Zoosk Smartpick Algorithm: How It Works in 2024

If you have recently joined Zoosk, then you are curious to find out how the most important part of your dating experience works, and that is the algorithm.

Algorithms are features that allow you to meet your potential match with ease and the way Zoosk members are able to meet with other people on the platform.

Zoosk Smartpick Algorithm: How It Works in [year] 2

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In this article, we will talk about:

What is a Smartpick algorithm really
Can you manipulate the Zoosk algorithm
Is this algorithm able to find you a perfect match
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What Algorithm Does Zoosk Use?

Zoosk is one of the most popular dating sites on the market, and that is definitely for a reason.

The whole Zoosk app is based on the unique Smartpick algorithm that is made in order to connect the most compatible dating profiles on the platform.

This is the type of algorithm you will rarely come across on other online dating platforms because it is quite complicated and not needed when it comes to casual dating and hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

However, since Zoosk is a dating app made for serious people looking for a long-term relationship or partnership (like eHarmony or Tinder), they have decided to include the Samrtpick algorithm that will help their users immensely in the matchmaking process.

Even though there are several other dating sites made for serious relationships like EHarmony or Match.com, it seems like they don’t have an algorithm nearly as good as Smartpick one.

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This is one of a kind dating platform on the market, and Zoosk users seem to be loyal to it just because of its amazing algorithm that can help you meet the one just a day or two after joining the app.

It is based on behavioral matchmaking, and it claims that it will be able to provide you with better matches than any other dating platform on the market.

They are looking for compatibility first, and they will make sure you are always connected to the most similar individuals on these online dating sites.

A dating service that is used has its user’s best in mind because this algorithm is able to connect you with your best match right after you have created your account, which can even sound crazy to some.

It works well both on the Zoosk mobile app and on the regular dating website, so you don’t have to stress the lacking algorithm performance on one of these, which is always an important thing for all daters.

Both users with Zoosk subscription and those without it will be able to get used out of the Smartpick feature because it is not reserved only for paid members but is instead integrated into the platform in order to provide everyone with an impeccable user experience.

This way, even if you don’t have a paid Zoosk account, you won’t feel left out, and you will still be able to reap all the benefits of this platform.

How Does Zoosk Algorithm Work?

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Smartpick algorithm is based on behavioral matchmaking, which means that all of the information you are sharing on your Zoosk dating profile will be taken into consideration when showing you potential matches.

You are not filling out any sort of Smartpick survey when joining the platform, but rather adding information to your Zoosk profile that will then be used by the algorithm in order to find the most compatible people on it.

However, you will first need to go through a photo verification and phone number verification because until the platform recognizes you as a real person, you will not be able to receive any notifications or appear on the algorithm.

This is done for safety reasons and as a way to make all users of the Zoosk app upload information about themselves and create an informative profile that will help them meet a potential partner quickly.

When joining the Zoosk platform, you will need to leave information about your education, ethnicity, religion, job, interests, hobbies, activities you do in your free time, but also information about your physical appearances like your body type, eye color, hair color and all of the things you believe should be shared with a potential partner.

These things may sound weird to you, but in fact, those are the most important information you will simply have to share with the platform if you want to make sure you will get connected to the right people.

Review Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles | by Ilya K | Medium

It is also way more important for free members who don’t have all the special  Zoosk features at their hand and who want to make sure they will be able to meet the right one without having to spend a dollar.

If you are one of them, I would recommend you to include everything that is possible about yourself because the more information you are sharing, the higher your chances for meeting the perfect person will be, and the whole process will be extremely quick.

Also, you should upload a few profile pictures in order to show that you are a real person and showcase your genuine personality, which is always an essential thing for people using online dating platforms.

Creating your dating profile is free, and all the things you can upload won’t be charged in any way because they are created with a mission to make your dating experience a lot better.

I would always recommend being alert about all the options offered to you and make sure you share as much as you can if you don’t want to be labeled as one of those fake profiles.

How Can You Stand Out On The Smartpick Algorithm?

Standing out on the Smartpick algorithm shouldn’t be that hard if you are dedicated to creating a unique dating profile with a lot of information.

You don’t need to be one of the paid subscribers in order to stand out on the app because regular members have this opportunity too.

The easiest way you can create a profile that will become recognized by the Smartpick algorithm and help you become a successful dater is by using all the options offered by the app and including as much information as you can on your profile.

This means that you will need to include not just regular information about your age, location, or education, but also information about your interests, hobbies, something about your past and hopes for the future, and many more things that can be interesting to a potential partner.

However, I wouldn’t recommend going in-depth about your previous dating life because it can come off as quite unattractive, especially if you are talking about yourself using the term the best boyfriend or girlfriend ever.

Those are some things you should keep for yourself, especially on a serious dating platform like this one.

This is also a sign that you are not one of the scammers and that a real person is hiding behind your profile.

Your dating profile will be similar to any other profile on social media, so I advise everyone to make sure to upload a new pic as often as they can, and also change their information when they are no longer relevant.

You want to make sure your potential daters are up to date with the latest happenings in your life and that they will be able to make a conclusion from your profile and pictures uploaded to it.

Unlike Carousel, on a regular part of the Zoosk app, you need to stick to traditional ways of dating and make sure your profile is informative; otherwise, you definitely won’t get many matches.

The same goes for other dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, or Badoo, so it shouldn’t surprise you.

Zoosk’s cost for uploading plenty of data to your dating profile is 0 dollars, but in the future, it can bring you a lot of valuable things, so I would invest some time into it and make sure it guarantees me an impeccable experience.

Can I Change Potential Matches on SmartPick Algorithm?

Once you have joined the Zoosk platform and created your dating profile, you don’t have to worry too much about your dating experience, but rather sit back and enjoy your time.

All potential matches will appear on your homepage, and you will be able to see who is online now and who isn’t.

However, all of the recommended matches will be chosen for you by the SmartPick algorithm, and you won’t have a word in it.

Most people think the Smartpick algorithm doesn’t do a great job because it keeps recommending them people they would never consider being in a relationship with, which can happen, but it is usually the mistake of a user.

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When you are creating a dating profile on Zoosk, you are trying to share as much information about yourself, and the most important are those regarding your interests, hobbies, and religion.

The Zoosk Smartpick algorithm will take all of that information into consideration and then start matching you with people similar to you in these niches.

However, sometimes people don’t want a partner similar to them, which is fine, but you can’t expect the Smartpick algorithm to read your mind and start recommending them.

The algorithm will do a great job if you are the one doing all the searching and using the search filters in order to come across the right person.

This is something plenty of people tend to avoid because they believe the platform itself should do the whole job, but unfortunately, that will happen neither on Zoosk nor on any other platform.

Once you start searching for your potential partner, all about yourself, the algorithm will recognize your type and the kind of things you are looking for in a potential dater, and then they will make the algorithm recommend similar people to you.

If you have read a Zoosk review or two, then you have realized how important this is and that no Zoosk coins or memberships can help you if you don’t do a bit of work for yourself.

The algorithm will keep recommending you the type of people you interact the most with, so don’t be surprised if it takes a while until it creates the perfect persona for you.

In case you believe some people are those you would never interact with, you can always click the button next to their dating name and choose “Don’t recommend this user” because it is the easiest way to get rid of them for good.

My experience has shown me that the Smartpick algorithm rarely makes a mistake, and if you are sure it is not bringing anything to your dating experience, you can always contact customer support and see what kind of problem is happening on your account.

Sometimes, users can create bugs on the platform because of their contradictory habits or choices, so the algorithm may get confused and start recommending anyone and everyone, which is really something you can’t blame on the platform.

Other than that, the amazing Smartpick algorithm will change your whole dating performance to the core and help you feel how it is like to have a dating platform work to your advantage.


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