ease of Use

It is really easy to sign up to TeenChat and there are quite a few options you can do it with.

You can use your Twitter account to sign up extremely quickly.

If you do not want to link your Twitter to the dating app you can use your email to sign up, and you can even skip the verification and registration process.

What does that mean?

That means that you can log in to the app as a guest and join all the chat rooms.

Making contact is easy as well, all you need to do is enter a chat room  – take your pick from the flirty ones that are more suited for older teenagers to quiz and chats that are more suitable for younger members.

You need to agree on all the chat policies and restrictions regarding the content you share in order to on the chat rooms.

It works like yet another one of the social media platforms as you can send friend requests and participate in blog writing and forums.

The user profiles can be customized with different themes and font colors t better represent your personality.

There is an “about me” section that you can complete at any time, and you are required to submit one photo as your profile photo that will be visible to other members for free.


1. Is there a TeenChat app?

There is no TeenChat app available for either Android or iOS.

However, the mobile-optimized web version is available and has all the features as the desktop version.

2. Do I need to be a member of Teen Chat to join chat rooms?

Yes. To use chat rooms you need to be a member.

You can read the conversation and send private messages, if you log in as a guest, though.

3. How can I report suspicious users on TeenChat?

To report any breach of security (fake profiles, older users, inappropriate content) you will have to submit the profile information to the chat admin or moderator

Overall rating

Our overall rating for TeenChat is 4.3/5. We deducted some points for the lack of profile verification.

Otherwise, it is a fun, modern, and intuitively designed website for teens to use to meet their peers and have some fun of their own.

3. Tinychat

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 22


  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Making Contact – 4/5
  • Profile Quality – 3/5
  • Overall Quality – 4/5


  • Age-appropriate content
  • Fun special features
  • Quick sign-up process
  • Android and iOS app available in their respective stores
  • Moderators oversee the chatrooms


  • Premium features are n the expensive side
  • Young adults are present as well
  • Profiles are low quality
  • You can’t see profiles on a regular subscription

Demographic Makeup

Tinychat is targeted at teens and young adults and the teens make up most of the user’s database.

The majority of members are from the United States.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 23

There is a fairly equal distribution of males and females with a slight advantage in favor of the boys.

The users are active and responsive especially in chatrooms (a nostalgic nod to the ’90).

Who is it for

Since the majority of the user database is the teens and the fact that the content is strictly controlled, this could be a great place for teens to meet new people, and not necessarily with dating in mind.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 24

The chat rooms are where thematic happens so this teen dating website is perfect for those teens who are friendly and outgoing and like to hang around in groups.

They can choose to video chat, send texts and audio recordings, and they can send messages to the members they like the most although group chats are more popular here.

Ease of Use

The sign-up process is easy as you can do it through your Facebook profile.

Another way to do it is to fill in the form on the website and provide just the basic information along with a short bio.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 25

You can start joining chat rooms and connecting with other teens right away, but unless you are on the paid subscription you will not be able to broadcast your chatroom live or see other users’ profiles.

You can send gifts and direct messages to the users you really like.

There is also a Tinychat app for all the teens on the go.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 26


1. What are special Tinychat features?

Tinychat coins and points, promote a room, virtual store for gifts, and live directory are the site’s special features.

They help make you more visible on the site.

2. Why has a room been closed?

Some of the reasons why a room can be closed are:

Moderators do not do their job

There are inappropriate words in the room name

The content is inappropriate or offensive.

3. Why is my Tinychat chat room screen black?

It usually means that you have an issue with your Adobe Flash player.

Update it or install it to use the chat rooms.

Overall rating

We think it is a very fun, nostalgic way of connecting teens, and for us, it did quite well – 4/5.

However, we ducked some points simply because profile information is scarce and making contact is harder on regular subscriptions.

4. Skout

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 27


  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Making Contact – 4/5
  • Profile Quality – 3/5
  • Overall Quality – 4/5


  • A lot of free fun features
  • Very active user database
  • High security
  • It has actual matching options


  • Full of ads (free version)
  • Not targeted solely to teens
  • The interface is a bit too simple

Demographic Makeup

Skout was originally meant to be another social media platform but grew into a dating website for teens and young adults.

The user database is very young although the teenage group is in second place (The majority of users are 20-34).

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 28

There are slightly more guys than girls, and most of the members come from the USA, Australia, and Taiwan, although there are other countries as well.

Who is it for

Why do we say that is one of the best teen dating websites when the biggest age group are not teens?

Because of the feature where all messages need to be approved before you can chat with someone.

So if you do not like the content of the message, you just reject it and this will automatically block the person who is sending it to you.

Profile photos need to be approved by the administrator and comply with the terms of service.

It has a lot of fun features, but you can still keep your privacy by allowing only a selected few to access your photo album for example.

Ease of Use

Skout might be a little bit confusing since there are so many features even for the users on free subscriptions so it can be a bit overwhelming until you get used to it. Especially if you use the apps that have profiles imported from the Meet me app as well.

This, however, should not be an issue for the current generations of tech-savvy teens, as they can weed out the unneeded or install the sister app as well.

You need to provide basic information and upload a photo for approval.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 29

After that, you can start messaging users, selecting “favorite” profiles, go on “blind dates” (a game where you chat with another user and your pictures are blurred at the beginning and become clearer as time progresses), and more.


1. Is there a Skout app?

Yes. There are both iOS and Android Skout apps that can be downloaded from app stores.

The app is connected to the Meet me app (sister app).

2. What is the matchmaking feature of the Skout app?

In the “interested?” feature you get several profiles that you can “check” or “X”.

If they liked you as well it is a match.

There is also a “Shake to Chat” feature that matches you with a random user that is close to you.

3. How do I unblock a user on Skout?

To unblock a user select “settings” then “Blocked users” on your toolbar. Find the username of the user you want to unblock and click on it.

Overall rating

Although this app is not specifically targeted at teens, it is a safe place for them to start their online dating experience.

We give it 4/5.

5. AlloTalk

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 30


  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Making Contact – 4/5
  • Profile Quality – 3/5
  • Overall Quality – 4/5


  • Targeted only at teens (13-19)
  • Available online safety blog posts to parents and teens about
  • LGBT+ Teens welcome
  • No inappropriate content


  • Low member activity
  • Design not that attractive
  • No verification process
  • no iOS app

Demographic Makeup

Since it is specifically designed for teenagers it is no wonder that they make up a high majority of the membership database.

However, since there is no verification process there are some that are older.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 31

The app is available in 12 languages yet the majority of users are from the USA.

The male to female ratio is 60/40 in favor of the guys.

It is one of the rare teen dating apps that welcome LGBTQ+ users.

Who is it for

If you are a teen and need a safe place to date online AlloChat may be the right choice for you.

There are Chat and Flirt rooms (the latter is severely moderated) so you can join this teen dating website to find friends or love.

There are also separate Gay and Lesbian chat rooms for LGBTQ+ teens.

Since member activity is lower you need to be patient to get the most out of the app.

Ease of Use

To sign up, you need to have either a Facebook or a Twitter account, there is no other way to register.

You can on as a guest but you will have limited options and use much fewer features than a registered member.

Best Teen Dating Sites [year] - Chat, Meet, Date 32

It is a very quick process and there is no verification.

Male profiles are not as detailed as female profiles.

After you register you can join chat rooms and send private messages but most members prefer chat rooms to message one on one.

You can send mages, GIFs, videos, and links.

The app is available and has all the features of the website.


1. How can I contact AlloTalk’s moderators?

Send a message to [email protected]. to contact AlloTalk moderators.

2. How can I edit my AlloTalk profile?

To further edit and complete your profile click on your photo and then “My profile”.

3. Can I report a suspicious user on AlloTalk?


You can, however, control who contacts you by using the “Ignore” option.

Overall rating

It is claimed that although there is no verification process AlloTalk is one of the safest and best teen dating sites.

There are very few adults reported, and we particularly love the blog feature where teens and their parents can inform themselves on online dating safety. For us, it is a 4/5.

Final word

We have a moral obligation to give you a few warnings regardless of whether you are a teenager looking for love online or a parent of an eager-to-date teenager.

Everybody should be careful what kind of information they share online, and it is easier for teens to oversee that as they do not have that much experience with dating.

Your home address, even your private phone number, your parents’ credit card number, and the like are not something you should share online.

Never meet someone in real life without telling somebody where and with whom you are.

If you do not want to tell your parents then at least share this information with your best friend, and preferably the cool aunt or uncle.

You know they will not rat you out to your parents but you will still be safe in case something bad happens.

Dating is cool and fun but you need to be careful before you get experienced enough to weed out the fake profiles, scammers, and predators right in the beginning.

And although these teen dating sites are deemed safe for teens, you still need to be careful and take care of yourself first.

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