Quarantine Activities for Couples (2024) – Your Top 15 Picks

Hi there, welcome to our guide on “Quarantine Activities for Couples.”

The pandemic has had a massive effect on all aspects of our lives, but perhaps our romantic lives have taken one of the most massive hits.

But how has the pandemic changed dating?

Intimacy and being able to do anything you want with your partner is a crucial part of every relationship, and the options that we’re left with since face masks and Coronavirus happened are pretty thin.

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So, if you need some ideas on enhancing your time with your significant other and avoid just chilling in the avoiding living room, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what you’ll find here:

  • Ideas for activities for couples living together
  • Activities if you’re not living with your partner
  • Answers to some common questions about activities for couples

So, let’s plan your next Friday night at home!

15 Date Night Quarantine Activities for Couples

beautiful young couple having a picnic by their car

One of the most pressing questions for single ladies during this time is how to meet guys during covid and for guys “how to meet girls during covid.”

However, both guys and girls desperately wanted to learn how to use dating apps during covid.

So if you have a relationship during this time, cherish and nurture it!

If the only options you’ve been left with are either FaceTime or binge-watching a show when it comes to having a quarantine date, it might seem that you’ve entered a boring phase of your relationship that you can’t wait to get out of.

However, your relationship is likely doing just fine overall, but the current situation has made you run out of date ideas during covid.

The good news is there are many options and opportunities for making a fun date while staying in the comfort of your home, but since you probably never needed such ideas before, you can’t seem to come up with something that sounds fun to you.

Depending on your situation and whether you live with your partner, you will have various options to choose from and a great chance of avoiding the sex dating pandemic.

While you’ll have way more options if you live under the same roof, a lot of the things that you usually do together can be easily done via Zoom or a similar platform.

Of course, it’s not the same to do things when you’re in the same room, and to just video chat while doing the things it’s a great option to go for until you’re able to be reunited.

Home date ideas may even come easier for people who’ve already been in a long-distance situation, but if you are used to always seeing your partner in person, this can be an issue.

The most important thing is that you have consistent communication during self-isolation

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It sometimes might be overwhelming to only talk to each other using social media.

But, this too shall pass, and in the meantime, you should try to make the best virtual date possible, so let’s find the perfect idea for your home date night!

Get Into Board Games

Word "gamenight" arranged on a scrabble tile rack

Many couples like to bond by playing different kinds of a board or card games, and if you and your partner are one of them, you already have the perfect solution up your sleeves.

If you’ve played all the games you have in your collection a million times already, maybe it’s time to research and get into something new.

Is there a game that you wanted to try but have never gotten around it?

This is the perfect time to search it up on Amazon and order it!

Thankfully, you’re among the handful that is not single in a pandemic like this.

Having a new game ready will already be special, but it’s a fantastic idea to use that excitement and gear it towards a special date night.

If you’ve never played games before, this could be the new activity that will make your days more fun and enjoyable.

A little bit of rivalry will make your day more dynamic and exciting, so see what board games you might like and who knows, maybe it will end up solving your relationship issues during covid.

Netflix & Chill

a person wearing red socks using a tv remote for Netflix

I know what you’re thinking, “but we’ve already watched all of the movies in the world! “

And trust me, I did too, so I know where you’re coming from, but when was the last time you made a good movie night?

This means that to make this activity a proper date, the atmosphere should be a bit more romantic, make the movie choice be something special that you both like, and make a lot of snacks that you both enjoy.

If your first date was in a cinema, consider watching the movie you did then and get yourself some wholesome nostalgia that is guaranteed to leave both of you feeling great.

If you don’t live together, you should try and do this each at your own home and make a Netflix party like that.

Learn To Do Massages

man massaging wife's shoulder in bed

Professional massages are an amazing thing to do when you’re tired, but doing them together and on each other can be a very intimate and bonding activity.

While you might not be left with relieving back muscles, you will be left feeling loved and appreciated, which is the same thing.

You should definitely consider making your space more soothing and romantic, with scented candles and maybe even incense to make it even more special.

Also, you should choose and buy some massage oils that have scents that the two of you enjoy.

Scents can be strong aphrodisiacs, and aromatherapy during a massage is a thing, so make the most out of this aromatic experience!

Make A Playlist

iPhone with music player on, with white corded headphones

While this might not seem like something that you could make a whole date out of, it can be a fun activity to do during the day.

You probably have a lot of songs that remind you of each other and the moments and experiences you shared, and mixing that into a playlist will surely bring them all back.

While the activity itself is very fun and wholesome to do, this will be something that will serve your happiness in the long run, as you will be reminded of these loving memories every time each of you decides to play it in the future.

And who knows, maybe other Spotify users will find it, and it will make their day better!

Make The Most of Takeout

happy young couple enjoying Chinese takeout

While I’m sure that you’ve been ordering takeout from your favorite restaurants a million times now, that doesn’t mean that the next time you do it, you can’t elevate that experience.

Dress up, get your favorite wine too, decorate your space, and order something maybe even fancier than you usually do.

Making a restaurant atmosphere in your dining room isn’t that hard of a task; dim the lights, add some candles and a special playlist in the background, and you got it!

Dressing up is also a crucial part of making this be a proper date, as that’s something that you probably didn’t do a lot during this time.

This will lift both of your moods, which means that the night overall will be a great success!

Zoom Movie Night With Friends

happy couple enjoying a movie on their red smartphone

Going on a double date can be lots of fun, especially if you have some mutual friends between you and your partner.

If you used to do that a lot before the lockdowns started, you probably miss that activity a lot, so it will be a great idea to bring it back using social media and the various video call platforms.

You can also use the extensions that people use to have the movie play at the same pace for everyone involved, so it will be fun to do this.

You can watch some new movies or watch something fun and sentimental that all of you enjoy watching, like a Disney movie.

You can also make matching snacks and drinks, making it even a thematic night, for example going for Mexican food.

This is a classic thing, and it’s always a fun activity for everyone involved.

Spa Night At Home

spa towels, candles, hot stone on a wooden tray

If you don’t like the idea of massages, but you still like the idea of something resembling that at home, then doing some spa activities can be the way to go.

One of you might be really into skincare and facial massages, so you can try and do mini facials on each other.

Make some nice tea, find some relaxing music, light up some candles, or add scents to your home using essential oils.

A part of your spa-like experience can also be a hot bath if you have a bathtub at your home.

Make Charcuterie Boards

Beautiful Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are all over the Internet, and while one-half of the people are crazy about them, the other half find the fascination confusing.

But, doing something like that together can be a lot of fun.

Firstly, it will make the supermarket trip way more exciting, as you will be hyped to choose all of the best things for the board.

Then, the making part can be enjoyable, as it can be challenging to find the right way to make everything look good and balanced on the board.

After that comes the eating part, and to accompany that, you can put on your favorite show and add some drinks to the mix to enjoy your evening even more.

You will probably take lots of pictures of what you’ve created, and in the sea of charcuterie boards on social media, yours might be one of the most special ones.

Dance Party For Two

happy African American young couple dancing at home

If the both of you are those people who enjoy going to clubs, you probably miss it a lot.

But, who says that you can’t be your DJs, make a great playlist and then dance in your living room to your heart’s desires?

You can add in all of the songs you liked hearing when you went out and danced in the room’s middle.

You can also dress up and add some drinks to the experience.

Or this is something that you can do in a spontaneous, relaxed way while you’re cleaning the house.

Also, if there are some songs, or maybe a whole playlist that you’ve always wanted to hear in a club but never did, then this is your chance.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting

Maybe you didn’t know this, but since the pandemic started, there have been new kinds of services on the Internet geared toward wine lovers.

Some services send bottles of wine to your address, and once you get them, they will add you to a video conference where a wine tasting will take place.

The fees usually aren’t that expensive, and you will get to meet people that have the same love for wine as you.

This is a great option if you and your partner used to frequent these events in person, and even if you didn’t, there’s absolutely nothing to lose when you’re trying out some new and exotic kinds of wine that you probably never would’ve otherwise.

Also, this can serve as a great idea to celebrate your anniversary while in lockdown.

Or better still, you can choose from our curated list of the top anniversary ideas during covid that can help revive your dying relationship.

Make A Meal Together

Happy middle-aged couple cooking together

Whether you like to cook and bake or not, preparing a meal together in the kitchen can be a lot of fun.

If both of you are pros in the kitchen, you could maybe try some new recipe that seems too challenging, or, even better, you can make it a competition or a bake-off!

If you are not really into cooking, this experience will probably be even more entertaining overall.

Just make what your favorite meals are, and your night will surely be amazing.

This is a good way to keep the flames on in your pandemic relationship.

Virtual Museum Tour

virtual reality glasses on a world map

Many different museums around the world are now offering virtual tours, and this can be an amazing idea if the two of you are into art or if you are travelers who miss finding out new amazing things about the world.

You can search up which museums are doing those and then list the ones you would like to “visit. “

This might even get you excited for the coming time, so you can visit these places in person once everything opens back up and starts running smoothly.

Get The Video Games Out

lovely young couple enjoying video games on their couch

If you are both into video games, then you have probably already made a game night, but if only one of you is, then getting the other to play and making a whole night out of it will be a great idea and something that you will remember for a long time.

You could get some new games that excite you, or you can get some oldies but goldies out and play the things you enjoyed as kids.

Learn A New Skill Together

couple learning clay sculpting together

While you have more time at home, that doesn’t mean that all you can do is relax.

If there was ever something you both wanted to learn, like painting or drawing, or even a new language, then this is the perfect time to do so.

Search a bit online and find some online courses that will be to both of your tastes, and then start fresh together,

Learning is much easier when it’s done with others, and there’s no better support than when it’s coming from your loved one.

You will also know that the experience will be way more fun!

Make A Karaoke Night

vintage karaoke mic in purple lights background

Karaoke is a fun activity with friends when all of you are somewhat or a lot tipsy when there’s no share left, and you want to sing your heart out.

In the comfort of your home, you will have no one to be ashamed of, so it will be even more fun for everyone involved.

YouTube is full of karaoke versions of songs, and you will surely fund the classics you enjoy singing and listening to; make sure that the drinks keep coming!


There you have it!

A plethora of activities for you and your partner or spouse to engage in during quarantine or lockdown.

If you’re still looking for a partner and are finding it difficult, there are so many dating apps out there that you can take advantage of like Tinder, Bumble, Harmony, and Quarantine Together dating apps.

These apps and more can help you with dating during covid.

However, if you’re among those that lost their relationships during covid, you’re not alone – there are ways to date during covid without dating apps.

But first, is important you know how to get through pandemic breakup and still be able to find yourself in the end.



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