Dating Profiles Headlines That Women Can Use to Get the Right Date

A great headline for online dating doesn’t need to be gender specific. There’s no one tried and true way to catch someone’s eye. You should always trust your instincts when it comes to navigating dating sites.

It can be helpful, however, to invoke feminine charm while attempting to attract men. The way to do this is to write dating profile headlines to attract guys right for you. This way, you’ll get the right guys to read your great online dating profile and steer clear of those who are not a match. Here are some examples of online dating headlines that will inspire someone to want to contact you, drink coffee with you, and hopefully more.

What Makes a Good Headline?

A good headline makes you think, makes you smile, and, if nothing else, makes you want to know more about the person who captures your imagination and inspires you to investigate.

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You’re telling the truth about yourself in a meaningful way in a great headline. What’s important is that you’re selling yourself as an attractive commodity. I know, sales in online dating can seem cheesy or counterproductive to writing dating profile headlines that get you noticed. They may seem reminiscent of pickup lines that fall flat and are a turn-off. But whether you’re writing profiles and headlines for females or males, it’s a smart strategy to do it right, put yourself out there, and take a risk.

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Headline Examples

For instance, don’t be afraid to be self-deprecating when it comes to writing funny dating headlines that attract men. One example of a headline of an introverted chemist is: nerd girl seeks nerd boy… This could be accompanied by a photo showcasing her unique talent for beekeeping. Or playing chess. Whichever is truthful. Revealing who you are with charm is key. You want to be appealing in your women’s dating profile. This is important whether you’re on a paying site like or a free site like Plenty of Fish.

If being smart is important to you and something you want to show off, you could say: more brainiac than boobalicious… and to you it’s bellisima! Using alliteration in online dating headlines for females, especially when you’re being irreverent, can be fun and effective. This eye-catching headline would be particularly beneficial if you spoke Italian!

Some other effective female dating profile headline examples can be a simple play on words. For instance, you could say: we could be bachtobach forever… If you’re a classical music enthusiast who loves Sebastian Bach, it’s a clever play on words to showcase in your profile. You’ll appreciate finding someone clever enough to understand the double meaning.

A lady who is right for a certain type of man may be nachomama — and don’t forget it… She is asserting the importance of her independence as well as her love of Mexican food. The meaning should be fleshed out in her women’s dating profile so that it matches her headline. Men who are attracted to strong, independent women with a good sense of humor will be attracted to this headline. There may even be men’s dating headlines out there that indicate they are looking for this. The ones who’ll think she is too headstrong for them will be warned. It saves time for everyone!

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It’s a good idea to steer away from certain dating headlines altogether. In men’s dating headlines and women’s dating profile headlines, lines such as: looking for my long term. Are you my soulmate? Free trial run. Should be nixed… There’s something inherently needy about these headlines, and often, they are red flags to well-adjusted daters. Hints of desperation will most likely turn off someone happy in their life and looking to date. These dating headlines are also not very specific and inspire pressure rather than set the stage for a couple to fall in love. Warm and witty wins in the day in the world of online dating headlines, especially over serious and heavy.

Whether you’re trying to write funny headlines or something more serious, remember that matching with your photo and profile is of paramount importance. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweet, cute, sassy, or just interesting; you need to have a matching outfit. If your headline is: I’m an accountant, but you’ll get my smile tax-free… your profile should discuss aspects of your accountant expertise. What makes you good at your job? What do you love about it? These are questions to consider.

Indeed, dating headlines for women don’t need to be any other way than true to who you are. Whether you’re assertive, amusing, or just warm, it’s usually a winning strategy to be honest. Cleverness is often thought of as the gold standard. Simplicity and clarity, however, can be underrated.

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