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AsianFeels Review 2021 - Pros & Cons. Worth It?

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    Welcome to today’s online dating site review where we analyze

    This is a dating platform where men from the West can meet up with Asian girls in the hope of finding that perfect match that may even become their soulmate (like Tinder or Harmony).

    These girls generally don’t look for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

    In the past and before just about everyone had access to the internet, people would look for mail-order brides.

    But now, thanks to online dating services, meeting Asian ladies from Thailand, the Philippines, China, and other Asian countries have become so much easier.

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    The problem lies in the fact that many fraudsters set up profiles for Asian women on sites like this and dupe them into sending them cash. 

    So in this Asian Feels review, we are going to evaluate the site and determine if it’s worth starting a profile here. 

    And that means that we will reveal the following about the AsianFeels website:

    The registration process to become a user on the site
    Membership pricing and special features they can expect
    How the matchmaking algorithm works
    If this is a scam site filled with fake profiles, and much more

    So if you want to know more about this dating website, be sure to read further.

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      AsianFeels Review [year] - Pros & Cons. Worth It? 1


      • Ease of use – 5/5
      • Success rate – 3.5/5
      • Key features – 3/5
      • Price – 2.5/5

      Pros and Cons


      • Excellent design
      • Easy to use
      • Profiles have just the right amount of information
      • New users receive a welcome package
      • All photos posted by others are viewable


      • It’s super expensive
      AsianFeels Review [year] - Pros & Cons. Worth It? 2

      Who’s it for/Demographics?

      We’ve mentioned some of the users of this site.

      First up, the female contingent will be made up of women from countries in Asia like Thailand, China, Korea, the Philippines, and others.

      The male users from the site are mainly men from countries in Europe as well as from the United States, Australia and others that want to meet them.

      As the AsianFeels website says, the internet gives people who would never have the chance to connect a chance to do so.

      And who knows what can come from that. 

      Here’s a few facts and figures behind the site that I was able to collect:

      • Around 500000 people have signed up as users on AsianFeels
      • Of that, around 3000 are active each day
      • That’s just over 20000 a week
      • A large percentage of the users are Asian women
      • The biggest group of users in terms of age range are those between 25 and 34.

      While it’s probably not the biggest Asian dating site in terms of user numbers, from my perspective, with females dominating the user base, it’s worth checking out.

      Our next step to explore just how easy the site is to use and that starts with the registration process

      AsianFeels Review [year] - Pros & Cons. Worth It? 3
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      Ease of Use

      As of yet, AsianFeels doesn’t have an app which is often the case with these types of dating sites.

      So signing up is done in the traditional way through the website.

      And that starts with a new user providing this basic information:

      • Their gender
      • Their name (despite the site asking for a name, I would rather come up with a username here)
      • Date of birth
      • Email address
      • Password

      I can reveal that while that’s enough for most dating sites, you are far from done on AsianFeels.

      That’s because you still need to fill in a questionnaire that will go a long way to gathering the information needed to complete your profile.

      There is quite a bit of information that you need to provide here and it’s split into three sections.

      Here’s an idea of what kind of information is asked for:

      • Your goal for using the site (options include chatting, finding a friend, having fun and more)
      • What work do you do
      • Your marital status
      • Your level of English expertise
      • Other languages you speak
      • Traits to describe yourself (you can only pick three)
      • If you are an early bird, night owl or somewhere in the middle
      • Your three favorite hobbies
      • Your three favorite movies
      • Your three favorite music genres  
      • What you consider your guilty pleasure  
      • What makes you laugh
      • If you believe in soulmates  
      • An About Yourself section
      • Your preferred age range for matchups
      • Their personality type (introverted or extroverted)
      • Whether you prefer beauty over brains

      Lastly, you need to upload a profile picture. 

      While you can skip this whole process, I wouldn’t.

      Most of the questions asked are to help the matchmaking algorithm provide you with the right kinds of matchups, so it’s a worthwhile task.

      AsianFeels Review [year] - Pros & Cons. Worth It? 4
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      Completing your profile on AsianFeels

      Once you get access to the site, I’d suggest finishing your profile.

      To do that, click the My Profile menu that you find on the top-right-hand side of the screen. 

      Profiles on AsianFeels have all the information that you would expect and you will need to add the following:

      • Height
      • Body type
      • How many children you have and if you want children
      • Education
      • Your religion
      • Habits (if you drink or smoke)
      • What work you do

      It’s going to take less than five minutes to complete and it’s worth your while.

      One of the highlights of the site for me is the fact that users take their profiles pretty seriously and go out of their way to complete them.

      You will also notice a lot of profiles have received a validation sticker from the support team at AsianFeels.

      This means they are who they say they are and if you are worried about being scammed, you can choose to only deal with girls online that have been validated.

      Finding your way around

      Asian Feels was a pleasure to use.

      The site is simple to navigate thanks to its clever modular design.

      While profiles are at the forefront of everything on the homepage, you can also easily search from here and see statistics related to your profile.

      Potential matches have large profile pictures too which makes finding one that you are attracted to that much easier.

      New users are also presented with a welcome pack that they take advantage of.

      This provides you with credits that you can use on the site to send and reply to messages so you can get a feel of how communication works.

      To access your welcome pack, just click on the link you will find to the right of all the profiles the site has listed for you. 

      The site will provide other potential matches for you on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

      These just appear from time to time and you can access one of those profiles by clicking on them when they do. 

      And that’s it for the homepage but what about the rest of the site?

      Well, to navigate your way around, you will use an uncomplicated menu system that you can find at the top of the screen.

      These menus are:

      • Search:  Clicking the search button takes you back to the homepage. Not only can you search for your own matches here but browse through ones the site provides for you.
      • Faces: Here you can browse potential matches one at a time via the Faces roulette-style matchup option.
      • Messages: Message, both sent and received will be stored here.
      • Mail: Asian dating sites often use a mail system as well, especially for longer messages or letters. If you receive a mail, you will find it here and not under the message menu.
      • Credits: Want to know how many credits you have left on your account? Then click here to see the balance and to buy more if you need them.
      • My profile: Changes to your profile can be made here.

      And that’s it.

      AsianFeels doesn’t have secondary menus at all and it just shows that with a clever design you don’t need them.

      AsianFeels Review [year] - Pros & Cons. Worth It? 5
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      So now that you have an overall feel for how to find your way around the site and what you can expect when you log in for the first time, no doubt you are going to want to look through profiles, right?

      And the easiest place to start is by going through potential matchups that AsianFeels has presented to you.

      To do that, go to the homepage if you are not on it already by clicking the search button.

      Profiles are presented in rows of three, so you can simply scroll down until you find someone that catches your interest.

      Then just click on their profile to view them.

      Profiles are also presented in a modular way which fits in with the overall site design. 

      First up, you can easily see a users’:

      • Name
      • Age
      • Location
      • Height
      • Weight

      If they are validated, they will have a large green sticker on the top-right-hand side of their profile.

      If you scroll down, you can see all the ways that you can get into contact with them, but I will cover this a little later in the review.

      Below that is the final part of their profile where you can find out them, for example, their occupation, religion, habits, and if they have children. 

      It’s critical to note that AsianFeels only shows you, online users.

      You can easily change this to all profiles by clicking the “All” button under the search bar. 

      If you want profiles presented to you one at a time, click the Faces menu.

      Searching for your matchups on AsianFeels

      While it’s always useful to receive matchups to look through, if you are anything like me, you would also want to take time out to search for your own.

      That’s going to be done by using the search bar at the top of the page.

      Initially, this is set to the age range you specify when registering for the site. 

      Even for regular users, the advanced search engine with extended parameters is available to use.

      Now you can add the following parameters:

      • The location the matchups should live in (country and city)
      • Their marital status and if they have children
      • Their religion
      • Their level of education
      • Habits (if they drink or smoke)  

      The fact that you can search for matchups in specific countries is a strength of the site in my opinion.

      For example, if you are going to visit Thailand on holiday, you can use the site to find potential matchups that you can meet over there when you do. 

      AsianFeels Review [year] - Pros & Cons. Worth It? 6
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      Reaching out to others

      While you can initially use the 20 free credits that you received in your welcome pack, they aren’t really going to last long.

      And yes, you will need more if you are to make a success of your time on AsianFeels because regular users cannot send messages or mail.

      Also, credits are the currency the site operates on – there is no other form of membership.

      But it’s not only sending messages that are going to cost you. 

      Here’s a breakdown of what all the features of the site will cost:

      • If you live chat with someone – 2 credits per minute
      • If you send a chat sticker – 5 credits
      • If you send in chat photos – 10 credits
      • If you send in chat videos – 50 credits
      • If you send a mail to someone – 10 for your first mail, 30 credits for each one in the sequence that follows the initial one
      • Opening a mail from someone else – 10 credits 
      • Opening photos within a mail from someone else – 10 credits per photo
      • Opening a  video  – 50 credits
      • Sending real-life gifts – 100 credits
      • Making real-life meeting requests – 625 credits

      As you can see, things aren’t that cheap when it comes to AsianFeels

      AsianFeels Review [year] - Pros & Cons. Worth It? 7
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      Key Features

      While the site doesn’t have a monthly membership and the only way to use it effectively is by purchasing credits, here are a few key features that you should know about.

      1. Requesting personal contact information

      So it is possible to take your conversations with someone offline.

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      And it’s free to make the request as well.

      But, as you’ve probably guessed, there is a catch.

      You can only get access to another user’s personal contact information (for example, their email address) if you have spent over 3000 credits while communicating with them.

      2. Faces

      The Faces roulette-style matchup game is worth checking out every now and again.

      This will present you with matchups based on the initial parameters you set while registering for the site.

      It has a few added extras, however.

      Over and above the regular passing on or liking a profile, you can also add them to your favorites, send a message, wink at them or even view their profile in full.

      3. Arranging a meeting

      Believe it or not, you can arrange to meet someone through AsianFeels.

      If you really connect with someone on the site and want to meet them, you can have AsianFeels arrange that meeting for you.

      It does cost 625 credits to do so, however, so it isn’t cheap. 

      4. Send gifts

      Sites like these often have a gifting system.

      Asian Feels has a variety of gifts you can send from flowers (499 credits for pink roses) to 4788 credits for Gucci sunglasses.

      Again, not very cheap, is it?

      AsianFeels Review [year] - Pros & Cons. Worth It? 8
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      If you are going to send gifts, stickers, photos, and mails, credits are used up pretty quickly.

      Let’s quickly recap on the cost of everything on the site:

      • If you live chat with someone – 2 credits per minute
      • If you send a chat sticker – 5 credits
      • If you send in chat photos – 10 credits
      • If you send in chat videos – 50 credits
      • If you send a mail to someone – 10 for your first mail, 30 credits for each one in the sequence that follows the initial one
      • Opening a mail from someone else – 10 credits 
      • Opening photos within a mail from someone else – 10 credits per photo
      • Opening a  video  – 50 credits
      • Sending real-life gifts – 100 credits
      • Making real-life meeting requests – 625 credits

      Initially, when your welcome pack credits are done, you can buy 20 more for $2.99.

      After that, the price becomes $9.99.

      For me, that’s extremely expensive.

      I mean, 20 credits are only going to give you 10 minutes of live chat with someone.

      I could not find any other credit options at a discounted price either. 

      If you are going to buy credit, you can pay with your Mastercard or Visa credit card.

      There are no other payment options. 

      AsianFeels Review [year] - Pros & Cons. Worth It? 9
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      Conclusion and Overall Rating

      That’s for taking the time to read through our review

      Let’s summarize what we’ve learned about the site.

      For me, if you are looking to meet women from all over Asia, this is the perfect site to do it on. 

      It’s got so much going for it.

      I love the overall design of the site, how it operates and how easy it is to use and that’s something you will immediately notice.

      It really stands out in that regard.

      And it also has high-quality validated profiles of users to reach out to.

      The problem is the pricing.

      It’s super expensive, even for the most basic chat option. 

      I really would love for there to be a monthly membership fee instead of just credits but I guess that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

      If you don’t mind the pricing, well there is no doubt that you can use this site to find Asian women to chat to.

      And who knows where it can go from there?

      So it’s time to give AsianFeels a rating then.

      Well, today it scores 3.5 out of 5. 


      Over an extended review period, our team at Onlineforlove used AsianFeels and put it through its paces as a dating site where men can meet Asian women

      This review approach included giving a star rating for the most critical aspects of the site when it comes to online dating

      That evaluation process took into account: the size of the userbase, key features the site offers, what membership costs, how easy it is to use, and success rate when it comes to matchups, amongst others. 





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