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We, the book lovers, are a rare breed. Barring books, nothing gives us the thrill and excitement we’re looking for.

Dating Sites for Book Lovers [year] - Write Your Happy Ending 11

Well, except for an equally avid reader to share our thoughts with.

Someone to cry with over Desdemona or Cathy and Heathcliff’s doom or to feel pity for all the grumps out there, such as Ove.

Reading a book typically means you don’t bother going out fishing for new dates. Why would you when you can do that from home?

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Seek no further, since here come the Dating Sites for Book Lovers.

An average book lover will forsake any other activity to spend some time in the cosiness of their bedroom reading their favourite book.

This is why we are having a hard time finding someone who understands that it’s better to be in the company of a good book than with a person who doesn’t understand the choice Sophie had to make.

To find someone who can side with us, or successfully advocate their opinion, we need to resort to the dating sites specialized for this single purpose.

Some might argue how books-based dating is a miss, but I have a message for you – thank you and goodbye!

These sites are for book lovers looking long term relationships (like Tinder or eHarmony), it is a far cry from regular hookup sites (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison)

We will rate these sites according to:

How easy it is to register for a profile
The demographics behind them
How the matching algorithm brings each user potential matches
And much more

Accordingly, here comes our No. 1!

Is your dating app giving you the best chance for success? Make sure to take our online dating site/app quiz to find out. It’s a fact that people who follow our dating site suggestions have on average 2 extra dates per month.

1. Book Lovers

Dating Sites for Book Lovers [year] - Write Your Happy Ending 12


  • Signing up – 3/5
  • Making Contact – 2/5
  • Profile Quality – 4/5
  • Overall Quality – 2.5/5


  • It makes the dating experience all about you
  • You can block other users if you feel the need to
  • Paid plans are quite affordable


  • Poor database
  • You have to go for a paid membership to talk to other members
  • No profile verification
  • No safe payment methods


This dating site for book lovers with a rather suggestive name is a relatively new single booklovers site for dating. And, the best of all, it gets the job done!

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

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This site caters to everybody’s needs – straight, gay, trans, lesbian, male, female – call it whichever way you want as long as you enjoy the company of books. This means that the site is good for you – a book lover – no matter your gender and sexual orientation.

The database is poor, though. At this point, even the site indicates a user pool of some 3,000 members even though it was founded in 2010 (still, we can’t blame on the site, but on us instead!). 

On the other hand, though, you can find people of different age groups and different mindset (we can’t all like the same books!) so you can have a fruitful and constructive discussion with them.

Ease of Use – Mobile and Desktop Version

While the design might seem rather simple (even bland) at the first glance, the site is completely functional. 

Let us be honest here – you’re not going to this site to enjoy the skills of their IT team, but to find someone to discuss the further destiny of Offred and to relish the company of a similar soul.

The book dating journey, in this case, starts with a free join. Once you click the button on the homepage, you will get an extensive form that will merely help you in your further quest for a like-minded individual.

Alongside your personal details (name, age, gender, etc.) you also need to provide your gender/sexual preferences and the age range of the persons of potential interest. This is highly useful later on so the feed you see gets more personalized to your needs.

The next important step is to provide both a summary about yourself (up to 50 words) and then a bit more about you (here you can write as much (or, as little) as you like).

The final step is to notify the Book Lovers site on how you heard about them and to read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Congratulations, you are now a member!

What you can do next is find people you would like to engage in the battle of wits with when it comes to the latest editions. To be more specific, you can filter the users according to the category you deem relevant.

For example, you can search (basic) gender and age, or maybe With Photo only. Moreover, it’s great that you can also see the members currently online and get in touch. Next, you can also adapt the search to your region and thus find someone you can even meet off-screen.

This book dating site is aware that we are not all the same even though we like books. This is why among their features you will find the option to block someone you deem not suitable for you from whichever reason.

As for some pros and cons, blocking and reporting users is definitely a pro. However, this leads us to con – no profile verification and no safe payment methods, so you need to be extra alert.

Sadly, there’s no app either so you have to go with the website version either through your PC or mobile phone.


Finally, it’s time to deal with the price.

Before you decide to join the Book Lovers community, bear in mind that the free plan does not offer much. Luckily, the subscription options are highly affordable.

For example, you can get the 1, 3, 6, or 12-months subscriptions at 30 USD, 20 USD, 15 USD, and 12 USD respectively.

It’s a small price to pay to be able to talk about when and if the damned Winds of Winter will finally see the light of day!


Before I move on to the next questions, here are some of the frequently asked questions, and the answers, of course, about BookLovers.

1. Is Book Lovers safe?

It’s hard to say both yes and no.

Since there are no secured payment methods, you should pay more attention than usually.

Better safe than sorry.

Although, there is this

Dating Sites for Book Lovers [year] - Write Your Happy Ending 14

2. Is BookLovers Legit?

Yes, it is!

The thing is, it still has a rather low number of readers so you might seem a bit disappointed at first.

2. Alikewise

Dating Sites for Book Lovers [year] - Write Your Happy Ending 15


  • Signing up – 3/5
  • Making Contact – 2/5
  • Profile Quality – 4/5
  • Overall Quality – 3.5/5


  • A vast selection of books to chose from
  • Linked with Amazon
  • Large and diverse users pool
  • Detailed user profiles
  • Free of charge


  • Probably won’t work if you don’t provide sufficient details about yourself


Moving on with our list of book lovers dating sites!

The second suggestion I have for you doesn’t even look like a dating website. Rather, it looks like an online bookstore where you have books sorted according to the genre.

Buuut, let’s not judge the book by its cover (ha-ha)!

Dating Sites for Book Lovers [year] - Write Your Happy Ending 16

Obviously, we are talking about an online dating site that pairs you up with people based on your literature preferences.

Whether it’s classics, modern, romance, history novels, thrillers, poetry – there’s a match for everyone.

So, this is a site that can pair up people with like-minded individuals regardless of age or gender.

It is merely enough that you like books and the site will do the rest.

The site isn’t localised to the USA so you can find users from the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Australia and Israel too.

Ease of Use – Mobile and Desktop Version

As said previously, Alikewise doesn’t even look like a dating site.

When you open the homepage, you are more likely to think it’s an online book store and not a dating site.

Still, you are wrong (and, so was I)!

Again, your dating adventure here starts with a simple sign-up procedure. You will be asked to add info under different categories and then add a photo and tagline.

Naturally, it all starts by providing your age and location and the preferences regarding your potential match, that is, their gender and age.

What comes next is the details on your physical appearance. Maybe you should write here My (mistress) eyes are nothing like the sun or She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies…!

Let them wonder!

The next step in getting potential matches is to let them know your favourite books. 

Just a quick tip here – don’t list those books that you haven’t read and yet you want to sound more cultured! List those that you have truly read since there isn’t a worse turn-off than realizing someone is a fraud.

You haven’t read the LOTR, it’s not your cup of tea – well, that’s fine! 

Lastly, help your matches get to know you a bit better by filling out the “My Story” section. Give them something else in advance so they know you are not a typical nerd.

Finally, when you become a member you will notice the modern and well-adapted design that makes things easier for you.

You will be presented with the users’ photo gallery with the favourite book title relevant and quote next to the photo. The site incorporates a vast number of titles so the search feature will help you find the right title to link to your tagline. 

Besides this, you can write a few words of what the book and/or line mean to you and why you identify with them so the potential match can get to know you in no time.

The great thing is that this site lets you go a bit more in-depth about yourself, such as writing about things you find crucial (can’t live without), the first thing people notice when they meet you, and the bravest undertaking you had recently.

This will all assist you in finding a match faster.

Not to mention that you should provide some of the physical attributes – maybe your eyes and hair colour will be similar to somebody’s favourite heroine, so here’s a match made in heaven!

When it comes to the features that Alikewise has to offer, Find People is their search tool that will enable you to find someone according to their age, country, username, or zip code. 

However, the best trait of the Find People tool is that you can search by an author or a book title. Needless to say – this can turn out to be an excellent conversation starter!

Another significant feature is that Alikewise made it possible for its users to post on each other’s walls which is an excellent way of putting yourself out there. Next, you can send a personal message or even make the suggestions on which books to read next or which author to check out. All of this is simplified with the search/book pop-up feature.

And, as we all know that reading books and buying them are two different hobbies, Alikewise is linked with Amazon so you can order any book any time you like.

The site is all about being interactive and trying to bring book readers together as fast as possible. This is why your feed notifies you when another member includes in their profile a book you marked as read.

You probably took the hint already (I mentioned “site” so many times), but still, Alikewise is still not available as an app,

However, you can access it from your phone just as well.


I know that all of the previously said sounds a lot like a fairy tale and you are waiting for the other shoe to drop, in the form of the astronomic fees for the membership.

Well, it’s all for free! I don’t know how they manage, but they still have no membership fees, so 

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Old time is still a-flying, 

And this same flower that smiles today, 

Tomorrow will be dying!


As for the FAQ and the answers, here’s what you need to know!

1. Is Alikewise really free?

Yes, it is!

Don’t ask me how nor why, enjoy it while it lasts!

2. How come there are so many books on Alikewise?

Let’s just say – they are linked with Amazon.

So, this is a guarantee that you can find a whole bunch of books to stack both on your virtual and actual shelves

3. BookRabbit

Dating Sites for Book Lovers [year] - Write Your Happy Ending 17


  • Signing up – 4/5
  • Making Contact – 1/5
  • Profile Quality – 4/5
  • Overall Quality – 3.25/5


  • An online bookstore with reliable members eligible to be your next date
  • Vast books and users database


  • Not precisely meant for dating (will take some extra effort to “hunt” down your next date)


I know I said this was going to be an article about booklovers and the dating sites we can go to to find a soul of the same make.

Now, as it seems that we, the avid readers, are underappreciated, we are not left with much choice.

At least, not a good one.

However, what would we be if we weren’t able to find our way around an obstacle?

So, what I have for you now is a SELF HELP BOOKS COMMUNITY CENTRAL.

Yes, it’s BookRabbit I am talking about!

And, yes, I know it’s not a dating site per se.

However, we can say that the BookRabbit community is both an online bookstore and a social media tool at the same time.

They are known for their highly professional service and speed. They complete the orders in a couple of days, sending you all the relevant docs in case something is not right and you wish to return your order. 

However, I don’t think there will be a need for that!

Anyhow, the BookRabbit site overflows with users of various age groups so it’s a great tool in helping you find a potential match.

Ease of Use – Mobile and Desktop Version

Being primarily an online bookstore, the BookRabbit has its site organized to the convenience of its users. It will be rather easy for you to find anything you need and the site is highly sensitive to your needs.

Once you place an order, it is followed by a due confirmation e-mail and you are also duly notified about the despatch. Moreover, they despatch the orders through a reliable courier so you don’t need to worry about your precious books getting lost in the process.

Now, the main reason to say this is a book store and a social media site is that you will find an infinite (I’m pushing it, I know!) number of titles and authors that are cheaper than on the main competitor’s site. Actually, 4.2 million is quite close to infinity if we’re talking books, right?

Next, the BookRabbit allows its users to register (i.e. create an account) and search through the online library, view other people’s bookshelves, to find info on the recently registered members, etc.

So, what does this mean for you as a bookworm that seeks a fellow companion?

To begin with, this means that you can create your own bookshelf to be available for viewing by other members. Next, the other members can do the same so you can check out their bookshelf.

As you can see, we are slowly transitioning from the online book store to the social media platform.

What confirms this statement is that the BookRabbit allows you to interact with other members and share thoughts with them on your favourite books.

Still, to do any of that you do need to register. This is how you can add the bookshelf content you want and the relevant book categories.

The good thing is that the registration is quite simple. You will be asked to provide your basic details, such as your name, e-mail address and that sort of things. Nothing unusual, as you can see.

The next step is to activate your account through the confirmation e-mail that you are going to get.

So, how this applies to you – a bookworm looking for a bookworm?

Well, BookRabbit enables for some different search criteria to browse through their online library. Again, bear in mind that you are now browsing through books and titles or authors, as per any category that you are interested with. Whether it’s a classical Sherlock story or the dystopian world of Margaret Atwood, you can find it all here.

This can lead you to people who share your taste in books and as a registered member, you can approach them for a cup of conversation and then maybe for a cup of coffee too outside of BookRabbit.

On the other hand, the search organized under a drop-down menu will also allow you to search for user profiles. This is just another way to find a person of like mind.

Note that you need to be a bit more patient here in comparison with the typical dating sites. The latter operate on different methods – you go directly to the goal and with BookRabbit the emphasis is on the means.

The goal is just a reward!

Finally, it would be an understatement to say that user base is poor. Believe it or not, from the moment of launching, BookRabbit had over a 1000 registered members in 24h!

So, you should definitely give it a shot!

BookkRabbit Cost

Since this is envisaged to be an online library and bookstore in the area of self-help books, there are no fees here.

I mean, there are no paid plans to bother with.

Just register and look for who and what you need.


And, here are the FAQs.

1. Is BookRabbit truly gone?

Yes, it is!

Actually, it was. It was temporarily shut but it started operating in 2019 again as a site with narrow specialisation – self-help books.

2. Can you really find a match through BR?

I know it sounds like science fiction, but why the heck not?

Approach other users with your issues and problems and who knows what good comes of it!

4. Goodreads

Dating Sites for Book Lovers [year] - Write Your Happy Ending 18


  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Making Contact – 2/5
  • Profile Quality – 4/5
  • Overall Quality – 4/5


  • An online site /app-bookstore that offers books and dates at the same time
  • A variety of literature to choose from (diversity of matches)


  • Not originally meant for dating


Hmm, what the Dickens!?

Again, not a dating site!

As we all know, Goodreads is a social cataloguing website that allows you to create an account and keep track of books you read, et cetera, et cetera.

Owned by Amazon Goodreads is an excellent choice to browse through books from the commodity of your PC.

Dating Sites for Book Lovers [year] - Write Your Happy Ending 19

All of this means that Goodreads has no limitations when it comes to the demographics. You can find users from every nook and cranny of this planet of ours!

Moreover, they are so diverse so no matter if you are 20 or 60, Goodreads will have someone for you.

Ease of Use – Mobile and Desktop Version

We do know that Goodreads started as a site with complete functionality.

However, they recognized the need to reward their users with an app that will make it easier to access the books from any location, not just from their homes.

And, since the app is the focus here, these are some of the awesome things you can do with the app:

  • Browse through your shelves. In this way, you can make your to-read lists that will be more than helpful when you find yourself in a bookstore or library.
  • Post content. Yes, you can post status updates and add reviews of all sorts of books you read.
  • Get access to content. Yes, you can check out the book reviews posted by your friends as well as any other content they uploaded. Even better, you can comment on these!
  • Explore, explore, explore! Check out the friends’ shelves and popular authors and book lists.
  • View books-related events in your vicinity.

Before I dive into explaining how this relates to finding a dating match, let me tell you some basics.

First and foremost, you need to register/sign in. Goodreads offers multiple possibilities in this case. You can go through Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, or Google accounts. In this case, Goodreads will automatically upload your details.

The second option is to provide your name, e-mail and password, and then proceed to complete your profile.

After this, you can go to Apple store and download the app too. Use the regular data to log in to the app.

Having completed that, you can do the things listed above.

So, how do you find a date through the Goodreads app?

Believe it or not, it’s rather simple.

All you need to do is to think of a book you’ve read and liked and you always come back to. Then browse for reviews about this book. Once you find the one you really, really like, that’s your cue to strike up a conversation with the person who wrote it.

By the way, you do know that you don’t have to choose just one.

Pick multiple reviews for a single book or choose multiple books and then target the review you like best.

To aid you with this (well, obviously, not just with this), Goodreads enables you to organize a reading challenge so you can engage in a battle of wits of sorts with the users you like.

Next, you can easily turn this into a dating challenge too. Set tasks for your new “match” and promise them a reward in the form of a date if you both consent there’s chemistry.

Now, let me first tell you this – you are a book lover and I believe in you and your imagination.

However, I still need to point this out – explore!

Do not limit yourself merely to the genre you like. Find something completely opposite to what you like. You might end up pleasantly surprised. You never know when a biography lover can turn into a fire under the sheets!

Obviously, setting up a date will be your next step.

This is where the events feature that the app offers comes in. You can either arrange for a date in an event scheduled by someone else.

Or, you can concoct a scam event of your own and trick this person into coming to your place. Needless to say, you will have to be decent until the other guests leave.

On the other hand, if you are more of a “right here right now” type, you can even invite them straightforwardly for a cup of coffee, the two of you alone.

Naturally, if you are bolder than that, invite them straight to your place. For a bit of chit-chat, of course!

Then be not coy, but use your time; 

And while ye may, go marry: 

For having lost but once your prime, 

You may forever tarry.

And, believe it or not, this is how you can use Goodreads to find a date!

Goodreads Cost

As for the cost, Goodreads is totally, totally free!

No fees, no charges – just register and you’re good to go.


Last but not the least, these are some of the typical questions related to the Goodreads.

1. Can Goodreads really be used for dating?

I know it’s not a typical dating option, but, yes, if you know how to do it right (well, I told you, duh!).

2. Is Goodreads truly free?

 Yes, It is!

Goodreads is free and it will provide you with different sources of bed fun – reading and cuddling (yeah, I’m understating it)!


Yes, I know – the choices are scarce; however, we know that we should never give up. Not from a good book, nor from someone to experience it with!

Dating Sites for Book Lovers [year] - Write Your Happy Ending 20

Give a chance to diversity both with books and the people you date – you can get enchanted in the ways you didn’t know you could be.

When you do that, share your experience in the comments!

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