Relationship Issues During Covid – How Couples Cope in 2024

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  • How can these issues are solved
  • If there has been a rise in the number of divorces and breakups

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What Issues Are Couples Facing During Covid?

young couple in black jackets chatting on their phones with back against each other

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted every area of our lives, including our love lives, whether we are single or in a committed relationship resulting in what is called the sex dating pandemic.

Even though most people believe that single people faced the most difficulties, romantic partners have had a hard time during the pandemic.

But how exactly has the pandemic changed dating and why are so many people learning how to use dating apps during covid?

In the times of lockdown and social distancing, there was no way anyone could stay sane, mainly because we had no idea how long this situation would be going on.

Most people are isolated from their friends, families, or romantic partners, which has decreased their mental health and led to many problems in all areas of life.

Even though most people think that those who had it the worst are single people who were left all alone, the truth is that dating during Covid has brought a lot of problems to loving couples too.

All the relationships have suffered some crisis at one point, especially those couples who were locked down together for several months without having too much contact with other people.

Still, a simple action like picking one of the best date ideas during covid to spoil your partner may create an avenue to sort things out in a more relaxed setting.

If you are not sure what these problems are, we have listed some of the most frequent issues couples in pandemic relationships have faced during this challenging time.

Bad communication

man yelling at his partner on a white sofa

While you may think that communicating has never been easier than during the Corona pandemic when everyone was stuck at home with each other, the truth is the opposite.

So many couples were fighting all the time and always finding topics to discuss because they usually couldn’t communicate things the right way.

People were way too stressed out with our whole lives completely stopping and being far away from our family members, friends, and other loved ones.

They were also overthinking their health.

Research has shown that most couples were not comfortable talking about all of these things with their partner, which has led to a lack of communication and an overall worsening of their communication.

man sitting on white sofa with arms folded next to female partner with hands on head

No matter what demographic they belonged to or how old they were, things were quite hard for everyone and trying to keep everything away from their partner severely harmed their relationship.

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They avoided talking about those little things, thinking they would save their partner’s well-being, but things have turned out to be completely different.

The truth is that everyone has spent a lot of time isolated and far away from the real and everyday world, which did essentially lead to a lot of problems in all of our relationships.

By communicating the things we are struggling with daily, we are preventing potential problems in the future, and it is essential to consider this.

You don’t have to share every thought with your significant other, but make sure you communicate well to keep a good relationship.

If you ever thought you’d have preferred being single in a pandemic to having to do this, think again!

Gender roles

man wearing apron standing with wife holding a power drill

If you weren’t living with your partner before the pandemic and decided to move in together during this time, you have probably struggled a lot with defining gender roles.

This is a problem every couple has to deal with once they decide to start their lives together, and research has shown that it can be one of the most significant relationship problems.

Since both of you were spending the same amount of time at home, you had enough time to split the work in the household and do everything together.

However, it seems like not all couples were on the same page when it comes to this, and the discussion of gender roles was one of the things they kept fighting over, no matter how great their relationship was before.

husband carrying a bay while wife is working on her laptop

This seems to be a trending problem mainly because women are not settling for the same treatment their mothers received, and it looks like not every man is willing to do the dishes or vacuum the apartment.

In the time of Covid, there was no excuse for making just one partner do all the work around the house, so if you wanted to keep your relationship smooth, you had to have a conversation about it and split the tasks in the household.

This is the only way a relationship can work out, and you can plan to spend the rest of your lives together.

Alone time

couple wearing grey coats standing on a street unhappily

Being locked up with your significant other and the person you love the most may sound like the most romantic thing ever, but after a few weeks, you will realize that it is not that amazing, especially if you have no touch with the outside world.

Even though we may love our partner so much, being locked up with someone for months will drive you crazy, no matter how well you get along or how great you spend your time together.

One of the things the respondents of the research claim they were striving for but rarely got is some alone time.

With all of the stressors and the things happening in the real world, everyone needs some alone time to process it well, and that is not always possible when you are living with someone in a small apartment, with little to no possibility of going out.

If you want to keep your relationship healthy and steady during the pandemic, then you need to create some boundaries, even if that means scheduling your alone time into a schedule.

Everyone needs some time spent in silence, alone with their thoughts, and no matter how much you may love your partners, you will need to do this if you want to stay sane.

Communicate your needs and find some alone time because it is crucial to keep a healthy relationship.

Be careful when you decide to take time off your partner to be alone, there are several ways to date during covid without dating apps and you may find yourself in danger of losing your relationship.

Avoiding fights

woman sitting on a brown leather sofa screaming at her partner

While most people will advise you to avoid any potential fight with your partner, this is one of the worst things you can do.

Whatever are your annoyances, the things you dislike in your partner, or the types of behavior that bother you all the time, you should be open about it because a person who loves you would always like to know what are the things that trigger you or make you feel bad.

With all of the Covid mandates going on, everyone was going crazy, and it is normal to be nervous and stressed out, but that doesn’t mean that you should always act like you are perfectly fine and there is nothing to worry about.

If you are constantly avoiding fights, you will accumulate all of that anger inside of you, and it will lead to you exploding at one point or another, which is probably the worst thing that can happen.

Also, your partner will have no idea why you are so nervous, and the things will get nasty between you because nothing good ever comes from hiding your emotions or trying to fake feeling happy.

Don’t avoid fights, and try to explain everything that is bothering you to your partner in a non-aggressive way.

I am sure it will help you feel a lot better and eliminate future fights and help you communicate way better.


couple in a long distance relationship communicating via video calling

There is also another couple who couldn’t spend the Covid time together because they are doing long-distance and are stuck in another city.

This has also been a dealbreaker for plenty of couples, and the fact that they had no idea when they would be able to meet up and spend some time together finally, led to them parting ways.

Distance is always a tough factor, and during the pandemic, some people couldn’t keep up with it, and they have decided to break up, at least for some time.

Was There A Rise In The Number of Divorces?

woman signing a divorce decree, gold rings on a judge's gavel

The research has shown that there has been a huge rise in divorce rates and breakups, which didn’t happen only in New York City or the USA but across the whole world.

Some of the data have shown that there has been a 122% rise in the number of divorces between June and October of 2020, which was the start of the pandemic.

The divorce rates, in general, have surged significantly across the whole world, and there were plenty of reasons why people decided to part ways.

Some of them were because they didn’t know their partner well enough and they couldn’t stand spending any more time with them.

Others were because of a job loss and a pretty bad financial situation, and we also have had a large number of marriages that have ended because of domestic violence.

Also prominent was the rise in searches like “how to meet guys during covid” and “how to meet girls during covid“, as many single people where lonely and desperate for attention.

woman crying holding her ring with hand covering her face

These things have become even more relevant during the pandemic, and they couldn’t be hidden, so couples who couldn’t keep things together decided it was for everyone’s good to leave.

Whatever the reason is, knowing how to get through a pandemic breakup is very important at this stage – it will help in your healing journey.

This was a hard situation for everyone, and it has affected every area of our lives, which makes it pretty logical that we have had such a surge in the number of divorces.

However, it was also a big lesson for everyone so that we may experience more happy and enjoyable marriages in the foreseeable future.

If your marriage is already showing signs of collapse, choosing from these romantic quarantine activities for couples may be the answer to your problems.

Relationship Issues During Covid: Conclusion

mature couple having relationship issues

We have been able to highlight the most common relationship issues during covid that many couples faced.

If you and your partner are facing any of these issues, don’t hesitate to take the advice stated to overcome such challenges.

A nice romantic dinner might just be the solution, but when you are spoilt for choice why not take full advantage?

See what tickles your fancy in our romantic selection of anniversary ideas during covid and spoil your loved one in style.

However, if you’re still in search of a relationship or your relationship failed due to covid, all hope is not lost.

Try one of the popular dating apps or try the latest trending app today, Quarantine Together and see if you can find the love of your life or someone to talk to about your life.


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