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Greek men guide

I have traveled here and there, almost all over the globe, but while being in Greece, I felt something truly special. If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how Greek men compare in all categories

Yes, of course, it was the seductive Greek boyfriends the ones to catch my attention immediately, but besides all that charm I could sense something deeper. 

One rarely sees people with so many passionate and intense feelings, all extremely friendly and eager to make you feel so special and loved. 

Stay tuned because I want to share all my thoughts through this detailed guide. 

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It’s gonna be a long but pleasurable journey, I promise with plenty of Greek men dating tips. 

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What are Greek men like?

Suppose the shortest answer to this one would be-breath-taking! And there’s nothing wrong about making such an instant conclusion because indeed they are. 

But, there’s always something more beneath all that, and I have decided to share my discoveries with you, in case your heart is already halfway to this wonderful country. 

Physical Appearance

I sincerely hope that there’s no need to elaborate on the highest grade I gave regarding the appearance, as they are indeed among the hottest men in the universe! 

When I looked a bit closer, what came as a huge surprise is that they differ a lot. 

I mean, yeah, you would say, every person is a story for him/herself, and it is, but what I mean here are traits. 

You know how people like to make prejudices and say that for example, all Californians are surfers and skaters with long hair or how every person from Germany or Sweden is blonde with blue eyes.

So wrong, so stereotypic and can only ruin the beautiful experience of international dating! 

Their physical appearance depends on which part of the country they come from, so there are plenty of variations. 

What I’d like to add as well is that those from islands can look different from those living in the mainland. And even there you have so many parts, such as Epirus, Macedonia, Central Greece, Peloponnese. 

As for the color of their skin, they can be both pale and dark, depending on the part of the country they live in. 

Their hair color is in most cases blonde or brown, with black or red being the rarest ones to see. Their eyebrows could be described as thicker, but still, there are plenty of variations, and the same applies to the shape of the nose. 

The average height for males is 5ft 9.5in (177cm). 

All this leads to a wide variety of most beautiful combinations you can imagine, far away from some basic Greek men stereotypes. 

For example, you can have a brunette Greek with light skin and blue eyes but you can also see a blonde one with pale skin and brown eyes. Moreover, you can also encounter the brunette one with blue or green eyes and dark skin. 

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Therefore, trying to picture typical Greek men is impossible, as they are very diverse. 

And, all of them, at least those that I have met throughout my rich international dating experience are irresistible.

Greek men Physical appearance

Greek Men Style

If I were to describe Greek men’s style, it’s comfy but not too casual.

They are rather modest when it comes to the selection of colors, you will rarely see them wearing something too vibrant or decorated.

Light-colored pants and shirts are very popular, particularly among those gorgeous men who live near beaches, as it fits their suntanned skin, making them look even hotter.

So, they will pay attention to how they look but won’t be so obsessed with every single detail.

But, what comes as even more important than their appearance is their character. 

After all, one builds solid foundations for the relationship based on something deeper, and that’s why I wanted to share my rich experience with you and help you meet the beautiful Greeks from every perspective. 

Are Greek men stylish?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the physical trait ratings for Greek men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Greek men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Greece and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Greek men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 


Character Traits

The wide variety I mentioned for their appearance can also be applied to their character, but not all the combinations can be equally easy to deal with. 

The best way to define one man’s character is by answering several simple questions- is he religious, did he complete army, did he grow up in a bigger or smaller city. 

These should give some rough picture, but what I found to be the thing in common for all of them is that they don’t like when someone talks badly about several specific things, such as his family, country, nation and favorite sports team. 

Now let’s crack open the egg and see what’s inside the fancy shell. There will be plenty of great Greek guy dating tips. 

1. Gentlemen Rating

As passionate as they are, Greek me will spontaneously give you compliments almost all the time, making you feel special. 

They won’t hesitate to tell you how beautiful you are. They will show their affection constantly and try to make you feel like a queen by taking you out, buying you gifts and much more than that. 

Being passionate is part of their genes, so if your spirit is adventurous and you are not afraid to explore and let some Greek hottie steal your heart, you will be treated in the most beautiful way beyond any imagination. 

There’s a small hint for you what are Greek guys in bed like. 

Greek men's chivalry factor

2. Integrity

You will probably go nuts of frequent mentioning of his family, but it’s indeed one of the most crucial aspects of his life. 

He will loudly speak and defend his family, honesty, integrity with all his heart. 

This is great, as you can be sure that he will do the same once when he has a family of his own (with you, hopefully). 

Greek men have integrity

3. Honesty

Unlike Chinese men, Greek men usually display all his emotions on their faces, so the entire spectrum of his facial expression will confirm his thoughts and feelings. 

This way you can always be sure whether he’s telling the truth and in almost all the cases, he will be telling it. 

That’s why you will be enjoying plenty of honest compliments from his side, as he will be trying to impress and enchant you as well. 

Greek men are very honest

4. Loyalty

Don’t give me that look, this is one of those “just in case”.

They will always be by your side, treat you well, and love you forever, but with such a God-like appearance, they are prone to flirting, it’s in their blood. 

But, it certainly doesn’t mean that every flirt will be a serious threat to your relationship. It’s what all hot men do, Australian men, guys from the Philippines, men from Argentina- all of them. 

Greek men are loyal

5. How Protective are they?

Whether someone close to them is sick or the best friend ended up with a flat tire in some godforsaken place, they will do whatever it takes to help them. 

If you don’t believe me, conduct a simple test while on your international dating adventure. 

In case you get lost while out and about in Greece, ask the first stranger you encounter for directions.

I can almost promise you that the very stranger will not only do his best to help you find your way but will even give you a ride. 

That’s how charming and considerate these cuties are. Greek males love being helpful and nearby and protect the dear one.

They will never hesitate to do so, so you can rest assured that troubles will be gone.

They even feel proud when they have the chance to assist someone, that’s how much they enjoy it. 

So, if you have been wondering what are Greek men like in relationships, now you have a clear picture. 

How protective are Greek men?

6. Are they Resourceful?

Similar to any men in the world, they will try to look as if they have all the knowledge in the world, but they don’t. 

Even though you will surely hear the rumor that taxi drivers in Greece know absolutely everything, they don’t, they are helluva good pretenders.

And there’s plenty of charm to make up for the lack of knowledge. 

Greek men can be very resourceful

7. Maturity

This aspect of the one they fail the most, compared to others. 

Being closely connected to their mothers, Greek men start thinking about the serious and committed relationship when they turn 35, similar to Italian, for example. 

The simply enjoy that overprotectiveness too much to abandon it too early.

But, hey, you can be the one to break the ice and make some Greek sweety of 30 propose you. Remember, it’s his mother you need to conquer, so if you are interested in that guy, head on bravely, it’s worth the shot. 

Greek men are quite mature

8. Self-confidence

You may be wondering why the heck is this less than 10, but beneath all that surface of sexy Greek guys, he’s just a human being, like all of us. 

And being less self-confident in some rare moments is quite natural. 

But, once again, their amazing appearance covers that, let’s say almost all the time.

Greek men are self confident

9. Are they Friendly or Reserved?

Being surrounded by so many family members and friends all the time, I can freely say that they are not even close to being reserved. 

They are warm-hearted, extremely friendly, open for communication, similar to Spanish men, and they will do anything to make you feel great and enjoy his company. 

Join him for an evening in a local club and you will feel the best of the atmosphere, surrounded by so many equally friendly and open people who are always eager to create more friendships. 

So, I could even make a joke and say single Greek men are never single as they are accompanied by their friends and family all the time. 

Greek men are friendly

Remember the Spartans, Alexander the Great, Spartacus, and the wise philosophers of Greece?

Yes; they are the ancestors of these gorgeous, brave, and very friendly men of Greece.

Looking for a wise man who is strong, very handsome, and will hang out with you on their lovely beaches all weekend long? Go for one of these awesome Greek men – they are the best of the best when it comes to dating.

A few drawbacks, though – which I will show you below as you soak yourself into amazing pictures from Greek men.


Dating a Greek Man: Pros and Cons

Yes, I know, as if dating a super hot and sexy guy could even have some flaws, cons, disadvantages, or whatsoever. 

But, jokes aside, you have so far concluded that they are a mixture of everything, which means that to some ladies they will be perfect, while the others won’t be able to deal with his family or a slight dose of immaturity. 


1. Unique chance to taste the most delicious meals 

Moussaka, gyros, tzatziki, Souvlaki, famous Greek salad are just some of the yummiest dishes you will have the chance to try when dating a Greek man. 

The aroma of their food is the same as the men- irresistible and seductive!

It will be the love at the first bite, just like spotting gorgeous sexy Greek men will be the love at first sight. 

2. You will be introduced to plenty of good music and dance

It also one of those things that’s in their biology, but dance and music are an important part of their culture and tradition. 

For them, dancing is the way to express their feelings and to show how gorgeous they look while doing it, of course, making Greek men dating the best that could ever happen to you. 

The same goes for music, as it’s also a powerful means of expressing a palette of emotions, both from the past and the present ones. 

The best words to describe the traditional sounds of Greece are sadness, heroism, seduction, festivity, humor, all of them reflecting the most prominent characteristics of this amazing nation. 

To the, even the most ordinary thing can be the reason to celebrate, let alone some special days like birthdays, anniversaries and similar. 

3. They are extremely passionate

If you like being loved and showered with compliments (and who doesn’t), Greek boyfriend is the one to make those daydreams come true. 

They are like a treasure box full of precious diamonds, all made to wow and impress you. 

They won’t hesitate to tell you how charming and adorable you are, and they won’t be afraid to express those feelings openly.

You can only imagine what are Greek men in bed like (wink wink)!


1. They are over-pampered

After so many times mentioned, you probably realize that mother is a key role and let’s say saint in the lives of all Greek men. 

Japanese men, for example, are not like that, so this is the kind of thing you either tolerate or you cannot. 

Being constantly protected even when they are adult men, makes them spoiled often, so don’t be surprised if they expect you to make the bed, breakfast, and do all sorts of silly stuff most adult people do themselves. 

That’s how they are, so you will either learn to live with it or better give up. 

Trying to change them won’t do any good, trust me. 

2. They can be moody

What comes hand in hand with passionate people is unpredictable behavior. 

One moment you will see him laughing, singing and dancing, while the very next he may be sadder than the rainiest autumn day. 

But, the very next moment after, he may return to the initial happy and joyful edition like nothing has happened at all. 

It’s so childish, I agree, but if something will help you in such situations, don’t take things too personally. 

Those mixed feelings come and go so fast, that he wasn’t even realized that something has happened, while you may already be in hundreds of worry thoughts. 

That’s a part of their character. 

After all, both comedy and tragedy are the words of Greek origin, and now you know there’s a good reason for that. 

3. They can be superstitious 

This is something you would not expect from a sexy Greek man, but don’t be surprised if you hear that knock-knock on the wood, same as the Russians do. 

There’s that yucky thing with spitting, also present in many nations, and all those are carried from one to another generation.

Luckily, those silly customs are slowly vanishing, but they are an unavoidable and integral part of their culture and daily life. 

How to Meet Greek Men

If you have already started daydreaming about meeting some Greek hotties, the best way to meet them is- my way! 

Jokes aside, but traveling is the best way not only to meet a person but a certain country, culture, a language so you can have a complete picture and a sort of cultural background about that individual. 

But, in case you are currently not in the situation to travel to Greece and wonder where to meet Greek guys, you can try the luck with dating sites, they may be a good solution when thinking how to meet a Greek guy. 

Even though I’ve had the great opportunity to talk with Greek guys in person, I’ve done brief research on matchmaking platforms, and the one that caught my attention is Eligible Greeks. 

This page is part of the huge World Singles network, and it started operating in 2002. 

As you can see, the team has more than 15 years of success in assisting people all over the world find their Greek love. 

Besides in Greek, the site is also available in English, French, and German, helping eliminate the potential language barriers and connect two individuals. 

So if you are among American women looking for Greek men and find out more about Greek guy dating, this is the place for you. 

Creating the profile is simple and easy, and the best part of opening the account on this platform is that you can upload up to 20 pics. 

 And what’s even better, registration is completely cost-free. 

You can also read plenty of testimonials from couples who met each other using this site. Many of them are now successfully married. 

The page is also equipped with speed dating option, there’s an advice column in case you need some quick tips for dating a Greek man, there’s a chat room so you can get in touch with hot Greek guys and much more than that. 

Browsing can be done for free, so you can feast your eyes with tons of pics of seductive hotties from Greece featured on this page and chances to find one or more single Greek guys are incredibly high. 

Of course, some cool features are unlocked only if you opt for a Premium subscription, and prices are quite reasonable. Messaging is one of those paid options, so if some of those pics caught your attention, you know what to do and where to meet Greek men. 

Using dating platforms is the best way to clear doubts about Greek guy stereotypes. It’s the next best thing to meet Greek guys in person. 

How to conquer a Greek man’s heart

Men from different parts of the world can be caught using the versatility of “baits”.

Greek dating culture is not so complex and if you are looking for something to impress a Greek hottie, here’s what works the best: 

1. The Way to His Heart is Through His Stomach

I can already see you rolling the eyes, particularly those among you who are not thrilled with the cooking part. 

Nevertheless, it’s one of the provenly most successful ways to grab his attention (it works with Russian men as well just so you know). 

But, it certainly doesn’t mean that you will be required to prepare tons of meals every day. 

Think of it as a small token of appreciation- from you to him!

Try to do some investigation and see what are the most popular dishes in the region where he lives and try to prepare that. 

When you meet Greek men, you can also try to impress them with something from your region. 

2. Choose the dressing combination carefully!

Columbian men, guys from India, Chinese gentlemen and so on- all men of the world have the same thing on common, they are visual creatures. 

But, what are Greek guys like?

Greeks are no exception to the rule, so you have quite a challenging task put before yourself. 

Choosing the right combination at the right moment and place is of essential importance. 

While wooing him, try to combine something both seductive and smart, opt for some balance so that you would leave the right impression. 

In case two of you progress further, then the spectrum of dressing combinations grows in all directions, allowing you to appear wearing nothing but the Greek flag around yourself when the moment comes. 

3. Be supportive

It may come as a huge surprise, but under the gigantic aura of self-confidence, they can be rather vulnerable and in need of great support. 

If you manage to find some smart way to be there for him, without messing too much in his privacy, you have secured a place in his heart. 

When he shares some thoughts and ideas with you, be there for him. 

Even if he doesn’t show it immediately (Greeks are unfortunately all talk no action sometimes), he’ll appreciate it deeply. 

However, be careful when giving comments, particularly those that are too personal, as they have a very sensitive ego. 

So, don’t just nod with no interest, but try to be very moderate and smart with word choice. That’s the only way to get the most and the best of dating Greek guys. 

4. Let him enchant you!

As sexy as they are, handsome Greek men like to be the ones to steal ladies’ hearts with their gorgeousness.

They are pretty much aware of their super-hot appearance and pretty self-confident that they are irresistible. Okay, they are, needless to confirm. 

Being highly experienced charmers, they like to play the game of charm. They even have a word for that- “kamaki”. 

So, as soon as you grab his attention, let him lead the way and make you feel the most beautiful woman in the world. That’s what typical Greek guys love to do!

I guarantee both of you will enjoy this wonderful game, and what’s even better, create some special bond between you. 

5. Time for some Flattering!

Even though most commonly seen scenario sees men trying to woo ladies by flattering them and complimenting them with the sweetest words ever, with Greek men things are quite opposite.

How about telling him that he’s more handsome than Hercules? Or wiser than Zeus? 

That, my girls, is your golden ticket to his heart, and what’s even better, it’s a one-direction ticket. 

Yes, you will have to get used to doing it frequently, because they LOVE being reminded how gorgeous they are, but, it’s worth it. 

6. Respect his mother!

No shocker there, but similar to Italian men and nation in general, Greeks love their families. 

So, if you want to grab him, you need to grab his mother’s heart as well, as Greeks are particularly tied to their moms. 

After all, you know how people say- behind every successful man, there is a great woman, and in this case, it’s his mother. 

Try to be courteous and kind to all family members (yes, we’re talking father, brother, god-son, best friend, nephew, cousin and the list goes on and on). 

This nation is joyful and they love spending time with their dear ones, and that warm atmosphere will help you relax and become the part of the happy community faster and smoother. 

I mean, you have surely watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It’s not just a movie, it’s the realistic portray of dating Greek men. 

Top Greek Men on Instagram

I can hear you laughing, I know, but even though the phrase “hot Greek men” may sound like an oxymoron, I had the most difficult task to create a list where I would have to limit myself so much. 

If you ask me, I would create an encyclopedia to list them alphabetically or whatever, but somehow I managed to take three that caught my attention the most. 

1. Sakis Rouvas

Even though this gorgeous gentleman is mostly famous for being among the first dance-pop performers in Greece, his talent is seen in numerous spheres. 

He’s also a film and TV actor, model, a businessman, and a former gymnast. As a matter of fact, he even won some medals on the national athletics team. 

Born in Corfu in 1972, he is still considered one of the most handsome Greek guys of all time. 

Being awarded various acknowledgements, he was also recognized as the third most-influential celeb in 2010 by Forbes. 

What characterizes his career as a musician is the enchanting tenor vocals, along with dynamic and complex choreography and a variety of costumes, which altogether result in a memorable spectacle. 

His powerful song Shake it indeed shook the stage in 2004, as it was Greek’s entry for Istanbul’s Euro Song. 

The song is a perfect match of Western and Greek music, which is atypical for Sakis, as he avoids domestic music, and tries to break the barriers by diversifying and combining styles and genres.

Besides a successful career, he has a very rich private life. He’s been in a relationship with Katia Zygouli since 2003. The happy couple has four kids.  

2. Kostas Martakis

Born in 1984 in Athens, this super-cutie is a multi-talented person. He is a singer, actor, model, and TV host. 

In 2006 he appeared on Alpha TV’s Dream Show, a Greek talent show and became extremely popular immediately. 

Following participation in the TV show, he released 5 studio albums. 

It seems that his charming voice (and appearance) enchanted world-famous star J.Lo, as he was the opening act for her Athens concert in fall 2008. 

His gorgeous voice highlighted the Greek national final for Euro Song Contest twice, in 2008 and 2014. 

2011 was also successful for this handsome guy, as he took part in Greek show Dancing with the Stars, the second season, where he scored the title of the runner up. 

You have surely heard of amazing show Your Face Sounds Familiar? He participated in that show as well, in 2013, when the first season was aired. 

So far he’s been nominated numerous times in various categories, among which Sexy Video Clip of the Year (you don’t say!), Best Male Artist, Fashion Icon in Video Clip and many more. 

3. Akis Petretzikis

Perhaps you assumed that my top three list will be filled with either models or singers only, but a prepared quite a special treat for you, my ladies, who are dying to find out what is it like dating a Greek guy and what are Greek guys like in relationships. 

Akis does not only look like the sweetest treat you can imagine but can prepare all the threats you can and cannot imagine.

This super-hot guy is a multi-awarded celebrity chef involved in numerous successful activities his company is involved in. 

He publishes books and magazines about cooking, produces gastronomy shows, runs restaurants. Moreover, he has an e-shop which sells various kitchen items and gadgets all of his design. 

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1984, and he also grew up there and started contributing to the family business when he was only 16. 

In 2010 he participated in The Master Chef, competitive cooking show, where he was acclaimed as the first Master Chef of Greece after 6 months. 

In 2014, he started Kitchen Lab, a successful web culinary show on his own YT channel. 

For those who are not skillful with the Greek language, worry not, as this cute chef runs Akis’ Kitchen, an online cooking show in English. 

Since 2015, he successfully cooperates with Fresh One Productions and creates recipes for Naked Chef’s Food Tube channel. Don’t raise those eyebrows or giggle out there, it’s Jamie Oliver’s nickname.  


There you have it, ladies!

Greek men are the bomb and they are not shy about flaunting their dark shiny hair and lovely eyes.

With so many beaches and historical places to visit, you’ll love hanging out with Greek men surely.

Make sure to also take a peek at my Ultimate Guide to dating men for more tips and ideas about how to hook these hot Greek men.

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