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6 Best Dating Sites for Young People Revealed in 2021

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    Top 6 Best Dating Sites for Young Adults

    By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea about which top dating site for young adults is right for you!

    Here is an intensive review of the best dating sites for Young Adults that have proven over time to be very helpful in helping young ones find friendship, love, companionship, and at times, long-term relationships. 

     Let’s not waste any more time and hop right into comparing all the top picks among the young adult dating websites. 😎

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      The Best Dating Sites for Young Adults in Video Form

      Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

      Top 6 Best Dating Sites for Young Adults in [month_year]! 1

      There are many dating sites out there today; however, sadly it seems that most of them are geared towards older people. Perhaps this is because older individuals, especially professionals, tend to have more spending power. This list is made for millennials.

      Even websites that do not specifically target the older crowd seems to have a user base that leaves much to be desired for the single and searching young adult.

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      If you are young and searching for a great dating site to meet your needs, then continue reading as we will share with you some of the best dating websites for young adults.

      We have discovered from our use of most of these dating sites for young people that online dating for young adults has now become so easy and straightforward.

      Online dating tips and dating advice are available on young adult dating sites to make the dating experience for thousands of couples within this age range exciting.

      Having a wow experience on an online dating site is a product of adhering to instructions from this well-written guide that has birthed a lot of success stories.

      Best Dating Sites for Young People

      After this article, I suggest checking out some of my comparison articles on top online dating sites such as Chemistry vs MatchMatch vs PoFMatch vs OkCupid and Zoosk vs Match!

      Top 6 Best Dating Sites for Young Adults and Millennials in 2021

      While many young people may go for free online dating sites, paid sites like, Tinder, PoF, eHarmony, and Zoosk offer much better features with A-list plans and are quite affordable. Subscription to the top 6 best dating sites for young adults and teens averages about $17 per month. That’s a great bargain!

      #1 Tinder 


      Everybody and their mother have been swiping left and right on the popular dating app Tinder. If you have never heard of it, you must be from Mars. In the rare instance that you are from another planet, I will break down how apps like Tinder works for you.

      Tinder is among the popular dating sites for young adults because of the large number of young people registered on it.

      It is a program where you get displayed possible matches one at a time. If you like the match, you will swipe right on them. If you don’t like your match, you swipe left on them. If two matches swipe right on each other then, you are brought into a chat room.

      Tinder is a good option for young adults because it has a large population of users.

      It is relatively easy to get a potential match and start communicating within very little time.

      The biggest problem with Tinder is the quality of the matches that you will get. There are a lot of flaky people (guys and girls) that are using Tinder just to chitchat or an ego boost. The percentage of matches going on a date is very low.

      Tinder is a great dating application if you purchase the Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold version and planning on traveling. The app lets you teleport locations in order to swipe in different spots around the world. If you plan on traveling and would like to meet some people before you get there, Tinder is a good option.

      Once again, the free version of this dating app for young adults leaves a lot to be wanted out of a dating app. The Tinder plus prices are $19.99 a month for the month by month option. $12.50 per month for the six-month subscription or $8.25 for a 12-month subscription. These will be paid all upfront and not on a monthly basis.

      You’ll find all the information you need on the pricing on the app or desktop version.

      Even despite Tinder being number two on the list because there are so many people using it and it is very easy to use. I have had success using Tinder, but I also have twice as many horror stories of naughty dating.

      These horror stories can be a major drawback for a young adult dating online.

      You can check out Tinder here.

      On this amazing site, you can find the sexiest Colombian chicks, handsome Thai guys, and the most sensual Brazilian lover you can think about.

      #2 Bumble

      Top 6 Best Dating Sites for Young Adults in [month_year]! 2

      Bumble has a simple yet meaningful philosophy- that key for productive and positive life is a healthy relationship.

      That’s why the team running this dating platform wants to make people feel empowered while making connections with others.

      The key to successful matching is an outstanding profile combined with a cool pic, so do your part of the homework and ace it! After all, it’s a rule for all dating sites, not just Bumble.

      Creating a profile is a piece of cake, as it can be done via FB if you want to be super-efficient.

      Moreover, you can connect your Instagram account with the profile if you want to.

      But I’m always for the slower yet more thorough procedure, in which you pay special attention to everything, and particularly when filling the “about me” section. So, no shortcut.

      The site itself is primarily designed to be used on smartphones, but it can be accessed on the computer as well and it functions without any problems. It’s just that feeling and atmosphere is much better if you explore it on mobile gadgets.

      Similar to Tinder, it’s swiping left or right to determine whether you like a given suggestion, and when two people right-swipe on each other-it’s mutual liking, and then the first step is made.

      Women call it the best possible advantage a dating site can offer, while gentlemen see it as a huge drawback. What is it?

      Well, the majority of sites put both sexes on equal ground, meaning either can make the first move, but Bumble prioritizes women. All this is the result of their idea to shift the old-school “it’s the men who approach first”, and allow women to feel more powerful when selecting a potential partner.

      Besides dating, this network is also a good choice for those looking for a friend, and those who want to build and expand their professional network and find a job.

      Yes, it is one of the dating sites for young professionals.

      Though it is said that “Bumble is free and will always be”, there’s much more to this poetic sentence than it meets the eyes.

      Yes, creating a profile and browsing is free, as some basic package which more or less a majority of dating platforms offer. However, if you want to get access to some premium features and boost your chances of success, you’ll have to opt for a paid subscription.

      Among the extra options that come with a paid membership, there is Rematch, Beeline (helps you see who liked you), Busy Bee (which unlocks unlimited 24-hour extension for matches), and more. Moreover, there are special Coins to purchase SuperSwipes and increase the chances even more.

      Having in mind that it can bring you the love of your life, the costs are within the limits of reason, especially if you select a lifetime membership.

      This dating page has so much to offer if you use it right. Yes, many would say that it’s not fair that women are given a slight advantage, but, if you ask me, it should only be a bigger motivation for guys to give their best and impress a lady on a young adult dating site.

      #3 Hinge

      Top 6 Best Dating Sites for Young Adults in [month_year]! 3

      Some things we are supposed to “burn after reading”, while this dating app, ironically is “designed to be deleted”. Or perhaps there’s nothing ironic about that, huh?

      The whole point is about meeting other people who want to get off dating apps, but after finding the ideal partner, and that’s where Hinge steps in. Because, when you find the one who’s compatible with you, there’s no need to have a dating app anymore, right?

      Encouraging people to share habits, religion, preferences, education, and all, the main mission of the site is to help connect like-minded people.

      Creating a profile is not an overly complicated procedure, but it requires a bit more time. It serves to show off personality, because it’s not only the looks that people are after, it’s much deeper than that.

      One needs to upload 6 pics, and register either with the phone number via FB, but keep in mind that phone verification is required. Then, there are 3 separate fields to complete.

      The very core of the site is swiping, which means that it caters to the needs of modern-day consumers, whose life is fast-paced and who are continuously on the go.

      What differs swiping here, is that suggestions are not only given by location but based on numerous criteria which users share. That’s why it takes a while to complete a profile, as these data are some sort of filters for the site’s algorithm to give as a precise possible suggestion.

      So, instead of mindless and endless swiping, one is given compatible suggestions, the ones you could actually have a decent and satisfying conversation.

      As the site is owned and operated by the same team that runs Tinder, Twoo, and Match, this focus on mobile-oriented society makes total sense.

      Similar to the multitude of dating platforms, some features are free of charge, while the others come with a paid subscription. You can send comments, messages and give likes without having to pay anything.

      The number of likes is limited for standard users- 10 per day, while preferred (those with paid membership) have an unlimited number of those. Though it may seem to be too little, it’s quality that matters on this platform, not quantity.

      Options such as We Met, Who Liked Me, and several more are unlocked with the paid subscription, and they give a completely new dimension to the app and its overall potential.

      With all these on our minds, we can say that costs are more than reasonable. The best option is to choose a 6-month membership as it pays off the most, and with all the options that come along, chances to find the ideal partner (and delete the app), are more than great.

      Hinge has become a great app used for dating for young adults who are tech-savvy and always on the move.

      In the end, perhaps the only major downside of this one is that it exists only in the form of a mobile app. There are still people who prefer exploring dating site on desktop, and Hinge doesn’t offer that.

      Apart from that flaw, the rest we’ve seen is more than a decent app, with solid chances to succeed, if you take time to create a bombastic and well-equipped profile.

      #4 is also among the good dating websites for young adults, if not the best dating site around. This is the best dating site for younger individuals that are looking for a serious relationship. The people on the site are serious about meeting up and getting to know one another.

      Although using eHarmony can be quite pricey for some young single individuals, it is entirely worth it as the site does an excellent job at achieving its objective of bringing people together for meaningful, long-lasting relationships or even marriage.

      eHarmony has worked meticulously to create their winning matchmaking system based on dimensions of compatibility that has paid off tremendously as they have one of the best success stories rates when it comes to creating successful marriages.

      Dating experts assist young professionals on the best dating apps with matches based on detailed profiles on the dating profile.

      eHarmony is best used when you sign up for a six-month membership, as it gives you enough time to truly connect with that special someone (The cost of eHarmony is also less/month). Click here to check out the complete review of eHarmony as well as the comparison of eHarmony vs Match.

      Check out more of the features and pricing here.

      #5 BeNaughty

      Top 6 Best Dating Sites for Young Adults in [month_year]! 4

      Those looking for “Fun dating with no waiting” will find this one to be the most perfect choice there’s ever been.

      It’s not just about looking at other singles, but looking for the naughty ones, and thanks to online dating, that is no longer just a part of imagination and daydreaming- and definitely not a taboo!

      As for people who use this site, it’s not just singles looking for singles, but couples looking for singles as well, to spice up their relationship or marriage a bit.

      Best Limited Time Offers

      "Best Matchmaker" "Discreet Dating""Best for Flings"

      However, we found out that you cannot log into the site as a couple, but only as an individual, so one side will have to be in charge of finding the plus one for some threesome.

      Registration is quite simple and it requires a minimum of information- age, location, gender, and e-mail address, as well as your sexual preference (I am________, looking for________).

      Among the most noteworthy characteristics of this site is the fact that all the displayed search filters can be used with no costs, which undoubtedly increases the chances to find precisely what you are looking for.

      As for the available tools and options, there’s a possibility to send a wink, use the chatroom, play cute or not game in the Like gallery, or send messages without any cost (that is, if you are a female).

      When a site has such a juicy name, it’s natural to assume that something juicy will come as an option-well, it does. Besides pics, and it’s the possibility to upload videos as well.

      However, you may have hoped that it opens possibilities for some utterly provocative and naked pics- nope, the website has a strict check for pornography and nudity. All that is for the purpose of protecting the members and minimizing chances for unpleasant situations.

      The site has a multitude of specific niches, encompassing various orientations, preferences, locations, and much more. So, there are links for gay or lesbian, international, interracial, bisexual, married, senior, mature, and many others.  Looking at the structure of members, the majority of them are women.

      As for the costs, with a paid membership, you get access to the entire album (free membership only gives you the view of profile pics). The costs are not too high, and the best deal to save some bucks is to opt for a 6-month subscription.

      At the time being, there’s an app for Android, but the site can be accessed directly in the browser on any type of device. The page itself is of intuitive design and is not complicated to use at all, even if you are a newbie in online dating.

      All in all, unlike numerous sites which offer opportunities for both casual and committed relationship, this one is focused on adventurous encounters, hookups and all. If that’s what you are looking for, have no doubts at all that BeNaughty will make that happen for you.

      Essentially, the features it offers and much more are what draws users to this best online dating site for young adults.

      The only downside is that profiles are not so detailed as on some other sites. But if nothing, they undergo a verification, so one can be sure that behind those alluring pics are genuine people.

      The verification exercise makes Benaughtyto be among the safe dating sites for young adults

      #6 is one of the best dating sites for young people who are seriously interested in finding that special person to have a long-term relationship, to date around or to just messing around. This is because has such a diverse and large community of people. You will find all walks of life on and people looking for everything under the sun.

      This is the reason match is such a great choice for young adults finding love. No matter what you are looking for in a relationship, you can find it. Also, they have a large base of young individuals so there should be no lack of people to match with.

      But ensure you have the best dating profile on display with a stunning picture to make it standout. has an excellent matching system, is very popular, and has tons of appealing and useful features and their Match guarantee. is also one of the most trusted online dating sites so a young dater can feel safe knowing that they are not using some fly-by-night scam dating site.

      . Although is a paid dating site, their rates are quite affordable: enough to attach more young people and plenty to detract the timewasters.

      Go for a six-month membership (The cost of Match is less/month) option to take advantage of the Match guarantee and to spend more time finding the right person. Click here to check out the complete review of See how stacks up against the rest in the review of the best online dating sites. has free trials that are always happening from time to time.

      The quality of the matches are by far one of the highest on, and that is why it ranks number one on my list. Find out more about pricing and features (and save 25%) from their site here. If you are in the UK, check this one out.


      Plenty of Fish has two main things going for it that young people love: plenty of members and it is among the best free dating websites for young adults. POF is the most extensive online dating website around with well over 32 million members. Young users of the PoF website will find it incredibly easy to meet all types of individuals, from different walks of life.

      Young people whose goal is to meet and connect with new people, make friends and probably enjoy a few hookups will find that PoF meets their needs perfectly. There is the possibility of finding someone special for a long-term relationship on PoF; however, that should not be the primary focus as that site is more about connecting and having fun.

      It would be best to pair your PoF membership with a membership to get the best of both worlds (casual and serious dating). Click here to check out the complete review of as well as other reviews such as for


      Another great and free dating site for young people is It is an excellent site for meeting new people, making new friends, casual dates and quick hookups. Also, believe it or not, but some people have even found their perfect partner on the website.

      OkCupid is also attractive because they have a decent matching system, settings that allow you to block specific groups of people from seeing your profile and the standard online dating features that one usually has to pay for. OkCupid works best when it is combined with a paid dating site such as

      Just make sure that you stick with them for at least six months for the best results. Click here to check out the complete review of and also the OkCupid vs POF comparison as well.

      Gay dating, lesbian dating mobile apps (iOS and Android) and niche dating such as black dating sites, are having an increasing number of young users with paid membership.

      Are you interested in a Christian dating service? Check out the review on Christian Mingle for potential matches.

      Pros and Cons of the Best Dating Sites For Young Adults 


      • It is an avenue for young people to connect and meet up with more people 
      • Makes it easy to meet people with similar interest and mindset 
      • Affords you the opportunity to date someone for friendship or casual hook without the pressure of moving into a serious relationship until you are ready 


      • Inability to ascertain the true character of the person you are matched with
      • Lots of scammers and fake profiles on most young adults dating sites
      • Most are hookup sites for casual sex and dating


      The methodology adopted in reviewing the Best Dating Sites For Young Adults are as follows: 

      • A critical review of each site or app 
      • Users experience with the registration process on each dating site 
      • Getting a match within when using the free or paid version 
      • Our overall impression of each matched partner based on the final outcome (casual date or serious relationship) 

      Conclusion on the Best Dating Sites for Young People

      I highly recommend the use of online dating, and it is a great way to meet that special someone, but both young and old should always be safe when dating.

      There is some very helpful information for younger people on as well as my article, online dating safety tips. If you still want more, I’ll strongly recommend you read about the pros and cons of online dating here.

      An online dating site for young adults must be rights reserved with well-defined terms of service to give a sense of security.

      I hope you all enjoyed my article on the best dating sites for young people!

      If you enjoyed this article also make sure to check out the best overall dating websites, my top dating websites for men as well as my top dating websites for women!

      Fresh from our Love Press are these great guides to help fulfill your online dating needs:

      You can find them on our homepage for free!


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