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Welcome to today’s dating site review where we will be looking into a site that combines two specific niche areas into one.

Christian Filipina is an award-winning online dating portal that’s been around since 2009.

In that time, it proved to be such a success in helping people find love that it has gone on to win numerous dating awards around the globe.

And if you’d like to meet Filipina women that hold their Christian faith in the highest regard, it certainly is one of the best dating sites online to do that.

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In today’s deep dive into this dating site, we are going to look into:

The pros and cons of using the site
How to register for your own profile
How the site operates and how best to use it
How to make contact with other users
The features that the site offers members and much more

Once you’ve read through this review of Christian Filipina, you will have all the information to be able to make an informed choice as to whether it’s a dating site you should be considering or not.

So let’s get going then.

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  • Ease of Use – 5/5
  • Effectiveness -3.5/5
  • Key Features – 4/5
  • Pricing – 3/5


  • Beautifully designed dating site
  • Excellent advanced search engine
  • Top-notch key features for members


  • Very expensive
Christian Filipina Review [year] - Asian Beauties | Ratings 6

Who Is It For/Demographics?

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

So in the introduction to this review, we briefly spoke about what Christian Filipina is all about.

And thanks to the name of this online dating site, there is no trying to guess who the site is trying to serve.

It’s made for people of Filipina descent who hold their Christianity dear to them and who would like to meet people similar to themselves for friendship, dating and yes, long-term love.

There’s no doubt about it that many of the people using this site are looking for that someone special that they can spend the rest of their lives with.

The thing is, the group I mentioned isn’t the only people making use of Christian Filipina.

Many men from the West use the site to find Filipina women with long-term relationships in mind(like Tinder), it’s not a hookup site (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

These men mostly come from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

It’s certainly an interesting dynamic but Christian Filipina isn’t the only site that has a significant portion of users from the West and mostly male starting long-distance relationships but hoping for long-term love.

Christian Filipina | By the numbers

Ok, so there were some conflicting user numbers for this site.

But with some simple math, it’s not difficult to get a ballpark figure on just how busy the site is in terms of those numbers.

The thing is before we can work that out we first need to look at the gender ratio breakdown on the site.

As with many sites where men from the West are looking to meet a group of foreign female users, Christian Filipina has more male users than female.

The ratio is around 2:1.

  • 68% of all users on Christian Filipina are male
  • 32% of all users on Christian Filipina are female

Knowing this ratio is critical in helping us determine the user numbers for the site.


Well, on the Christian Filipina registration page, it says that over 200 000 Filipina women have made profiles on the site.

So if 200 000 female users make up 32% of the total user numbers then we know that around 450 000 male users make up the other 68% of male users.

I’ve used basic math to do this and we are working on a round figure of 200 000.

The site does say over 200 000 but doesn’t give an exact figure.

I think we can safely say that the site has easily over 700 000 users, pretty significant for a dating site that essentially has two niches.

User age ranges on Christian Filipina

The last thing to look at in this section on demographics is what the age ranges of users are on Christian Filipina.

Well, you will find users across all age ranges.

The biggest contributor to those numbers is the 55+ and older group.

That’s often the case in dating sites with a certain female demographic and Western men who want to date them.

That’s probably because these older men are looking to find someone to marry.

This group makes up 25% of all users.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the user numbers on the site:

  • 55 and older (25% of all users of which 17% are male and 8% are female)
  • 25 to 34-year-olds (23% of all users of which 16% are male and 7% are female)
  • 18 to 24-year-olds (20% of all users of which 14% are male and 6% are female)
  • 45 to 54-year-olds (17% of all users of which 12% are male and 5% are female
  • 35 to 44-year-olds (14% of all users of which 10% are male and 4% are female)

It is a site that has users across all age ranges.

Christian Filipina Review [year] - Asian Beauties | Ratings 7

But how easy is it to use?

Well, that’s what we are going to be looking into next.

Ease Of Use

Christian Filipina has a very enticing landing page, that’s for sure.

And if you take the time to read through it, you will find out that this is a site that has won numerous awards.

For example, it was crowned “Best Niche Dating Site 2017” and “Best Mobile Site 2014” at the iDate Awards.

It’s an approved site with the International Alliance for Honest Dating sites and was named “Best Niche Dating Site” by Dating Website Review.

The site has also featured on various news outlets including NBC, BBC, CBS and the Miami Herald.

This is the real deal and it’s nice to know that for the type of website it is, it’s not out to scam you.

So many other websites that have one specific female population group with males from the West trying to form relationships with them, often are nothing but scams.

But I guess that you’d hope that it isn’t a scam site, right?

Especially as there is a religious aspect involved as well.

For registration, you can use your Facebook to log in if you’d prefer.

Some people don’t like to link their accounts, but it is safe to do so and speeds the registration process up just a little.

If you go the traditional the following information is required:

  • Your gender and the gender you are looking for (only male looking for female or vice versa)
  • Your preferred age range
  • Date of birth
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Password
  • Location
  • An about ourself section
  • Your profile picture

That’s the first section of signing up.

What follows is a set of questions where Christian Filipina assign a welcome team member to your profile to help you.

These questions include:

  • If you have been to the Philippines
  • If you would like to travel there in the next 12 months
  • The type of relationship you want
  • If you’ve ever experienced true love
  • If you understand how to take a trip to the Philippines

Once you’ve answered them, enter your phone number and the welcome team member will contact you to discuss any questions you might have.

Filling in your Christian Filipina profile

You’ve only provided some basic information for your profile during the registration process.

That’s your name, age, location, profile picture, the age range of matchups and the type of relationship you are looking for.

There’s a little more for you to provide to complete it.

It’s standard fare, however, and includes your ethnicity, body type, weight, height, religion, if you have or want children, your marital status, education and your preferred version of the Bible.

It really won’t take too much time to complete it so I advise you do that first.

To access your profile, click on the pull-down tag near your name on the right-hand side of the page.

Finding your way around Christian Filipina

So before we get into the inner workings of site navigation, let’s talk about the design of the site.

It’s very modern in its design and employs a modular layout.

The main colors here are light blue, reddish-pink and white.

Nothing is too cluttered either, but there is a fair amount of information to process, specifically on the main page.

Using the Christian Filipina menu system

Christian Filipina has a few different options when it comes to the menu system you will use to access the important parts of the site.

These can be found at the top of the screen and include:

  • Dashboard: This is effectively the home page of Christian Filipina
  • My Lists: There’s lots of information to be found here. For example, you can see who you have made friends with, who has viewed your profiles, if you have sent or received chat requests, see if you have received winks as well as view who has checked out your profile.
  • Resources: This menu includes links to useful articles that you may want to read. Most of them center on information about dating Filipina women, testimonials and more
  • Search: Here you can launch basic and advanced searches of your own. It shows new members and those who are currently online.

The dashboard or home page includes the following:

  • Members who were recently active on the site
  • Your profile competition percentage (if you haven’t finished it)
  • Both a quick and advanced search tool
  • A link to popular searches that are carried out on the site

All-in-all, Christian Filipina is super simple to use and you really won’t have any trouble finding out where everything is.

The Christian Filipina App

The Christian Filipina app is available for both Android and Apple mobile phones.

It seems popular too, with over 100 000 downloads from the Google Play store alone.

Christian Filipina Review [year] - Asian Beauties | Ratings 8

I tried it out for a while and it operates much in the same way as the website but obviously in a more compact way.

It’s certainly worth downloading if you prefer navigating dating sites on your phone.


Christian Filipina provides you with all the tools you need to search for and connect with a potential matchup.

From the home screen, you can already see a bunch of profiles that you can click on.

These appear in two seperate sections: Recent Activity and People To Meet.

Of course, all users are going to want to conduct their own searches too.

It’s easy enough too, either use the search tool that appears on the home page or click the search menu.

That gives you a few more options so let me break it down in full for you:

  • Basic search
  • Advanced search
  • User ID number search
  • Name search
  • Woman Online Now
  • Men Online Now
  • Women Online Today
  • Men Online Today
  • New Women This Week
  • New Men This Week

That’s a ton of search options that’s for sure.

But if you are anything like me, you are probably going to be using the advanced search filter.

This takes you to what Christian Filipina calls the Power Search.

Searches conducted here can include the following parameters:

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Have children
  • Want children
  • Appearance parameters (height, weight, body type)
  • If the user has been verified by the site
  • Country
  • Keywords
  • If they have a photo or not
  • When they last logged in
  • When they joined as a member
  • Education level

Obviously choose to amend all of these to your liking or just some of them, that’s your choice.

It does allow very refined searches, however, and overall, it’s an excellent search tool.

Making contact with other users on Christian Filipina

So how does messaging work on the site?

Well, anyone is free to send messages.

You will have to select a message headline from a list provided by the site but you are free to type anything in the body of the message.

So messaging is free then?

Well, no.

While you can send a message, it’s only members that can read the body of the message.

Yes, all users can read the subject, but remember, that’s controlled because you cannot write your own subjects.

There is an instant video chat option that only members can use.

So if you are a member and you want to talk to another member, then rather use this because it’s far quicker than the email message system.

Christian Filipina Review [year] - Asian Beauties | Ratings 9

And of course, you can see the person too!

Regular users are able to send winks and they can also add other users to their buddy list.

Key Features

Membership to dating sites brings various perks.

Here’s what you can expect as a member of Christian Filipina.

1. Messaging

We’ve already seen that while everyone can send an email message on Christian Filipina, only members of the site can read them.

These are basic email messages and while they are okay for communication, as a member, you can also use a video messaging system.

This is perfect for seeing exactly who the person is that you are chatting to.

Note, you can only send 100 messages a day.

2. Download pictures

Members of Christian Filipina are able to download pictures of other users.

3. Share contact details

Yes, members can share their contact details with each other, for example, phone numbers or email addresses.

This means that you can take your chatting totally of the site if you’d prefer to.

Not many sites allow this, so it’s refreshing to see that Christian Filipina doesn’t mind that this type of information is shared.

4. Romance consultant

Having trouble finding the right kind of matchup?

Then as a member, you are entitled to 60-minute consultation with one of Christian Filipina’s romance consultants.

5. Unlimited winks

There are no limits to the number of winks a member is allowed to send.

Of all of these key features for members, I love the fact that the exchanging of contact details is allowed as well as that there is a video chat option as well.

These are both excellent features.

But what does membership to Christian Filipina cost and what type of options are available?


Christian Filipina has three packages when it comes to membership.

And one of them is very different from what commercial dating sites offer.

It’s an unlimited package that basically provides lifetime membership access to the site.

But let’s look at all three in a little more detail:

  • Gold membership – Three payments of $97 per month or a one-off payment of $247 (which saves $47)
  • Platinum membership – Eight payments of $99 per month or a one-off payment of $598 (which saves $195)
  • Unlimited membership – Eight payments of $197 per month or a one-off payment of $997 (which saves $579)

Christian Filipina is certainly not cheap and I really would have liked them to have a one-month payment option although I suspect that if they did, it would be well over $100.

The thing is, yes, it is expensive for membership but there’s plenty of key features and those behind the site go out of their way to help you from the moment you sign-up.

One thing that does seem a little strange about the membership options is the unlimited membership.

Why would anyone sign up for that?

First of all, it’s very expensive.

Secondly, what happens if you do meet the love of your life and you get married.

You certainly won’t need unlimited membership to Christian Filipina anymore, would you?

For me, it’s a strange option.

Christian Filipina Review [year] - Asian Beauties | Ratings 10

Conclusion and Overall Rating

Thanks for taking the time to read this comprehensive review of Christian Filipina.

It really is a very unique site and those behind it have gone through great trouble to ensure it’s something that can help you find long-term love, whether you are a male from the West or a Filipina female.

It really isn’t that difficult to see why this site has won so many awards and why it’s held in such high esteem.

Yes, it is expensive but that’s because of what it offers to its users.

The key features here are well thought out and very useful.

I particularly liked that you can video chat with other users which is a far more effective tool to help you get to know someone.

Also, you are allowed to exchange contact details.

That means that when things get serious, you can effectively leave the site and communicate with your newfound love off it.

Not many sites afford this luxury, that’s for sure.

Lastly, the site is a pleasure to use.

It’s got all the information and tools you need to help you find matchups but if you are struggling, remember as a member, you an access a romance consultant to help you out.

Again, that’s another unique feature that makes Christian Filipina worth your while.

So let’s get onto a rating then.

Christian Filipina scores 3.9 out of 5 and that would have been higher if membership prices were a little cheaper.

Do you think you would give Christian Filipina a try?

Let us know in the comments below.

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