What Are Zoosk Users Complaining About The Most in 2024

When choosing an online dating platform for yourself, the most important thing you need to do before you create a dating profile or purchase a membership is find out how the platform works.

What Are Zoosk Users Complaining About The Most in [year] 2

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In this article, we will cover things like:

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What are Zoosk users complaining about the most
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What Are The Most Common Zoosk Problems?

In case you know people who have had a Zoosk subscription in the past or are avid users of this platform at the moment, then you have heard about some frequent problems happening on the app.

However, the most common problems on the app are connected to their search filters, not the safety or privacy of their users.

While you can search for a potential partner based on their ethnicity, body type, eye color or hair color, or even education, it seems like their filters seem to lack efficiency sometimes, which can make their loyal users go pretty mad.

Zoosk Review - Top5

It may make you feel like your Zoosk membership is a waste of money, but in general, while using this mobile app, you definitely won’t face any more serious problems.

This is something that can easily get solved by refreshing your homepage or simply logging out and then logging back into your account.

Their privacy and safety settings are some of the best in the dating pool, and I have never really read about some scam happening on Zoosk, let alone the same scam happening to a more significant number of people.

They take care of all the dating profiles on the app and make sure everyone who joins the platform is a real user with confirmed identity, photo, and phone number, so these are definitely matters you shouldn’t be worried about.

Also, in case someone is trying to use credit card numbers that are not registered on their names, they will get suspended immediately because this is considered to be a violation of rights, and it is usually treated as trying to scam Zoosk, so you can be sure things like this are far away from this platform.

As you can see, their safety and privacy rules are really amazing, and there is nothing you should worry about while using it!

How Does Zoosk Deal With Scammers And Fake Profiles?

Even though Zoosk is one of the dating apps that doesn’t have too many problems with scammers and fake profiles, you will probably want to keep yourself safe at all costs.

In order to make sure their dating platform will stay safe from any scammers and catfishers, Zoosk has decided to come up with a profile verification process that will provide everyone on the dating service with a safe experience.

I believe you have never come across Zoosk reviews either because this platform is really taking all precautions in order to keep its users protected.

This is one of the rare online dating sites that requires every person on the platform to go through both a photo and phone number profile verification before they are able to send anyone a message.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

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Until your dating profile gets confirmed by customer support, there is no way you will be able to enjoy any of the options on the platform or search through your homepage.

Since this is a dating website based on behavioral matchmaking, they will tend to connect you with people who have the highest compatibility with you and those who are looking for the same type of arrangement.

All profiles on Zoosk.com are carefully followed by customer support, and whenever some suspicious type of behavior is seen, the member will need to go through photo verification or phone number verification again.

Also, they will never show you potential matches who don’t have a profile picture or didn’t upload at least 80% of the required information for a Zoosk member.

Every Zoosk account needs to follow all the terms and conditions required on the Zoosk app; otherwise, they will not get recommended daters, and they won’t appear on anyone’s homepages.

In order to make sure their time on the platform is not a waste of time, Zoosk tries to make sure there are no fake accounts because they don’t want anyone to regret joining the platform.

This is something that frequently happens on dating sites like Match.com, EHarmony, or Tinder, and if you have read reviews about these mobile apps, then you know how many people have had bad experiences with them.

Zoosk Free Trial: See Who Wants To Meet You!

It is also made for serious relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder) and for people looking for casual hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), so they put all of their efforts into checking out every single Zoosk profile, so they make sure no one on the app becomes a victim of a scam.

Also, if you have a paid subscription, you can set up your own terms and conditions while searching for a potential match, so you can improve your functionality and safety with just one simple step.

When you are joining the platform, they will also recommend you to join it through your Facebook account, which is an additional step in confirming your identity and looking realistic in their eyes.

Even though it is not a guarantee that the person behind the profile is real, if you have completed the previous verification steps, then you will find it a good addition to your profile.

Other users will also see that you have joined through Facebook, which will make you look like a better potential match in their eyes, which is always a good thing for you!

I always search for someone on Facebook when I see they have joined through it, so it is great to check up on your potential daters.

They also have active customer support that is available to Zoosk users 24/7 and allows them to report any sort of potential scam or fake profile whenever they want.

You can also report suspicious profiles by yourself, and if you want to make sure someone will be taken off of the platform, you can always do this and then send an email to the support team explaining the situation.

As you can see, they are taking all possible precautions in order to protect their users and make sure no one has a bad experience, or even worse, becomes a victim of a financial or romantic scam.

There are also no bots, and Zoosk is never sending those generic messages in order to attract more people or make them think they have a new match, so even if you are not a paid member, you definitely shouldn’t be stressing about it.

They are really making sure everyone’s experience is 100% unique, so they are avoiding all of those unusual practices that are quite frequent on other dating apps.

You don’t have to worry about weird notifications or automated messages because that is never the case with Zoosk, and they definitely won’t do anything to harm your experience.

How Do I Report A Scammer On Zoosk?

Reporting a scammer on Zoosk is relatively easy, and you have two ways to do it – either by contacting customer support or by reporting someone by the options on their dating profile.

Reporting a scammer to customer support is probably the most efficient way to do it because they will try to solve the problem and verify the user the moment they see your message.

Customer support is available to all Zoosk users 24/7, and you can send them a message by starting the chat on your homepage.

The moment someone in customer support is free, they will answer your messages and help you solve all potential problems.

Reporting a user this way is more efficient because it will make the people working on the platform take action immediately, and you will be able to explain what are the potential problems and why you believe this person may be a scammer or a fake profile.

While contacting customer support, you will also be able to send them photos or conversations as proof, and they can take that material into consideration during the process.

guide for Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles free for Android - APK Download

In my experience, customer support really answers quite fast, and they make sure the moment you report a user, they disappear from the homepage, and the algorithm stops recommending them, at least until they manage to solve the problem and see what this is all about.

You can contact customer support through the official Zoosk dating website and their dating app, whether you use it on your Android or iOS devices.

This is also the easiest way to report someone who was sending you threats or acting inappropriate, but make sure you always have pics and screenshots if you want to make sure they will get removed or punished.

The smartpick algorithm will make sure to pause the reported users’ performance, which is probably the best thing about Zoosk, so you don’t have to worry about potential threats when you are dating and to meet someone new.

Also, you have another way of reporting a user on Zoosk, and that is by clicking the report button on their dating profiles.

You can report users for plenty of different reasons, but unfortunately, once you choose this option on their accounts, you won’t be able to explain why you did it – customer support will just see that you have reported a profile, and they will try to see what is going on.

However, since they don’t have access to why you did it, they will not be able to do much, and sometimes the user may continue using the platform without any problems.

For that reason, I would always recommend you to contact customer support directly and try to solve the problem along with them.

How Do I Contact Zoosk Customer Service?

Contacting Zoosk customer support is quite easy, no matter whether you are using the app through your dating app or official website.

The moment you create an account, you will see a little chat box in the lower right corner that is usually used for chatting with other potential daters on the platform.

However, you will also be able to contact customer support through it and establish a conversation whenever you want it.

Just like on all social media, customer support is available to you 24 hours a day, and the moment you spot a problem, you will be able to reach out to them and send them all of the screenshots and proof.

You don’t need to have a month subscription or anything like that to get in touch with them, and all Zoosk users will be able to exchange messages with them as much as they can.

The whole chat feature is even more practical on the dating app, so if you have downloaded the official Zoosk app from the App store, you will be able to solve things easily, and the whole chat experience will be great for you.

They will try to respond to you as fast as they can, so you really don’t have to worry too much about it, and I am sure you will have a lot of good luck and that Zoosk support will be able to solve all of your problems extremely fast!


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