Bulgarian Women: Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Bulgarian women guide

Have you ever been with a Bulgarian girl? What are the most common Bulgarian women stereotypes you have heard so far?

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the women’s country guides to see how Bulgarian women compare in all categories.

If you want to find out more about dating Bulgarian women, see some beautiful pic of hot Bulgarian girls, you are at the rightest place there can be.

I have prepared a special international dating guide and filled it with alluring Instagram accounts, so you can get a full insight into Bulgarian dating culture.

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Stay with me and find out the latest tips for dating Bulgarian women.

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12 Most Important Traits of Bulgarian Women Rated 1-10 (+ Overall Score)

Before I tell you what are Bulgarian women like in relationships, allow me to give you more details about their character and personality.

Let’s see if all the Bulgarian girl stereotypes are true or just a myth!

What Physical Traits Distinguish Bulgarian Women from Other Women

1. Physical appearance

Picture an oriental guitar- that’s the most precise description of Bulgarian women’s body type and typical Bulgarian women’s appearance.

Elongated waist, narrow chest band, and graceful lengthy hands are just some of the magic components of these women.

They look so desirable and sophisticated, very elegant, and rarely obese.

Women from Bulgaria are not as tall as ladies from Denmark, for example, they are smaller and thinner.

If you ask me, I would choose “juicy” as the most adequate adjective to describe their bodies.

Bulgarian women's physical appearance

2. Health

This is the segment where they don’t seem to be paying plenty of attention.

I mean, they care about their everyday look and will buy fancy and quality cosmetics to maintain their beauty, but won’t visit a doctor regularly.

Some surveys revealed that many women from this country have issues with cervical cancer, ranked number one in Europe for mortality related to this condition.

On the other hand, the surveys reveal that they have nothing against breast augmentation and it’s quite common for them to decide to do so, more often than Russian women.

how healthy are the Bulgarian womenn

3. How stylish they are?

When you ask a man whether a woman is stylish, it’s hard to give some objective opinion.

Some guys like when girls look glitzy and glamorous, the others prefer more modest dressing combinations.

What I noticed is that girls of Bulgaria adore hight heels, fancy ones during the night, and bright and colorful during the day.

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They have their shoe brands, which are affordable imitations of Italian models.

Typical Bulgarian girls like chic clothes, something that looks vibrant and unusual, and they proudly wear them.

Are Bulgarian women stylish?

4. Facial beauty

Darker skin, chocolate color eyes, well-shaped lips, are some of their facial traits.

They are naturally dark-haired, but many of them desire to be blonde. Bulgarian women adore unusual hairstyles.

Even though some of them put on too much make-up, they look beautiful without it as well.

Their faces look harmonious, with all the elements placed in the most perfect position, resulting in the prototype of a beautiful woman.

Are Bulgarian women pretty?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the four physical trait ratings for Bulgarian women, we have also created our own additional rating from the Bulgarian girls we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single women and how attractive they are.

This is how it works.

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Bulgaria and took note of how many beautiful women there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Bulgarian women. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 

What Different Personality Traits Bulgarian Women Have from Other Women


1. Do they Like Going out and Having Fun?

The thing in common for all people from this region is that they are full of positive energy and are always ready to party.

Bulgarian hotties are no exception to the rule, and the best place to see how much they enjoy partying is to visit some of the clubs.

I mean, when you date a girl in Italy, France, Germany, you will rarely find a club where you will be able to spend the whole night with her.

In Bulgaria, they are mostly open all night long, crowded with people hungry for more fun, more joy.

Bulgarian Women-fun factor

 2.  Chill Factor

The tempo of life is much less fast-paced than in some other metropolises, which is why generally men and women are more relaxed.

It’s not that they are laid-back, doing nothing, it’s just that they approach everything with a greater dose of calmness that people from other busy parts of the world.

Bulgarian women are mostly chillaxed unless you made them angry- and that’s the last thing you want, trust me!

what is the chill factor of Bulgarian women?

3. Loyalty

Similar to ladies from Lithuania, they highly appreciate loyalty and will expect the same from you.

If you are honest with them and if you truly care, don’t go exploring other Bulgarian girls in bed, you will make the greatest mistake of your life.

She will be a loyal partner, and you can simply follow her positive example and steer clear from other chicks.

Bulgarian women are loyal

4. Good as Mothers

This is the field where they deserve the highest marks, as they are among the most devoted mothers you will encounter in the world.

Though women worldwide are mainly switching focus to careers, losing interest to build a family, Bulgarian women are not like that.

They are like Russian or Serbian mothers, caring, full of understanding and love for the kiddos, and are excellent housewives.

Bulgarian women are good mothers indeed

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

Yes, they are a quite friendly and open nation, and eager to meet new friends from wherever they are.

Even if you decide to go alone to some club or café, worry not, you will find a new friend quite easily.

Unlike some other cultures, they don’t see small talk as insanity, so you can freely spark a conversation with a lovely girl sitting at the next table and enjoy a pleasant chat with her.

Bulgarian women are very friendly

6. Are they Romantic?

Oh yes, they are very romantic!

Sweet words, some small presents like flowers and candies, paying the dinner, making sure she arrived home safely are small but very meaningful tokens of appreciation which will earn you plenty of positive points in her eyes.

Of course, provided that you mean it.

Empty words, nonsense promises are not the way to go and they will only spoil the romantic moment.

 Just make sure you do it with style and heart, that’s the kind of romantic behavior they like.

How romantic are Bulgarian women?

7. Sexuality

Gorgeous ladies such as hottest Bulgarian women, with such a voluptuous look, will naturally be very seductive and sexy.

Being enormously stunning, and aware of that, you will have a hard time concentrating on anything else (with so much naughty energy in the air)!

And the best part of all is that, even though they look breath-taking, they are not easy chicks.

So, if you want to find out what are Bulgarian women like in bed, you’ll have to put plenty of effort.

Bulgarian women sexuality

8. Gringo Card – How likely are They to Date a Foreigner

Bulgarian women are interested in any man who’s not overly possessive and jealous, no matter what nationality.

They are very open to meeting guys from other parts of the world, and interested in exploring international dating as well.

If you have some basic knowledge about this country and tons of Bulgarian women dating tips by your side, you can be a lucky foreigner having Bulgarian hottie as a girlfriend.

How likely is it for Bulgarian women to date foreigners?

Bulgarian women are very open-minded and the literacy level is high so you wouldn’t have a problem with hanging out and sharing knowledge.

Visit this country and enjoy the cultural European women that are open to new opportunities with foreigners.

Read further to have a better understanding of these Women.

Bulgarian women overall score

Where to Meet Bulgarian Women

Thanks to the Internet, the expression “Love knows no limits” got a completely new meaning.

Knowing that there are no geographical boundaries for finding true love, dating platforms grew popular rapidly and enabled people from all corners of the world to meet those living in some other corners of the world.

Thanks to this, people can see how international dating can be fulfilling and rewarding.

You can be either for or against it, but you cannot deny it helps people get together simpler.

That’s why I came up with the idea to write some tips for dating a Bulgarian woman for both preferences- for you guys who feel comfortable looking for single Bulgarian women on dating pages, and for you guys who prefer to pack the bags and try the luck in some local clubs.

Here are my ideas about where to meet a Bulgarian woman with tons of Bulgarian girl dating tips!


Being part of the immense Friends Date Network, you can be sure that looking for sexy Bulgarian girls will be free of charge, as that’s the main trademark of this popular dating platform.

The site itself is of simple design but has the most important components of all- plenty of pretty Bulgarian girls listed.

You will be glad to know that this page is a dynamic one, with a solid number of active users daily, so the mission “how to meet Bulgarian women and where to meet Bulgarian girls” won’t be a difficult one to accomplish.

To open a profile, you are required to fill in some basic info, and once you do so, you get complete access to tons of hot pics.

The site has excellent optimization for mobile gadgets, so as long as you have a stable internet connection, you will be able to explore profiles of beautiful Bulgarian girls wherever you are.

Perhaps the only drawback is that there are not so many fancy features and options for communication, which some modern-day pages are equipped with.

But, the chat is more than enough to establish some basic communication, and once you do so- the next mission is to ask her on a real date.

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting Bulgarian Women

If you happen to be traveling to Bulgaria, prepare to be amazed and learn more about how to meet a Bulgarian girl.

Whichever part of the world you are from- Germany, Italy, Australia, France, China, or if you are an American man looking for Bulgarian women, be sure that this country will provide you with the most memorable experiences.

Melodic language, mouth-watering food, a multitude of cultural and historic monuments along with energetic people will make your journey unforgettable.

The top three cities I listed, each of them in its unique way, reflect the versatile beauty of Bulgaria.

Pack your bags, as the first city to visit here with me is…

1. Sofia

Unlike some other metropolises, Sofia is significantly more laid-back and peaceful.

And of course, I mean nothing bad by that at all, it’s just that there’s a lot of difference between some other capital cities like London, Paris, and similar whose tempo is much too fast sometimes.

Sofia is the city that has a modern and youthful look, with plenty of relaxing energy, and crowded with beautiful sights to explore.

Among the most prominent details, one can see are numerous onion-domed churches, with Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral being the most magnificent one.

Speaking of churches and cathedrals, you can also visit Sveta Sofija, Boyana, and many others scattered all over this memorable city.

The city is also packed with museums, such as the Museum of Socialists Art, Sofia History Museum, National Museum of History and they will all help you get a full insight and find out more about Bulgarian capital.

One of the biggest treasures of this city is Serdica, an ancient complex of Roman ruins dating back from around 2000 years ago. It was unveiled completely by accident, during the excavation work for metro construction.

The city is also full of beautiful parks and gardens and is one of the popular destinations even during the winter for skiing fans (Mt Vitosha is relatively close).

If you plan to take a break and relax a bit, some of the places to do so are:

  • Shtastlivetsa
  • Chef’s Restaurant
  • Talents Restaurant
  • Cosmos
  • The Hadjidragana Tavern
  • The Little Things
  • Made in Home
  • Bagri
  • Restaurant Vodenitzata

You will enjoy the most delicious and unique meals such as Banitza (let’s say some sort of yummy pie), Kebapche (tasty grill made of minced meat), Shopska Salata (tomato, cucumber, peppers, and cheese), and many others.

Naturally, a visit to any metropolis is complete only when you explore all the daily and nightly wonders of it.

Even though it’s not a gigantic city, it most certainly has all the energy and vibrations to call it an excellent one when it comes to nightlife.

Perhaps it is not as busy as in some relatively close cities like Belgrade or even Bucharest, but it will undoubtedly leave you with tons of positive impressions, thanks to excellent and vibrant people you will have the chance to meet.

Here are some clubs for you to check them out:

  • Tell Me Bar
  • Bedroom Premium
  • Yalta
  • Club Contigo
  • Life House
  • Carusel
  • Mixtape 5
  • Wake Up Sofia Club
  • Club Terminal 1

If you have heard of the phenomenon “Pub Crawl”, Sofia has it as well, and it’s an excellent chance to meet fellow travelers and gain more friends.

Don’t miss the chance to walk through Vitosha Boulevard. This pedestrian boulevard is filled with excellent places to visit, both during the day and night.

It’s one of the most beloved sights, both for tourists and locals.

People in Bulgaria are open to new friendships and they will be glad to guide you through the city and show you the best of it.

2. Plovdiv

The second most beautiful destination to explore while in Bulgaria is Plovdiv, a city that was a pride holder of a flattering title in 2019- European Capital of Culture.

To justify this honorable title, I must point out that, if you are looking for various art and music festivals, this is undoubtedly the city that will give you that, beyond any expectations.

With seven majestic hills and lovely 19-century mansions, this romantic old town is an ideal choice for all types of tourists.

As for the old town, many nations eagerly try to “gain ownership” over it- Greeks, Romans, Turks…and its desirability only comes as expected- it’s the sixth oldest cities in the world.

Whichever direction you decide to head to, be sure that all your senses will be fully satisfied with the view, and energy of this memorable location.

The historic and cultural spots you don’t want to miss include Ethnographical Museum, Archeological Museum, Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa, Ruins of Eumolpias and more.

These ruins are the prime panorama of the city, and its earliest settlement, dating back circa 5000BC.

All you need it to be in good shape and of an adventurous spirit- you will be climbing Nebet Tebe (Prayer Hill)! But worry not, it’s just 200m high, and unmissable.

As for the perfect place to stroll, I warmly recommend Tsar Simeon Garden, a garden similar to those from fairy-tales.

Designed by Lucien Chevalas, Swiss architect, also known as “minister of flowers”, this breath-taking location features a lake and Singing Fountains.

That vibrant combination of light and music effects is something worth experiencing.

When you get hungry (and who wouldn’t, with such a mouth-watering food all over Bulgaria), enjoy your meals in some of the following:

  • Grazdhanski Klub
  • Rahat Tepe
  • Green Library
  • Tam’s House
  • Pavaj
  • Hebros Restaurant
  • Memory
  • Megdana

The majority of clubs are situated in Kapana but can be found in other parts of the city also.

It has quite vivid nightlife, and all the places are crowded with people eager to make new friendships.

Oh, I almost forgot! What numerous tourists find particularly appealing is that clubs in Bulgaria in general, the majority of them, to be precise, work all night.

This means only one- the fun never ends!

Here’s my list:

  • Bally Club
  • Club VOID
  • Galaxy Live Club
  • Quattro Piano Bar
  • Plazma
  • Club Fargo
  • Rock Bar Download
  • Vino Culture

There are clubs with all sorts of music, so whichever genre happens to be your favorite one, chances are there will be a club playing it.

Similar to Sofia, there are pub crawls, allowing you to have even more fun, meet more people (yes, sexy Bulgarian women as well) and have the best time of your life!

And one thing more- should you be a wine fan, I’m just gonna tell you that region outside this gorgeous city is famous for this sophisticated drink.

You can either pay a visit to some wine bars or indulge yourself with some lovely adventurous tour throughout the region.

3. Varna

What do you get when you combine seaside resort, naval base, and breath-taking nature? That’s right, the answer is Varna, the third city of Bulgaria, also known as maritime capital.

Situated at the beautiful coast of the Black Sea, this cosmopolitan heaven will immediately enchant you with all its charm and energy.

The very center of the city is adorned with the largest complex of Roman baths (Roman Thermae), and an amazing museum of archeology, two sights which represent Varna’s finest historical sights.

Besides this museum, you can also pay a visit to the Natural History Museum or the National Naval Museum, both of which will contribute to getting to know the city closer.

Similar to Sofia, it hosts beautiful churches and cathedrals, such as Sveti Atanas Orthodox Church, Sveti Nikolai Church, St Michael the Archangel Church and many others.

If you happen to spot some astonishing powder-blue art deco building, don’t miss the chance to explore it, as it’s the Aquarium, full of conger eels, piranhas, seahorses and many other mystique creatures from the deepest parts of the Black Sea.

Of course, needless to say, that you will have plenty of pleasurable moments while chillaxing on the lengthy beach, enjoying some refreshing cocktail (and the view of hot Bulgarian women).

Just 18 km up to Varna’s coast, there are Golden Sands (Zlatni Pyasâtsi), with a sun-bathed sandy beach of 4 km.

When you get hungry or want to have a cup of coffee, here are several places worth visiting:

  • Stories. Coffee & More…
  • Sweet Parmy
  • Parmy Family Restaurant
  • Edno Café
  • Candles Café Bar & Dinner
  • The Sea Terrace
  • Staria Chinar- Port Varna
  • Chuchura Restaurant
  • Morski Valk

 If you feel like having a time-traveling adventure, Varna can make it possible for you.

Opening its doors in 2015, Retro Museum brought the most charming collection of items from 1944 to 1989, displaying the most unique artefacts from the socialism period.

Cosmetics from Poland, noisy retro vacuum cleaners from Russia, Bulgarian cigarettes without filter, as well as some evergreen classic cars like Trabant, Skoda, Moskvich are just some of the things you can see.

A visit to beautiful coastal city promises good fun, and if you are eager to explore the nightlife of Varna, some of the clubs to visit include:

  • Cubo
  • Horizont Summer Club
  • Night Club Sapphire
  • Planet
  • The Devil’s Smile Club
  • Club Retro
  • Jokers Club
  • Playboy Bar
  • Xtravaganzza Varna
  • AJ Party Club Varna

Don’t be surprised if you hear some globally popular DJ is having a gig at some of the many clubs, because they also enjoy performing for a joyful audience of Bulgaria.

Do keep in mind that you will get the best insight into the vivid nightlife of the city if you visit it during summer. In winter, things are significantly quieter, as this is, obviously, a popular summer destination.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Bulgarian Woman

Dating someone who comes from an entirely different culture can be very challenging, and it will naturally come with lots of pluses and minuses.

However, if you DO care about that chick, you will most certainly try your best to make sure the number of positive things outnumbers the “bad” ones.

That’s the case with girls from Bulgaria. If you ask me, having one of them by your side is pure perfection, with some small flaws (which aren’t real disadvantages, you know).


1. Bulgarian ladies appreciate family values

This is more or less the same trait all women from this region have.

They were all raised to value the importance of family and grew up surrounded by family members, helping each other and sharing both good and bad moments.

It’s an important quality which reveals a lot more about the person than just devotion to family.

Such women will naturally care about other people, will listen to them, and will be a loyal friend to have by your side, above all.

2. These women are mentally and emotionally stable

Even though every female on this planet may have those “I just can’t make up my mind” moments, those are rare exceptions with Bulgarian females.

And this quality is in close connection with the previous one I described.

You will agree that things are much easier to organize when you have a reasonable woman by your side, instead of some spoiled doll or a damsel in distress.

3. Their beauty is stunning

I found quite an interesting sentence describing how stunning Bulgarian chicks are. It says:

“Bulgaria has more beauty per square meter than Sahara has sand.”

And that, my men, is the best though I have ever seen, and the most truthful statement.

There are plenty of factors that have great influence over that, but the truths are that there’s no such thing as an ugly girl from Bulgaria.

When you meet Bulgarian girls, only two of them is enough for the beginning, and you will already be aware of what I’m trying to tell you.

It’s the natural charm and charisma they possess in enormous amounts and having in mind that they are aware of that adds more irresistibility to them.


1. You may get chubbier from all the delicious food

It’s not just that they look perfect, they are highly-skillful in preparing various mouth-watering meals.

That’s a huge plus, I know, but if you cannot resist eating all the tasty delicacies, you’re gonna need some new, more comfy clothes soon.

2. They fight rarely but very explosively

Yes, they are reliable, strong, energetic, but sometimes, beneath that “IDGAF” attitude, they are the most delicate pearls in the world.

Yours is to learn how to tolerate that and make sure it doesn’t escalate into something serious.

It can be annoying really, because you will find yourself completely lost in her chaos and knowing that these girls can be quite revengeful in such situations, just remain calm and wise, and it will end quickly.

How to Make a Bulgarian Woman Fall in Love with You

When a girl is gorgeous and she’s aware of that, conquering her may seem like quite a challenging task, but, luckily, Bulgarian girls are not overly narcissistic.

If you know what to do, the journey to her heart can be smooth and quick.

Besides putting efforts to learn about her country (which is a must, whichever girl you are interested in), you need to show that you wholeheartedly enjoy doing things that will make her feel happy.

Some of the provenly successful tricks include the following:

1. Enjoy the food she prepares for you

When the moments come to taste the meal she prepared for you, you will have one of those “Am I dreaming?” moments.

Dudes, that’s like an explosion of super delicious tastes, full of flavors and fantastic aromas.

The least you can do is show your deepest admiration and enjoy as much as you can.

People from Bulgaria are very proud to be worldwide famous for such yummy food, and if you are lucky enough to have it prepared by a gorgeous chick, be thankful for that.

2. Admire her beauty

They are magnificent and they know that your is to remind them all the time that YOU know it as well.

Bulgarian beauties are self-confident, and strong characters, but will not object any lovely compliments coming from a guy interested in them.

You may be coming from a different culture or have dated girls which are fine with “let’s not see/call each other for 3 days” rule, but if you are eager to conquer a Bulgarian hottie, forget about that.

She needs to know that you like her, both her beauty and personality, so make sure to at least send her a message with some sweet words.

But, make sure they are not overly pathetic because being honest is what matters above all.

Empty words will lead you nowhere but far away from her heart, and that’s not what you are trying to achieve, is it?

3. Allow her to shine

Speaking of forgetting, the same goes for showing off. For you, not for her- just to make it clear!

When the two of you go out on a date, she should be the one leaving impressions, taking the stage, you are the one to lead the way.

This means you need to show your chivalry side, and having in mind that in return you get beauty’s heart, that’s a really small thing to do.

4. Make sure you take her out on a memorable date

Just coffee will work if you plan to get yourself a Bulgarian girlfriend, by which a mean female friend from Bulgaria.

If you are interested in taking things to some upper level, you’re gonna need a lot more than that.             

And to make it clear- you are the one paying the bill.

Your darling may offer to add something, but if you want her to see you as a gentleman, you better not accept.

She won’t feel intimidated because of that at all, worry not.

The scenario would be utterly different from the one with chicks from Denmark or the Netherlands, but the definition of emancipation on the Balkans is not the same as in most Western countries.

And don’t forget to take her home, making sure she’s safe and sound!

(No, I cannot guarantee you will immediately find out more about Bulgarian women in bed, I just guarantee that she will see you as a caring gentleman, that’s all!)

On the other hand, you can always end up with an emancipated exception, so make sure you don’t blow things up.

You know how people say- test the waters first!

5. Get along well with her family

If she invites you to meet family, don’t be afraid, it’s not like she’s giving you a hint that you should propose her.

She’s just trying to tell you that she likes you, believing that her family will feel the same.

And you should feel quite honored, you know, because you will meet the most hospitable and warm people in the world, and you’re gonna like them instantly.

Father is the most difficult one to conquer, you need to earn his respect and show that you truly care about his daughter. This is more or less typical for all Balkans, as their societies are still mainly oriented towards the patriarchal way of thinking.

Family, in general, is important to Bulgaria people, the same as people in Greece, and having that in mind will help you understand your girl much better.

6. Language barrier

Unless you happen to be from Russia, Serbia, or some country where Cyrillic is used, it’s highly unlikely you will manage to read anything.

The Bulgarian language is very dynamic and has 30 letters- six of them are vowels, and the rest are consonants.

You may be confused the first time you spot it, mainly because some letters which look the same as the Latin ones are not pronounced the same as their Latin counterparts.

Check this out- when they write “B”, you pronounce it like the Latin “V,” and the “H” is articulated as “N.” If you see a P, pronounce it like “R.”

And if you happen to spot something that looks like R in the mirror, it’s not a lovely typo, it’s is one of the vowels Я (ja).

The Alphabet features a unique letter- ь, and you cannot say it it until you add an “o” next to it, transforming it into ьо [jo].

There’s more: the letter ш [ʃ] sounds like “sheep,” but there is a щ too, [ʃt] that resembles the one said in “shoe.” They also have the ю [ju] like in “Yuletide,”.

At least the word order is not concrete, so you won’t be making much confusion whatever you arrange it. On the other hand, some words are untranslatable and they mainly refer to lifestyles.

Altogether, it has nine tenses- one version for the present, and several variances for the past and future.

They have more than extra reasons to feel proud, as the Cyrillic Script dates back to the 9th century, and, besides Bulgarian, it is used in Russian, Serbian, and some other Slavic languages.

There’s a special holiday in its honor, May 24 is the celebration of the Bulgarian language, script, and culture.

Simply put- trying to learn it is quite challenging, but rewarding, just the same as dating Bulgarian girls!

The Most Beautiful Bulgarian Women

All women of Bulgaria have one thing in common- they are enchanting!

With or without make-up, their beauty is captivating and that’s mainly thanks to ideal climate, healthy and versatile food and lots of sunshine.

That’s why creating this list of only three ladies is the hardest task I have.

1. Evgenia Radilova

Her immense natural beauty leaves a deep impression, but her wealthy and fulfilled career as well.

Besides being highly successful in the movie industry (as actress, filmmaker, and director), Evgenia is also a popular model and believe it or not- a fire artist!

She appeared in numerous TV shows, such as Elementary, Spartacus, Limitless and more.

As proof of her quality, there are two acknowledgments- Best Actress (one award and one nomination).

Evgenia participated in workshops in China, invited to teach and direct with the students, and as a result of this dynamic project- two films were created.

I mentioned that she’s a fire artist, and to express how passionate she is about this intriguing dance, she established her very own entertainment venue- Evgenia Entertainment.

The company gathers various performers, street artists, artists from Circus Du Soleil and many more.

If there’s one word to describe those performances, let’s say unique is the right one! Contortionists, stilt waking, sexy belly dancers, blindfolded dance with fire, you name it!

2. Tsvetana Pironkova

Born in 1987, this beautiful lady is a successful tennis player. And how could she be, when she started practicing it at the age of four and turned professional when she was 15, in 2002.

NY Times acclaimed her for her outstanding “cerebral” performance on the grass-court, and so far, she has 12 victories over other top ten ranked tennis players.

MSN referred to her one of the most stunning ladies in sport, and besides her astonishing appearance, she’s proud to be the first tennis player from Bulgaria who reached the semifinal stage of a Grand Slam in the category of singles.

2014 brought her one more significant acknowledgment, at Apia International, where she grabbed one Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) title.

Tsveti is happily married to her long-time love Mikhail Mirchev, a former Bulgarian Football player.

3. Nikoleta Lozanova

Back in 2006, this astounding lady took part in the competition organized by Playboy Magazine- Miss Playtime, and even though she was the youngest contestant- she won!

She was 19 at the time, as she was born in 1987, and the flattering title of Playboy of the Year marked her career.

Her beautiful face appeared in numerous other magazines such as Number 69, Maxim, FHM, and many other brands inked a deal with her as the advertising face (Vodka Flirt, Cavalli, Bayer, Enigma…).

Nikoleta also had multiple successful appearances in music videos of Bulgarian singers, and she also appeared in one video performed by a Serbian musician.

Her career was filled with some notable TV appearances, in dance shows, and a reality show as well. In 2018 she acted in a movie His mother’s trombone.

Her freedom to pose nude is quite often criticized.

Niki’s private life is turbulent as well. She was married to Valery Bozanov, a footballer, and the couple got a daughter in 2012. They got separated in 2015.

Find more fabulous Bulgarian women’s Instagram handle below!

Final Word

I sincerely hope you liked the international dating guide, and all the information I gave you about what are Bulgarian girls like in relationships.

Dating someone from the other part of the world is always challenging, but it’s worth it because it’s a unique chance to explore some different cultures and customs and find out what are Bulgarian women like in real life.

If you are interested in dating beautiful women online, I have just want you need; it is the ultimate guide for dating women.

Good luck with stealing the hearts of single Bulgarian girls!

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