How to Meet Guys During Covid | A Comprehensive 2024 Guide

Hi there, welcome to another exciting piece on how to meet guys during covid.

In this article, we promise to show you the most potent ways to meet guys while the covid pandemic or lockdown is still in full force.

Reading this guide to the end will guarantee a real shot at meeting your ideal guy, even during the most stringent lockdowns.

Specifically, we will discuss:

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  • Where to meet guys during Covid
  • How to take advantage of online dating platforms
  • How to stay safe while meeting people on the internet

Without further hesitation, let’s get started!

How to Meet Guys During Covid?

woman going through a male profile on a dating site using a laptop

The Covid pandemic surprised the whole world, and not everyone could handle the situation the right way, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Dating during Covid is one of the biggest challenges all single people have encountered, no matter where they live.

We had to stay at home, quarantine, and stay social, distancing from everyone – our family, friends, and coworkers.

Even though the pandemic was brutal on everyone, it seems like one specific group had it the worst – single people.

This resulted in a sex dating pandemic that no one saw coming.

Single people were left alone in their homes during the complete lockdown, distanced from everyone, without receiving affection or having a heart-to-heart conversation.

Guys were desperately seeking how to meet girls during covid.

Lonely girls were stuck in their homes, and as you probably know, women usually have it the hardest because they are used to being surrounded by people all the time.

Others are going through the most – experiencing breakups.

It is advisable to heal properly if you’re going through a breakup before jumping into the dating pool.

This guide on how to get through a pandemic breakup has helped many people who found themselves in similar situations during covid.

If you are a girl stuck at home alone and have no idea how to meet up with anyone or find a new person to include in your life, then we may have solutions for you.

young beautiful Indian woman sitting on a sofa chatting with a red smartphone

Whether you were a girl living in New York City, Los Angeles, or Paris, you couldn’t leave your home for months to meet up with friends or potential daters, drastically impacting their mental health.

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Even though the pandemic is still going on, the cases are declining, and it seems like it is a much more convenient time for dating, but that doesn’t mean that meeting guys has become any easier.

Most girls have also lost their social and flirting skills while away from all men, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options that can help you meet some fantastic guys.

Those wishing to navigate the online dating pool must learn how to use dating apps during covid to stay safe and succeed.

We’ve covered you if you are looking for the best ways to meet potential partners!

Where To Meet Guys During The Covid Pandemic?

woman looking at a male dating profile on her smartphone

Even though the pandemic is pretty much stabilized worldwide, the Centers for disease control will warn you to stay cautious with in-person dates and ensure you are not meeting up with infected individuals.

This begs the question, how has the pandemic changed dating, and what dating experiences can one have during covid?

If you want to have some new dating experiences but still want to stay safe, there are plenty of options for meeting new men, most of which are online dating platforms.

However, not all of them – you can also date during covid without dating apps.

These are some of the best places for meeting people, whatever relationship you may be looking for!


female hand holding a smartphone with Tinder on the screen

Tinder is the leading dating app out there, with more than 80 million active users, making it the perfect place for dating both men and women.

Even during Coronavirus, it has millions of active people throughout the day, and it is the perfect place to explore other daters during social distancing.

During the pandemic, they had plenty of initiatives to stimulate communication among its users, even if they were not interested in anything deep or a relationship – to kill time and feel less lonely by chatting with other daters.

If you are looking for a way to drastically improve your love life and meet plenty of great guys, you should create a dating profile on Tinder and explore the dating pool.

However, you should be aware that most guys on this platform are just looking for a hookup, so don’t put your hopes up too high from the start, and match with all the people you find to be interesting until you are sure you have come across the right one.

Finally, getting into pandemic relationships can be daunting – you’ll have to work hard to hold it together.


smartphone with zoom on the screen with blurred video conference call background

Zoom is an online website made to help people connect with their loved ones during the pandemic and create video calls and virtual dates, but it was also used as a good dating option.

Since everyone is on Zoom now, and it seems like they will stay on its video chats even now when the public health is in a better situation, people are organizing group calls on it.

When you open the Zoom website, you can join a call you already have an invitation for and random calls that are currently active.

This is one of the ways people were getting into video dates with random people and meeting guys suddenly, being able to exchange meaningful conversations with them, and gaining great friends or partners.

Even though this is something people are not willing to experiment with, it can be a great addition to your love life, and plenty of people were able to get in touch with some cool guys that have stayed in touch with even later on.


female hand holding a smartphone with Bumble on the screen

Bumble is a great online dating app with millions of active users worldwide, so there is no way you will not be able to meet some cool guys on it.

It is known for helping people improve their dating life and meet like-minded individuals, making it an excellent option for all of you who want to have exciting guys in your hand.

Bumble has some cool additions like personality tests and compatibility matching, so it will be easy for you to meet those who have many things in common with you.

It is also based on swiping left or right on users, but you will have an unlimited number of swipes, and you can spend your whole day deciding who is worthy of your attention and who is not.

They will also always inform you about the potential health risks of meeting up with these people in real life, and they are not creating Bumble meet-ups during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Still, they will allow you to message everyone without any limits.

Bumble is a cool dating app with plenty of unique features and a fantastic messaging tool, so you will find some great people if you explore enough.


Phone with OkCupid on screen and a rose on red background

If you are looking for a committed relationship and a serious partner, OkCupid is probably the best place.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, plenty of people were joining this dating app with a mission to find the right person for themselves and meet a partner they will spend the rest of their lives with.

Since everyone was quite lonely and spending a lot of time in their home, isolated from other people, they found a solution, and it was communicating with suggested matches on this platform.

The success rate on OkCupid is relatively high.

Since everyone was putting effort into creating a good conversation and experience for the other person, many new couples were born during the pandemic.

This also means that many couples experienced relationship issues during covid because no one knew what to expect.

If you are serious and want to find a guy who has your exact wishes, OkCupid is a great place to start, and you will find hundreds of like-minded people immediately.


Hinge dating app

Hinge is also a pretty popular online dating app, and it is known for having an extremely high success rate, leading to millions of people meeting their soulmates through it.

It has excellent personality tests, and you need to answer a lot of questionnaires when joining the platform because that is the only way they can match you with similar people.

Even though the pandemic was roaming through the whole world, they were still encouraging people to go out on a first date by following the safety measures, which maybe wasn’t the best thing to do, but it has helped plenty of people feel better and find people to spend some time with.

While you don’t have to be open for face-to-face meet-ups from the start, you can use its amazing features like phone calls or video calls that will help you establish some communication with potential matches.

This is a great way to kill some time and get to know the person you have connected with, and it will help you feel a lot less lonely.

If you are not sure about someone, but you would still want to exchange some words with them, you can always exchange some phone calls and then decide what you will do.

Quarantine Together

Asian man waving his hand from the other end of a video call

Quarantine Together is a dating app that has been created to help those single in the pandemic feel a bit less lonely and find some cool people to chat with.

Even though it is not encouraging you to date anyone, automatically or even proceed to have a conversation with them later on, it is a cool way to kill some time and meet amazing people.

Every time you open this dating app, you will be able to start a Facetime with a random person, but you will only get that link right now.

This app came as a lifesaver as dating during covid was becoming more and more difficult and frustrating to many.

Every day you will get an opportunity to connect with a different person, so it can be a nice way to spend some time chatting with people you would otherwise never meet.

Some people were even able to create great friends or daters this way so that you can expect some good outcomes too.



The easiest way to bond and meet with someone is by contacting people you already follow on social media or know in real life.

Most of us have been using our social media without even thinking about the people we are following, and sometimes that guy you have known from your neighborhood for years can be the perfect match for you, and you are not even aware of it.

I recommend you look around a little bit and explore the people you already have some connection with and try connecting with them to see whether things could work out.

As you can see, plenty of options can help you meet great guys online; all you have to do is feel free to connect with anyone, send match requests, and don’t fear contacting people.

Can I Date In Real Life?

happy woman wearing a hat holding hands with partner on the streets

While the pandemic is still happening, millions worldwide have decided to abandon the no-dates policy last year, and we can say the hookup culture is active again.

Even though you can still catch Covid, the number of cases is rapidly decreasing every day, so you shouldn’t live in a constant state of fear, and you should feel a bit freer to meet up with these guys in real life.

However, I would always recommend you be open about how safe you want to stay, and you can even ask them for a vaccination pass if this seems very important to you.

Plenty of people are doing it, but it is important to stay cautious and minimize potential risks for your own, your family, and those around you.

a happy couple in black jackets holding coffee cups, smiling at each other

If the situation in your city or state is still quite critical, I recommend you avoid dating for a while, at least until some Covid mandates or measures are removed.

Every community is building its own rules during this situation, so it is always best to follow the mandates in your surroundings.

Also, as you would always do when you are online dating and meeting people you know nothing about, ensure you stay safe while meeting random individuals and always do a security check.

Make sure you are dealing with an actual individual and not a scammer or fake profile, and always share your location with a friend or a relative when meeting up with someone.

The number of scammers and fake profiles has risen a lot during the pandemic, and I recommend you always stay extra safe, no matter the situation or how sure you are the person with your best needs in mind.


african american bearded guy teacher in glasses and headphones shooting video lesson for vlog

Now that you have seen the many ways to meet guys during covid, which one strikes you the most?

Which are you going to try out?

Don’t hesitate to try one or more methods of meeting guys during covid; you never know where your soul mate is.

Whatever dating app you decide to try out, you should use some of these date ideas during covid as your guide in setting up the perfect first date.

If you’re already in a relationship, you may want to celebrate your special day by choosing from these romantic anniversary ideas during covid or trying quarantine activities for couples to keep the flames on.



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