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Bulgarian men guide

Hello there, my babes, I hope everyone is doing amazing and is feeling happy! We all have our ups and downs and I do especially when I move from country to country, but it is important to stay positive!

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how Bulgarian men compare in all categories.

9 months ago I moved to Bulgaria and I am sticking to Balkan Penninsula for a certain time until life takes me somewhere else.

Today is the day when I will write about international dating over here, Bulgarian males, Bulgarian men stereotypes, and other things, such as how to meet Bulgarian men, which can be a process.

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Some of you might not be familiar, but Bulgaria is a country in southeast Europe and takes a very big territory that has an exit to the Black Sea in the east.

 It borders 5 countries: Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, and the national language is Bulgarian.

I will do my best to introduce the country and its people, primarily Bulgarian men to you and explain what it is like to be dating Bulgarian men in general.

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What Are the Bulgarian Men Like?

If you wish to meet Bulgarian men, and I assume that’s why you are here, you should know that they are similar to other men from the region: Macedonians, Serbians, Montenegrins, etc and men here are a bit specific.

A lot of Bulgarian guys act like “macho” men – they are strong, have lots of money, drive fast cars, are surrounded by beautiful girls and just live fast lives.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they are rich but like to pretend and look so.  I found many men of this kind in the region and am not fond of it, as they are surrounded by girls who like money and parties and I dislike that mentality.

However, there are many other more down-to-earth guys who are quite attractive, attentive, they don’t show off or brag or try to attract as many hot girls as possible and they are very nice to be around.

Physical Appearance

When it comes to physical appearance there was a study that was conducted for 17 years and that was about Bulgarian anthropology. It goes like this: 80% of Bulgarians have very light/pale skin, dark hair (black and brown) and dark eyes, however, light ones are quite common as well.

Around 80% of men and 60% of women have dark hair, while only 3% and 7% or men and women respectively have blonde hair.

Around 50% of the population has light or dark brown eyes, while the other half has blue or green ones.

I must say that the typical Bulgarian guys are quite hot and attractive and are quite amazing to look at, especially those “bad” looking men with tattoos and rough looks.

They like working out and taking care of themselves, thus if you are among American women looking for Bulgarian men you will see how many cute single Bulgarian guys there are.

Bulgarian women physical appearance


I would say there are 2 kinds of styles that your (future) Bulgarian boyfriend will have. He will either be the “macho” kind of a guy and will usually wear casual tracksuits, hoodies, golden necklaces, have tattoos, spend money like crazy and spoil you since you will be his doll, but this is the kind that I don’t prefer, for example. These sexy Bulgarian guys lack elegance and real style if you ask me

On the other hand, other guys have more of an “international classic style” – they wear jeans, pants, sweaters, shirts and other “regular” clothes.

Bulgarian guys aren’t that trendy, like some other nations who love fashion – yes, you will see them wearing suits and formal clothes or suit jackets with jeans, but not that often. They are much more laid back.

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Are Bulgarian men stylish?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the important physical trait ratings for Bulgarian men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Bulgarian men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Bulgaria and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Bulgarian men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 


Character Traits that Make Bulgarian Men Stand Out

1. Gentlemen rating

Since you are most likely interested in dating an Bulgarian guy you should know that they are gentlemen most of the time. Since many of them see themselves as “macho” guys who are strong, brave and protective, they will act in such a manner. 

They might not exactly hold the door or open door of the car for you, but don’t take it wrong, some manners are different and lack thereof doesn’t mean they aren’t gentlemen.

Most of these hot Bulgarian guys will walk you home after the date, or call a cap for you and pay for it, oh and they will always pay for whatever activity you guys are having. No matter if its dinner, movie theater, a party, they will take care of the bill and will never let you touch it.

Single Bulgarian men will most likely spend their whole salary on you, especially if you start dating and they will be happy to do so.

The only thing that might be awkward here is if you are quite independent and can’t take that attitude of theirs since they won’t let you pay for your part, and paying for both of you is pretty much mission impossible.

Bulgarian men are gentlemen

2. Integrity

Typical Bulgarian men are good guys and I am happy to say this. They might look quite strong and rough, even dangerous sometimes, but this is just physique and deep down they have good hearts and are good people.

Thus, when it comes to their moral compass, I would say that you shouldn’t be afraid of being lied to or getting cheated on, or anything similar.

However, still be careful in international dating here, as the economy in Bulgaria isn’t prosperous and many people are poor (even though you would never guess it), so someone might try to scam you, as you will probably have more financial power than him.

Now, this is something that could happen anywhere in the world and is not a reason to skip your trip to Bulgaria.

Bulgarian men Integrity factor

3. Loyalty

Handsome Bulgarian guys are quite loyal from mine and my friends’ experiences and loyalty mean a lot to them. They are quite devoted to their families and many men still live with their parents (unfortunately, standards and lifestyles are way different here than in American or Western Europe).

This is why they respect the elderly and women and will most likely be loyal to you, especially if they see you as the potential partner for life.

As I already mentioned, many handsome Bulgarian guys might look like players who wish nothing but sex, but this is often far from the truth (unless you wish to have just fun).

It also depends on how old the guys are and where you are, as there is a big hook up culture in the capital Sofia, and other big places.

 People love going out, partying and drinking, so you will see many men eyeing girls and looking for easy fun.

Bulgarian men are quite loyal

4. Honesty

With integrity and loyalty also comes honesty and all these sexy Bulgarian men get a high grade here as well.

They will be open and honest and probably too much, as men here are a bit patriarchal and find themselves stronger and sometimes a bit better than women, so in their eyes, this gives them the right to be their protectors and knights in shiny armor.

Thus, they will look at what you are wearing, they will tell you to change clothes, shoes, or sometimes how to behave, if you are not fitting in. This might be annoying or it might even hurt, but I think it’s better than them being quiet and letting you stand out and possibly become the topic of gossip.

So, if you are wondering what are Bulgarian  guys like, “honest” is one of the best answers.

How stylish are Bulgarian men Honesty rating

5. How Protective They Are?

As I already mentioned handsome Bulgarian men aren’t just handsome, honest and loyal, but also quite protective, probably much more than what is used to.

Thus, if you’ve been wondering what are Bulgarian men like in relationships its important to know that he will do most of the things for you, like lifting heavy things, carrying grocery bags, opening tight jar lids and other cute things, so you don’t bother, but he will also wish to know what you are doing most of the time, especially when you guys aren’t together and with whom you are meeting.

This is will especially happen if you go out to a party since many hookups happen in the clubs and he knows what men can be like around gorgeous girls, so he might not even let you go out without him. This is just the heads-up for you.

Also, if someone is rude to you, or obnoxious and keeps trying to approach you he will not be scared to tell him to back off and even get physical if the other person keeps persisting and says mean things, which can easily happen.

If he is too protective and too possessive you will just need to sit down and talk and hope that he will relax a little bit, however, don’t hope too much, sometimes this is just their mentality as men here are naturally more dominant and decisive.

Thus, one of my Bulgarian  guy dating tips is to be quite patient and understanding with him.

Bulgarian Men can protect their women

6. Are they Resourceful?

I would say that they are resourceful, which primarily comes from the fact that the Bulgarian economy is far from strong, which makes every-day living a bit hard and many poor people need to work very hard to provide the basic things for themselves and their loved ones.

This is why everyone tries their best to come up with different ideas or alternatives that are cheaper and more obtainable.

This goes also for dating with Bulgarian guys; you will see how resourceful he can be.

For example, he won’t let you know that he doesn’t have enough money at the moment but will cook a very romantic dinner or will handpick flowers from the neighbor and bring them to you, disguising the issue and also looking so rebellious and hot.

How resourceful are Bulgarian men?

7. Maturity

When dating a Bulgarian man you might question his maturity.

On one hand, he is loyal, protective, honest and a gentleman, which is amazing, but on the other hand he might be very jealous, overprotective and possessive, which is quite childish if you ask me.

Thus, if you are a strong and independent woman you might have many problems with him trying to understand you and not wanting to change his ways.

He won’t be happy with you going out alone, making many new friends, and especially guys friends, that might even be a big “NO”.

Their mentality has been unchanged for many years since the country isn’t diverse and there aren’t that many foreigners and new ways of thinking.

One of the Bulgarian men dating tips would be to tell him about your culture and customs, and take him with you sometimes when you go out with your friends and he will see there is nothing to worry about.

How mature are Bulgarian men?

8. Self-confidence

When you meet Bulgarian guys you will see how self-confident they are which makes them even more sexy and attractive.

 First of all, this comes from their looks and being attractive to many girls, but also from their lifestyle.

They spend time with their friends, go out, have fun and laugh, which makes spending time with them quite amazing.

Also, Bulgarian guys in bed are quite confident and amazing.

I had experience with two of them, but my stories and those of my friends prove that they are quite passionate, sexy, thoughtful and ready to please you.

High self-confidence is one of the Bulgarian guy stereotypes and it is quite true!

Bulgarianmen are truly self confident

9. Are They Friendly or Reserved?

Dating Bulgarian guys can be quite interesting as they are friendly people, but this is only after they get to know you better.

They might look quite reserved in the beginning, since they aren’t used to diversity and anyone that stands off a lot will bring lots of attention to themselves.

For example, being homosexual here is okay, but as long as you don’t demonstrate it in the public, since people will react in all kinds of ways and probably not very friendly.

Being foreign can make people reserved also because of the language barrier, which can make dating Bulgarian guys a bit hard.

On the other hand, since there isn’t much diversity, people will be attracted to you and wish to know more, since everything foreign is found much cooler here than domestic.

So please just be patient and you will see how their shyness will be melted away once they meet you a little bit better.

Are Bulgarian men friendly?

For now, you know that Bulgarian men are highly resourceful and protective of their women and these are good qualities as far as I am concerned.

There are still a lot to learn about Bulgaria and Bulgarian men, so continue to read to learn more.


Pros and Cons of Dating a Bulgarian man


1. Physical Appearance

I can’t describe how great it is to go to the streets, cafes and other public places and be surrounded by so many hot Bulgarian men – it is just paradise for eyes.

If you ever dreamed of having a hot, sexy, muscular boyfriend then Bulgaria is your country!

2. Great Gentlemen

An amazing thing about Bulgarian dating culture is the fact that they are great gentlemen towards their girlfriends whom they keep safe and treat like princesses.

You will be pampered, given many gifts; he will take you out, pay for your activities, listen to your stories and protect you.


1. Too protective

This is, unfortunately, a great con for me, since I experienced it twice first hand and saw it on several occasions.

As I already mentioned you might feel limited and unable to experience the freedom you are normally used to do to your beau’s jealousy and maybe even lack trust at the beginning of the relationship.

2. Lack of financial stability

This one is most likely to happen when dating a Bulgarian guy, especially if you are coming from the US, Western Europe or other countries with a stronger economy.

This can also be the reason why someone might try to use you, so please be careful until you meet your partner better. 

Where to Meet Bulgarian Men

If you are wondering where to meet Bulgarian guys then you shouldn’t probably think of online dating.

This dating scene isn’t popular in Bulgaria, as in some neighboring countries, so I wouldn’t opt for it.

 A lot of people on those networks don’t speak English, and it will be hard to communicate, and there is a lot of fake profiles.

 In case you wish to try it, then the best answer on where to meet Bulgarian men online is Sladur.com. This might be an easy way to hook up with someone and see firsthand what Bulgarian men in bed are like. 

When I first came here I decided to spend a lot of time outside in public with my friends, we walked, went shopping, grabbed coffees in numerous cafes, went to parties, went skiing, and so on to meet new people.

And guess, what it worked!

I met my first partner at the gym and the second one during our ski trip to Bansko ski center.

How to Make a Bulgarian Man Fall in Love with You

1. Cook for Him

Men in this region usually live with their parents for a while and deeper into adulthood, and because of this are used to their moms cooking for them. Yes, they tend to be spoiled and dream of finding a girl who will fill their mom’s shoes and cook well at least.

That’s why I suggest you prepare a romantic dinner occasionally and prepare meals from your home country and let him enjoy your culinary abilities and some sexy apron 😉

Also, add some “rakija” – the most famous alcohol in this region, which made various kinds of fruits, but is quite strong. The best way to describe it is like a strong fruit brandy.

2. Understand “YES” and “NO” head move

So, this is the most confusing thing ever – read carefully. Here, just in Greece, the head movements for words “yes” and “no” are the opposite from the “normal” ones everyone is used to.

When you wish to say “yes” you won’t nod, but will shake your head as if saying no. And the opposite, when you wish to say “no”, you will nod your head as when saying “yes”.

Be careful with these everywhere, when ordering a drink, when being asked a question, etc because you will cause opposite reactions if you use the movements you are used to.

It can be either hilarious or quite annoying.

So one of my first tips for dating an Bulgarian man is to master this difference.

3. Spend time with his friends

Well, my friends, I think this is the universal tip for every country ever. If you are wondering how to meet an Bulgarian guy and get him to fall for you, you just need to befriend his friends and become part of the group.

Ask them about the country, customs, go out with them, invite them over, maybe cook some interesting meal, go skiing, or do anything that will bring you guys close and your guy even close to you.

Top 3 Hottest Bulgarian Men

1. Dmitar Berbatov

Dimitar Ivanov Berbatov is a very famous ex-football player from Bulgaria.

One of his greatest achievements was when he was the captain of the country’s national team in period from 2006 to 2010. He used to be a goal scorer and he is the best one Bulgaria has had so far.

He is 38 years old and has two daughters with his girlfriend Elena. Right now he just watches football from the bleachers and cheers for his team.

2. Nikolay Mihaylov

Nikolay Mihaylov is a professional Bulgarian footballer.

He is famous for playing as a goalkeeper for Levski Sofia and for the Bulgarian national team.

He also played for Liverpool for three years. This gorgeous giant is 1.94cm tall and I still single 😉

3. Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov is the most famous Bulgarian professional tennis player who is also one of the best players in the world.

His best ever rank was being world No. 3 in the ATP Singles list, which was quite admirable.

This brought him a lot of fame, and also lots of money, as he is the first Bulgarian tennis player who won more than $20M from this sport.

Final Word

This is all I have prepared for you when it comes to international dating here in Bulgaria.

 I hope this guide shed some light on people here, the culture, and that you got an idea of what are Bulgarian men like in general, what are Bulgarian guys like in relationships, and what to expect from them.

Use the ultimate guide for online dating to step up your game on dating Indonesian men.

Best wishes with your pursuit and have fun!


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