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    Zoosk review

    Welcome to my Zoosk review 2020 ladies and gentlemen!

    Zoosk originally started out as a Facebook application in December of 2007 and over time has become one of the largest dating sites on the internet.

    Zoosk has managed to stand out from the crowd due to its large social networking and smartphone integration.

    This means that their more than 50 million members can connect to Zoosk across over 70 countries, in over 20 languages using their smartphones, their internet connected PCs Facebook and other popular services.

    Zoosk boasts about 5 million monthly users with more than 70% of them connecting to Zoosk via their Facebook accounts.

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      With millions of members using the site across the world, you can tell easily that Zoosk is not a scam.

      It is estimated that about 30% of Zoosk members connect via mobile devices.

      Zoosk utilizes its advanced matchmaking technology called Behavioral Matchmaking.

      This technology allows them to learn about your preferences as they interact with their potential matches and utilizes the information that it gets to improve future march suggestions constantly.

      This means better matches for the singles on Zoosk. Another thing that Zoosk has uniquely done in the world of online dating is to gamify the dating process.

      This is done by purchasing Zoosk Coins to receive a Delivery Confirmation, boost your profile and more.

      Zoosk’s trademarked Behavioral Matchmaking engine and their mobile-centric design make Zoosk a formidable competitor in the online dating arena.

      I hope you enjoy my review! And if you have not already checked out my article on my top free and paid dating sites, I suggest you do that as well!

      Let us get right into my Zoosk breakdown!

      Zoosk review

      Zoosk Dating Site at a Glance

      Zoosk is a fabulous meeting point for singles looking to find and attract the perfect partner. Our Zoosk review shows that it costs $29.95/1 month, $19.98/3 months, and 12.49/6 months to subscribe and get your dating game going. 50 million users+ across the world cannot be wrong!

      Ease of use: Site Navigation, Layout and Design

      Zoosk has a unique design and layout when it comes to online dating sites.

      Usually, when you first visit an online dating site, you are either greeted with a happy couple or something that forces you to create an account to start using the site. Zoosk; however, takes a slightly different approach instead of the usual “I have to create an account feeling” you get an “I have to download this App feeling.”

      This is because of the prominent image of of a tablet and a smartphone sign-up and login button.

      Although the site utilized a light shade of blue with white writing, they managed to use it in a workable way.

      This is not to say that it isn’t annoying and painful to look at if you have vision problems.

      Its saving grace is that as you scroll down, it transitions to a white background with blue writing and vis-a-vis.

      This brings us to the next point, the site’s scroll function. Scrolling down feels like flipping through PowerPoint slides.

      The site does make use of some great, strategically placed images, but with the hard to read the background to writing color one can quickly become too annoyed to appreciate these images.

      This site feels like it is most suited for young adults in their 20s and early 30s who are familiar with multiple Apps and are cool with Social Networking integration.

      If you are not so computer savvy then visiting the site for the first time might leave you feeling overwhelmed.

      This is not to say that you need to be a computer expert to use the site, you might feel overwhelmed if you are new to online dating and computers in general.


      The mere fact that this dating service is integrated with Facebook is enough to drive up its popularity and its membership base.

      They have over 50 million members since its inception and an estimated 5 million monthly users, which isn’t bad for an online dating site at all.

      The large community usually means a higher potential to find a good match.

      Success Rates

      This Zoosk review cannot say how successful Zoosk is as there is simply no concrete figures out there.

      We can say that given the number of people who use the site that Zoosk appears to enjoy a reasonably reasonable success rate.

      It also helps that Zoosk is available in multiple languages and over 70 countries which is beneficial to people interested in pursuing long-distance relationship.

      The website also features success stories that they have received from happily married and otherwise together couples.

      How Much Does Zoosk Cost?

      You can choose to use Zoosk as either a Free or Paid member. Free membership (creating your account using either your email address or logging in via Facebook) will give you access to the basic Zoosk features.

      These include profile creation, the ability to search for singles and the ability to use introductory messages and winks.

      If you would like to improve your experience with Zoosk, then you can opt to become a paid member. Zoosk membership fees and pricing are as follows:

      • One month = $29.95
      • Three months = $19.98 each month. You only need to make a one-time payment of $59.95 (This is the most popular)
      • Six months = $12.49 each month. You only need to make a one-time payment of $74.95 (Offers the best Value)

      Best Limited Time Offers

      "Best Matchmaker" "Discreet Dating""Best for Flings"

      Paid members can expect the following benefits: finding out who viewed your profile, complete access to the ZSMS features, premium profile placement and more.

      Zoosk members can purchase Zoosk coins which can be used to purchase delivery alerts and more. It should be noted that these coins can be earned for free. Zoosk offers are the bomb!

      You can also find more info about the Zoosk free trial review here if you are not interested in the paid membership option. Whichever you choose, the Customer Support team is waiting to help you out.


      Zoosk has many of the features that regular dating sites have; the ability to search, create profiles, send messages to other users, choose an age range, buy virtual gifts, determine the body type of your perfect match, and more.

      Whether you choose to use Zoosk or not, what gives you a desired outcome is what you do on the site. The first chance you get to boost your success is creating a captivating profile and you should use a tempting profile picture that can make you even fall in love with you. Your username must be daring and expressive, no need to  hide your identity. Then you should know how to communicate what you want to a potential partner.

      And all these can easily be done on the mobile app too. Even though there are some rights reserved, knowing how to apply the search results on your Zoosk account can help you find long-lasting relationships easily, whether you use the Zoosk app or desktop version.

      Zoosk is also very secured given that it is a topnotch mobile app, it protects your personal information very well. The signup process is simple as you can use social media accounts like a facebook account.

      Whether you choose these sites or other ones, what guarantees a desired outcome is what you do on the site. The first chance you get to boost your success is creating a captivating profile and you should use a tempting profile picture that can make you even fall in love with you. Your username must be daring and expressive no point being anonymous. Then you should know how to communicate what you want to a promising partner.

      This dating app collects such info like zip code, dating insights, Google or Facebook info, etc., in a secure manner.

      The profile verification process is in line with the best practice cookie policy you can think of. To ensure there is no fraud, Zoosk embarks on photo verification via its dating apps mechanism.

      Had it not been for their heavy social network integration, their Behavioral Matchmaking system and their unique gamification of online dating via Zoosk Coins they would be your regular run of the mill dating site.

      Is zoosk worth it?

      Zoosk Review Conclusion

      My overall rating for Zoosk is:

      Zoosk Review [year] - Is Zoosk Worth It? 1

      In the end, the purpose of this Zoosk.com review is to help determine: Is Zoosk worth it? If you are in your 20s or early 30s and love hanging out on social media on your mobile device, then you will love hanging out on Zoosk.

      They have had success in matching compatible individuals together that has lead to marriage. Sadly this site, for the most part, is nothing more than a meet and great new people and a way to needlessly spend your hard earned money.

      Although the gamification of online dating is a different concept and somewhat fun, it almost feels like it trivializes the concept of dating as well (well for some people).

      If you are a single Christian, you will do well to avoid this website and visit ChristianMingle.com instead (here is our review on it).

      Single Christians aren’t the only ones who should explore other options, people who are serious about finding a single person to connect with and someday marry, then spend your time and money wisely and join eHarmony or Match.com instead.

      Besides checking out those two popular reviews, you might also want to consider our Howaboutwe review and matchmaker.com.

      Also make sure to check out one of our main articles: eharmony vs match! Here is a link to the Zoosk website if you feel like this is the best match for you.

      Like some other Zoosk reviews, the info here shows that it is one of the very best dating sites in the world.

      I hope you all learned something helpful from my Zoosk review, Have a great day!

      • The large community as more than 50 million singles have created profiles since its inception
      • Zoosk has a unique feature called the Zoosk’s Scientific Matchmaking Service or ZSMS. This feature evaluates how compatible you are with the other users of their site by asking you yes/no questions
      • They use information from your Social Media Profiles to make the profile creation process simpler (for those who like this feature)
      • Available in more than 20 different languages
      • No need to sign up for a premium account to send and receive messages
      • You must download the Zoosk instant messenger program onto your PC to chat with other Zoosk members if you want to get their contact details
      • Your profile has contained only basic information
      • Free to Use but Pay to Enjoy- You feel like the company is trying to milk you for every penny that you have because they charge for everything possible (even though it is free to use)
      • They have a popular feature that instantly tells you that you are unpopular (feels like High School all over again)
      • Limited search options

      Now I suggest you check out some comparison articles that compare Zoosk vs other dating websites: Zoosk vs MatchZoosk vs OkCupid and Zoosk vs PoF.

      I am assuming that you are looking for a dating website and I have a bunch of articles that talk about the best dating websites for you to choose from.

      Check some of them out here: best online dating sites, best dating sites for men and best dating sites for women.

      Last words: Yes, Zoosk truly works!

      Go a bit further by learning everything you need to know from our exclusive guide on dating online, it is worth your time.

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