Is Zoosk Only A Hookup Site in 2024?

Nowadays, you will come across hundreds of dating apps, and it seems like all of them are offering completely different things and terms of dating.

Zoosk tends to be one of the most popular online dating platforms out there, but it seems there is still a lot of misunderstanding about which type of dating you can experience there.

Is Zoosk Only A Hookup Site in [year]? 2

Is Zoosk the best dating site for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Zoosk.

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For that reason, in this article on “Is Zoosk Only A Hookup Site?” we will explain things like:

Is Zoosk only a hookup site?
How does Zoosk differ from other dating sites
Can you find someone for hookup on Zoosk
And much more
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Is Zoosk only a hookup site?

If you have been exploring the best options for online dating, then you have realized that not all dating apps can fall into a single category and that there are always some differences among them.

Zoosk is not the same sort of dating app as Tinder or Bumble, and its users are looking for entirely different things and partners on this network.

This is a dating service made for people looking for serious, long-term relationships who want to make sure they will attract like-minded individuals they will have a lot of things in common (like eHarmony).

Since it has a special algorithm based on behavioral matchmaking, its main goal is to provide everyone with an exquisite dating experience and allow them to meet people who look like their dream partners.

Zoosk is one of the safest places for online dating, and it is known for its fantastic dating profile quality and excellent safety policies that guarantee everyone a safe and enjoyable experience of meeting their significant other.

This dating platform is trying its best to create a safe and adequate space for all of its users, so if you have read a Zoosk review or two, then you have realized that the functionality of the platform is fantastic, and you will be able to meet dozen of compatible people easily.

It has become quite popular in a short period of time because it guarantees you a safe experience and it requires a lot of information from everyone joining the platform, which means that coming across someone who has a lot in common with you is pretty easy and you can find out a lot about a specific person before you even reach out to them.

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If you are looking only for a casual hookup and you don’t care too much about the people you will engage in an arrangement with (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), then this is the app you should avoid.

It has much more than you need, and you will rarely come across someone looking for a hookup or short-term arrangement on this platform, so I recommend you avoid it.

However, if it is the other way around, you can block anyone who is on Zoosk looking for a quick fling with you while you’re in search of something more serious.

How Does Zoosk Differ From Other Dating Platforms?

If you have used other dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble, or Match, then you definitely know that potential daters on them are not very much into serious relationships and long-term arrangements.

Zoosk is the complete opposite of this, and it is one of the rare online dating apps that gathers millions of users who are all looking for the same thing – their soulmate.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Those who are looking for a genuine partner that will cherish them and love them and cares more about a healthy relationship than a hookup will join Zoosk and start the search for those who seem to be compatible with them in different aspects.

The sign-up process requires you to go through a photo verification process and phone number verification, which will prove your identity and provide Zoosk with information about their daters.

This is a requirement for everyone who is trying to create a Zoosk account, and until your profile gets verified in these two ways, you will not be able to start dating or meeting people on

As you can see, this is rarely practiced on most dating platforms, and it shows that the main goals of Zoosk are to provide all its users with great matches and a safe experience.

Once you know that there are no fake profiles or scammers, you will be free to connect with all Zoosk users, and you will never fear that the person you are talking to is not real or trying to take advantage of you.

Problems like this don’t happen on Zoosk, which is a by-product of their amazing safety policy and all the features the Zoosk app provides all its users with.

While signing up, you will also need to fill out a questionnaire and personality tests which means you will need to share a lot of information with the platform, but don’t stress about it because this is the only way you can come across, like-minded people.

The whole user base on Zoosk has shared their information with the platform, and the only thing they have gotten is an amazing experience, so you don’t have to worry about your info getting misused by a third party.

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You don’t have to stress about notifications or any messages you receive from the platform because everything you get is sent directly by them with a mission to help you enhance your performance.

All Zoosk members will receive regular notifications, and Zoosk offers that could potentially help them enhance their performance on the platform, so I would always look out for them because you never know when an amazing feature can be received.

Also, since Zoosk operates on a Smartpick algorithm based on behavioral matchmaking, it will make sure it connects you only with those Zoosk members that have a lot in common with you, which is the goal of these questionnaires and personality tests.

This is a dating website that tries to create the best experience for everyone, so all the recommended dating options on your homepage will always be in sync with your actual interests and all the traits you have listed when joining this mobile app.

Zoosk provides you with various options, and you will be able to search through thousands of members I am pretty sure there are several people who would be a great match for you.

You will be able to search for your perfect date with different filters and features, and you can even set your preferred ethnicity, religion, body type, education, eye color, or hair color.

These are just some of the things you can use while navigating your Zoosk performance and dating experts claim that this is the best dating platform for serious dating and one of the rare platforms that allow its users to create their idea of a perfect partner and then start looking for them.

There is plenty of fish on Zoosk, and as long as you have a profile picture, a verified phone number, and a Facebook account, you will be able to meet amazing people and establish valuable relationships.

If you have read Zoosk success stories, then you are aware of the fact that there are little to no chances you will have a bad time on the platform, and the algorithm and moderators are always trying their best to provide you with a fantastic performance.

Also, you don’t need to stress about Zoosk’s cost because the whole platform can be used free of charge, and you should get a paid membership only if you are not satisfied enough with your regular one and want to try out some new things that could potentially enhance your performance.

Virtual gifts, live chats, and many different features are available to those who decide to purchase a premium membership, but this is not a need, rather something you can add if you want to have a better experience and find a match for yourself faster.

You can also decide to deactivate your membership when you get that perfect match.

In terms of compatibility, functionality, efficiency, and safety, I would always say that Zoosk is the best dating option for everyone looking for a serious relationship and long-term partner with high compatibility levels.

A paid subscription is not needed, and you can always purchase some extra Zoosk coins if you want to try out some special features and step up your game.

You can really see that this is one of a kind app and the best choice for all of you who are sick of casual hookups and one-night stands.

Can You Find Someone For Hookup On Zoosk?

Even though Zoosk is focused on serious relationships, and it works like a social media that allows you to meet plenty of like-minded individuals, it doesn’t mean that there is never anyone interested in a hookup.

Although people looking for something more casual are mostly using Tinder,, EHarmony, or OkCupid, there are still some people who are willing to try hookups too until they come across their Zoosk soulmate.

If you see that someone has a hookup warning on their profile, then you will probably scroll past them, but if you too still didn’t find anyone who seems to be a perfect match, but you still want to go out with someone, there are plenty of people willing to do it with you.

Zoosk is also offering a Carusel feature which allows you to see people who would never appear on your recommendations homepage and decide whether you want to give it a shot with them or not.

This is really an amazing feature when you want to continue meeting new people, but you are still not ready for a relationship, and I believe it can bring you great success too, because who knows, maybe your casual date is your future husband or wife?

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Since this is a scam-free platform and one of the rare dating services where you won’t come across fake profiles, there are definitely some people interested in hooking up with others, but their number is a lot lower than that of people looking for their soulmate.

I would still tell you to give it a try, and definitely download the Zoosk app to your Android or iOS device, and always make sure you are doing it through the official Google Play or App Store if you want to be sure you are dealing with the right app and real people.


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