British Men- Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

British men guide

Hello, my loves! Here we are again to discuss our favorite topic ever – dating men from different countries!

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how British men compare in all categories.

This time around I am located in beautiful and rainy London in the UK and things have been pretty interesting!

As we all know many popular movies were filmed in the UK and there probably isn’t a person who didn’t fall for hot British accent and Brits who look sexy and interesting in their own, quite different way.

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I’ve been wanting to live here for many years and my wish has finally come true! I have met many new friends, which was quite easy, as their native tongue is also English, I got used to the culture and also met many men 😉

As you all may know, I will do my best to present international dating scene over here for you, explain what are British males like, then what it is like to be dating British men, what are some British men stereotypes that may or may not be true, and so on.

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What Are the British Men Like?

One of the most common British guy stereotypes is that they are quite cold, and not only guys but Brits as a nation. Unfortunately, I must say that many other nations find this stereotype to be true, however, it really depends on where you come from.

They are a bit reserved and stand-offish, especially when it comes to dating, and they are not as pushy and persistent as other men, for example in Spain. Thus a woman’s game: “I will play hard to get” doesn’t really work here.

Also, another stereotype is that typical British guys drink a lot, better said every day and that getting hammered is a common occurrence. Since I don’t drink much, I must say that this is true as well and quite annoying for people like me.

On the bright side, if you like sipping on alcohol and enjoy day drinking, then come over here to your dreamland!

But, not everything is “bad” – when you scratch the surface and get to know them more, you will find truly kind, warm and charming men who will quite likely throw you off your feet and I hope you will see this first hand!

The Most Important Traits of British Men

Physical Appearance

When it comes to their characteristics, British men are probably the least attractive men I’ve ever met. Here goes what the majority of them looks like:

The average height for men is 175cm (5’9″) and weigh 84kg, while females are 161cm (5’3″) tall on average with around 70kg in weight.

The majority of the population is born with blonde hair that becomes light to mid-brown as they grow older and light eyes are quite common as well.

There is a certain part of the population that has ginger hair and green eyes, however, they aren’t that common and are mostly found in the British Isles.

Also there are a lot of people who are descent from other ethnicities, so Asians, dark-skinned people, people from Arab countries, etc are seen everywhere.

Since I love tall and muscular men I was a bit disappointed when I realized that many of them are quite short and not very muscular and fit. It feels like working out is much more popular in some other countries than here. Men are usually just slim and are cool about it.

British men physical appearance


When we talk about style this is where they are my number one! I don’t think you will find more fashionable men than Brits who effortlessly look casual, smart, well-dressed and even sexy!

One of the best answers to the question ‘what are British men like’ is very well dressed!

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They mix and match a lot of pieces, and their style is quite bold with an edge to it. Since much of their clothing is governed by the weather, you will see everything – from shorts, t-shirts and flip flops in rain to amazing shirts, sweaters, and suits that made them look fabulous.

It is quite hard to describe their style since the United Kingdom is the country where art of tailoring came to be and no other can come near it in this field.

This being said, many men do wear suits and it is all about layers, so you will even see not-so-common 3-piece suits with west under jackets.

Are British men stylish?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the important physical trait ratings for British men, we have also created our own additional rating from the British men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities in the UK and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet British men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 


Character Traits that Make British Men Stand Out

1. Gentlemen rating

I believe that everyone thinks what amazing gentlemen sexy British men are, however, this isn’t always true. This is because certain characters like James Bond set the bar amazingly high for all the Brits out there with their style, manners, smoothness, and ability to take women where they couldn’t imagine!

This puts a lot of them under pressure as certain standards are expected. On the contrary, typical British men might be quite shy and introvert and approaching a girl might be followed by the “Dutch courage” better known as drinking a lot of beer to be able to do it.

Also, they tend to have quite odd humor for anyone who isn’t from the UK, as they are quite sarcastic and tend to make jokes about your appearance and some other things that one might find offensive.

On the bright side, they know a lot about manners and are thoughtful and quite open when they get to know you. They will also make the first step if you’ve guys met online and ask you out while leading the way and organizing your date.

British men chivalry factor

2. Integrity

When it comes to integrity British people have amazing moral compasses that lead them through life and I was amazed by the fact how honest, loyal, respectful, responsible and understanding they are.

They live in a very diverse country with people from many other nations and they are quite nice to all those different men and women and befriend them easily. Yes, they might be reserved, but this is only for a short period, after which they became your good friends for life!

When it comes to responsibility, they do everything they can the best way they can and it is quite admirable. I believe this is why their country is quite successful and is where it is in the world, as they are taught from a young age to be responsible, organized and honest.

British men integrity rating

3. Loyalty

As you meet British men you will see that they are quite loyal. As they look for partners they don’t rush the process and try to skip every step of it and get their date to bed. Their whole culture is different and they approach dating differently.

 They might start the process faster, meaning they won’t spend weeks messaging someone but will meet quite soon – however, they will try to meet someone as best as they can if the person suits them.

If that process is successful after putting much effort into it, you can rest assured that they will be much less inclined to cheat and ruin it.

I was even present when my boyfriend Michael and I went out with his friends to a pub nearby having no idea that there was a group of fellow American women on a “girl’s trip”.

Well, it would be an understatement to say they were quite excited when they saw a group 7 men come in (and me lol). Soon enough they were all over them, wanting to drink and dance, however, since several of friends were taken they wouldn’t even hear of it. This was truly a nice thing to see.

British men are quite loyal

4. Honesty

Believe it or not, one study showed that Brits are one of the most honest people in the world and the explanations behind this is that people usually look up to high-status individuals such as business leaders and celebrities and see them as their role models, and their cheating can set bad examples for dishonest practices.

So, if you are wondering what are British men like in relationships wonder no more as you will get honesty. I experienced it first-hand quite a bit and I was quite pleased to know that I can be open with the men I was seeing and not have to hide things about my life. Another trait that helped a lot is their great tolerance and understanding.

British men are honest

5. How Protective They Are?

As you meet British guys you will realize they aren’t that protective, however, we need to be on the same page on what being protective means. If we are talking about them taking care of you, keeping you safe or even being a bit jealous because they like you a lot, they try their best, however, if we are talking about them standing up for you if something bad happens, then that might not be the case.

Your British boyfriend will more likely try to resolve a situation that escalated with talking or even run away and take your hand than get physical, even if it’s needed. So the answer to the question ‘what are British guys like in relationships’ definitely is protective, but not as much as many women would like them to be.

This is also because women in the UK are quite independent and men aren’t used to having to run around them and make sure they are always 100% okay.

Are British men protective?

6. Are they Resourceful?

When dating an British man you will see that he isn’t that creative and full of ideas that will throw you off your feet. After spending time in Southeast Asia, Latin America and other regions where men are very passionate and quite resourceful and creative, seeing these single British guys was a bit disappointing.

British dating culture is quite different and is more laid back than in the US for example, so if you are among American women looking for British men you will need to go through an adjustment process.

British guys will easily have a date in a pub with a glass of beer, or better said more glasses where you will talk casually, with much less pressure on how you look, what you say and other thoughts that fill your mind back home.

People here act in a moment and dating has much less structure to it. You guys will probably hit a bar, a café, a movie theater, and other classical things, while very romantic dinners at home and other surprises aren’t that common.  

British men Resourceful factor

7. Maturity

Dating an British guy means that you will have a very mature man by your side. Besides him loving football and spending time with his pals in a pub drinking and being “a boy”, he will be devoted to you and your relationship and will be an honest, loyal and caring partner.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 months now and we even moved in together. I am more than happy with what he is like as a person. He loves helping me around the house, since he does believe in gender equality and doesn’t find it fair that I do everything.

When we go out we usually split check in half, or I pay one time, and he the next one, I go with him to pubs to watch games with his friends, and so on.

I can be myself and quite honest about my views, beliefs, ideas, and wishes in life and he is nothing but a great support to me.  

One of my best British men dating tips is to be yourself since he already likes you, so there is no need to pretend and hide behind a mask.

British men are quite mature

8. Self-confidence

What makes hot British guys hot is their self-confidence. They are mostly in a good place in life; they love their lives, friends and the country that enables a quality life for them.

Another thing on their side is the fact that women around the world are crazy about them, “sexy British guys” with an accent to die for and dream of meeting a James Bond reincarnation.

This gives hot British men wings and even more charm since they don’t even have to work hard to get ladies, as much as other men do – they just easily swipe them off their feet.

As I said, single British men, and especially then taken ones don’t work out that much and are just slim and normal looking, however, they are self-confident even that way, feeling no pressure to change anything.

British men are truly self confident

9. Are They Friendly or Reserved?

If you ask other people ‘what are British guys like’ many will say quite cold, just like for other people from the northern countries, however, this depends from person to person.

 It is generally true that they are quite reserved and a bit shy, especially when approaching women, however, this changes with time and they melt away showing their true selves.

This is why dating British guys might seem tricky or weird in the beginning, but I am sure their charm will make you stay long enough for you to see who they really are.

You will soon then be part of their lives and also their group of friends. This is why having lots of patience is one of my British guy dating tips. 

 But, forget about having double dates, as that is not a thing in the UK.

Are British men friendly are reserved?

Besides the British men beautiful accents, they are pretty much on the average in terms of opening up to new cultures.

They are mature in their character and very slow to judge and the possibility of them sticking with you to make it work is also very high.

Read more to find out if these types of men accompanied with their lifestyle is best for you. Who knows, you might find something interesting that will make you want to hold on to one of them when you visit.


Pros and Cons of Dating a British man


1. High Moral Standards

There isn’t anything better than having a man with high moral standards and being sure of his loyalty, honesty, or better said integrity overall. Most of the handsome British guys will try hard to win you if they see potential and will nurture the relationship, without letting anything exterior affect it.

They value family and their loved ones and will actually put their partner and their future family first and then their first family (mom, dad, siblings) second.  

2. Self-confidence

Even though men may be shy, they are quite self-confident most of the time and act as gentlemen from classic novels with their morals and nice behavior. Another kind of self-confidence I realized is that of British men in bed and I was even a bit surprised with that amazing experience. But, I also heard stories from my friends who didn’t have such good time, so if he isn’t the best partner in the sheets, you can always work together on it.


1. Physical Appearance

I must say I was quite disappointed when I got here, because of the wrong picture that many people have about Brits as if it were a land of thousands of James Bonds. Unfortunately, I found most of the men quite unattractive with some exceptions and only thought some of them to be handsome and sexy.

2. Going dutch on the bill

British men are all for gender equality and aren’t kind of guys who will pamper you all the time, buy expensive gifts and pay for everything while you look “pretty”, which is what many women in other countries expect. Over here they work hard and wish to invest in the relationship, but also expect the same from you.

Where to Meet British Men

There are two good answers to the question ‘where to meet British guys’ and those are pubs and the internet.

Going to pubs is a national thing, just like having siesta in Spain, or drinking vodka in Russia. Both men and women go there to have drinks with their friends, colleagues, to have dates even and most importantly to watch football, cricket, and rugby. If you are hoping to find handsome British men, this will most likely be the place to do so.

The second option is to go online, as online dating serves have been blooming in the UK and have become enormously popular, especially in metropolitan areas, such as here in London. Four of the most popular dating services are,,, and

What is amazing is the fact that all of them have hundreds of thousands of users of all backgrounds, lifestyles, ethnicities, religions, educations, etc. I am sure it will be quite easy to find some sexy British men this way and also get to know firsthand what is like British guys in bed. 😉

How to Make a British Man Fall in Love with You

1. I hope you love booze

Well, just like some men love eating, these men (besides eating) love drinking-anytime! It doesn’t matter if its lunch, guys’ night out, a date, other social gatherings, you name it and alcohol will be involved.

This can be tricky for women who dislike drinking, but this is one of the best ways on how to meet British men and get them to fall for you. Just share a glass (or couple of them) 😉

2. Be natural, be yourself

People here are quite laid back and there is much less structure to lives, dating and much less thinking than in the US for example.

Women here aren’t that concerned about how they look before a date, they don’t give out this perfect picture of themselves, dates aren’t like job interviews with a bunch of questions and people don’t think too much ahead.

For example, you can have sex on a first date if that is how you feel and expect to not be judged because people here act more impulsively and don’t judge as much.

Also, if you wish to text him first, do it, it will not be a sign of weakness or wanting him too badly. Those are just “rules” many people are used to, but they aren’t real rules we should obey. One of the best tips for dating an British man is to relax and enjoy yourself

3. Don’t be superficial and “just pretty”

Men in Britain are well-read, educated and well rounded, thus, it will be a big turn on for him if you know your sports, music, even politics since it will make every conversation more deep and meaningful.

It is okay to be pretty, but please don’t be shallow, as the look doesn’t matter here as much, and men easily go for women who aren’t even their ideal type, because there are other special things about them.

Top 3 Hottest British Men

1. Jude Law

British Men- Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 75
Jude Law

This gorgeous man is one of the famous actors in the world, not only in the UK.

He is an actor with many awards that he received thanks to his great work and amazing talent. Some of them are two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes Awards, etc. He is 178cm tall and is 47 years old. He just got married for the second time in 2019 and also has 5 children.

2. Henry Cavill

This eye candy has become popular worldwide after he started filming one of the most promising TV-shows after the Game of Thrones – The Witcher and the audience; especially the female part is going crazy over him. He is 36 years old and is still single ladies!

3. Zayn Malik

This hot boy is one of the most popular British singers who is also known worldwide for having been part of the mega-popular boy band “One Direction”. He is not your typical blonde, blue-eyed guy and is of Pakistani descent. He is 27 years old and is single.  

See more gorgeous British men on Instagram

Final Word

Well, my dear loves, this would be all for our topic and I hope you found it helpful and are ready for the pursuit of some sexy, stylish British men!

I hope I gave enough information on what they are like and what to expect from them. I also hope this gave you some insight on where to meet British men and how to meet a British guy on your international dating journey.

If you are open to online dating, make sure to use the ultimate guide to dating men online to increase your chances of success in the dating field.

Good luck,

Amy J

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