Sex Dating Pandemic in 2024 | Sex and Intimacy During Covid

Hi all, welcome to an eye-opener masterpiece on the Sex Dating Pandemic.

Being in lockdown has drastically changed every part of our lives, and dating is big.

In this article, we promise to show you how romantic relationships have been shaped by the pandemic and how this has affected sexual health, and ways to get around in these times.

Stay with us as we unravel the “new normal” of dating:

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  • How the pandemic affected sexual and romantic relationships
  • What online dating looks like nowadays
  • Changes in committed relationships and dynamics
  • Sexual health during a public health crisis
  • What can we expect from the acting scene post-pandemic?

Let’s get into it!

How Dating and Hookup Culture Changed During The Covid-19 Pandemic

We all know that everyone’s dating life changed during the pandemic, but how exactly has the pandemic changed dating?

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The most affected aspects include online dating, hookup culture, and committed relationships.

Some women started looking for how to meet guys during covid, but it was never going to be easy as nobody knew what to expect.

This was not limited to the ladies only, guys also started seeking how to meet girls during covid.

However, it’s also interesting that many experts were interested in how people changed their perspective on sexual health and sex education after finding themselves in a public health crisis, so I’ll provide you with some insight about that, too.

So, let’s get into each of these things so you know where your current dating life stands.

Online Dating And Dating Apps

It seems like the most logical turn of events that the use of dating apps would rise a lot, and of course, it did.

It seemed like the only way to enhance their sex life was to look for virtual sexual partners for single people.

Being single in a pandemic was a pandemic in its own right.

And a lot of singles started looking for how to use dating apps during covid as a means to survive the sex dating pandemic.

Sexting was also a big part of our lives even before this situation, so people turned to that.

Of course, that experience wasn’t nearly the same as going on dates after matching with someone you vibe with, but it certainly was better than nothing, especially if you’re someone who enjoys meeting people that way.

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Another thing that people started doing instead of going on real-life dates is Zoom dates.

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After matching with someone, people would organize virtual dates, like watching Netflix simultaneously and being on a call or simply doing a video call dinner.

A benefit of this was that people met many more people this way, so going back into the world, everyone had some real-life dates to anticipate.

You could say that the prevalence of social media in the modern world was a definite silver lining of the pandemic.

Another interesting thing that happened is that Tinder introduced its Global feature around this time, so people had video dates with people from the other side of the Globe.

Maybe somewhat of an unexpected turn of events was that people started using dating apps to meet new friends. 

Of course, that reflects all the recent updates apps like Tinder and Hinge had, making it more appropriate for meeting people to have friendships.

Then came the no-brainer app “Quarantine Together” which allowed lonely people to video chat with random strangers and hold longer conversations – making them feel less lonely.

Overall, while the use of dating apps among people has risen, it’s safe to say that everyone was dating during covid, mostly hoping that they would go on real-life dates as soon as it was possible.

Casual Sex And Hook-Up Culture

SEXUALITY typed on a typewriter

While finding potential partners for dates and hanging out wasn’t that big of a problem during the pandemic, people’s sexual lives suffered.

Many will say that also had somewhat of an effect on their overall well-being.

Besides sexting and having virtual hookups with their chosen partners, people were left to themselves.

Even though, in recent years, sex toys have become a popular thing to own, and it isn’t such a taboo, many sex toy companies and distributors have noted a huge rise in their sales since the pandemic started.

These purchases weren’t made only by people looking to enhance their solo experiences but also to add some spice to the virtual sessions they had with their partners.

Even though the circumstances that led to these are nowhere near ideal, it’s always a good sign to see that people are experimenting and trying to add new things to their intimate lives.

When it comes to hooking up traditionally, obviously, people could not meet up at each other’s houses and hook up, so these experiences mostly also took a virtual form.

However, many people still went into this with the idea that these experiences will one day turn into real-life things.

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Besides their sex toys, people also widely experimented with the type of people they got into contact with since the stakes and risks were way lower than when you’re physically going out with someone.

Again, even though the factors that went into this happening were far from good, it’s nice to see that even in such times, people found ways to enhance their experiences, and that is always a good thing.

If nothing else, once everything opens up and people start meeting new dates in real-life, they will know themselves better. They will be a lot more confident in everything they are, undoubtedly having a positive impact.

Some people might not enjoy virtual sexual experiences, so they might have backed out a bit from all of this, which might mean that some of their social skills are a bit rusty.

However, they have probably come to some enlightenment during this time, which will help them go back into the game.

Overall, it’s safe to say that people were very creative and found many different ways to deal with the situation we found ourselves in.

Sex Dating Pandemic: Sexual Health

We’ve all become highly aware of our health during the pandemic and public health and how we impact other people in our community.

Due to the lack of physical and sexual contact, people might’ve expected that the need for checking how your sexual health is doing would be on the low. However, the opposite happened.

couple kissing in the kitchen

The first important factor that played into this was that in countries like the UK, their NHS made it available for people to do all of their tests at home.

What does this mean?

It means that the NHS would send out kits made for testing STDs and STIs, so people were able to do the awkward part of testing in the comfort of their homes and then send everything back to the NHS in a sealed package so they could run tests, and then send you the results.

This made it easy for people to continue their regular testing practice, but it also meant for people who found it intimidating to go and do it before.

This was also a great chance for people to learn and inform themselves more about sexual health and sexual education overall. People are coming out of this pandemic more sexually informed than ever, which absolutely can’t be bad.

In general, people are more aware overall of their impact on other people’s health and also how different people can impact their health.

So, I believe it is safe to assume that people will be way better at keeping their sexual health in check and ensure the people they sleep with do the same.

Coronavirus And Having a Committed Relationship

young couple dancing in a nature park

One of the groups that suffered the emotional consequences of lockdowns was the long-term couples who don’t live together.

These were hit the hardest with relationship issues during covid, with some leading to permanent separation.

While there were some moments when people could visit each other, it still meant people were on a slippery slope.

Also, many long-distance relationships took a hit since the date of the pair’s reconnection has been pushed back indefinitely.

This meant that couples were faced with the hard task of working on their communication skills and ensuring that they weren’t missing any key aspects while everything was going on.

Some people, on the contrary, decide that the best solution to get the best out of a bad situation is to move in together, either earlier than planned or despite not planning that.

Overall, that has changed some couple dynamics that were going on, and people needed to adapt to more than just the hectic outside world and their internal worlds at home.

silhouette photo of couple enjoying a bike ride in sunset

That’s what was going around when it came to keeping the existing pandemic relationships alive, but how open were people to starting a new committed relationship?

As one would expect in such unprecedented times, people weren’t up to committing a lot.

With jobs and homes up in the air, it didn’t seem like the smartest idea.

This was one of the big reasons why people decided to break up their long-term relationships during the pandemic.

If your relationship broke up during covid, we have a special guide on how to get through pandemic breakup without losing yourself.

While the more casual aspects of dating were fast-to-find workarounds and silver linings, that wasn’t the case for long and committed relationships.

One way to get around this if you’re in a committed relationship is to plan a surprise for your partner using any of these romantic anniversary ideas during covid.

But, now that things are better overall and there are fewer restrictions by day, the dating scene will probably be a better place for starting relationships, as people will come out of this situation with many important insights.

So, let’s see what you should expect to see when you start actively dating again.

Sex Dating Pandemic – What Should Daters Expect Post-Pandemic

group of friends running into the ocean waves happily

As I already said, it was a universal experience that people have come to many important conclusions about themselves and who they are. So, naturally, that will greatly impact how people act on dates and on dating apps.

While everyone will probably be very excited to be back in the game, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people will be willing to date many people in general.

With the insights people had, and after all the self-work that went into that, people will better know their needs, wants, and likes.

This will probably present itself as people not having more dates in numbers but rather higher quality dates.

This might not seem as exciting as having loads of fun dates at first, but it means that you will most likely have fewer Tinder date horror stories to tell, which is something we all want.

Also, there are several ways to date during covid without dating apps, and are absolutely amazing.

So, get yourself out there because you are more likely than ever to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a long-term relationship, a casual sex situation, or just your regular Saturday date night.


man kissing a woman's neck sensually

Clearly, the pandemic has had more than a fair share of impact on our dating and sexual lives.

However, we’ve also found a way to navigate the “new normal” and many people are more cautious of hookups and flings when compared to the pre-pandemic era.

Also, these date ideas during covid and our A-list quarantine activities for couples can be helpful to find the missing spark.

Finally, dating apps like Quarantine Together brought a sigh of relief to all those who were frustrated and lonely due to severe lockdown restrictions.

What a time to be alive!

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