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Hi all, a warm welcome to all of you seeking how to meet girls during covid.

In this article, we promise to share with you the latest and most valid ways to meet beautiful girls even during the lockdown.

If you want to find out how you can meet girls during social distancing, then you should read our article and find out:

  • What are the best ways to meet someone during Covid
  • Where can you meet girls during the pandemic
  • How to protect yourself during the meeting

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Let’s explore these ways, shall we?

What is The Best Way to Meet Someone During Covid?

lonely man wearing a face mask looking through a window

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the whole world and impacted all areas of our lives, including the dating pool.

Therefore, whether the pandemic changed dating is no longer a debate.

Dating during Covid is undoubtedly one of the most challenging things most of us were able to do during our lives.

Even though dating wasn’t the first thing that came to people’s minds once the pandemic hit, since some time has passed, people have wanted to get in touch with other daters too.

With social distancing, lockdowns, and constant fear of catching Covid or spreading it to others, setting up any romantic date during this time seemed like a great challenge.

Our lives were completely changed within just a few days, and we could not get accustomed to it quickly, no matter how much we tried.

So many girls ask how to meet guys during covid – this is thoroughly covered in a separate guide.

Whether in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, or Hong Kong, you could not proceed with your dating life, and you needed to focus on finding ways to meet people without leaving your home.

Even though we all have social media accounts and are accustomed to meeting people this way when you are prohibited from meeting up with anyone in real life, things get tough, and you will feel stressed out.

man wearing mask and lying on his sofa calling via a laptop

This pandemic required us to take a different stance on our dating experiences and completely change how we perceive our love life, mutual friends, and acquaintances. 

It led to pandemic dating, which differed greatly from everything we used.

Single guys were forced to learn the intricacies of how to use dating apps during covid.

This led to breakups as couples could not share the same space for so long and got into fights more frequently than in the pre-pandemic era.

If you’re part of those who experienced breakups due to covid, these expert tips on how to get through a pandemic breakup will help you overcome the ordeal.

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But if you are a guy looking for a romantic partner or just wanted to talk with a woman and try to get that feel and see how dating was before, you have probably turned to social media and dating apps.

You could have gone out there and matched with any girl that seemed interesting, but there are also plenty of other ways you can find someone you have a lot of things in common with.

These are some of the best ways to date during pandemics and meet girls you have never come across, but to make things easier for you, we have decided to come up with a list of the best platform for that.

Where Can You Meet Girls During Pandemic?

young Asian girl lying on her couch smile on a video chat

With the surge of sex dating pandemic, the best way to meet someone during a pandemic was definitely through the internet, and it was probably the only possible way you could make that happen.

You don’t want to remain single during a pandemic, so read on to understand how you can meet those pretty girls during covid.

These are some of the best dating platforms and social media where you can meet plenty of people worldwide and engage in meaningful conversations with them.


Tinder is the go-to app for dating, whether you are just looking for someone you can hook up with or for a person for a serious relationship.

Tinder dating app

It has over 80 million active users worldwide, and it is the leading online dating platform at the moment, which is why most people opted for it to date during the pandemic.

Even though it doesn’t have too many features for engaging in video chats or online conversations, it will provide you with aces to many users, and some of those girls will be a good match for you.

It has the highest number of active users at the moment. 

It will always notify you when in-person dates are possible in your city, county, or state, so you can keep communicating through it as long as the restrictions are not brought down.

Throughout the pandemic, all Tinder users will have access to an unlimited number of messages, so you can explore the platform and chat with all potential partners without spending too much money on it.


Hinge dating app

Hinge is one of the most popular options for those looking for a serious relationship and partner. 

Although it takes care of everyone’s wellness, it did encourage meeting your Hinge matches throughout the pandemic.

They did offer video dates on the platform, but remember that you need to be a paid member if you want to use Hinge, so all of these features come at a certain cost.

What they didn’t offer, though, was how to get through relationship issues during covid, which were bound to occur.

However, suppose you want to ensure you are interacting with real people and not a random scammer.

In that case, Hinge is the best option because it controls the people joining the platform and ensures everyone is safe during dating.

It also connects you only with those who have high compatibility scores with you, so there is no way you will come across someone you have nothing in common with.


Bumble dating app

Bumble is also one of the great options for meeting people, and it used to have the most active number of girls throughout the pandemic, so if you are dating on the internet for the first time, this may be the best option you.

It has detailed dating profiles and allows you to find out a lot about an individual before you match or meet up, so if you have a lot of free time and don’t mind browsing to find the best partner for you, you should give Bumble a try.

Their subscription is also quite affordable, so it will be a good option for those who don’t want to splurge too much money on it.

Bumble will notify you of health risks and measures in your region, so there is no way they will propose dates or meet-ups to you if the restrictions are still there.

In general, even if you want to have some fun and kill time speaking with like-minded individuals, this can be an excellent platform where you can get in touch with anyone.


EHarmony dating site

EHarmony is the best online dating platform for serious dating, and even though it has been around for more than 20 years, it has many loyal users, and it seems like even more people have decided to join it once Covid hit.

It is not based on swiping left or right on people but rather on sending likes and match requests to those so you can think a few times before deciding.

This is the best place for meeting people you want to go on a first date with, but during the Covid pandemic, they have introduced plenty of unique features that have helped people get into virtual dates.

EHarmony senior lovers hugging each other

They have added features like video calls and phone calls, which means you are allowed to start a video chat or a phone call with a potential match on EHarmony, which has helped millions of people fight the fear of being alone and isolated in their homes.

Since they were not allowed to have face-to-face conversations in real life, they could do that on the internet, which ended up being a great thing.

Even though the membership on EHarmony is pretty expensive, plenty of people joined because of these fantastic features. 

So they decided to make this platform where they would meet girls and even potential daters.

Once the restrictions were abandoned, most of the people who matched on EHarmony and started conversations met in real life, so this platform was a big success for everyone.


Zoom video conferencing

Zoom is one of the websites that has become extremely popular and used every day since the Coronavirus started.

It allowed people to create video meetings and let anyone join as long as they had the link to their meeting room.

Even though it was never a platform for interaction and meeting people, since millions of individuals stayed alone in their homes, they have gotten into the habit of joining random Zoom meetings and meeting people.

This was a great way to kill some time, and you could also meet beautiful girls from different parts of the world.

Although everyone didn’t have enough luck to come across girls living in New York City or somewhere close to them, they could still interact with many great girls and exchange conversations with them, which is also an important thing in these lonely days.

If you believe you have met someone you truly like and would work out with in real life, then you should probably make an effort and meet them outside of Zoom or Facetime.


Zoosk dating app

Zoosk is also a popular online dating option and a platform where people join to meet new girls or boys and interact with like-minded individuals.

Even though it is supposed to connect you with your future boyfriend or girlfriend, most people were using it because of its video chat feature and a mission to share a good conversation with someone during these tough times.

It has extensive dating profiles which will help you match only with those you like and are compatible with, and you can interact with everyone shortly after joining the platform.


Instagram app

Even though most people believe social media is not where you can meet new people because you already follow all the individuals you may like and know, during the Covid pandemic, people spent much more time on it.

They shared more things from their personal lives.

This could help you realize that you have many things in common with a random person you were following just out of curiosity, and you were able to react to their story or send them a simple hi to start a conversation.

Most people claim that they were able to meet new people through the social media they have used for years.

I would recommend you pay attention to the things people around you are posting or liking and start a conversation with those you already know well.

Quarantine Together

A woman wearing pink in taking selfie with her smartphone on her work desk

Quarantine Together is also a dating app that was made specifically for the situation of a Covid pandemic.

It allowed people in the same cities to feel less alone and spend the Quarantine with a potential dater.

Even though it was a cool option and an original dating platform, it was still not the safest thing to do because you never knew whether you were getting in touch with someone who is Covid positive or not.

However, people could meet great individuals this way, and it was a fantastic option for those who were utterly alone in the city.

As you can see, even though we are social distancing and there are plenty of restrictions, there are still many ways you can get in touch with some amazing girls and continue dating even with the Covid going on.

Choose your preferred option, create a profile, and start interacting with girls you find to be interesting.

It also showed people that it is possible to date during covid without dating apps – at least not the traditional dating apps.

How to Meet Girls During Covid – Conclusion

man liking a beautiful lady's profile on a dating app

Meeting girls or dating during covid can be tricky and complicated at the same time.

But with all that has been discussed in this article, I’m confident you will have no problems getting yourself a date even amid covid lockdown.

Once you find that special girl, try out these romantic quarantine activities for couples from time to time to keep the relationship going smoothly.

It’s tough enough getting a date, and you want to make the most of this opportunity by choosing from a unique set of date ideas during covid to help your cause.

However, if your pandemic relationship is going through a rough patch, these anniversary ideas during covid may be what you need to smoothen things.

Have fun and make the best of your opportunities when they come.


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